3 At Once

I am co-writing The 350th Hunger Games and the Funny Games presently and I plan to begin them as soon as the srtlists and mentors are filled for them. In the meantime, here's a more simple Hunger Games. No Stylists, mentors, or escorts to submit. All tributes open. About 10 will die in the Bloodbath, so don't kill me if yours dies.(;

You will need to check updates often for the interactivity and tell me the choice your tribute(s) will make, or they will most likely die. Anything on applications or updates with a *** is an interactive choice.

A ~ after the District and gender on the chart suggests the tribute is taken.


President Snow III's voice crackles over the speakers as he prepares to announce the 101st Games.

"Citizens of Panem, I am proud to announce- the 101st Hunger Games begins!"

The crowd cheers.

"However, unlike last year, this year there will only be one Victor. And there are hidden twists that are not to be revealed until the tributes themselves discover them. So Good luck, Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" He cries, and again the crowd goes wild.

Thalia Combe and Bronze Ashen sit in the front row, the victors of the previous Games. Thalia twists the paperAria Camelliston had given her and told her to keep if she died. She told her to only show her family, and keep it a secret. Thalia swore she would.

She uncrumples the paper for the fourth time in a year. She re-reads the important part.

"Whoever is reading this, it must be over my dead body considering I will protect it with my all.

But since it's my first entry, you never know when it's your time to die in the Arena.

So I have one statement.

For the Capitol. The Gamemakers. Panem. My grandchildren for generations.

The girl on fire still flickers a small flame.

Well, lots of love.

~ Aria Camelliston. <3

District One Tribute

The 100th Hunger Games."

Thalia prepares for the tour to give her family the paper and see her son, Zane. She secretly hopes that-someday- Zane's grandchildren and so forth will have the note, and one will be reaped and win the Games.

Thalia puts it away.

She hasn't even shown it to Bronze yet.

And then the reapings begin for District 1.


Tributes: You may submit 3 maximum. Forms must be in this order. No on my profiles. Reservations will last 1 day.

District and Gender:



Reaction at Reapings:

Appearance: (I want a description. Not just a picture or Lunaii.)




Preffered allies: (Districts 1,2, and 4 are the only Careers if they desire so. Sorry. And no promises ar emade for your preferences- will decide. Choose alliance name *at bottom* )

You Must Include These.

Your tribute's Interview with Cesar***: (in such format)

Cesar: Hello, tribute 1! *crowd cheers*

Tribute: Hello, Cesar. *smiles*

Cesar: So- You had a rather impressive training score.

( And so forth)

Tribute's Private Training Session***: (Scores are also by

No perfect tributes. I will add weaknesses or remove skills. And I will add neccesary things myself unless or until you do.

The Arena

The Arena will be set in a huge forest/woods with scattered meadows. There is hidden places to travel underground. There is a hidden setting above the woods unshown until the final 7.

The Tributes

District Name Age Reaction Appearance Weapon Skills Weaknesses Training Score


Dustin Henderson 18 Volutneered-happy. Messy blonde hair, emerald green eyes, tanned, tall hand to hand, spear. Strong, fast, seductive, hunting. afraid of massive spiders, Cannot swim, bad at identifying plants, too airheaded, not very liked for personality. 8


Claudia Gerhart 15 She volunteered- excited. Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow Fast, crafter, secutice Bossy, fire, not good at swimming. 9


Zacharius Thorne 17 When his name was called he was a little nervous but did his best to seem excited. Tall, muscular, handsome, Short Flippy black hair, Dark blue eyes, intimidating Running,Hand to hand combat, seasoned with weapons His main weapon is probably a sword but he can throw knives and spears pretty well too. Climbing. 10


Gertrude [Trudi] Proudmoor 16 She gulps and sighs. Blonde wavy hair,seafoam green eyes,hot spear,sword,throwing knives

Seduction, swimming,fishing, hunting,SARCASM.

Seeing Jayce die, fire, doesn't handle reality well, slow runner. 11


North Blaze 16 Eyes wide, loud breathing and shaking Sandy brown hair, brown eyes, strong and 5.6 Short sword and mace Hiding, throwing, making fire, speed and smart Watching Foxibelle die and small weapons 8


Misty Calliden 17 heart soars with happiness, excitement Tanned, long silky golden brown curls. Petite. Muscular. Thin. Beautiful ocean blue eyes. Gorgeous.

Throwing knives, bow and arrow,spear.

Misty knows things water related (swimming, fishing, plants), and she has fair accuracy. She is fast, and flexible. Her mom was a nurse, so she can heal people. Also, she charms the other tributes into liking her. She is very smart and thin, so she is very light, and can do many acrobatics If she gets too attached to someone, she startes caring for them and loving them. She's claustrophobic. Bad with fire. 6


Jayce Finbarr

16 Face slap and groan. Shaggy black hair,navy blue eyes ,muscular Mace, sickle Strength, killing, running. Gerty embarrasing him, fire, bad with ropes, oblivious. 9


Stella Bass 14 Glad- Volunteered. Red hair, pasty skin, freckles, brown eyes. Spears Net making, Fishing, Swimming Horrible Climber and Runner 5


Gunner Pann 15 Volunteered-proud. He is 5"11, six pack, muscular but kind of small, short black messy hair, hazel eyes, tanned ivory skin Sword or knives He is smart, fast, and is strong for his small posture, He is vengful so he will never give up, and he can camoflauge but he doesnt like too. He is crazy and wants to kill all d 1 males no matter what to avenge his brothers 11


Petra Liit

18 Volunteered to save little sister Long bleach blonde hair, with a dark rouge streak. Deep blue eyes, Very tall 6'6 Axe and mace Very fast, strong and an amazing swimmer Not a good climber 3


Zack Swikofort 18 Shocked Dark reddish long hair that is tied up, purple eyes and muscular. Axe and spear Swim and jump very very high. Allergic to medicines. 4


Lauren Dunbryll 17 volunteers, happy, confident Petite but not short, Platinum blonde hair, muscular but not grotesquely, thin, pretty. sword, knives, bow and arrow swimming,she knows which plants are edible, seduction, incredibly strong for a girl. afraid of spiders and huge beetles, climbing, bad at finding hiding spots. 12


Pamline Falcon

17 Nothing, he didn't care he was reaped Short brown hair, with a pale blue streak. Deep green eyes. Pretty tall 6'8 Axe, Mace and Sword Fast and Strong. Good at climbing trees Cant swim 12


Nerissa Cora 18 Irritated but accepted. Dirty blonde hair with red highlights, usually wears light makeup. Tanned skin, green eyes. Blowguns, knives, swords. Fast runner, ruthless killer, She is crippled in her left arm, which makes it difficult to move. 2


Kyle Allen 17 Just had a blank stare and promises that he will win. Kyle is Tall by 6"0', he has Light Brown Hair, Brown eyes and ashen skin. Spear, Hand-To-Hand Combat Excellent at Hand-To-Hand Combat and at swimming. Losing Alessa(Well, he has feelings for her but he knows only of them can win.) and the cold. 8


Foxibelle [Belle] Fishline-Hunter 15 Volunteered and reaped at the same time, she called "I volunteer!" the same time her name was read. Long red hair, brown eyes, pretty, slim, hips and 5.1 Double-bladed axe and a longbow (also handy with knives) Aim, hunting, swimming, speed, plant knowledge and agility Scared easily and heavy weapons 11


Gabriel "Gabe" DiPablo 13 Scared He is short with black messy shaggy hair, He has a scar on his cheek from wrestling with his brothers when he was younger. He is pale. he wears a shell necklace that all his family members wore when they went into the hunger games. He still has a childish look to him Sword, knives He is small and fast. He is kind of strong but he can be overpowered. If he developes a relationship he will protection them at all costs and treat them like family. He can climb and can swim if needed to Is very interested in girls, he will do anything for someone^(could be strength and weakness) Not the strongest. 2


