The 103rd Hunger Games: Quarter Quell


My 10th Hunger Games! <3 The Official 103rd Hunger Games: Quarter Quell


"Last year, some tributes absolutely vanished from nowhere as their bodies were never found. We are unsure who blinded our cameras, but now our Nation must pay at this Quarter Quell. One female age 8-25 will be reaped, as well as a male. The Capitol and rebellious District 13 will submit tributes as well. These games will not only have an age difference- they will begin underwater. Your tracking device will also insert a special chemical to allow each tribute an additional 45 minutes to however long they can breathe underwater- oxygen will be detained much like a fish for that amount of time. From there, the tributes must find a way to land. The possible places to go will be- A jungle/forest or icy tundra. May the odds be ever in your favor."

May the Games Begin.

Rules: I Suggest You Read.

Sooo here are some rules/tips..


  1. Follow all of my procedures for submission.
  2. New Tributes.
  3. Include all the info.
  4. I only accept ages 12+ for these. I prefer 13, but I know some cool 12 year olds.
  5. Accept mature language. I won't just flat out type the f bomb, but I will use astricks.
  6. BE ACTIVE! I cannot exaggerate it more!
  7. You can only submit 3 tributes unless I say so. No more than 1 Career.
  8. Deal with my rules. -.-

Tips to Know About Me.

  • I effing hate perfect tributes. Don't give me any.
  • Correcting me will get your tribute dead. Bring it up nicely.
  • Don't nag me or comment the same thing more than once. Your tribute will die that moment as well.
  • I'll get your info up when I can. In case you couldn't tell- I'm pretty busy on this Wiki.
  • Use proper grammer. I hate people with no punctuation whatsoever, run-ons, and lifeless people that don't put emoticons. I feel like I'm talking to a child robot. So yeah. HUGE pet peeve. Nobody with bad grammer has or ever will win my games, honestly.
  • Be specific. DETAILS! I swear, me and Nikki are the only two with deep descriptions. Which is why I admire her.:3

That's pretty much all. A few things are secret so that I can decide the Victor the way I want to and not have a lot of tributes that way.

Submission Forms: New Tributes and New Tributes only. I will check.



Age: *Everyone can't be a teen. If too many are submitted I will control the age. -.-*



Fatal Weakness:

Real photo *If you can't find one just tell me. I prefer you have one though.*:


Keep in mind the Capitol has never trained- They cannot be extremely talented or attentened Career Academy. They will most certainly not be Careers, in fact. More of the "OH MY GOD I'M GONNA DIE!" *Squeal* type.

District Name Age Personality Skills Fatal Weakness Photo:
Capitol M Aaron Dowell 23 Aaron is very serious, and not the type that likes to watch the hunger games. He's irregular by Capitol standards(which is almost normal by regular standards) but he still looks a bit eccentric by the Districts standards. He is very compassionate, and was completely sad when he was reaped, because he had just proposed to his girlfriend who was beautiful and perfect. He is very nice, but is not afraid to kill to get back to Cryselle, his fiancé. He's tough, and not all feminine like some Capitol men. He was once loyal to the Captiol, but after the Games were announced, he was shocked and disgusted. : He's stronger than most men in the Capitol, because he's a personal trainer, and flexible. He's pretty quick, and has better reflexes than most. He's not afraid to kill, and during training he will give 200% so he can win for Cryselle. The weapons he is best at are knives and spears, and he can hit the target every time. He doesn't always get bullseyes, but he still is good. climbing, plants, healing


