Introduction (and read everything. -_-)

President Silver Whihart Snow's voice crackles over the speakers as he prepares to announce the 101st Games for the first time. After the 101st, sadly, President Snow III died of old age, and his daughter took over.

"Citizens of Panem, I am proud to announce- the 102nd Hunger Games!"

The crowd cheers.

"And this year- in honor of our honorable late President Snow III- we will be submitting the Victors of the 100th and 101st Games once more this year!"

The capitol crowd goes crazy.

"But wait. And under... special 'reconstruction'.." She chuckles half-heartedly, "of last year's dead tributes... we will have them as mutts going in as Anti-Tributes! So double the tributes in a way.. just half designed to kill." There is a mysteriously evil glint in her eye, with amusement as she speaks the words. The capitol crowd laughs with her, while the rest of Panem sits in tears and fear.

"So all there is left to say is... good luck. And Happy Hunger Games!" The crowd cheers crazily, and the reapings begin.


President Silver Whishart Snow *Please do not steal.*

Hey guys! So this is probably my 5th, 6th Games, I believe? The third in this series. Well, be sure to read the submissions CAREFULLY AND THOROUGHLY. Otherwise your application will not be accepted. Thank you! <3


Submissions **New tributes only**


You may submit 3 maximum. Forms must be in this order. No on my profiles. Reservations will last 1 day.

District and Gender:



Appearance: (I want a description. Not just a picture or Lunaii.)




Preffered allies: (Districts 1,2, and 4 are the only Careers if they desire so. Sorry. And no promises are made for your preferences- will decide. Choose alliance name *at bottom* )



No perfect tributes. I will add weaknesses or remove skills. And I will add neccesary things myself unless or until you do. NO WARNINGS!

Game Plans

Tribute Clothing (Plus their own personal token)


The Arena




Key in Description

The black dots in the Cornucopia:


The gray dots in front of the Cornucopia:

Tribute plates

The red dots:

The Anti-Career entrance. The Capitol gives them everything they need.

The colorful dots with yellow, pink, and blue:

The safe meadow.

The colorful dots with pink,purple, and violet:

The meadow of Nightlock Flowers. They have the flower mutts in them. Deadly meadow.

The gray dot with the black dot and blue in front of it (Complicated.xD)

A cave with a small pond and stream.

The random blue lines and areas:

Rivers and lakes.

The gray surrouding the arena:

The force field of the Arena.

The Mutts

Averages you have read about and seen in other Games- Plus toxic flowers that release deadly mist. And the Anti-Tributes.

The Tributes

New Tributes (Reaped for these games)

District Name Age Appearance Weapon Skills Weaknesses Allies Personality


1M Sean Baker 15 Orange hair, Green eyes that boar into you, Fit, healthy body. Short. Sword Sword, hand to hand combat Camouflage, hiding, climbing Careers Likeable, joyful, enjoyable

Sean Baker

1F Azariah "Az" Whinton 17 Dark velvet red straight hair, bright hazel eyes, freckles, sly smile, rosebud pink lips, white gleaming smile, flawless skin. Tall with good posture. Muscular in a healthy way, and thin. knives (both), bow and arrow, sword Very quick and agile. She has been training since she was 5, and can get impossible shots. She is very strong and flexible, and hunts regularly for sport and practice. She has ease when she kills, and has no remorse. She knows most healing and edible plants, and knows how to use them well. Her eyesight is better than most. She is a swift climber and swimmer. She gets unnerved when in a small dark space, has nightmares about how her parents died, arrogant Careers Acts sweet, kind, confident, and bubbly for the crowd, but is mean, cruel, deadly, and ruthless. Is a good liar and very persuasive.
100x100 (1)

Az Whinton

2M Bolun "Fatso" Sun 14 Black hair, red eyes, asian-looking, fat


Blowgun, hiding

Really slow, a walk tires him, because he's so fat. He has anger management as well

Nobody Aggresive, unfriendly


2F Celestine Donova 18 Long silky black hair, almond shaped black eyes, a long violet streak in her hair, small red lips, smooth pale skin, tall, thin, muscular knives, bow and arrow, spear Celes is very athletic, and as a result strong, fast, good reflexes, and can predict her opponents next move. She has had a lot of practice with weapons, and does gymnastics often. She has always wanted to be a doctor, and knows medical plants and other healing tricks. She's light, and can climb quickly. She is very determined to win the games, and use her status as a victor to spread the word of the awfulness of the games (secretly, of course). not a fast swimmer, sensitive to the pain of others, can't hurt innocent children Careers Bubbly, sweet, nice, innocent, sharp minded, intelligent, intuitive, good at reading emotions


3M Dexter Volts 14 Black Hair, Ashen Skin, Brown Eyes, glasses, 5'6 Wire Made Into An Electric Trap, Tazer, or Stun Gun Hiding, Sleuth, Speed Being Alone Fireashes Intelligent, Corky, Nervous
3F Aletta Sifonios 13 Blonde hair, lavender highlights, purple eyes, 4'9", thin, flawless skin Hand to Hand Combat and Blowgun Climbing, Nimble, Speed, Accuracy, Swimming Easily Provoked Bossy, angered quickly.
Lunaii 13

Aletta Sifonios

4M Ashton Prince 18 Messy dark blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, slightly tan skin, sly smile,tall,very cute and hot, white teeth sword, spear, knives, trident Despite his strength, Ash is very fast and a good climber. Being from District 4, he's an amazing swimmer, and can swim the length of an Olympic sized pool in a minute. He can heal most minor wounds, and is pretty good with his weapons. When he's angry, he's much stronger, and it can drive him to things he could never do normally. He's pretty resourceful, and good at recycling things to make new things. His amazing good looks draws in girls and sponsors. not very strong, arrogant, kind of rude to those he dislikes Career Suave, seductive, smart, funny,alluring, confident, arrogant, smart aleck, sarcastic D4male

Marina Sedello

17 Long brown hair with lots of natural highlights, pretty green eyes, full pink lips, always trys to be unnoticed, beautiful and elegant, but slouches so she won't be noticed. Hides true potential. trident, spear, bow and arrow, axe Good at getting allies, very fast, very agile, kills easily, determined because of Misty's death, knows all about water related stuff (underwater plants, animals, swimming) and excels at it, fast reflexes. She is the most skilled at the trident, and has used it since she was little and used a toy one. She a fast climber, and good at blending in. sometimes she has nightmares about Misty dying, can't tie knots well, extremely high heights (not tree tall, but like top floor of a 30 story building would make her nervous) Careers Sweet, caring, loving, determined, understanding, smart, resourceful
Marina Sedello