Aveline Kenway 14 Proud,brave Tan,red hair,fit,black eyes axe, bows and arrows climbing,running,swimming spiders,fire,moths,ravens,crows,tree sap 6


Michael Gray 16 He was reaped (he was gonna volunteer anyway) Keeps his cool. Tall, tan, ripped, platinum blonde hair, grey green eyes, huge scar on neck. sword, spear, mace seductive, good liar, spear throwing, sword-fighting, lifting heavy things (like cows) Climbing, hes a little thick. 12


Demi Campbell 14 Reaped, but ready to win. She is 5"6, skinny but not frail, she has hair that she has had to cut herself, so it is uneven but straight, Her eyes are dull blue and look lifeless and beat down, her hands are boney, she has oddly nice teeth blowgun She works alone, she is fast,climbing, blowgun, stealth, she keeps calm with her songs, ruthless : She works alone, strength, making friends, swimming ( she can but it takes her a long time ) 7


Landon Sean 14 Shocked and scared. African-American, brown eyes, black hair. Scythe Plants, climbing, Schythes, running Killing, weak, not strong 8


Holley Citirus 15 Suprised. African-American, green eyes, black and brown hair. Throwing knives Plants, climbing, throwing knives Not a very fast runner, scared of the other Tributes, self-concious 5


Leo Algieba 15 Seriously, another 12 yr old? Hey wait...this could be my chance to find out who my dad really was. "I VOLUNTEER!" 5'9, black wavy hair, olive skin, coleminer's gray eyes. Axe Axe, speed Hand to hand combat 6


Alessa Gray 12 Shocked that she was reaped but was scared that she will never win but she kept a straight face. She is Smaller than most tributes, well being one of the younger ones, 4"8',she has Dark Brown hair, Brown eyes and Light Skin. Throwing Knives. She is Excellent at Spying on Other Tributes and good at Climbing Trees, she is easily Intimidated but she can kill a tribute by snapping their neck. She is vunerable to water, well, having an useless ability to swim. 8

Death Chart

Name of Tribute District How they Died Day
24 Stella Bass 4 Female Mine exploded 1
23 Zack Swikofort 6 Male Mine exploded 1
22 Gabe DiPablo 9 Male Mine Exploded 1
21 Landon Sean 11 Male Blow to the head by Dustin 1
20 Leo Algeiba 12 Male Axe to head by Zacharius 1
19 Gunner Pann 5 Male Trident through chest by Jayce 1
18 Dustin Henderson 1 Male Spear through neck from Kyle 2
17 Lauren Dunbryll 6 Female Knife through eye by Nerissa 2
16 Demi Campbell 10 Female Arrow in head 2
15 Nerissa Cora 7 Female Throat slit by sword from Michael 2
14 Jayce Finbarr 4 Male Spear to heart by Kyle 2
13 Holley Citirus 11 Female Killed by mutts 2
12 Pamline Falcon 7 Male Killed by mutts 2
11 Petra Liit 5 Female Struck by lightning 2
10 Trudi Proudmoor 2 Female Killed by mutts 2
9 Alessa Gray 12 Female Rough fall from cliff, suffered to death. 2
8 Kyle Allen 8 Male Ate nightlock 2
7 Claudia Gerheart 1 Female Arrow through back by Aveline 3
6 Misty Calliden 3 Female Sword through chest by North, slung off of cliff 3
5 Aveline Kenway 9 Female Beaten by Michael, then mace to skull. 3
4 Foxibelle Fishline-Hunter 8 Female Throat slit by Zacharius, kicked off of cliff. 3
3 North Blaze 3 Male Knife in leg by Zacharius, drowned in acid water, flesh eaten by it and a barracuda mutt. 4
2 Zacharius Thorne 2 Male Stabbed in heart from behind by Michael 4

Victor moved to bottom.*



Sponsor Tribute sponsored What they have What they need Money left
District3 luv Michael Gray Backpack, spear, knives, water and canteen Gauze wrap, medicine 695
Aquastar4infinity Cobwebs Alliance Bow and arrows, axe, full-course nothing 650
Harperjackson9 Aveline Kenway Soup, water, sleeping bag Medicine for leg 890


Item Use of Item Quantity Price of item
Medicine To help tributes overcome pain and relieve them of symptoms. 9 $100

Gauze Wrap

Used to wrap up the tribute's injury to keep out bacteria. Commonly a cut or burn. Used with medicine, any cream, or antibiotics. 9 $50
Cut Cream Helps to close and heal wound. Works at a fast rate, created in Capitol. 10 $75
Burn Cream Helps to heal burns, leaves a scar afterwards. 10 $75
Antibiotics Used to help fight infection. 10 $30
Painkillers Sooth pain. 10 $50


Item Use of Item Quantity Price of Item
Soup Helpful for badly injured tributes to drink down easily. Calms stomach. Helps hunger. Warm. 10 $30
Fruit Healthy. Gives energy. Helps hunger. 10 $20
Water+Canteen Hydrates. Cleanses wounds. Holds liquids. 10 $35
Full-course meal Includes meat, fruit, and water. Lasts about 3 or 4 days is used wisely. 10 $75


Item Use of Item Quantity Price of Item
Backpack Carries items around. 10 $25
Rope Helps hold items together or tie things. 10 $20
Compass Shows you where you are going. Nearly useless. `0 $10


Item Use of Item Quantity Price of Item
Bow and arrows [3 arrows] Shoots target like a mechanical spear, but smaller and more accurate. 10 $175
Spear Sharp end. Punctures target. Large. 10 $100
Throwing knvies. [5 knives] Small and sharp. Punctures target and easy to throw. Lighweight. 9 $125
Sickle Sharp and curved. Used in District 9 to cut wheat. 10 $200
Mace Round, metal end with spines all over. Large and quite heavy. 10 $175
Axe Sharp metal blade. Used in District 10 to cut down trees. Large and heavy. 10 $100

Warmth/ Miscellaneous

Item Use of Item Quantity

Price of Item

Jacket Waterproof, keeps tribute semi-warm. 10 $50
Sleeping Bag Place to sleep, insulated. Keeps tribute warm. 10 $50
Canopy Protects from rain, shelters. 10 $150
Boots Waterproof/fireproof. Protects feet. 10 $40
Hammock For lazy tributes or tributes unable to create shelter. Can be hooked between two trees. 10 $100

Training Sessions

District 1

Dustin Henderson:

He will walk into the room and pick up a trident. He throw his trident and spears 2 dummies in one throw. Then he will climb the tree extremely fast, blindfolded, and throw knives at bullseyes. He misses most of them. Still in the tree, still blindfolded. He will then jump from the tree from station to station (without touching the ground) and grab and axe. He cuts his finger, as he stayed blindfolded, and now feels stupid. He chucks it and knock down a couple branches.. although he aimed for the dummy. He blushes with embarassment and removes the blindfold. He will then pick up his trident again and completely destroys 3 dummies with a couple of swings this time. He Will bow, chuck the trident right above the head of the head Gamemaker, and leave.

He only wishes he hadn't tried to be so perfect and blindfold himself, for God's sake.

District 2

Zacharius Thorne:

For the training session Zacharius wears a black beanie to try and seem rebelious, He grabs a sword and decapitates 5 dummies, then he really impresses them when he runs through the obstacle course in incredible time.

Then he throws a few knives... a few hit bullseye, but a few go stray.

He really impresses them when he lines up 3 dummies and throws a javelin straight through all of them.

The Gamemakers seem impressed, and he leaves.

Gertrude Proudmoor:

She walked in and threw a spear and it hit the head next she threw knives 1 hit and 2 missed.Finally,she slashed the dummy's head off with the sword and the Gamemakers dismiss her.