Capitol F Cyra Snow 14 Cyra is an Arrogant, Beautiful, Mean young Girl. She is very Manipulative, she can Persuade most everyone. Her Aroganty, she's not strong at all will take on the biggest Tributes. ImagesCA8YFDUN
1M Miles Jung 23 Miles is a very warm-hearted and compassionate man. He always puts others in front of himself, especially children. He will drop everything he is doing to help someone out, and he will do almost anything to help those he cares about. Along with his nuturing side, he also has a calculative and sharp mind. He loves to spend time thinking and reading (which is rare, because books are hard to come by in the Districts). This makes him have a calm and serene air about him. His sharp mind grants him the ability to concot plans or ways to collect food/hide/etc. . . Due to his older age than most tributes, his physical strength and speed are also greater than others. He is decent with weapons, but his best are the sword and bow. He struggles with running long distances or fighting for prolonged amounts of time, as well as not being the best climber.
1F Ruby Page 15 Strong-willed and confident. Not afraid to stand up for herself, and a tad rebellious as well. Throwing knives, strength, speed Inability to follow orders
Ruby Page real
2M Gavin Adams 18 Obscene, Vulgar, Relentless Brute Strength Tempermental File:Gavin.jpg
2F Trazia Willow 17 Trazia is very upbeat and always energetic. She has that mischevious sparkle in her eyes that looks like she's up to no good. Though she will not hesitate to kill when her friends are endangered, she is still sympathetic, and has mercy on the weak. She's an optimist, and can bring the best out of people. She's always skeptical, and will not take free handouts easily. Her mother always speaks of rebellion, so Trazia speaks against the capitol, and she hates the Hunger Games with a burning passion. She's very strong willed, and hates taking other people's advice when it's the obvious choice and she didn't think of it. She loves risks and adventure, and frequently exercises. She is not a fan of Career training, but she forces herself to attend because her friend enjoyed it. She's great at it, but hates it. She's a geek, and not very popular at school, but she's got a great personality that she saves for the ones she loves, and speaks with passion when in public. When you first meet her, she can be shy, but she'll open up quickly, and it's hard not to love her. She's great with speaking in public, and has a fun personality. She's very strong and does a lot of camping with her family and best friends, so she's learned a lot of survival skills. She thought it was for fun, but really, her parents were preparing her if she was ever in the HG, or if they had to make an escape from Panem. She excels with a bow and arrow, but can throw knives and is great with a sword, too. She is okay when it comes to healing, but only minor things like cuts, stings, bruises, and fevers. She's got an amazing memory, and can retain a lot of info in a short amount of time, her best weapon. As said earlier, she can climb very well. She can well too. She's very quiet, and good at being unnoticed- just the way she likes it. She's fairly quick and agile, and has good reflexes she's not very flexible , shy when you first meet her (not good for allies), pride (not like ego, but she likes to remain dignified, even through death) Trazia Willow
3M Dexter Bolts 14 Intellegent, perky, nervous Sleuth Being Alone
File:Dexter Volts.jpg
3F Paige Elementa 17 sweet, fun, nice, but has anger issues good at being stealthy and sneaking up on people, boys always fall for her Jabberjays, Being Alone, and Anger
File:Thalia Woods.jpg
4M Avon Applebaum 9 Like any typical youngster. He is rambunctious and hyperactive, and he enjoys being funny and silly. He is very light-hearted and loves to have fun. He is, in fact, quite joyful. However, after the gravity of his situation sinks in and he realizes the trouble he is in, he will probably sober up a bit and calm down. He will still enjoy a laugh or two, but he'll lean to be serious eventually. He is a very quick runner and he is also quite agile. Due to his small stature, he is excellent at hiding and squirming into small spaces where other more deadly tributes won't be able to reach him. He is aslo very good at climbing. He can handle a knife or dagger with some sort of skill. Due to his age, he is quite weak and not threatening. He is also a little too rambunctious, which can lead to him rushing into situations without thinking about what he's doing. Max-10-years-old
4F Naomi Falls 21 Ruthless killing machine, mean, rude. Trident, knives. She can kill anyone, she has no heart and no feelings. That makes her feared by many. Her mean personality will give her enemies. ThCALGE52Y
5M Mark Kantinosi 15 He is very smart and can persude anyone into doing anything he wants them to do. He is stong but sensentive. He is very loving and has sympathy for any kids 13 or younger. He is the only guy in district 5 that will do anything for anyone. Speed, Smarts, Memory,willpower, and he's ablilty to deal with people Falling in love and having his crush be killed