5M Travion Mist 17 Light ivory skin that is as smooth as silk, long black hair with red highlights, a smile that could light up a room, and hazel eyes with little golden specks, muscular like Thresh, could easily take down anyone, and even with this everyone thinks he is handsome Knives, blowgun, spear and hand to hand combat Plant and water identafacation, strong as an ox, tall, charisma, a strong fighter, not afraid to kill, fast, killing machine amazing with spear Short temper, hates careers, bad with heights. Aces Sweet to allies, hate Careers after they killed his brother, sly, wicked and mean spirited when angry Travion
5F Elle Redmond 18 Long red hair, with streaks of blonde. Big light blue eyes. Beautiful. Thin, but strong. Axes, swords, wire. Smart, climbing, strength Swimming. Aces Elle is very quiet, although she is bravehearted and ruthless. She is secretly very sweet and kind. Elle
6M Connor Steele 16 5'10", 150 lb, muscular, handsome sword Sword and hand-to-hand combat Throwing stuff, large appetite Fireashes Normally friendly except to annoying people.
D6 Connor Steele
6F Zoe Russell 13 5', 85 lb, generally smallish Slingshot Running, intelligence, annoying Connor, acting cute Staying quiet, most weapons Fireashes Basically, Zoe is to Connor as sterotypical tween girl is to Justin Bieber. Kind of stalkerish.
D6 Zoe Russell
7M Samuel Scare 15 Black hair and a red fringe, green eyes, red bandana, 5'8", flawless skin Spiked Brass Knuckles extreme strengths, throwing heavy items long distances Provoked by idiots


( ^^ I got it dude. )

Severely bad tempered
Samuel Scare

Samuel Scare

7F Ansu De`Souza 13 Indian, bindi on forehead, skinny, beautiful Bow Never misses target with bow Slow, not strong Aces Shy, quiet

Ansu De`Souza

8M Ridge Malksin 17 Ginger hair with a little bit of blonde, Light Green Eyes, Pale skin, Slim, 5'4, big ears. Spear, throwing knives Acting, heavy weapons, finding water, light sleeping. Secret anger issues, can't keep secrets, not athletic. Cobwebs He is very selfish boy who always thinks he can outsmart tributes. He has very short temper, ever since he was a boy he planned stratigys to win the hunger games, of course not volunteering. He can also be sly if left alone. He does not want to play the hunger games alone. He some lackeys to protect him, then kill them one by one when he doesn't need them, or just run away, also he may lead a trap into his alliance to make an escape.


8F Ceritia Arrow 14 Blonde hair, tanish skin, violety blue eyes Axes, swords, spears. Axes, spears, swords, strength, surviving. Laughs when she lies Fireashes Cute, sweet, great at lying (but laughs when she does) Avatar-4-
9M Clyde Jones 15 Dark skin, brown eyes, black hair Spear, sword Hunting, snares Can't kill younger ttributes, bad climber, not so strong. Loner Friendly, too nice
Clyde Jones----


9F Sienna Goldsmith 5'5 Long black hair, Phillipino look. Knives People fall for her easily. Very short attention span, bad swimmer Tries to sneak around with all allies. Very charming.
10M Darwin Erkelstein Fadoosher III 16 Cool looking.xD See Lunaii.

Weapons: anything really. He just chucks it at you with no skill whatsoever. again, dangerously stupid.

can sniff out bacon nuggets like nobody's business, scares people...a lot, very fast when needed, strong when motivated, will kill everyone and everything for bacon nuggets, can climb, has eaten Nightlock so many times (and been treated) that he is immune to it just about everything- swimming, healing, plants (tries to eat Nightlock a lot), kind of oblivious, not all, needs counseling. District 10 Crazy, idiotic, dangerously stupid, try's to act smart and geeky but seriously fails and looks stupid. Kind of has a problem with eating Bacon Nuggets. Like, obsessively. Really likes to dance but stinks at it Wierd boy-3
10F Mellie Maclyntyre 14 black hair with hot pink bangs. Has freckles. 5"2 and is 110 pounds. Always wear pink earrings given to her by her mother. Light skin knives Can throw knives amazinly, due to the fact she was the one to kill the cows on her family farm. She can dogde thing very well because of she was also the one to herd the cows into the barn. Small and can't climb trees. Aces Very outgoing and friendly

Mellie MacIntyre

11M Roman Lemongrass 17 Black hair, green eyes sickle Fast, sneaky, strong Massive ego, cocky Loner Fast, sneaky, strong Massive ego, cocky
11F Lena bow (pronounced, Lehnah. Not Lina) 17 Long curly purple hair. Green eyes with a gold ring in the center. Skinny from starving. Sword, Katana climbing, hand to hand combat, and sword fighting love, friendship, swimming, not very strong Fireashes sweet, kindhearted, but will kill unless someone were to make an alliance. Lena Bow
12M Rilos Madd 18 Tan skin, dark brown hair, grey eyes Any basically Any weapon, anything, strength, hand-to-hand combat. Being tagged as a large target Careers Sweet, brave, strong, determined AvatarCA7WD3LL
12F Isabella Gray 18 She has Dark Brown Hair, Brown Eyes and Light Skin, she is rather tall for her age at 6"6' Axe Excellent at Axe Throwing, Hand-To-Hand Combat and throwing knives. Thinking about her Little Sister (Alessa Gray) and Fire. Fireashes She is somehow opposite of her little sister but still has the same things as her, she is affectionate to others but she isn't shy and is confident and is overprotective of them, she broke down in tears when her little sister (Alessa Gray) was reaped and died in the 101st Hunger Gaames, she plans to avenge Alessa's death.

Anti-Tributes (Straight from the Capitol- Mutt tributes)

Bolded are the most dangerous- the Threats, and they swarm together.

District Name
1M Dustin Henderson
1F Claudia Gerhart
2M Zacharius Thorne
2F Trudi Proudmoor
3M North Blaze
3F Misty Calliden
4M Jayce Finbarr
4F Stella Bass
5M Gunner Pann
5F Petra Liit
6M Zack Swikofort
6F Lauren Dunbryll
7M Pamline Falcon
7F Nerissa Cora
8M Kyle Allen
8F Belle Fishline-Hunter
9M Gabe DiPablo
9F Aveline Kenway
10M ~*~*~* Live Victor participating.~*~*~*~
10F Demi Campbell
11M Landon Sean
11F Holley Citirus
12M Leo Algeiba
12F Alessa Gray

Re-reaped Victors of Previous Games

District Name Age at time of Games Won Age Now Which Games They Won Lunaii
10 Male Michael Gray 16 17 The 101st Hunger Games
Michael Gray 2

Michael Gray

3 Male Bronze Ashen 18 20 The 100th Hunger Games (Co-victor)
3 Female Thalia Combe 17 19 The 100th Hunger Games (Co-victor)


~*~*~*~ Baby of the 3 Victors ~*Katelyn.danita (talk)*~*~
3 Female Aspen Combe ---- ------- ------