Claudia Gerhart:

}She walks in and bows to the game maker's in their respect. Then she pick's up some throwing knives and throw's them at the dummy. The all hit dead center. Then she pick's up a bow and some arrow's. She fires 3 arrow's. The first one hit the bullseye, the second hit the dummy in the face, and the third hit in the eye. Then, she make's her self a bow using string and sticks. Then she uses the bow and fires and arrow with it. It his the center of the bullseye. Then the gamemaker's dismiss her, wowed by her preformence!

District 3

Misty Calliden:

I run into the room so fast the Gamemakers almost don't notice me, and climbs to the top of the fake tree in 30 seconds. On the way, I grabbed a bow and knives. I shot the arrows at the super thin wires holding the lights up, and makes the lights come crashing down. The Gamemakers glare at me for breaking them.

Then, I flip down from the tree, land in a split, and lob my knives 20 ft away... Behind me. They land in an unmistakeable "M". I jump on a trampoline 10 ft into the air, and shoot arrows that form an unmistakeable "C" right on the wall behind the Gamemakers. But I miss a few arrows. I then bow, and flip all the way back out. And fall with embarassment, and limp out on my hurt leg.

North Blaze:

Let's go. I walk in and pick up a sword. Twirl it around and throw it. Oops. It hit the inside wall of the gamemakers room. -Nice first impression- , I think to my myself. Seven swords left. I throw them around the room with no aim. Oh gosh, oh no. I HIT A GAMEMAKER! I bow quickly and sprint out the door. Screams, glasses braking and curse words are heard from inside the room. Heh, heh. Oops.

Later in the day, before the scores are told, my escort notifies me that he survived. Foxibelle slaps me, hard. "North, you...meh!" We both fall back on the couch, Belle looks beautiful in Capitol clothes.

District 4

Jayce Finbarr:

He walks in confidently and grabs a mace and whacks the dummy's head off then he gets two sickles and starts cutting dummies down, He bows and the Gamemakers dismiss him.

District 5

Lauren Dunbryll:

I walk into the training area. I then do a back walkover and fall.


Then I shake it off and run extremely fast and pick up a bow, and vault onto a balance beam. I try hit the dummies on the other side of the room (60 ft away) in their hearts but I miss both. One landing in the chest, another landing in its leg, and tie a difficult knot onto an arrow pretty well. I shoot it at the ceiling, and swing on it, trying to knock over several dummies but I'm a bit too light and they are wuite heavy, so only a couple go down. I will jump to the ground, then go at 8 dummies with a sword for 1 minute and do pretty good damage.

District 6

Jake Swikofort:

Private training session: "Jake Swikofort." Uh-oh. It's my turn. I gulp then start to walk. I grab a axe, I throw it but the 2 others miss. No way. Then, I grab a spear. Only one miss. I sigh. I walk towards the jumping station (my invented station :D) then I jump. The gamemakers are very suprised. They dismiss me. Finally!

District 7

District 8

Foxibelle Fishline-Hunter

Belle walks in snapping with her hat over face. "Yeah!" she explodes when she gets to the center of the room. She picks up a longbow and an arrow and turns around. She leans down, her hat falling off, and aims in-between her legs. She lets go...about three inches from the center, no one but Belle notices. Claps are heard from the gamemakers and bows. "Ima sing a little somethin' 'bout my sis and me." The gamemakers are eager, so she sings "Anything You Can Do" from "Annie Get Your Gun" and acts as two people while doing it. She is absolutely hilarious and whistles and claps are rewarded. In her performance, she sings Annie's part as her self and Frank's part (with her hat off and a more squeaky voice while doing it) as her little sister. When Belle is done, she tips her hat back down over her face, starts to snap in a steady beat and quietly walks out.

Kyle Allen:

Kyle walks in after he is called up, he walks over to the Knives Station to try first, he grabs the knife and slices the Dummy's arm off, he then heads to the Spears station, he grabs three spears, he throws the first one, the first spear buries itself into the dummy's stomach, Kyle throws the second one which buries itself into the Dummy's head, he then throws the last one at the Dummy's eye, "Wham!", he exclaims as the spear hits the target, The Gamemakers look at Kyle, approved and they dismiss him.

District 9

District 10

I walked in, and grabbed a mace and I threw it at a dummy, sending the dummy flying. I grabbed a sword in one hand and a spear in the other and sent the weapons into the air. The spear landed in the dummy's head and the sword in the heart. I left knowing i was the best.

District 11

Landon Sean:

I walk inside, not knowing what to expect. The gamemakers are sitting in a circle, talking inbetween the Tributes. When I approach them, they swivel their attention to me. Since that girl Katniss Everdeen out-smarted them and gave a huge performance, they've known better than to push us lower districts off. I grab a scythe from the wall and hack away at a dummy. Maybe they shouldn't underestimated me. I leap over the dummy and grab it's head from behind, "breaking" it's neck. The Gamemakers stare at me, shock. I allow my large, pleading brown eyes stare up at them, then they nod. Hushed Whispers follow me out as they decide my fate.

Holley Citirus:

Landon is no where to be found when my name is called to go inside. I wonder how he did... Silence is ringing when I step inside, so I grab some throwing knives and practicing boards. I silence myself and try to make it a sure shot. I throw and make a perfect bulls-eye, better than what I'd hoped for. I soon get the feeal of these knives and I'm jumping around like a mockingjay on the top of the hall, throwing knives and making almost perfect throws. I land with one knife to spare. Catching the sight of a dummy behind me, I try throwing backwards... And nail the dummy in the forehead (Once again, better than what I'd hoped for). I smile angelically, and the Gamemakers smile back and usher to the door.

District 12

Alessa Gray:

She walks in, she politely says in a quiet voice "Alessa Gray.District 12.", she then heads to the ropes course and she silently climbs across the training center, unseen and then she heads to the swords station, she grabs the sword despite her being small and she slices the Dummy's head off, and she walks to the Throwing Knives Station, she grabs six knives, she tosses the first three at the Dummy, burying themselves in the head, neck and stomach and she throws the other three at the Gamemakers, over their heads, the Gamemakers look shocked and they dismiss her.


District 1

District 2

Zacharius Thorne:

Ceasar: Hello Zacharius, welcome to the capitol!

Zacharius: Thanks Ceasar I'm glad to be here.

Ceasar: So tell me... do you think you have a decent shot at winning?

Zacharius: Yes i do.... I know it won't be easy.... but I know I can do it.

Ceasar: So exactly how long have you been training for these games?

Zacharius:Since I was twelve.. after my brother became victor, he got home and we began at once.

Ceasar: Well folks.. looks like we have a true fighter this year!!

Capitol Cheers*

Zacharius: You bet we do!!

Zacharius stands up pumps his fists in the air.*

Capitol goes nuts!*

Ceasar laughs*

Cesar: Thank you Zacharius, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Crowd claps and cheers again.*

Buzzer sounds... interview ends

Claudia Gerhart:

Ceaser: Hello, Claudia Gerhart from District 1. *crowd cheers*

Claudia: Hi everyone!!

Ceaser: So how do you think about the tribute's this year?

Claudia: I think that they are actually pretty good, especailly Gertude and Stella! There my best friends in the arena right now!

Cesaer: Wow! Do you have a crush on any of the tribute's this year?

Claudia: Actually, I do. *crowd goes crazy*

Cesaer: Can you tell us?

Claudia: No way! It's a secert crush.

Cesaer: So, that training score, huh? How do you think about that?

Claudia: I thought it was pretty good, but I could of done better.

Cesaer: So, everyone, that was Claudia Gerhart from District 1!

Claudia: Bye everyone! *crowd says bye back*


District 3

North Blaze:

Caesar: Welcome, North!

North: Hellllllooo!!

Caesar: How about the District 8 female? She is beautiful.

North: I know. I really like her. And I will make her win.

-Audience is crying and one person shrieks, "I LOVE YOU, NORTH!"-

North: *points to her* And I love you too, Random Capitol Citizen!

Caesar: What about the other tributes?

North: The Careers are scary. But, Belle wins, so they'll die. Others will be easy.