5F Alanna Blake 15 She's very calculating, and manuplivate. She's very good at tricking people, and is very mean and ruthless. Her ruthlesness, for one. She also has tremendous physical strength. Her short-ranged weapons skills aren't anything to scoff at either. She's extremely slow, and can not shoot a target from for away for her life. She also overestimates her own skills, and cockiness kills. Alanna blake
6M Rosa Collins 9 Bubbly and kind, niave as well. Innocent, but will protect her family at any cost Fast and Cunning, quite small so she can fit in places others can't losing her brother, not very strong
6F Norman Collins 12 Spiteful and mean, doesn't get on with anyone except Rosa, hates his life a lot. Is kinda a emo. Strongish and agressive, easily can take down someone his age and a few years older. Seeing Rosa in pain, not very fast
7M Takuri Nanisano 16 He's normally cheery, but he's been dreary since he worked at the factory. Strong, always has a positive attitude. He falls asleep most of the time because of factory work. District 7 Male
7F Megumi Nanisano 14 She's very bright and cute. She also is a girl that boys would fall in love with. She's very good at using an axe, and using a bow and arrow. Always TOO concerned about her siblings, especailly Takuri. District 7 Female
8M George Bernina 19 Quiet. He prefers to keep a low profile. Intelligence and endurance. His weapon of choice would be a bow. He is not very good in hand-to-hand combat. George Bernina real
8F Mere Intell 8 Shy, scared, and frustrated. Slingshot. Her knowledge of nothing. She has no talent whatsoever.
9M Jason Fray 17 Jason is head strong and reckless and only speaks in options or worst stiuations, he acts to Aurelia as a older brother, worried about her well being but sometimes helping her but on the other hand if Aurelia dies, he gets hurt and infuriated by her death and will hunt down whoever killed her, both Aurelia and Jason are really close as siblings. Swords, hunting and Hand-to-Hand Combat Aurelia dying.
539731 185805138216067 749130302 n
9F Aurelia Clearwater 8 Aurelia is sweet natured and very Quiet and Never speaks, she is very intelligent, seeing things more quickly than others, she sometimes blames herself in the worst case Situations.She also understands the brutal nature of the Games and refuses to go down. Climbing Trees, Speed, plant knowledge, Hunting and Slingshots. Thinking About Home. 3638 185796924883555 1666226096 a
10M Colton Summers 21 Clever, charming, and sturdy. Strength, smart. Anger for losing his mother and younger sister, and not very fast. ImagesCAI9R79E
10F Lovely Iheart 20 Perverted, and really sexual. In all senses of the word. Throwing Stars, throwing knives, She can survive well on her own, has a good knowledge of edible plants, and can lure ANYONE in to her to be in an alliance. Has a bad temper. ThCAAJ7VGA
11M Tomma Tigre 15 Tomma is a kind boy with a kind heart, although he has one hate: The careers! The reason for this? Tomma's sister was in the games and was killed by the career tributes. Tomma will do anything to kill the careers... he does'nt agree with the games. His intelligence is undeniable, and his good looks means he can charm anyone into an alliance. His other skill is the fact that hes a deadly strong swimmer. his other main skill is his throwing knives he can hit any target, which is unusual because of his eyesight! Shortsighted and his pity for the younger tributes. Kirandomblahhhhhhhhh
11F Ella Song 10 Quiet, Kind, Caring Tree Climbing, Bow and Arrow Doesn't do well in hand-to-hand, small, weak Ella-Harriet
12M Maxwell Mellark 19 Intelligent, Independent, Sharpminded Strong, Resourceful, Handy Horrible swimmer, cocky at times
12F Katrose Everdeen-Hawthorne 18 sweet, kind, cunning Hunting, trapmaking, speed, good aim, swimming hungry easily, not very agile.
13M Haru Sakura 15 Honorable, Faithful, Forgiving Sniping Connection to his sister, Suki Sakura
13F Mercuree Avierna 19 Alluring, mysterious, flirtatious Daggers, Crossbow, Explosives. Dhe is seductive and seemily innocent. She knows how to convince people to do her bidding, and she can be very romantic to get allies. She also has great endurance. She obviously has a problem with being selfish, and she is concieded. Vanity is her deadly sin, her being obsessed with her looks. ThCATW3D2Y

Mystery Tribute [originated from 2]

Plinie Ivory 16 Mace and Chain Beyotchy. Plinie was originally from District 2.. but after the 102nd Games- after the suspicious dsappearance of tributes, they discovered the most were District 2- including a Victor. They could not explain their 'deaths' and grew suspicious. Because of this, the Capitol took away one female from the district and held her in the Capitol under a Capitol family's home until these Games, and released her to the arena secretly where tributes have not noticed her. Attitude