Yes, it's awkward that it's a real picture. But this is what she looks like.xD


Name Place: Age Lunaii User
Aria Camelliston- Livingstone Head Gamemaker 21
Aria C

Aria Camelliston Lunaii

Diamond Leafby Co-Head Gamemaker 26
Long-short hair

Diamond Leafby

Reana Stone Head of Arena Mutts 22 Evil District3forever
Wolf Morgan Head of Training 23

~*~*~ Gamemakers meet with Aria Camelliston in chat when notified ~*~*~~*



Sponsor username Tribute being Sponsored What they Have What they need Money Left


Item Use of Item Quantity Price of item
Medicine To help tributes overcome pain and relieve them of symptoms. 10 $100

Gauze Wrap

Used to wrap up the tribute's injury to keep out bacteria. Commonly a cut or burn. Used with medicine, any cream, or antibiotics. 10 $50
Cut Cream Helps to close and heal wound. Works at a fast rate, created in Capitol. 10 $75
Burn Cream Helps to heal burns, leaves a scar afterwards. 10 $75
Antibiotics Used to help fight infection. 10 $30
Painkillers Sooth pain. 10 $50


Item Use of Item Quantity Price of Item
Soup Helpful for badly injured tributes to drink down easily. Calms stomach. Helps hunger. Warm. 10 $30
Fruit Healthy. Gives energy. Helps hunger. 10 $20
Water+Canteen Hydrates. Cleanses wounds. Holds liquids. 10 $35
Full-course meal Includes meat, fruit, and water. Lasts about 3 or 4 days is used wisely. 10 $75


Item Use of Item Quantity Price of Item
Backpack Carries items around. 10 $25
Rope Helps hold items together or tie things. 10 $20
Compass Shows you where you are going. Nearly useless. 10 $10


Item Use of Item Quantity Price of Item
Bow and arrows [3 arrows] Shoots target like a mechanical spear, but smaller and more accurate. 10 $175
Spear Sharp end. Punctures target. Large. 10 $100
Throwing knvies. [5 knives] Small and sharp. Punctures target and easy to throw. Lighweight. 10 $125
Sickle Sharp and curved. Used in District 9 to cut wheat. 10 $200
Mace Round, metal end with spines all over. Large and quite heavy. 10 $175
Axe Sharp metal blade. Used in District 10 to cut down trees. Large and heavy. 10 $100

Warmth/ Miscellaneous

Item Use of Item Quantity

Price of Item

Jacket Waterproof, keeps tribute semi-warm. 10 $50
Sleeping Bag Place to sleep, insulated. Keeps tribute warm. 10 $50
Canopy Protects from rain, shelters. 10 $150
Boots Waterproof/fireproof. Protects feet. 10 $40
Hammock For lazy tributes or tributes unable to create shelter. Can be hooked between two trees. 10 $100

Training Scores/Odds of Winning


District Name of the Tribute Score Odds
1 Sean Baker 7 10/1
1 Az Whinton 10 9/1
2 Fatso Sun 3 22/1
2 Celes Donova 10 5/1
3 Dexter Volts 9 11/1
3 Aletta Sifonios 8 11/1
4 Ashton Prince 12 2/1
4 Marino Sedello 11 4/1
5 Travion Mist 8 7/1
5 Elle Redmond 9 6/1
6 Connor Steele 10 4/1
6 Zoe Russell 6 13/1
7 Samuel Scare 12 24/1
7 Ansu De'Souza 9 15/1
8 Ridge Malskin 7 18/1
8 Ceritia Arrow 12 2/1
9 Clyde Jones 7 17/1
9 Sienna Goldsmith 6 20/1
10 Darwin Erkelstein Fadoosher III 1 28/1
10 Merrie Maclyntyre 8 12/1
11 Roman Lemongrass 4 21/1
11 Lena Bow 11 5/1
12 Rilos Madd 9 14/1
12 Isabella Gray 8 17/1
~*~*~~* Reaped Victors ~*~* ~*~*
3 Male Bronze Ashen 12 3/1
3 Female Thalia Combe 12 5/1
10 Male Michael Gray 12 1/1

Death Chart

Name of Tribute: Cause of Death/ by Whom: Day of Games Killed: District
27 Fatso Sun Stepped off plate too early ; mine exploded. Bloodbath 2
26 Samuel Scare Head cracked by Ashton Prince [4] Bloodbath 7
25 Ridge Malskin Own spear to head by Sean Baker [1] after spearing him Bloodbath 8
24 Sean Baker Spear through stomach by Ridge Malskin [8] Bloodbath 1
23 Mellie Maclyntyre Head cracked by Anti-Tribute Gunner Pann Bloodbath 10
22 Dexter Volts Arrow through head by Aletta [3] Bloodbath 3
21 Zoe Russell Spear through throat by Az Whinton[1] Day 2 6
20 Ansu De'Souza Trident through chest by Ashton[4] Day 2 7
19 Travion Mist Trident through chest by Marina [4] Day 2 5

Rilos Madd

Arrow to chest by Elle Redmond [4] Day 2 12
17 Darwin Erkelstein Fadoosher III Slit throat by sword from Az Whinton [1] Day 2 10
16 Sienna Goldsmith Set on fire and suffered, Thalia [3 Victor] shot an arrow through her heart Day 2 9
15 Clyde Jones Burnt alive by Michael Gray [10] Day 2 9
14 Celestine Donova Beat against rock by Aletta Sifonios [3] Day 3 2
13 Lena Bow Decapitated by Roman Lemongrass [11] Day 3 11
12 Roman Lemongrass Spear through chest by Ceritia Arrow [8] Day 3 11
11 Bronze Ashen Killed by Anti-Tribute mutt Day 3 3 Victor
10 Ashton Prince Spear through back of head by Isabella Gray [12] Day 3 4
9 Marina Sedello Posion fog and compact from falling from tree Day 4 4
8 Connor Steele Knife in back by Elle Redmond [5] Day 4 6
7 Ceritia Arrow Knife in heart by Michael Gray [10 Victor] Day 4 8
6 Michael Gray Spear through back by Ceritia Arrow [8] Day 4 10 Victor

Victor: Elle Redmond- District 5 - With Aspen Combe. Congratulations!

The other 4 have made it to Civinel safely.



Sean Baker [1]:

The clock is ticking down from 35 now, and I can barely breathe.


I look over at the Anti-Careers and shiver. They look unhuman. They have bloodthirsty red eyes, most of them, and a few have golden eyes. I think back to those vampires in some series I read about in a book..

Twilight. That was it. The red eyes drank human blood, the gold eyes were vegetarian...

Oh my god they're going to be like vampires. They do look perfect. All of them. Flawless, beautiful, intimidating.. dangerous. They're deadly.