North: Bye, Caesar!

Caesar: Now on the District 3 Female..

District 4

District 5

District 6

Jake Swikofort:

Caesar: Let's now welcome....Jake Swikofort from District 5!

Caesar: So, how's your reaping?

Jake:: I'm very shocked.

Ceasar: Why?

Jake:: Cause i'm shocked.

Ceasar: You're quiet, aren't you?

Cholo: Yes.

Ceasar: Okay, you're weird. Please let this interview end!

buzzer rings*

Ceasar: Again! Jake Swikofort! District 5!

District 7

District 8

Foxibelle Fishline-Hunter:

Caesar: Please welcome, District 8's Female, Foxibelle Fishline-Hunter!

crowd cheers*

Belle: *walks from behind the curtains and does jazz hands*

Caesar: I heard that you are a broadway performer back in 8.

Belle: Totes McGoats! Love to act! *tips hat and sits down*

Caesar: Nice! Now, what do ya think about the other tributes?

Belle: *smiles and lays back with New York accent* Just fine, just fine. 'ow 'bout yew?

Capitol cheers and laughs*

Belle: *giggles*

Caesar: Beautiful! Are you excited?

Belle: Th-rilled! Can't wait to get started!

Caesar: Dramatic reaping, eh?

Belle: Yep. Sweet girls and sweet guy. North. He volunteered for me!


Caesar: Foxibelle-Fishline Hunter everybody!

-Captiol goes nuts-

Belle: See ya in a while Caesar! You know, after I win.

Kyle Allen:

Ceaser: Please Welcome, Kyle Allen from District 8!

Kyle walks onto the stage, grinning and he sits down.

Ceaser: So Kyle...How do you like the Capitol so far?

Kyle Grins

Kyle: Great, Incredible to be here.

Ceaser: Excellent...So..Any Special Girl back home?

Kyle: Not exactly back home Ceaser....

Ceaser: Who is the Mysterious Girl Kyle?

Kyle Blushes.

Kyle: Well...She is a tribute like me.

Ceaser: What District?

Kyle: District 12...

Ceaser: Ah...Is it Alessa isn't it?

Kyle Nods.

Kyle: Yes...

Ceaser Smiles.

Ceaser: Well, i Hope she will accept your feelings.

Ceaser: One last Question, will you be competeting in the Bloodbath?

Kyle: Yeah...But For Alessa's Sake

Ceaser: I Hope it goes good and May the Odds be Ever in your favor, good luck to you Kyle.

The Capitol Cheer in Happiness.

District 9

District 10

Ceasar: Hi Michael!


Ceasar: UMMmmmmm o-k where's that buzzer?

Michael: wait waht?!?!?! huh?

Ceasar: Michael! Do you think you have what it takes to win?

Michael: yes.

Ceasar: Do you have a girl back home?

Michael: No, but im eyeing some here *wink*

  • Girls screaming*


District 11

Landon Sean:

Caesar: Let's give it up for the strong, Landone Sean!!!!! So, Landon. How are you feeling about the Games? Are you ready to fight?

Landon: Defidently Caesar, but I'm truthfully worried. You see, my sister was a tribute last year.

Caesar: Ah, yes, Lily Sean. I do remember her. Lovely girl.

Landon: Thank you, but since she was killed, I'm afraid the same will happen for me. I do truthfully want to win for her... for all the tributes that died.

Caesar: We all feel for you son. Now, how do you feel about leaving behind her legacy?

Landon: Truly Honored Caesar. I miss her dearly... heck, I miss everyone that died from District 11. My friend, Taylor Potter, was killed three years ago, age 12, and my older brother, Jack, was killed 10 years ago.....

Caesar: Landon, has anyone told you that you look like Thresh from the 74th Games?


Holley Citirus:

Caesar: Well, sorry Landon, but we are out of time. (Landon leaves confused) Up next, Holley Citurus!!!!!! So, Holley, let me start out by saying that you are beautiful!!! How ever do you pull it off?

Holley: Well, it's like, well, plucking an apple off of a tree *crowd laughs* I really don't know how to put it. -smiles-

Caesar: Huh, well, you're defidently pretty enough, got a boyfriend back home? Or someone special?

Holley: No. You see, my dad is the mayor of District 11, and everyone doesn't want to displease him, so the boy's are afraid to ask, whereas, my dad is completely laid-back. So, I am totally free.

-Boys in crowd whoop and holler-

Caesar: Well, I think you have yourself a fan club. *Holley blushes as the crowd cheers*

Holley: Thank you Caesar, but I am afraid our time is up-


Caesar: It is! Thank you Holley. I wish you good luck and maybe I can see you when the games are finished.

Holley: Preferably alive. *Laughs* Good-bye Caesar.

Caesar: Wow.... Such a charmer.

District 12

Alessa Gray:

Ceaser: Please Give a Nice warm welcome to little Alessa Gray from District 12!

Alessa skips across the stage, smiling shyly and sweetly and she sits herself down.

Ceaser: So Alessa...welcome to the Capitol, an honor to be here am i correct?

Alessa: Yes. It is.

Ceaser: So tell did you react when Kyle told myself and the Capitol he loved you?

Alessa blushes.

Alessa: Well...a bit shocking at first..

Ceaser: you have fallen for him too am i correct?

Alessa: Yes.

Ceaser pats Alessa's hand.

Caeser: Well, I Hope the Odds are in your favor that you will try and win.

Alessa gives a shy smile.

Ceaser: And whats your strategy for the games?

Alessa: Well...try and avoid other tributes but stick to my alliance...very simple.

Ceaser: You will try and win, Give it up for Alessa, District 12!

The Capitol Cheers and Applauses.



All tributes have their tokens and are wearing black army-styled capris, a green t-shirt, black jacket with cut-off sleeves, and a pair of boots.


Dustin Henderson [1]:

We all stood side-by-side, waiting for the timer to go off. We sit there and expect it, at least.. but it went from 10...9..8...7...6...5..4..3..2..1...

I paced myself, but.. it.. It stays on 1 for a while. I look around and everyone is confused. The Capitol doesn't make mistakes. Ever. If you step off before it, there's a mine that explodes in all of the other Games.So nobody dare moves. But if we all stand here we won't make any progress. Period. I decide that I don't want to die of starvation or dehydration, so I dare what nobody else has. I'm pretty much commiting suicide.. but oh well.

I step off of the plate in a jump and expect an explosion. But nothing booms so I run for my life to the Cornucopia and see frightened others do the same.

But 3 of them really do explode.

And music starts?

Remember December by Demi Lovato.

It kind of.. pumps me.


It was the 9 Male, 6 male and even a Career... the 4 Female.

I got to the Cornucopia and had to knock over the Male from 11, killing him instantly on compact.


The Female from 9- giving her a bloody nose, and the Male from 5- busting his lip, to get my spear. I grabbed a backpack and ran off towards the woods with Careers at the bloodbath still.

Misty Calliden [3]:

I managed to grab some throwing knives at the Cornucopia and take off to meet with the other Fireashes. On the way, I see blood and gore. I just run, and run, and run. I pray that Narissa, Kyle, Gunner, and Alessa hurry up so we can get the hell out of here. When I am inches from the Forest, I see a spear heading right towards me. I scream, and duck. Then comes a couple of knives and an arrow,and jump up in the air and twist, duck and spin sideways avoiding them all.

By the time I get out of there I hear a few screams.


And someone is dead. The boy from 12. He took an axe to the head.. what's his name- Leo.

I have noticed that even a Career is dead, and these Games won't be easy to win. I still put my betting on myself.

I get horrified as someone comes behind me and holds me in a headlock, standing in the forest and I struggle them to the ground, and hit my head against a rock, moaning and whimpering out in pain as the world turns fuzzy.

Zacharius Thorne [2]:

I have just buried my axe into the boy from 12- Leo-'s, head. I got an axe at the bloodbath and a backpack. The Careers have ran for the woods. All of us- except for one. Michael from 10.