Death Chart

Place District Name
28 4 Avon Applebaum
27 7 Takuri Nanisano
26 4 Naomi Falls
25 6 Rosa Collins
24 11 Ella Song
23 Capitol Cyra Snow
22 8 Mere Intell
21 6 Norman Collins
20 11 Tomma Tigre
19 10 Lovely Iheart
18 5 Mark Kantinosi
17 Capitol Aaron Dowell
16 1 Miles Jung
15 3 Paige Elementa
14 7 Megumi Nanisano
13 9 Jason Fray
12 10 Colton Summers


Day 1

Aaron Dowell [C]:

I jump into a tube, clothed in all with a wetsuit over, and instantly breath. My eyes flicker open and I laugh, amazed at what I see. I feel like a fish. I look at the Cornucopia's items, and decide on getting the spear. Then I hit the ground and a cage comes up around me, locking in the front. I panic and look everywhere, as everyone else does, and notice the keys that are right outside the box.

Then the clock begins ticking, and I start to stress out.

I pull my hand out as far as I can.

Nope... not good enough.

I then get an idea, and put out my finger. I grabbed one! I reel it back in, and try frantically to find the correct lock.

Ruby Page [1]:

I look around and watch everyone getting their doors unlocked, a few little kids crying, unable. Miles Jung looks like he's having a damn heart attack, seeing them cry. But I decide I'm not going mainstream today.

I do what I want when I want.

I start rocking the cage back and forth, back and forth. Then I ram the sides, and eventually it lands over onto the female from 2's cage. She screams, and falls down. My cage is holding her down. But it's broken.

Then the last seconds come.


I swim out as quickly as possible and ignore the fainted girl. I run to the Cornucopia and see the Capitol male already swimming away, looking for an exit. I grab my throwing knives and begin to kill.

I throw a knife at the boy 4- Avon- and he floats to the bottom helplessly.


Miles has helped each child out by now, except the 9 male, carrying Aurelia in his arms, and swimming as quickly as he can to Trazia.

Gavin Adams [2]:

I have grabbed what I want and I'm with the Careers now. I glance and notice the Bronzers. There's a brother and sister there, together. Might as well break it the hard way only 1 could come out alive.

I throw my spear into his head.


The girl screams out his name, and clutches onto him. The other Bronzers attempt to drag her away.

The Capitol female throws an arrow right at Naomi's heart.


The male from 9 carries Trazia to us and swims fiercly away with a little girl.

Trazia is out cold.

Why would he save her?

Colton holds her and glares as the 9 male leaves.

Well damn.

"This isn't twilight boys. Get the hell over it and swim before our asses die out here." I tell them and we finally get some kind of information. A tube hidden in the ground. Under a cage. I lead the way, and we make it through the tube, curve upwards, and find ourselves in a jungle.

Ruby sits alone and rings out while the rest of us socialize and make a fire.

What's her damn problem anyways?

Paige Elementa [3]:

Our tube put us in an icy tundra.

Are you f**king kidding me. I climb back down the tube into the water. At least I have about 25 minutes left of semi-warmth. Maybe sponors will actually send a heated tent like the 101st Games. I sigh. This really sucks.

Megumi won't quit crying.

"It's okay girl.." I assure her, and hug her tight. We float around the water a while, and then a silver tube drops down. We exit, noticing our oxygen levels lessining. It gets to the point where I have to hold my breath and nearly blackout.

When we get to the surface, we pull the tend out, walk a few good miles, and camp out there.

But how do we get food?

Mark Kantinosi [5]:

Dexter is already dead, but we got into a jungle from a tube under the Cornucopia. We don't have anything but Mercury's bow and my backpack. We've set up a fire and are doing fine for now.

"The kids." Miles says quietly, and jumps back into the tube.


"MILES! The water levels-"

He arises again, carying a distraught boy and petrified little girl.

"SHE'S DEAD! NO! NO!" The boy cries, and storms away. The girl follows.

"Please help me." She whispers.

He has a new shadow. I assume Miles will save them when it comes to.

"THE 11 GIRL!" He says, and goes to dive back in. The plate slides shut. She starts screaming and beating the panel. Miles screams as well. A few seconds later..