I swallow hard and focus on the Cornucopia. All of the other tributes are preparing. I see the 2 Male getting irritated and impatient. Lord he's fat...


He steps off the plate.



If he had waited literally one more second..

His chunk explodes everywhere. I run to the Cornucopia and turn my head to see the male from 4 crack the male from 7's head.


The male from 8 throws a spear, and I see it headed right towards the female from 5.

Wait. I feel pain surge through my body.

It was to me, not Elle.

I fall to the ground clutching my stomach. I pull the spear out and with all of my disability, I nudge it through the 8 male's head. He falls to the ground in a bloody splatter.


And then I try to laugh and blood comes from my throat.


Everything turns black.

Celes Donova [2]:

I grabbed a bow and arrow and now have blood all over me, splattered. I am running out of the Cornucopia and see the male from 3 running past. He is headed towards me!

I shoot an arrow through his head.


He goes down. My heart pounds and I feel tears forming in my eyes.

I just killed someone...

But he wanted to kill me..

And then I see an Anti-Tribute crack the girl from 10's neck.


He runs at Marina, from district 4, and she puts a trident through its chest.

She killed.a.threat!

CRAZY! She screams and runs like a maniac, scared the Antis would catch her.

I run out to the woods and see Aletta from 3 morning Dexter Volts from her district.

My ally. That I killed. A Fireash..

Rest of Day 1

Aletta Sifonios [3]:

The male from my distrct died. I don't know who did it- but they are going to pay. Big time. I'll kill them with my bare hands if I have to. We're running away, and I see a cave we can go to.

"There!" I cry, and we all run into it.

We sit down and pull out what supplies we got.

Backpacks, weapons, rope, sleeping bags, and empty canteens.

We relax for a minute and wait.

"We need to hunt tomorrow." Isabella murmurs, and we all nod in agreement.

"Yeah let Connor! He's big, strong, sexy, and perfect!" Zoe cries.

.. Okay, so apparently we have a creepy obsessive little girl.

Connor sighs out loud and turns over to her.

"HOW. How the hell are you alive after the bloodbath?" He cries.

She giggles and slaps his chest playfully.

"Oh, Connor." She says.

"NO. I'M SERIOUS." He hisses back. They argue back and forth and the rest of us begin conversations in murmur waiting for them to finish.

Ceritia Arrows [5]:

I've been sitting here absolutely suffering forever. I slit Ansu's arm earlier secretly, because I saw Aria Camelliston's strategy a few years ago on the Games. I loved it. It seemed like the perfect way to win. Her love got in her way though.. so I refuse to let it happen to me while here.

"Anyone know who did this?" She complains.

We roll our eyes.

"Ansu. Calm down! At least you made it out with only a cut!" Elle cries, and pulls her hair to the side, revealing a fleshy wound on her neck. She winces when she places it back. I make a repulsed face.

"Ohh, gross.. Elle.." Lena mumbles.

"What? I'm not afraid." She laughs sarcastically, and throws her axe right into a Groosling. It instantly dies. She hops over a log and walks a bit down the hill to grab it.

"Well I don't possibly see how. You like.. need a sponsor or something.." I murmur.

"But guys, seriously, did you do it, Elle?" Ansu says.

God give me a break.

Elle lets out an exaggerated sigh and walks in a slight stomp back up the hill. She walks over to Ansu and looks at her with the, "You're not being serious. Leave me alone, quit wasting time." Look she became famous for in Training. Ansu looks down and throws her hands up, backing away.

"Okay.." She muffles and looks over at her. Elle rolls her eyes and sits on a rock, and skins the groosling. She begins a fire for us. I sigh and turn around while she does her own thing.

I swear, Ansu and Lena would die without her skills.

"Well what about you, Lena!" She squeaks. Lena laughs irritably.

"UGH! Ansu! Shut the hell up!" She hisses. Ansu glares and looks over at me with a tired sigh.

"Well, Celestia. Did you do it?" She asks, and places her hands on her hips. Lena looks over at me. Elle continues skinning the groosling, back towards us.

"No!" I say as if it is obvious and laugh, rolling my eyes. I can't help but laugh everytime I lie.

She sighs irritably, and turns over to Elle. We all follow her eyes.

"So how's it going, Elle?" She asks.

Elle turns around.

"Fine.. why? Do you all need something?" She asks.

We shake our heads. She turns around and continues skinning.

"Okay. Then why don't you come sit over here?" She asks. We walk over and sit on the logs surrounding our fire.

I see that she put it under a large tree, and the smoke stops at the branching leaves high up. I smirk.


Ashton Prince [4]:

We're camped out in a large tree right now. Like the last Games, we look for a hotel to stay in, but have no luck so far. Marina has been freaking out for a while now up here so high, but I've calmed her down a bit. Az and Rilos are discussing who died and who they plan to kill next right now. Marina and I joined in for a while, but then we eased up a bit when the sun began to set. We were gonna go invade alliances, but we decided to stay here and rest up for the first day.

Marina and I are the only two still up right now. She is truly beautiful, but fails to see it.

"Hey." I say gently, and nudge her arm. "Loosen up."

She sighs and smiles faintly at me for a moment.

"I know.. I'm trying. But I'm just.. scared. Nervous." She tells me. I look into her bright green eyes.

"Marina.. don't be. It's the Hunger Games. We all live with it, one way or the other. Where's that sweet, determined, happy Marina from District 4?" I ask her.

She looks up into my eyes and smiles a little, meaningfully. Her eyes brighten up.

"Oh.. thank you. But she changed. When Misty died last year." She whispers. I frown. Misty.. oh, that's right. Misty Calliden. She's an Anti this year.

"And seeing her so... evil.." Her voice sqeaks and she covers her mouth, beginning to cry.

I wipe a tear away.

"Hey, hey.. don't cry.." I say soothingly.

"I.. I know." She says in a sob, and sniffles. She wipes her eyes. "I just.." She gets frustrated and sighs. "I miss her, and she looks like she wants to kill me! She isn't Misty." She sniffles again.

"Hey." I sigh again. I hold her face up. "Calm down. You know Misty isn't evil. She's in heaven. They just have her body and evil is inside of it." I reassure her. Her eyes hold tears in them, but she cracks a smile again, sniffles, and wipes them out.

Well.. here's my chance. I haven't had the guts to tell her how I felt back at Career Academy.

But I know in the long run I'll kill her..

I lean in. She seems hesitant. She pulls back.

"No. Stop." She says. I'm shocked. Girls don't reject me.

I begin to say why.

"I can't let anyone get in my way. For Misty." She frowns.

I sigh.

"Just kiss me, dammit." I laugh, remembering what happened in a school play when we were in ninth grade. She grins, but it fades away as quickly.

"Marina. Now do you honestly think.. I've known you nearly as long as you've known her. I know you like me." I say, a bit irritated.