"Has anyone seen Michael?" I yell over the loudness as we run deeper and deeper into the woods in sync of a steady pace like a group of badasses that we are.

"I think he's killing the girl from 3." Dustin said, since he keeps most of our stats.

I think. Who is that? Misty. She's good.

I stop in my tracks.

"So why are we standing here? Her allies may kill him!" I snarl, and they all look dumbfound and lost.

"Come on you idiots!" I sigh and we take off in that direction.

Petra Liit [5]:

We already have a tribute down. Landon died, but the rest of my allies are alive. At the bloodbath I grabbed the mace and took off. Everyone else was already in the woods running.

"Wait up!" I cry, and they slow down.

"Where are we gonna go!" Holley, from 11, cries in a panic. "My hair!" She cries.

She's a pretty-head. Time to play games.

I smirk to myself as we walk around aimlessly.

"We can climb a tree." I tell Pamline with sarcasm to irritate Holley, knowing I suck at tree climbing.

And he actually agrees.

"Yeah.. yeah we will." He says and searches for a couple trees.

I open my mouth and all that comes out is- "Ahh.." Before I protest.

"Um no! Birds!" Holley squeaks.

"Oh, god! And your makeup Holley! We'll have to collect bat poop to make mascara!" I cry.

She looks horrified, so I start laughing with everyone else.

"Damn girls..." Pamline mumbles under his breath. "Now all the guys are gone.."

I never realized that.

"Well.. whatever. Here- I found a tree!" Lauren says, and points to a huge one.

YOLO, Petra.. YOLO.

Jayce Finbarr [4]:

We've taken off to find Michael and see an arrow flying through his arm.

He drops her and pulls out the arrow and cries in pain. The girl stumbles up and falls onto a tee trembling. She is obviously horrified. Gunner kicks Michael a few violent times in the head and side and grunting with each to make him suffer.

"Shh.. shh... it's okay.." He tells her, and hands back her bow.

"I.. my biggest fear.. you know.." She utters, and stares at Michael.

Michael holds his arm and bleeds out. Dustin supports his arm and he and Zach carry him away.

The Careers have begun walking away and finding camp for tonight.

Now I'm just pissed because we may loose a good ally and he beat the hell out of him. I pick up the bow and let my anger get the best of me. I see a vine on one tree leading to the one Gunner is soothing Misty at. I climb the tree ad my allies notice, and I slit the vine and swing from it. I pull out my trident and hold it out like a medival joust. It pierces Gunner through the chest against the tree.


Misty screams. I pull back my trident and he falls to the damp ground in his own wet blood. I kick Misty in it just for the hell of it and run as hard as I can, catching back up to my allies. They laugh and pat me on the back with a few "Whoops!" from them all.

Lauren Dunbryll [6]:

We heard another Cannon on the other side of the forest as we eclipse these trees. Holley won't stop wining and I swear Pamline could shove some nightlock down her throat right now. But aside from that, he seems overall.. amused. He's been half carrying Petra the whole way up and he seems to be enjoying herself. She keeps flirting with him, and he laughs at everything she says.

Please guys. I don't want to throw up all over Holley from this high up, and I am getting kind of sick.

Not just from your flirting, but because heights scare me a bit and I'm too high up right now. And then again... I do want to throw up all over Holley. I turn around and vomit. All over her hair. She starts crying.

"I'M GONNA KILL YOU B*TCH!" She screams, and climbs faster. I just laugh.

"Finally you climb faster!" I smirk and climb quicker as well, and stop in the highest branch and watch Holley scream and fall down a few.

Pamline and Lauren get up and we're all facing each other besides Lauren, who keeps having some difficulties.

She finally gives up.

"Screw you guys! I'm finding a river." She complains, and we all just burst out laughing.

Then I look over and see a small wooden door.

We walk in and-to our amazement- it is like a small hotel in a tree!

We're breathless.

I walk to the counter.A voicebox speaks in a robotic voice. Everything is wooden or nature made.

"Name." It says.

"Uh... Lauren Dunbryll, District 6."

I get scanned with a red lazer.


"Aces?" I say awkwardly. Why does it matter?

"Accepted." It says, and a paper comes out of a slit in the wooden desk.

I grab it and it says "A1, A2." and we walk to the room with that coding.

We see an empty room. Well, sort of. We have a carved out hollow tree stump to hold our supplies and a window that we can open to overlook the woods in secret.

This is amazing.

Nerissa Cora [7]:

Misty won't quit crying, and everyone is extremely quiet sitting at our camp. She eventually tells us she's going for a walk, and we just tell her to bring her weapon.

"Well." I sigh, and run my fingers over my left arm. What I would give for it to be fixed. If I win, I can have that and much more. Victors get an ultimate surgery to fix errors- from the arena mainly, but also large things like this.

"Well.. we should probably hunt tomorrow." Alessa says shyly.

"And find water." Kyle says, and looks over at Alessa with a blush.

"Yeah." She laughs uneasily and blushes.

We've been in this tunnel for a while, and quite honestly I'm about ready for sleep. Even though it's only now fading to night, and the sky looks like a beautiful sunset.

Kyle Allen [8]:

I definitely like Alessa.. but I don't know how to tell her. I have since training. I need to keep her with me, but only one of us can come out alive. I laugh shyly and awkwardly everytime she glances at me through her gorgeous brown hair.

I think about today's deaths. The Ace- Landon Sean from 11 died, a couple Fireashes, first Gabe DiPablo from- I think 9- and their own leader, Gunner Pann from 5, nobody from Cobwebs I know of, but a couple of people with no allies- Zack Swikofort from 6, and Leo Algeiba from 12.

I kinda feel bad for Leo.. he came in this thing for his little brother that died, and now he'll never come out.

As the sun sets and we get ready to sleep, Nerissa was out cold first- snoring. I laugh and so does Alessa.

I lighten up as I look at Alessa. She sees me and does the same. Then blushes and turns her head a bit.

"So... are you scared?" I ask softly to untensify the mood that you could cut with a knife.

"Yeah." She whispers and looks up at me shyly, tucking her hair behind her ears with her knees huddled to her chest.

"Hey... you can be honest and.. and tell me anything." I reassure her and she kind of smiles at me.

"Really?" She says.

"Of course." I tell her. She seems to have forgotten how at trainingwe made fun of the Careers and talked about the Capitol and their crazy ideas and twisted ideas of showing their power.

"Well.. I'm horrifed. I'm going to die." She says and looks up at me.

I get lost in her eyes for a minute.

"Over my dead body.." I murmur and her eyes widen and she turns red.

"What?" She laughs.

"UH.. I mean...... I'm scared too."

Stupid. I am stupid.

She giggles.

"Well.. goodnight Kyle." She grins. Then she kisses me on the cheek and skips over to her part of the cave in her sleeping bag. I laugh and go to sleep thinking about her.

She is absolutely wonderful.

Day 1 Statistics

Careers: Camping out around a campire, all resting up. Michael needs medicine and a Gauze wrap for his arm.

Aces: Resting up in Canopy Tree Hotel. Everyone is fine... For now.

Fireashes: Set up at a cave. Resting. Okay. Misty is coming back to rest as well and is feeling better.

Cobwebs: Doing well.

..Sleeping in the Cornucopia...


Aveline Kenway [9]: Sleeping. Has a leg injury.

Demi Campbell [10]: Resting in a meadow. Has a head injury.

~*~* How was Day 1? Sorry if your tribute died! It was completely random. I hope you still read- There will be ghosts or mutts later, maybe. Just maybe.(; ~*~*~

Day 2:

Aveline Kenway [9]:

I woke up and heard screaming in the distance.

Another tribute dying.

I look up at the sun, shinging brightly. Damn! I overslept again! I sigh and gather my stuff, and eat what I already have. I need medicine before my leg kills me because it feels like it ever since that asshole at the bloodbath put me out of his way. It feels like.. like.. like it's sizzling?