The girl dies.

Norman Collins [6]:

I don't know what to do, where to go, Rosa died, this little kid is up my butt..

"SHUT.UP. KID!" I hiss, and get an idea when I see a nightlock bush.

"Here, eat." I growl. I pick the berries and she holds them in her hands cautiously.

"You sure they're safe?"



She falls to the ground, dead. I think of Rosa. I have nothing else to live for without her. But I need to win for her.

Then an arrow goes through my chest.

Ironic, isn't it?


George Bernina [8]:

I have made it to the forest. I sit in a tree and watch everyone below me. The child from my district died. That ignorant, evil, child did it to her innocent and gullible mind. So I did it.

I killed a 12 year old boy for her. With my arrow.

I look up into the tree, and try to find the Treetop hotel. I find nothing but tracker jackers.

I jump from the tree and run as fast as I can, but they still sting me every now and then. I cry out.

"NO!" I scream, and fall down a hill into a field of vines and ivy. The world is spinning, fading in and out, and sounds extremely odd.

Tracker jackers can do crazy thin-

I fall asleep when it begins to storm like crazy.

Aurelia Clearwater [9]:

I am cuddled to Jason in a cave.

We've been here forever!

He gave me his jacket and started a fire. He even got some really big leaves and some sticks to lay casually over our entrance, as the rest is covered with moss outside.

He holds me tight.

"I love you." He murmurs and kisses my forehead. I giggle.

"I love you too!"

He's just like my big brother. I knew him since I was just a little baby!

I think... oh.

No, he knewed me since I was a baby.

"Jason? Why did you help that girl today?" I ask him. He lifted a whole entire cage off her and svaed her like a knight and a princess!

Ooh.. I want to be a princess. So so bad.

He laughs.

"I just.. we talked a little in training. That's all. She's a cool person." He grins.

"Ooooooh! You like her!" I poke his tummy and giggle.

He pokes mine and sticks his tounge out funnily. I giggle again.

"Jason?" I say after we get quieter.

"Yes, Aurelia?"

"I don't wanna die." I whisper, and cuddle up to him.

It gets real dark outside. I lay on him and fall asleep.

Colton Summers [10]:

We hunted today and got a few grooslings. We also got some water in our Canteens before we left.

Today, we were left with 20 tributes.

But we're sitting around our campfire in a very large cave now, everyone rather.. seperated, I guess. Trazia and Colton are on one end, Gavin in the middle, Ruby close by, and then there's me. In the back. In the dark, minus the soft glow of the fire. The girl from my district, Iheart, comes over to me.

You know, on a normal day, I am pretty angry at the world. But the past week, I noticed how damn sexy Iheart was. And she flirts like f**cking crazy. I don't know why I find it so attractive. I don't want to.. so I try to ignore it.

"Hey, Colton." She smirks.

"Hey." I grin. I can't help it..

She takes a deep breath and throws her arms around my neck.

"So.. " She cocks her head to the side. "I know you like me."

I raise an eyebrow. How would she know, is it that-

I began to say something, but she put her finger over my lips.

"Shh. It's okay." She whispers with a giggle. "Because I happen to like you too." She kisses my neck.

What the hell? I know we talked a lot over the past couple weeks and all.. but she really is the most sexual girl I know, in all senses of the word. All of them.

I pull her off.

"Iheart." I sigh.

"What? Too fast?" She laughs.

"Yeah, kind of. Day 1 in the arena, especially." I tell her.

She looks over at the boy from 2, who is staring at her, and she seems to be amused. I dismiss it, thinking it isn't a big deal at first. I frown at her.

"What?" She asks.

I look over at him.

"Oh, him?" She smirks at him. He's listening still. "He's nothing." She whispers to me, and then pulls me by my shirt into a lingering, long kiss. I notice her glance at him a couple times. He glares, then turns away.

We stop a few minutes later. I couldn't do anything.. I just... she's just got something to her.

"Wow." I murmur.

"B*tch please." She laughs. "That was nothing compared to my standards." She laughs, then smiles at me.

I stare at her.

"Wow." I say again. She smirks, and wraps her arms around my neck again. She kisses me goodnight.

"I'll see you.. tomorrow... okay?" She laughs, and gets into her sleepingbag.