She raises an eyebrow.

"Okay.. that came out bad."

The sky turns black.

"But I mean... you just acted like it." She smirks a little and blushes. She looks down.

She looks up at me. We sit there for a minute.

"Just kiss me dammit." She holds a gentle smile, and laughs lightly. I lean over and kiss her.

She just has no idea how long I've waited for this moment.

~*~*~*~*~*~* End of Day 1. Comment and tell me how it is so far.(: ~*~*~~*~**~*~~*~*~*~*~

Day 2

Elle Redmond [5]:

When we woke up we ate a little bit of the groosling I skinned last night. Now we're up looking for some water, and I just want to kill a couple of them. Like really. The only one I don't hate right now is Ceretia. She seems most like me. We hear a scream nearby the woods and turn. Ansu screams as well and runs the opposite direction.

"Ansu!" Lena hisses. She's already pushing branches and twigs out of her way, running back to camp. I roll my eyes. Lena runs after her and trips.


BOOM! The screaming tribute has died, I assume.

So now, it's up to Ceretia and myself to find out why we heard a scream. We hear the Careers laughing and just having a great time fighting over who kills who next, and laughing and mimicking the fallen tribute's fear. I peek out from behind a tree and brush my hair from my eyes, watching them. When they pass, I throw my back against the tree. I hear rustling through the leaves and see Ansu, feet away from me. My eyes widen in fear and I put a finger to my mouth, motioning her to be quiet.

The Careers stop and look around.

"Did you hear that?" The girl from 1 says.

"It came from that direction.." Rilos Madd, the boy from 12 tells them.

He is extremely close to me. Ansu sneezes. God, child.

"Let's go!" The boy from 12 yells and they chase Ansu. She starts screaming as the girl from 4 tackles her. I gasp, and Ceritia and I step out from behind the tree.

"Ansu!" She cries, and lunges forward.

"Stop." I tell her, seemingly strong. But inside I feel like I'm dying. I can't help but hurt for her and feel bad.

"No, Elle! Ansu is being killed!" She hisses back. I look into her eyes.

"No, stop." I tell her, holding her back and she squirms and mutters things under her breath.

"No!" She cries.

"Ceri. Stop. It's the Hunger Games. She'd be a target of your at some point, let someone else do it for you to save the pain." I tell her, and she stops. Then she begins crying.

I want to cry too, but I don't dare. I'm the leader of this alliance. I'm ruthless. I'm brave.

Ansu cries my name out. I swallow hard. Then I lose it, and run at them all when I see the boy from 4 stab a trident through her chest.


As I run towards her I see the dead girl from 6's body. With an arrow through her throat. Now I'm more angered because she's so young and they killed her.

Before I can stop them, the girl from 4 throws a trident through Travion from 5's chest.


The Fireashes look over and see him dead, horrified, and run the other way. I grab Ansu's bow she dropped and shoot an arrow through the boy from 12's head, outraged. I point it at the girl from 1, but some retard comes out of the woods throwing random weapons and missing. I raise an eyebrow, thinking. Should I kill it? No.. it might have problems. So I pretend I'm going to, but the girl from 1 slits his throat first.


And I run the other way with Ceri, looking for Lena on our way. We find her a while down getting water and cleaned up in a stream.

Clyde Jones [9]:

I have 4 squirrels and a canteen of water. I have one knife, and I'm hiding in a tree. Literally. It took all day and night, but I harved a hole for me to go in inside of a tree, with a little slide door to hide myself too. I smell smoke and open my door.

Thalia Combe, Bronze Ashen, and Michael Gray are standing over a hole, and I see Thalia throw a flaming stick into it.

Sienna screams, and Michael has already dug up the stairs she made to get in and out with dirt.

She's trapped.

They cover the hole with stone, and smoke comes throuh the sides and vanishes quickly. I gasp and jump out of my tree. Not only is she burning.. she's buried alive. I'd be horrified. It's my worst fear.

"Why?" I whisper. They turn around to me.

"She's trying to sneak around with alliances, and tried ours as well." Bronze snorts. "We ended that quickly."


Thalia cries.

"She fears fire." Michael smirks. I glare at him. In his sick, twisted, head it's fun. I can't say I expect any less from him. He killed Zacharius cruelly last year, even though he deserved to win.

"I thought we should just make it fast, you know?" She whispers.

"Thalia it's okay. Just don't stress out, please-" Bronze begins.

"No, Bronze." She growls back. "And I'm tired of nobody knowing."

Bronze lowers his eyes. Michael looks at them both questionningly.

"You sure about this, Thalia?" He says.

She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and nods. She undoes her jacket and I see an obvious bump.

"I'm pregnant. I have been since a little while after the last games. I'm due soon." She says loud, making sure the cameras catch every word.

And we know she isn't pulling a Katniss, since her huge coat has been covering her bump forever.

My eyes widen, and I have no idea what to say.

Now I can't kill her. Ever.

I don't kill tributes younger than me.

Thalia Combe [3 Victor]:

Well, at least I have it off of my back. I nearly died at reapings when they called my name. I just exploded into tears, and they reaped Aiden Camelliston- Aria's older brother- with me. Bronze volunteered with me immediately. All I can say is that I don't want my baby to die, and I will do whatever it takes for her (or him) to live. I hold onto my stomach. She kicks me again. I feel bad because Bronze has given me all of his food the entire time, and I couldn't come out of the cave until now.

"I.. um.." Clyde begins.

I sigh and sit down, and hold onto Bronze's hand.

"It sucks that you're probably gonna die here." Michael tells me. I glare at him in shock.

Bronze stands up, but I pull him back down.

Michael rolls his eyes.

"Not my point. You may still live, but both of you won't this time. And whoever does win.. well, I'll make sure they take care of that baby. I swear." He tells me. I sigh. I can never have the family we were going to start now. I trace the ring on my hand. The engagement ring I brought as my token.

"Why are you so heartless?" The 9 boy hisses at Michael. "You should have died. Zacharius deserved to win."

Michael glares at him and I start freaking out. I look at the hole. I can't take it.

I push the rock off of it andpur all of my canteen water in it. She has burns all over her, and she's twitching.

I pull out my bow, and shoot an arrow down through her heart.


I had to spare her pain and misery. I just had to. I couldn't take aother second.

Bronze and I go back to the cave, he lays me on my sleeping bag, and runs to get me more water.

Michael Gray [10 Victor]:

After Thalia and Bronze left, I decided to show Clyde who deserved to die.

I throw him in he hole, light up a stick, and throw it down. He screams and begs me not to, but I just push a stone over the hole.


Dead already? I push the stone back off, and see the knife through his heart. So he commited suicide. I smirk, but then it fades as quickly.

I noticed after I won last yar what a monster I am, what a monster I wish I wasn't.

