Gamemakers of the Games [ONLY.] Important information. You must read this.

Name Age User
Silver Whishart [Head Gamemaker] 21 Katelyn.Danita
Anna Cruise [Co-Head Gamemaker] 20 Ms.finnickodair
Giovanni Lockhearst [Co-Co Head Gamemaker] 29


Tara Bubbly [Head of Mutts] 27 Los95361
Lilyana Styneson [Head Area Designer] 21 AnnieCresta4
Jennifer Ellie [Co-Head of Mutts] 20 TheKatnissEverdeen
Luna Bright [Co-head of Arena Designer] 21 TammyDaisy

(If you are not one of these users, your tributes will die in the Bloodbath first.)

  • Each of you need to comment to confirm you have located this page. If you are unresponsive for more than two days to confirm you have seen this page, your Gamemaker will be dismissed and your spot will be open once again.
  • In your comment you will sign with your Gamemaker's signature.
  • Only make ideas for your subject in the Games. [Besides Head and Co-Head, which are overall everything.] You may still tell the user if you like their idea or not and they will have the option to change it. The Head and Co-Head [Silver and Anna- Me and Ms.finnickodair] will vote each design. If one votes but the other does not, it is still in. If neither vote, it will be dropped.
  • Please check this page frequently. The Games will begin as soon as we finish the designs.

{C If you have any questions or concerns, write on my talk page and I will answer as soon as possible.

Official Arena Plans/ Layout Design

The tributes start out in a gigantic lake (the pedastels and the Cornucopia are on an island in the middles of the lake). In this huge lake there are scattered choices of islands with grass, tress, hiding spots and mutts on them.

The second ring, if you leave the lake full of islands, is a huge meadow/forest. This rings encircles the lake.

The third ring is a desert. It encircles the forrest and the lake rings.

And the last ring that surrounds everything else is huge mountains that are dangerous, but contain hiding spots and supplies.


Official Muttation Plans

Mutt: Metal Hawk Bird

Attack Method: Appears to be just a normal hawk/bird, but when you get within 15 meters of it, it's eyes turn red, and it's feathers turn into knife blades, and it's charges on you.

Location: Trees anywhere.

How to kill it: You don't it's metal! Just get it to fly away.

Mutt: Tribute Mutt

Attack method: Takes the form of a living tribute in the games, when someone tries to kill it, it turns into a vicious bloodthirsty monster, rather like a zombie, and lunges on them, and tries to kill them anyway possible.

How to kill it: Any way you kill a human.

Mutt:Rabid Wolf-Bearian

Method of attack: Gives you rabies or just mauls you to death.

Location: Forest or mountains

How to kill it: The same way you will kill any animal attacking you.

Mutt: Demonic Family Mutt [Apparently, creds to D3T. If it's okay.:o ]

Method of attack: Takes the shape of your family then they turn into ghost looking thinks and they kill you by stopping your heart.

How to kill it:Just dont go near it OR just hit it.

Location:Anywhere really.

Mutt:Carnivorous Bird

Method of attack:Pecking and clawing to death

Location:anywhere it could stalk tributes

How it can be killed: A simple Knife to the body will turn it into a pile of feathers

Name: Dryad

Home: Narnia

Gender: Female

Height: 5”7

Skills: Lying, convincing, persuading, and scaring tributes.

Strategy to kill tributes: Make them go crazy, and hope they kill themselves

.How to kill: Kill the tree which belongs to the the dryad you’re fighting. (Colors, Shape, ..)Appearance:


Name: Cyclops

Home: Arena

Gender: MaleHeight: 12”4 - 12”9Skills: Mace, Strength, Size.Strategy to kill tributes: Search along with some other Cyclops for tributes and kill them.How to kill: Magic, mace.Appearance:Cyclops

Name: Naiad

Home: Arena


Height: 3'7

Skills: Strength, Swimming, Creating waves.

Strategy to kill tributes: When tributes are in the water or on a boat, grab and drown them or create waves to kill them.

How to kill: You can’t kill Naiads, the only thing you can do is flee


These are the 100th Hunger games Muttations!

Overall Idea/ Summary of the 100th Hunger Games's Arena

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