I just sit there.

I feel like a complete dumbass.


Just whoa.

Day 2

Tomma Tigre [11]:

I've been walking through this icy tundra longer than I can remember. I get to the point where I just collapse. I'm freezing. I curl up, and see a speck of- is that green?- in the distance. I get up. It's definitely there. I take off running. On my way the ice feels like cold needles poking into every part of me, but I keep going. I notice an alliance, and a spear goes whistling past my head. I try to duck, but slide and bust my back on it.

"Ah..." I moan, and rub my back. The spear stuck into the ice. I decide to grab it. When I pull it up, though, the ground starts cracking. The other alliance screams and runs. They point to the land closeby, and dash that way. I start to run, and then the ground collapses beneath me. I fall into the freezing cold water.

I hold my breath and start swimming at an incredible rate, and then some kind of animal I only learned about in school- an octo-something, grabs me. I scream, forgetting to hold my breath, and inhale water. I try to cough but the water has already reached my lungs by now.


Maxwell Mellark [12]:

Katrose has just been sitting here, watching the fire for hours. I've decided to widdle a stick while I wait for her to speak but she doesn't. The fire crackling seems to sooth her. I widdle and get a point on my stick. I smirk at an idea I get and throw it straight through her bun. She seems to not be phased, and simply pulls it out. She throws it in the fire and the flames grow.

"Don't do that. It's horrible enough as is." She mumbles.

I give her a strange look. I think her hair is beautiful.

"No it's not. You look... pretty." I tell her.

Her eyes light up and she looks at me smiling, blushing lightly.

"Thank you." She whispers.

I shrug and walk over to her, and sit by her. It isn't wierd. Our parents divorced when they discovered Peeta was my father- when I was 1. When they found out Katrose was Gale's daughter.

Our parents were a bit scandellous.

"We should go hunting. Stop looking so down." I pull her chin up. "Let's go."

She sighs and rolls her eyes.

"We can go hunting... but I miss my parents." She sighs.

"I miss mine too.." I whisper.

We get up and go outside. We walk around looking for game. We catch a groosling, and two squirrels. We start looking for one more thing to eat this week.

Katrose holds her bow in her left hand, and I carry my sword in my right hand. I smirk, and try to grab her hand.. careful.. closer... come on..

She smacks it away and turns to me.

"Max. It's just.. awkward. Our parents- they were together. Because of us they aren't." She sighs.

"Katrose, it isn't our fault." I tell her.

"Oh, but it is. Madge and my dad obviously had a thing for each other, and Peeta and my mother were some huge damned power couple. If we were never born things would have worked out." She says bitterly.

I just sigh. Someday. Someday it'll happen. We hear a noise. We go back to back automatically, focusing, weapons drawn.

"What is that?" I whisper to Katrose.

"I don't know, just... I'll shoot blindly." She whispers back. She shoots it off and we hear a scream.

"Iheart?" Someone says. "IHEART!" They cry, apparently finding her.


Katrose and I exchange scared looks, and run away. It's the Careers.

We keep running, and then Katrose screams and falls to the ground. Her head hits a rock, and she gets knocked out. The male from 2 threw his spear and pierced into her leg halfway, slitting it on her thigh. I pull out the spear and tear off a piece of my shirt, and tie it around her wound on her leg. Then I pick pick up Katrose, and keep running. One less weapon to worry about from them.

Mercuree Avierna [13]:

I see the pair form 12 running past our camp, one being carried, followed by the Careers. The girl from one throws a knife straight towards me. I bend backwards and watch it whish past my face, right into Mark's heart.


Damn it, another one in our alliance? Alanna looks shocked, and I feel for her- he was her district partner.

But still it's only Day 2, so we pack up and walk off quietly, waiting for the hovercraft to collect his body.

On the way it starts getting cold, and then I see a Loner.

I smirk at the opporunity, and pull out my crossbow. I aim for the 8 male.

There can only be one pretty girl here while I think about it, too, I mean, right? I'm already having isues with that Alanna girl, and the only reason she isn't dead by now is that she's my ally.

I hit him right through the head.


And I feel like pure crap. What am I doing..

My past really f**cked me up. I wish I could still be the girl I used to. But here, there's no time for that.