But I've been created to kill, and I plan on being ruthless. To anyone.

Celes Donova [2]:

The only thing we don't have is fruit anymore. We have meat, we have water, we have weapons and backpacks. But poor Zoe died. Times like these I wish the rebellion had lasted. And last year, with Aria, I really thought that was possible. I shake my head and frown.

My mother is in the Rebellion group. I knew Aria and her family.As well as Thalia and hers. They plan the 175th Hunger Games to begin the rebellion, according to Mrs.Camelliston.

The sky turns dark, and the anthem plays. I look up and see the dead tributes. 7 today.

That's more than the bloodbath.

I just hope that we get out of here sometime. I lay in my sleeping bag, and think about what I've done to Dexter Volts. Today Isabella found out and still didn't tell Aletta.

I think we have a great friendship coming up.

~*~*~*~*~~*~~*~~*~~*End of Day 2! Tell me what you think in the Comments.(: ~*~~*~*~~*~~*~

Day 3:

Connor Steele [6]:

I wake up to the sound of Isabella and Celes whispering to one another in early morning, dewdrops on the ground. I am tempted to get up and see what they're talking about, but I decide to fake sleeping and just listen.

"I still never got why you killed him though." Isabella whispers. I frown and grow curious.


She hasn't gotten any kills at all so far. She even said so the other night.

Celes sighs.

"I paniced! I forgot he was my ally until I saw his face, so I made a run for it." She whispers loudly and sighs.

They sit quietly for a moment.

"Aletta is going to kill you if she finds out.." Isabella murmurs.

"But how would she if this is between us two only?" Celes points out.

"Dexter would have been a good ally too." She frowns.

"I know."

So she killed Dexter. Well, at least I can give Aletta the honor of killing her for me when it comes to.

I lay there a bit and we all wake up.

"Ready to go get some more water?" Aletta asks when she wakes up.

"Let's go." I tell her, and we head out in that direction.

When we get down to the water we see 3 girls that begin screaming. I smirk. They're bathing.


Aletta slaps me, and I touch the red mark on my face. Then Aletta nudges me in the stomach. Isabella stomps on my foot.

I moan and drop to the ground.

"Okay nevermind girls have cooties." I grunt. I hear Aletta laugh.

They girls are jumping out of the water and drying off, getting dressed again. Then we go get some water. Celes and Isabella walk away.

Me and Aletta sit quietly a minute.

"I think they're plotting against us. They spend a lot of time together."

I pause, and wonder if I should tell her yet.

"They were up early this morning." I tell her, and she shrugs. She picks up some gravel and plays with it in her hand.

"I know." She mumbles.

"Wait you heard them?" My jaw drops and I just sit there looking at her. She looks at me curiously.

"No, I saw them when I woke up for a minute.. why? What did you hear?" She asks me.

I hesitate, and decide I don't wanna be the one to die.

"I.. well, Celestia killed Dexter." I tell her. She clutches the gravel harder and it powders in her hand. Her jaw tightens and she looks off into nothing.

"She said so?"

"Yeah." I say. She's pissed.

"This whole time. My own damned ally." She growls.

I step back.

"I'm going to kill the b***h." She stands up.

She walks over to her happily and skipping.

"Hey girls!" She says.

"Hey!" Isabella says, but there's an awkward tension in her voice. She glances over at Celes.

"Hey Celes. I found something over there you might find interesting." She smiles.

"Really? Lemme see." She says.

"Okay, let's go girls." Aletta has a glimmer in her eyes, and I know it isn't a happy one. A devilish amused one.

She walks over by a smaller portion of the creek, and points by a stone. They murmur a second "you see that?" "no where?" "what is it?"


Aletta bashes Celes's head in the stone. Isabella screams.

"ALETTA NO!" She cries. Celes screams out in pain.

I just stare in shock.

"YOU KILLED HIM! YOU KILLED HIM AND LIED TO ME!" She puts her head down in the water and bloody bubbles surface. She bashes her head again. Celes gets dizzy.

"And now you're dead." She hisses, and twists her neck in an unhumanly way.


I cringe, feeling repulsed at the sight like Isabella. Isabella starts crying. Then she gets up, and runs. And keeps running. And keeps running.

Aletta and I look at each other.

"She's next." She growls.

I hate to admit, but I am kind of scared of this new side of Aletta coming out.

Ceritia Arrows [8]:

Well, we just got humiliated in front of the entire Fireashes alliance. At least we got clean. Now we're just following Elle and looking for an easy kill. Then I see the boy from 11 carrying a sickle.

"Let me get this one." I mouth to Elle. She purses her lips and stares at me a second in thought, then sighs irritatedly and nods.

I take my spear and throw it with all my strength at him. It hits him dead in the chest. He falls to the ground with a thump. Lena runs over to him with her sword to finish him off, but he chatches her off guard and swings a sickle through her neck.

"NO!" I cry, and he laughs with a bloody gurgle.


Then I angrily jab him in the eye with my spear, and he screams like I've never heard before.


I drop my spear and stumble back to Elle, bursting into tears. Lena died too.

Elle rolls her eyes and turns around to make a smart remark, but pauses and furrows her eyebrows. She sees how bothered I am. She drops her weapn and holds me.

"It's okay Ceri.. It's okay.." She whispers to me. I hug her back.

I look into the woods and see glowing red eyes flicker my way, then back to its original target. I shake Elle's arm.

"Elle." I murmur, and point.

A mutt runs over to Bronze Ashen, from District 3. Thalia screams when it sinks his teeth into his neck. Michael's face turns pale.

I see Thalia's stomach bulging out.

My eyes widen.


Michael picks her up and starts running the other way, covering her mouth when she reaches out toward Bronze with one hand crying his name, clutching her stomach with the other.

I decide we need to go check this out.

Elle jumps up and we look at each other, and nod in agreeance. We run towards them with all of our equipment.

Isabella Gray [12]:

I'm just sitting up in a tree with-quite strangely- a convenient hole carved out of it. Obviously a crafty tribute did this, and must have died. Or their stuff. Or theirself would be here. I have the little slide door shut, and I'm just playing around with my knife and rope and cry again. I miss my little sister. I miss Celes. I miss home.

I then hear a girl's yells throughout the woods.

What the hell? That isn't a I'm-dying scream. It keeps happening. I awkwardly turn away. I lean back, and my hand falls through a little hole. I gasp and jump forward, but it's too late. I'm falling down a hole. I start screaming, and land with a thump. Am I under the arena?

I look around. Then I hear voices above me. I notice the Career's voice leaking through. I can't help but smirk. I hear the 4 male's voice loudest. I pick up my spear and hesitate. It's obviously gotten late, as I hear them say goodnight and hear a thump when Ashton's head hits the ground. I turn my spear in my and and decide to do it.