I cringe in pain and grab my leg. I pull out the knife I found on the ground yesterday before I camped out here. I cut a piece of my capris- tight, because I tied the side strings too much so they wouldn't come off-and roll the up. I took the cloth and used one half of it to get the gunk, pus, and blood off as well as I could. Then a few silver parachutes landed, one with a sleeping bag, the next with soup, and the third with water!

But where's my medicine?

I sigh. At least I don't have to go hunting for a few days if I savage enough of this.

I pour the water over my leg and it stings. I hold in a scream as I watch it bubble and sizzle, praying nobody finds me before I do this. I then clean off the little pieces of debris off of my leg, and wrap the cloth around it. Damn.. I need medicine. Fast.

Michael Gray [10]:

I just recieved knives, a spear, water and a canteen. And there's no way in hell the other tributes will get it. Haha, cruel. But I don't really care. None of them are awake anyways. I see Jayce Finbarr laying in a cold sleep. I consider dragging him out to the water and killing him, but he saved me yesterday. I'll spare him. I decide to go walking around and see the girl from 7- Nerissa. She looks so vulnerable in her sleep..

I grab her mouth and pull her out deeper into the woods. her eyes open in alarm and she starts screaming as soon as I release her mouth and go for my spear.

"PLEASE!" She screams out, adn sqiurms under my large arms pinning her down. I see a couple silver parachutes landing in the distance and wonder who they belong to.

Well.. this is my opportunity to lie to someone. Sabatoge her. Get my own little... minion. A slave.

I smirk to myself and trace her pretty face. She's breathing heavily.

"You're gorgeous." I murmur to her, trying my best to reel her in. She swallows hard and answers shakily, her dainty pink lips quievering.

"Well, what the hell are you saying that for?" She asks me. Time for the final stance. I stare into her green eyes for a minute, and give her my signature smirk, pulling into a smile, and stand up off of her after she seems to calm down and I know she won't run.

"I couldn't kill you." I say and step closer. "We should just..." I sigh, and act like I don't want to say.

"Just what?" She trembles and stares at me.

"We should make an alliance on our own." I tell her.

"Well, I... I.. um.." She seems hesitant. I roll my eyes when she isn't looking. Now I have to kiss her.

She seems shocked when it happens but she doesn't resist.

"Let's do it." She says quietly, and grabs my hand.

I hold her other hand and we run off together.

But it's what she doesn't know that will kill her by tonight.

Holley Citirus [11]:

Last night, I came to the top of the tree after cleaning up and entered a little hotel! I was delighted. So much I squeaked. Warm water, soap, a bed, a mirror....

But after I was scanned and given my room, I was pissed. I HAD ONLY A FLOOR, WINDOW [IF YOU COULD CALL IT THAT.] AND EMPTY TREE STUMP, like, da fuq?!?!!? And I had to share a room with Lauren because Petra and Pamline got their own room. Assholes. I slept on a cold floor with only a sleeping bag. Sure, I slept great. But still. I woke up and now Lauren and I are walking into Pamline and Petra's room through the conntected door, and I hear screaming in the woods. Another tribute is getting hurt.

But then I start screaming when I walk next door and see Pamline and Petra kissing.

Petra looks over at me and starts laughing. Pamline laughs too, and they stand up and walk over towards me.

"Holley.. oh my god. It's the Hunger Games, and we never know when we'll die.. I mean, YOLO. So why not?"

I shrug. It's still nasty, and whoreish.

"Hey, you don't see me all up on some guy I just met." I threw my arms up. "Just saying."

Lauren blushes with shock and looks over at Pamline with her eyes widening. He does the same. They both step away.

"What are you trying to say, Holley?" She sticks her tounge in the side of her cheek and raises an eyebrow.

"I don't know.. that's up to you to assume." I murmur. I'm kinda worried.

"Oh no you didn't.. so you're calling me a whore?" She says.

"I guess so!" I yell, and before you know it we're in a scream match and throwing punches.

I pumble her to the ground and we pull hair and claw like average girls and Pamline and Lauren pull us off of one another eventually.

"GIRLS! Stop! If Pam and Petra want to be together, they can! You don't know them or how they feel, so back off!" Lauren tells us. But mainly me.

I quietly back away, but I don't want her to kill me so I apologize. She glares at me and half-heartedly smiles when we hear rambling in the treetops.

We all look at each other in fear and hide behind a wall.

Alessa Gray [12]:

I wake up, and automatically Kyle and I notice Nerissa's absence, and we panic thinking she died. But wouldn't the cannon have waken us up? I mean...

"She'll come back, Alessa." Kyle laughs. "She didn't just abandon us."

"Yeah, she didn't. But did she die?" I sigh.

"No. We would've heard the cannon.. calm down Alessa." Kyle smiles lightly and touches my hand. I wind down.

We sit quietly for a little bit, just watching our surroundings.

"So last night.. what did you mean?" I smile and look up at him and he blushes at me.

"Well... I... Nothing." He murmurs. I giggle and we go out hunting.

First we found a stream with water and filled out canteens.

I see a squirrel pack and nudge Kyle's arm. He sees and nods. I throw my knives and kill all 4. I pick them up and put them in my backpack.

But then he sees something else and throws.

A scream.


I turn my head to see blood pooling from Dustin Henderson- District 1-'s throat.

I nearly scream myself like the other from eariler when I see Careers running towards his body carrying weapons. Kyle runs to retrieve his spear and takes off running towards me. Cladia Gerhart- the girl from 1- and Jayce Finbarr- the boy from 4, are now chasing us. I see a trident fly over my head and my jaw drops in horror. Kyle tackles me and we roll a couple feet and stop. He moves his arm to stand up and I do scream, and we start rolling down a steep hill, grunting on every rock hit or twig pulling our clothes. The Careers stop at the cliff and stare down at us. The 1 girl and 4 boy run opposite directions to get to the end of the hill.

My arm and stomach hurts. I hold it, and Kyle panics, a few minor cuts on him because I shielded him as we fell.

He picks me up and my eyes flutter. It's blurry. Why is the world sounding... foggy?

I come back when water splashes my face. I feel my face tingling and see red. My mouth opens and I gasp.

We're in a new cave now, and Kyle is tending to my wounds. I feel it hard to breath.

"Shh.. it's okay Alessa.. just breathe." He whispers.

"Sponsors!" He cries and I hear an echo through the tunnel.

Demi Campbell [10]:

My head is feeling a little better, but I still get fuzzy every now and then. I have managed to climb a tree that had nice shade, but when I got to the top I found a little hole to climb through. I got in and I found a small metal box.

"Name?" It says in a robotic voice.

Okay this is just creepy.

I hesitate and try to think.. the head injury kind of help clear my mind. Maybe this is some trick from the Gamemakers. So I decide to give a false name.

"Trudi Proudmoor, District 2." I say. Which, isn't a fake name. It's a real tribute- a Career.


"Loner." I prayed it wasn't smart enough to pick up our allies... but I realize it is for the population of groups.

"Accepted." The robotic woman's voice said, and a piece of paper came out of a slit in the wood reading "B1" So I awkwardly stepped into the wooden hall and entered the room. Inside was a window, empty tree stump for supplies, and it was pretty secluded so I was happy.

But when I put my sleeping bag down I realized I was hungry, and went out to hunt.


I hear several people cry out and run.

I ran sneakily to see what happened, noticing the close sound of the cannon.

I saw the 6 Female, Lauren Dunbryll, lying dead with a sword through her eye and out the back of her head.

Misty Calliden [3]:

I walk around in the woods, and feel like they're closing in on me. I'm shaking with fear. Gunner, my only friend, is dead. My allies are missing. I have nothing. I need more food, water, and I only have my bow. I didn't realize until I saw that trident go through his chest that I love him..

I burst out crying.

I won't last out here alone. Not without him. My ribs still hurt from that fatal fall I took earlier from a tree. I just..