I think I just had a Michael Gray moment.. aha.

No matter how mental he may have seemed, I still loved him. In fact, I cried tears nearly when he won.

And when he lost last year.

We hunt for a while but only catch a coiple squirrels. We sit around the fire later and watch the tribute's names call off.

Not many died today, but I still feel for them. And I am kinda pissed that I do. I can't be back to my old self right now. It's the Hunger Games. No room for people like her. Only people like me.

I mean.. I'm hot now. That's all that really matters anymore, right?

I roll my eyes.

Hell no, Mercuree. I think to myself, and just shake my head.

We eat a very small amount and oath to hunt again tomorrow.

"So. I have my first kill.. tomorrow I will show you both how to just like me." I tell them.

"I think we can manage." Alanna playfully rolls her eyes and laughs.

But I wasn't kidding.

"Yeah, but I think I should show you." I murmur.

"Why?" She asks.

"I have my reasons! Do you want to stay alive or not?" I grumble, and get up. I pull my sleeping bag away from them. She gives me an odd look. Tomorrow I learn their weaknesses, and make them think they're learning sh*t from me.

Plinie Ivory [Mystery Tribute Revealed]:

I sit atop a large tree and watch as many alliances as I can. Some stay up and talk for a while, others sleep. I watch them. So frail, fragile.. Vulnerable. I slip up into a smile. The Capitol will be so proud if I win... especially my new family. My old one back in 2 isn't enough for me. They aren't as rich or fun. This family sees me as a threat. I get what I want when I want it, and I even attended private Career Academy Sessions for the year. I love Snow's idea of the whole "Mystery Tribute" for the Quell.

I look over at my mace and chain. I imagine what they'll do when they see me.. but which alliance to invade first?

I tap the tree with my sparkly-black french tipped nails.

And I know who my first victims will be. I look over at them.

I turn away with a wicked smile, fading into the darkness behind my tree.

Day 3

Aaron Dowell [C]:

I decided to leave Haru sleeping for a while and just go walk around to clear my mind. I bring my canteen and weapon, in case I find game, trouble, or water. I look around and watch the beams of sunlight that crash down through the treetops, onto the moist morning ground. I see a few jabberyjays going through the woods, and decide to use those a signal if someone comes across me. I finally come across a stream, and sit on a rock, propping up my leg and resting my arm on it.

Then I see a field of roses across from me, and take note of how delicate and beautiful they are. Just like my fiancee, waiting for my return home.

Then I watch them start wilting and fading to black before my eyes.

I rub my eyes and blink a few times.

No, still there... Maybe it's a signal from the Gamemakers...


What was that? An acorn dropping from a tree, I assume, and ignore it. Then the sky turns gray, and it begins to drizzle and thunder. I decide to leave, so I turn around to go back to camp.

I stop dead on my heels and catch my breath. I step back. She has some mace-chain thing in her hand.. what the hell...

"Who are you?" I ask, stepping backwards and she follows me, like I'm nothing to her.

She leans forward and whispers in my ear.

"I'd say I am your worst nightmare." Then she slowly back away and keeps a steady, amused glaze on me.

"But that's too sugar-coated." She purses her lips into an evil grin.

My heart rate bumps up and I start to breathe harder. She's threatening. But she's young. Just talking.

"Where did you come from?" I stammer, " A-are you just some twisted m-mutt from the Capitol, l-like last y-year?" I say shakily.

She laughs, and I stop walking when she does.

"I hope I'm that scary. But no, lovely. I'm Plinie Ivory." She clips the chain-mace to her belt, and begins to walk circles around me. She traces her nails and holds it out, watching the shimmer from them.

"And as far as where I came from- because of the whole- "mysterious"- Tribute disappearances last year, plus this year being the Quarter Quell, they took one citizen of Distric 2, age 14-15. And I was chosen." She seems to stare off into space, smiling to herself it appears in a memory. I'm horrified to run, so I just listen.

"And I was scared. About as much as you are right now." She still looks into nothingness, but is light on her steps around me. Then she stops and looks at me.

"Are you scared, Aaron?" She whispers to me again and lingers only for a second, her breath hot on my face and nek, then backs away and walks circles.