I thrust my spear up out of the ground.


I pull it down and see blood. Gross. I stick it back up through the hole in his head and turn him slightly to the side. Better- now it doesn't seem mysterious from below. I fill the dirt hole in and clean off my arrow.

I sigh, and pull out a sleeping bag. I have all the time in the world, afterall, down here.

Elle Redmond [5]:

When we got there [in a deep cave], Thalia begged us to grab her hands. Ceri and I did as she pleaded, and then realize why when we realized she was in labor. And the baby's father just died. On its birthday... how.. ironic..

I begin to tear up.

Mainly because she is hurting my hand and I'm pretty sure Thalia cracked a few of my figner bones, but also because it's sad. The whole situation.

"Push!" Michael cries, and Thalia's face is red as a cherry.

I wonder if the Gamemakers are like. "Well WHAT THE HELL DO WE DO NOW?"

Bahaha... nothing. Then a silver parachute flies down and lands a few feet from me. I grunt as I pull my best over to it and grab it with Thalia gripping my other hand.

I open it and immediately notice the shot. I remember that they use these for wealthier districts to numb the birthgiver. Then I pull out the note.

" Use wisely. Remeber what she needs. - M"

I sigh and nod.

I dunno who "M" is... but I'm pretty sure it's Thalia's mentor.

I turn over with the shot. Thalia looks at me in horror.

I put it in her arm and inject the fluid.

Seconds later she seems at least a bit more relaxed.

Now I am wondering if the baby will live.. but now that I know it's here-

I hear crying. A baby crying. And Thalia is absolutely knocked out.

I pull out my knife and cut the umbellical cord. She cries.

It's a baby girl. Michael tears his shirt off and cleans the baby down. Ceri comes back from the woods with a crafty diaper made of leaves. We laugh, but it's creative. We have a little wild child. And she's beautiful. She cries and cries. Michael "shh"es her, and rocks her back and forth. I pull out my sleeping bag and cut a piece off with my knife, and make him wrap her in it.

"It's a girl." I whisper to Thalia. She smiles through her tears. The baby has strawberry blonde hair and golden eyes with hazel flecks. She's beautiful.

Thalia reaches out weakly for her. We hand her to her, and she nestles her closely. Michael begins a fire.

"Aspen." She whispers and kisses her forehead.

Aspen.. it's adorable. Aspen. Ashen..

I see what she did. I can't help but break out into a sympathetic and happy smile. I kneel down to the baby. Her pretty little eyes flicker to me for a moment. I smile at her. She begins to flutter her eyelids, and I notice she is falling asleep.

Soon she and Thalia are both asleep.

"I'm not leaving, you know." I tell Michael. His eyes glower a minute on me.

"I figured you wouldn't." he says.

I nod, and go grab my sleeping bag's remainders. I fall asleep, and wonder what tomorrow will bring me.

Day 4

Michael Gray [10]:

When we woke up, Thalia seemed really frazzeled, rocking Aspen, and Bronze look confused.

"Okay, what the hell are you two so wierd about?" I finally ask. Elle glares at me.

"Why don't you have a baby in a game where the point is everyone but one person dying?" She hisses.

I throw my hands up.

"Nothing Michael.. just.." Then fog begins appearing all over the arena. I cover my nose and poke my head out. The girl from 4 is caught in it. She begins choking, and falls out of a tree. I hear Az screaming her name, and gagging.


Marina died on compact. Az must have covered up as well. Thalia and Elle exchangefearful glances, and jump up immediately. They run out into the fog, and cover the baby close. Elle runs behind them. The male from 6 is farther back from up, trying to get water from a stream. Elle pulls out a knife and nails him in the back.


Ceritia and I stand up to follow.

"No!" Elle cries, and runs with Thalia. What are they doing?

I glance over at Ceritia. Now is the perfect time to kill her...

She looks at me.

"You want me to die." She murmurs.

"And how would you know that? Because you want to kill me too." I tell her simply.It's obvious neither of us like each other.

"I don't want to kill you." She rolls her eyes and laughs.

"Why is that?"

"I need a bodyguard for a bit." She smirks.

"I see." I turn around and pull out my throwing knive. Then the spear pierces my chest and I see it come out. I turn around in shock, and she just grins. And kisses me on the cheek.

Then I stab her in the heart. She falls to the ground in shock as well.

"If I die, you die with me." I choke out. She glares at me.

"Just to clear this up, I f**king hate you. Burn in hell." She splatters out with blood.


I start laughing. At least she died before me. I'm a monster, and I got outtricked by a pretty-face.

Karma's a real b*tch.


Isabella Gray [12]:

I hear noise outside and decide to finally come out of my hole. I dug steps and got out miraculously. What I seen surprised me. I start getting fuzzy when the fog gets to me. I look over and see Elle Redmond's arrow nudging through the force field at the bottom, and Thalia Combe looking everywhere in worry holding a- is that- a baby?

Whoa.. these illusions really get to you. Quick.

Then Elle pulls it up for a minute and her and Thalia share a few minutes with each other debating. The fog is completely surrounding, and I notice that only a couple cameras are working that I could remember locating in the arena by looking at their spots.

I woozily walk over there.

"Wha.. what is this for?" I murmur. I peek my head through and my hair blows everywhere. I'm seeing an unmarked hovercraft.


"We're on our way to Civinel." Elle says, pursing her lips. "And you won't tell. I know you hate Panem. They killed your damn sister, for god's sake."

I glare at her.

"And what does that have to do with 'Civinel?'"

"Civinel is a country away from Panem, only known by rebels. Are you going or not?" She raises an eyebrow.

Well, better take these crazy illusions to good work.

"Yeah, I am." I crawl through the hole and climb a ladder up the hovercraft, almost. I pass out halfway and some guy came out to carry me up.

Az Whinton [1]:

I've ran as far away as I could, and noticed that in the other side of the Arena it's much foggier- and darker. I was able to locate some cameras and know what they look like... but... they aren't working over there?

But the Capitol doesn't make mistakes.. so something wierd's going on. I sit here for a while and wait for the fog to clear, but it never does. I walk out into it and feel free, knowing nobody can watch me.

That's when I hear a bunch of thumps behind me. Only one remains standing. Every threat knocked out but the boy who should have been victor last year.

Zacharius Thorne. And he's holding a knife.

I notice only a few without stab wounds, so they must not be very immune to the poison. He's looking at me, his face contorted and confused. He lunges. I throw myself back, hit the ground, and cover my mouth as tears begin to form in my eyes. I'm going to die. I shakily move my hand down and see him over me, breathing evenly.

"Why are you crying?" He asks. I look at him with confusion.

"Because I'm afraid." I whisper. We sit there a moment, but to me it feels like an eternity.

"Why?" He murmurs. Okay... what's going on? Is he just midf**king me before he strikes? \

"I don't want to play games, just get it over with." I reply shakily. "Kill me."