I see nightlock berries on a bush. I pick them off, and hold them in my hand. First I hold up my bow, and narrow in on Demi Campbell from 10.

She's distracted right now by a dead girl- Lauren Dunbryll. I take my opportunity, seeing the gash on the back of her head, and put her out of her misery as blood splatters all over me.


I shakily raise my hand to my mouth to eat the nightlock, but a Career comes running at me and tackels me down, the nightlock flying from my hand.

Claudia Gerheart [1]:

Trudi and Jayce took off for a couple of Fireashes that fell off a cliff. The rest of us weren't crazy enough to run off of it. But we realized Michael was gone when we woke up, and we can't seem to find him. So we assume the bastard left us already, and it's only Day 2. I hear a girl crying.


And then I hear running. We all stop and listen for footsteps in all directions. Then we finally see Michael again. And Zacharius should be back soon.

"Michael! Where were you! We thought you left us, now apologize!" I demand. He looks at me like Oh hell no you did not just even!

"Well, I am not apologizing to you and your bossy ass, Claudia. But anyways.. I was going to kill Nerissa this morning. But I played her and got her to kill a couple people." He says, and I nod in approval.


Trudi is running back up to us screaming.

"HELP!" She cries. "THEY KILLED JAYCE, AND NOW I HAVE MUTTS-" She screams, and I see a mutt that looks like Landon running at her like a target. I see the Ace alliance running from mutts as well.

"THE HOTEL!" Holley screams. "TOO MANY PEOPLE!" and then it lunges for Pamline, but Petra trips Holley and the mutt grabs her leg and takes her down. Pamline and Petra share looks of sheer horror as it takes Pamline down as well. Petra screams and climbs up in a tree and will not come down.


Holley and Pamline are dead.

"PAM!" She cries and starts crying uncontrollably. She fumbles around in her bag sloppily and pulls out a mace, landing in the mutt's head, and with a final whimper, it dies. She stays up there and doesn't stop crying.

I smirk and see this as an easy kill. I point my bow at her.

"DO IT! WHATEVER, JUST KILL ME! I HAVE NO CHANCE!" She hisses, and stands up, arms open.

I shrug simply, and show her I have no pity. She looks like lightening just struck her.


.. Maybe it's because it did.. and trees start falling down with heavy rain.


The mutts got Trudi.

So now it's me and Michael, since it looks like Zach isn't coming back.

Kyle Allen [8]:

Alessa is extremely damaged, and I can't help but cry as she starts to flutter her eyes again. I can't find shelter in this damned storm after it blew in on our cave, and she is extremely cold.

"Hang on Alessa!" I cry, and jump over a falling limb and dodge a few flying rocks.

"Kyle." She croaks.

"Wait!" I dodge a few more rocks.

"Kyle." She whispers again.

"Okay, just hang on a second Alessa!" I yell and duck and roll a couple centimeters as an enite tree flys through the wind. I'm freezing. I drag Alessa over to shelter behind a large tree as the storm rages worse on the other side.

"Kyle." She croaks again.

"Yes?" I say calmer, and look down at her.

"I'll miss you." She croaks.

"Alessa don't talk like that." I say painfully.

" and Kyle?"

"Yeah?" I say a bit irritatedly, wishing she'd stop acting like she's dying.

Then she kisses me, and falls back down limplessly, hereyelashes fluttering shut.


Through the storm you can barely hear the echo of a cannon, but I still break out in panic. It can't be Alessa's.

"Alessa!" I scream, and shake her. I feel under her nose. No breath.

"NO! ALESSA!" I scream, and put my hand on her heart. No beat.

I start crying and holding onto her. She's dead. I look to my left and see nightlock in the brush of the leaves and debri. I grab 3 of them, and shakily pull my hand to my mouth.

"For Alessa." I whisper, and eat the nightlock.

The last thing I see is her, and my we lay side by side together, awaiting a hovercraft.


Zacharius Thorne [2]:

"Let's go, go, go!" I cry and I shield Misty while we run as trees crash and mutts run rampid. I hear another cannon. I saw her about to kill herself, but I couldn't take it. I've liked her since I met her in training and never said anything.. so I'm protecting her while I can. I see a cave. She screams at a tree that falls and catches fire.

"In here!" I scream, and pull her into a cave. We scoot back as a couple more trees block out exit. I'm shaking, and I start a fire with the twigs and rocks I kept in my backpack for emergencies.

Misty shakes her head sadly and smiles a little bit at me.

"Why would you do that?" She asks.

I blush.

"I like you." I tell her. She smiles and traces my face sadly.

"We can't both win, Zach.. you know that." She murmurs.

"We can't both win.. but we can live while it lasts." I sigh.

"What's that mean?" She frowns.

"When the time comes I'll tell you." I smile lightly and kiss her forehead.

She curls up on my lap and lays her head on my chest.

"I missed you after the tour and training. I thought you started to hate me." She murmurs.

"Of course not.. I didn't want to get attached." I whisper and stroke her hair. She smiles weakly.

And we fall asleep, waiting for the storm to end.

"Attention Tributes! Tomorrow this dreaded storm will end and a feast will be held for the final 7. There will be a weapon reload and something each tribute needs in a bag labeled by alliance. Each tribute that arrives will recieve a full meal and recieve neccesary medical attention. As soon as you come in, you may fight. If you reach the medical tents you may be seen. After you are seen, you will continue to fight. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor."

Day 2 Statistics:

'Careers:' Plotting who they'll kill next, they've discovered the Canopy Hotel and are resting there. Both are fine.

Aces: All deceased

Fireashes: All but Misty dead, Zacharius has joined her. Resting in a cave while the storm rages on.

Cobwebs: Making the most out of the last days of the arena, sleeping in a cave as well.

Aveline Kenway [9]: Has been curled up in her cave the whole time awaiting medicine.

Day 3:

North Blaze [3]:

Today is the feast.

Foxibelle and I have been up all night talking about our strategy. But we can't both win.. so what am I supposed to do now? I guess I'll go to the feast.. and get what I need. I just don't look forward to risking Foxibelle's life out there. Not with that beast Michael. Praying he doesn't even come.

"Attention tributes! The feast will now begin. Any tributes ready to go, report to the Cornucopia at this time to recieve further details on the subject. Good luck. And Happy Hunger Games." Silver Whishart's voice booms again throughout the Arena.

Foxibelle and I exchange glances.

"North?" She frowns when I stand up to go, holding her hand.

"I... I love you." She frowns.

"I love you too." I murmur. Well it's fantastic to admit this seconds before we commit practical suicide.

"And I'm glad we've been able to make it this far." She tells me.

Then she kisses me, and we run to the Cornucopia together.

I don't know what I'm going to do.. but I can't live without her. She has to win without me.

Misty Calliden [3]:

I'd been sitting here with Zacharius for a while when Silver Whishart announced the place to go to the feast. We ran to the Cornucopia and didn't expet the floor to rise beneath us.

We are in the sky, in a huge circle, with no escape- unless we jump and commit suicide. Which I don't see happening to me anytime soon. I'm not the fall-off-a-cliff type.

As soon as we get up, The girl from 9 sees a medical booth, looks at me, and then she runs for the booth. I'm relieved, so Zacharius and I run for our bags.

And then she puts an arrow through Claudia's back when she goes to the same tent as her.


I grab my bag, and find body armor in it. Zacharius grabs his, and he finds a new spear in it. We start running to the Cornucopia to get food from the feast, and that's when I see North Blaze's new short sword go through my chest, covered in blood. Zacharius screams with me. North and Foxibelle laugh, and I feel the sword fling me off of the cliff.

I just wish I could have died with dignity.

I watch my life flash before my eyes, and the last thing I see is Zacharius's face.