"I.. I don't want to. But I feel like I have to. Like you caused me to be this." I frown. Did the Capitol teach them..

He strikes forward and stabs me in the thigh. I scream.

"YOU DID THIS!" He growls angrily and starts shakily me violently. "YOU MADE ME THIS!" He screams.

I cry at an uncontrollable rate, screaming.

"NO!" I yell. "STOP! PLEASE! JUST STOP!" He hold me still, gritting his teeth and staring daggers at me.

"I didn't! I didn't do this!" I wipe my eyes. His pupils grow smaller again, his eyes flicker black, then grow golden, and for a moment-just an instant second- they're green. Then golden again.

"Who are you?" He murmurs.

"Az Whinton, district 1 tribute." I whisper.

"That's impossible. The 1 female is Claudia Gerhart." He says with confusion.

"Yeah, she was until she died in the 101st Hunger Games, one year ago. Where even you died. Where Misty Calliden died." His eyes widen.

"No! No. Stop messing with my head.. Misty's still in the cave, safe!" He cries.

I sit up, and hold his hands, looking him in the eyes. Poor kid.

"No, Zacharius. She died. You died. The Capitol made you Anti-Tributes. The newes mutts. Designed to kill us." I whisper.

"I.." his eyes are green again.

"Holy sh*t.. oh my god.. MISTY! NO!" He yells. I pin him down when he begins raging.

"Stop. Misty is still an Anti. If you find her, she will tag you as tribute in your mind state right now and kill you."

"She's still here? She's here! I have to save her!" He cries.

I purse my lips, and allow him to look for her. His eyes flicker from green to murky-golden, but it's progress to his old self. Sort of.

Elle Redmond [5]:

We see Zacharius Thorne- an Anti- with the girl from 1. They're dragging an Anti around. I raise a curious eyebrow when Az points to us and she and Zach run to us. I get my weapon ready. They won't kill Thalia or Aspen. Over my dead body.

They stop and look at the spear wedges under the forcefield.

"Wait.. wha.. what is that?" Az's eyes widen. Thalia and I exchange scared glances.

"Civinel... it's real." Az looks surprised, amazed, and a bit scared all at once.

"What do you know about Civinel?" I ask her.

"It's a getaway for Rebels. It's still in Panem.. Sort of. It's in the same country it used to be. Just not the part making up Panem." She murmurs. "Nicknamed District 14." She whispers.

I'm shocked she knows so much.

"How do you know?" I ask her.

"My family shares stories of runaway plans that their friends and other relatives have done. They still don't know if they're alive.. oh my god. Oh. my. god. My mother. She left when I was a baby. Oh my god. Please let us go. Please." She whispers.

"I don't know if I can trust you." Thalia tells her.

"Then put me to sleep. Knock me out as well. Drag me away. Let me go." She begs. The fog starts clearing, and camera access returns nearby. No more time to hesitate.

I look deep into her eyes, and see a wanting and desire that must be there, deep down. She misses her family. She needs them.

"Go. I trust you." I whisper. She bursts out into tears and holds me in a lingering hug.

"Thank you. I will never be able to thank you enough." She whispers. I nudge the spear up and she runs out to the hovercraft. I look at Zacharius.

"I need to warn them about you." I murmur. He has special tracking, as well as Misty.

I peek my head out.

"SPECIAL UNIT NUMBER 00810. TWO OF THEM." I cry to the waiting medic. He gives it a thumbs up and runs inside, and two specialists walk out and await them.

"Go." I tell them.

He carries Misty in his arms, running.

Then I see the needle I gave Thalia injecting into my arm and curse her silently, getting angry.


I trusted her.

And now she'll leave me or kill me in my sleep one.

Day 5

Thalia Combe [3 Victor]:

I had to. I couldn't leave everyone I loved to die if we awared the Capitol of rebellion. So I put my sleeping medicine in her arm. I hold Aspen close, singing and telling her how much I love her. The cameras are almost back in this direction.

I feed Aspen a bit of the soup, scared of what will come next. I cry and won't stop.

Then it gets darker out.

I determine my choices. Run with Aspen, and live n a rinky-dink poor ass country, or go home with my baby.. clothed, fed, bathed, raised healthy...

But I wouldn't ever be happy again. And my family would disown me if they knew about the rebellion.

So I do what I have to.

I weigh my choices when the fog clears up, I silently thank Elle for what she did for me, and I do what I must.

Elle Redmond [5]:

I had hallucinations in my sleep. I heard trumpets, saw flash-forwards of my soon-to-come life in Civinel. And my soon-to-come death. Both of my possible outcomes at the time. I hear trumpets again, and I see light coming from the sky. Something heavy in my arms. My eyes flicker open.

"Congratulations! You are the Victor of the 102nd Annual Hunger Games, Elle Redmond. Your tiny guest may come with you, as the honored Thalia Combe has left you to her in her saddest moments. A hovercraft will arrive momentarily."

I swallow hard and sit up. Aspen is in my arms, sleeping. Gentle, soft, Aspen..

Wait. I'm not dead. Thalia didn't kill me.

I turn to the force field and see blood on the ground, but the spear points the other way, and only I would understand Thalia's message.

It pointed to a tiny, tiny, message in the dirt.

"Someday when you get the Rebellion going, I will see you and many more here. I needed my baby to love happily and surely. Take care of her. She's my life. I trust you."

I rub my foot over it casually. Aspen will not know her wonderful mother, so I will do everything in my power to be anything she needs. Civinel will see us, someday. I know that several die there, as they just got on their feet.

But I do love Aspen. With all of my heart and soul, and she's going to be raised my baby.

The hovercraft comes overhead me, and I can't help but smile.

Everything is going to be fine as far as I can tell.

Alliances (Choose from these only!)


Marina Sedello [4], Sean Baker [1], Rilos Madd [12], Ashton Prince [4], Az Whinton [1]

Threats (dangerous Anti-Tribute Mutts only):

Claudia Gerhart [1], Zacharius Thorne [2], North Blaze [3], '''''Gunner Pann [5], Paml'''''ine Falcon [7], Aveline Kenway [9]


Elle Redmond [5], Thalia Combe [3 Victor] Ansu De`Souza [7], Lena Bow [11], Ceretia Arrows [8], Mellie Maclyntyre [10]


Celes Donova [2], Dexter Volts [3], Aletta Sifonios [3], Connor Steele [6], Zoe Russell [6],


Ridge Malskin [8], Darwin Erkelstein Fadoosher III [10]

Lone Tributes:

Fatso Sun [2], Roman lemongrass [11], Clyde Jones [9], Sienna Goldsmith [9] Isabella Gray [12]

Previous Victors:

Michael Gray [10], Bronze Ashen [3]

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