Foxibelle Fishline-Hunter [8]:

North has just killed the girl from 3, and it was quite... sad. It went right through her chest.. but she wasn't smart enough to take it out. He flung her off of the cliff. I only laughed because North did. I can't afford to be mad at him. Not right now, of all times in the arena I could have been.

Michael runs at Aveline from 9 after seeing Claudia's dead body. Aveline struggles for a moment until he drops her, and starts curb-kicking her. She bleeds out and is obviously in pain. He shows no mercy.. only hatrid. And then he slings the mace through her skull.


I cover my mouth and my eyes widen in shock, and I see blood splatter everwhere. Oh, gosh... This is so gross!

Zacharius has gotten back up from his shock.. and now he's shaking. He seems angry. I frown and walk over to him.

"Zacharius..I... I'm so sorry, I didn't think it was-" I begin, but then squeal. He has me in a chokehole, teeth gritted. He holds a sword to my throat, and I panic. I should've know better..

He slits my throat. I gasp and fall to the ground in a bloody sprawl, and my top had spins across the ground and lands by North's feet. Then he kicks me off the cliff, right by where Misty's body was.

I try to say North's name, but I can't graps the words. I take in a breath, and nothing comes out. I hold my bloody throat and attempt to speak, but all that comes out is a bloody sprawl of words as I reach out to North with my last good hand, and he panics, and screams out my name, falling to his knees like Zacharius did, but clutching my hat.

I wish I had one more chance to go back and tell everyone I cared about that I loved them.


Michael Gray [10]:

I would kill them both right now.. but I'm weak.

My mentor told me not to go. But I couldn't take it. I had to- plus they announced that no gifts were allowed anymore. Only mentor advice.

Aveline put up a tough fight, and I'm left bloodied and bruised up. I'm not a sissy, I can live. So I flip off the meds when I walk by their tents. They just smirk and a couple chuckle a little. North and Zacharius are fighting it out right now, and Zacharius seems to be overtaking him. His eyes..

They creep me out. They'rer bloodshot and full of rage, and now he's pinned him down and thrown his own weapons off of the grounds. Zacharius's face is bleeding, and so is North's, plus his arms.

The platform starts to lower, and I take it as "Get the hell out of there and kill them tomorrow."

So I run my ass away into the depths of the forest, and so do they. We all run seperate ways, but I won't be sleeping tonight. The Gamemakers won't get to me, or the tributes.

I get to them first.

Day 3 Statistics:

Zacharius Thorne [2]: He's run away to the cave that he and Misty were in during the storm, and he's shaking with rage. He doesn't have to have it, nerve killers would help him if he knew there were special berries in the woods to find. [These berries are bright red with black dots, and appear poisonous.]

North Blaze [3]: He lost everything in his fight. He is sound asleep.

Michael Gray [10]: Bloodied and bruised, but fine. Raged. Eager. Determined. Resting up in a new tree [in the branches with a giant leaf hammock he created] because the Canopy Tree Hotel burnt down in the storm from lightening. He has weapons.

Day 4: Victor's Fight

North Blaze [3]:

I wake up to the sound of growling mutts and the smell of fire. Right as a fireball blazes right past me. Me eyes widen with fear, and I take off. I stop at a circle to turn, seeing the Cornucopia in plain sight. But I can't go there! The other damn tributes will find me. I have no choice, so I run straight forward, and see Zacharius and Michael running right behind me. Both with weapons draw to each other.

Zacharius throws a couple knives at him, but Michael jumps up and ducks to dodge them. Then he throws a few straight at me and I jump over a falling branch that is on fire and begin coughing. This smoke is killing me!

And one knife lands straight in my leg when I reach fresh land. I grasp my leg and fall to the ground in agonizing pain. They run past me, and jump atop the cornucopia.

"NO!" I cry as I watch the mutts run at me. But then they stop.. and I wonder why.

Then I see the almost invisible wall barricading us in the Cornucopia's area. The others can't see because they aren't close enough, but I certainly see with my foot centimeters away from it. I wonder why the mutts didn't follow us in..

I try to stand up, and pull the knife from my leg stupidly as water begins to flood around me. I start screaming when The water- That apparently has acid in it- starts burning the flesh from my cut right away.

I watch as Zacharius and Michael go hand-to-hand in combat. They have weapons, but the other is restarining their arms from them. Zacharius sweeps Michael down with his leg, and they start rolling around and punching.

Little have they noticed the water surrounding me, up to my neck. They must hear me screaming though! I'm being burnt by acid alive.

I realize I have one choice.

I dive down into the water and open my eyes to find my knife and jab it through my heart.

I see bone on my leg and have a panic attack and try screaming underwater, noticing my eyes burning out of my head from the acids.

Then my torture and agony ends when a small, deadly sea creature comes out and ends me with a fleshy, painful, bite to my neck.


Zacharius Thorne [2]:

I heard the cannon and know it's down to me and Michael. I'm in extreme pain right now, and I just realized that I'm in a big death game. This guy is wanting to kill me for no damned reason.

I killed innocent people for no reason except for the entertainment of the Capitol and their sick twisted minds.

I throw him in the water and he screams. I grin. He grabs my leg when I didn't expect and..


I dunk his head underwater and he starts to try to scream as I kick him in the groin. Then I notice why he's really screaming, hard. And I notice the water isn't acid when you don't have a wound like North.

He pulls me down with him and I see flesh eating fish.. barracuda mutts.

One comes at me and I kick it with my boot on Michael. He cries out when it latches onto his forearm. He pulls apart its jaw and dismantles it..

It bleeds, and is dead. I kill another with a knife when it bites my leg, and I drop my knife. Damn!

We brawl under the water for a while, but I need to get back to the Cornucopia so that I can get my weapons..

And he pulls himself up on my leg, but it's too late to get him in the water by the time I kick him. He has a bloody arm and face, and I have a bloody jaw and leg. We each draw weapons and run towards each other on the slippery Cornucopia.

Michael Gray [10]:

Zacharius runs at me and stabs me right through the chest with his sword. It hurts like hell. I cry out. I'm bleeding horribly.. but he missed the mayor organs and blood vessels.

He doesn't notice that, and he looks bemused.

Time to put on a little show for Zacharius. I fall to the ground and hold my breath. Zacharius kicks me around a little bit, takes out the knife, and I bleed out. And I notice that I am really dying now.

Zacharius throws his weapon down and starts laughing with joy and excitement.

So I jump out after feeling the burn of acid eating flesh and grab his sword, and stab him straight in the heart.

He falls down and gasps for air, and out comes a bloody splur from his mouth as he attempts to cuss me. I merely grin, and watch as his heart stops beating. BOOM.

And I fall to the ground clutching my bloody chest and gasping for air, nearly in tears.

I've just won the 101st Hunger Games, and I'm going home to the people I love.

But I can't help seeing every tribute I killed or caused their death throughout these games, and feel the pain each of them suffered. It scares me.

But then again..

I probably deserve it.


I'm sorry if your tribute died): I had a lot of fun writing these Games. And I hope you all- especially the ones with dead tributes- come back to the 102nd Hunger Games.. as you may find your tribute in a big part of them. *Hint.*


Careers: Alliance Leader- Dustin Henderson [1]

Claudia Gerhart [1], Trudi Proudmoor [2], Jayce Finbarr [4], Stella Bass [4], Michael Gray [10]

Aces: Alliance Leader- Pamline Falcon [7]

Petra Liit [5], Lauren Dunbryll [6], Landon Sean [11], Holley Citirus [11]

Fireashes: Alliance Leader- Gunner Pann [5] Kyle Allen [8]

Nerrisa Cora [7], Misty Calliden [3], Zacharius Thorne [2] Alessa Gray [12], Gabe DiPablo [9]

Cobwebs: Alliance Leader- North Blaze [3]

Foxibelle [Belle] Fishline-Hunter [8]

The Loners [No allies]: Zack Swikofort [6], Aveline Kenway [9], Demi Campbell [10], Leo Algeiba [12]


Michael Gray~ District 10 Male


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