"And I was given a rich family. And I got private lessons at Career Academy. I have been trained to kill for a while now. I not only attended Career Academy back in District 2 but I got special attention in the Capitol. Everyone who knew about me saw me as a threat, and then I realized I love it." She stops, and watches the lightning stroke in the distance. Then she steps towards me and looks behind me.

I look back. Off the cliff she's gotten me to back near.

F**king lava. Lava. Flooding down in the lower forest.

And then I see my weapon falling into the lava and splashing with a sizzle, sinking in. I swallow hard, and she walks circles around me.

"What about now, Aaron? Are you scared now? Do you find this... distracting? As a handsome rebel like yourself once asked." She smiles a little. "I promise I wasn't just talking. I know you thought that, and I knew you were a rebel from just observing you. I'm better than you, Aaron. Just face it. You're going to die. A sixteen year old girl is going to kill you." She tells me, and I start breathing even harder. Her nail begins to caress my face, but te thing I didn't notice was how damn sharp they are and the gash that is now on my face. I cry out. She pulls away her nail.

"Oh, look here. If I get enough of your blood, maybe I can spell out your death someplace, hmm? For your lovely fiancee?" She asks, and gets more of my blood scooped up into her nail. She observes it, and I tak a run for it. She grabs my jacket and slams me to the ground effortlessly, and holds me down, and finishes observing my blood.

"Don't run, Aaron. I wanted this to be easy for you." She frowns, and the she dips her finger in the blood, and smears it around a bit, then puts it on her lips gently, and it looks just like red lipstick.

The thunder booms and lightning cracks behind her in the distance. She has an evil, crazed, longing, look on her face as she looks down at me. Then she smirks and bends down, kissing my cheek. Then she wipes the rest of the blood off onto her hand.

"You tried." She says, and takes her chain mace, nailing me inthe head with it.

The last thing I remember is being thrown into the lava.


Ruby Page [1]:

Another tribute down. I shake my head. It's wrong. It's why I am gonna win these damned Games and take back Panem. Katniss Everdeen style. Even though nobody else may know- Aria Camelliston from the 101st Games was going to. But she was scared and told her mother she refused to let her baby be in the risk of Capitol's hands. So we withheld the rebellion until further notice.

I woke up because of the rain's sound, even though everyone else is asleep.

Then I get thinking about Civinel..

Holy sh*t how could I forget? My parents even told me about where those tributes went last year. I stand up and take all of mine, Colton's, and Gavin's things- simply because only Trazia is nice to me.

Then I decide my least favorite is Colton. Because he was with Iheart- and I hated the whore.

So I cut his leg and he begins to shuffle around.

I take off in the woods and see lava flooding towards me.

No... oh god no.

I run as quickly as I can.

I need smoke to blind the cameras this year.

Who's good with explosives again, though?

That girl Mercuree.

I take off to find her, and see lava just reaching her alliance. The other girl from her district is missing..

Did she die this morning? Or ditch like I did?

Oh well, doesn't matter. I wake her up.

"Mercuree!" I cry, and she wakes up in a panic, reaching for weapons to attack me with. "No, no. I'm here to help you. Come with me, and hurry. Look at the damn lava coming. If I was killing you don't you think I'd let it get to you first?" I ask. She starts to scream, but I hold her mouth. We can't wake anyone. We start running towards the edge of the arena.

Then the lava reaches Miles.


At least he didn't feel it.

"What, what is it?" She asks with irritation.

"I need you to set off a bomb."

"What? I don't even have the-"

I pull out my wire and blow pieces of a bomb from the ones I found at the bottom of the sea at Cornucopia.

"Well okay then... Where at?" She frowns. I hesitate. I point into the direction of the Bronzer's camp.

She nods and gets to work.

"What's the signal for fire?" She asks.

"Signal a smokefire from a stick." I say. "I'll send one back to okay it."

I stare at the alliance. If I don't do it, they'll try to kill me or get caught by lava anyways. Mercuree gives the signal. I signal back and wait.

There's a little girl... oh no. God. I can't kill a little girl!

I take off running to the alliances and look to the left for the bomb as I see smoke drifting from the air with a fiery explosion. I will myself to the ground and curl around the little girl, she begins screaming. We both have severe burns, but it hit on the other side of her alliance worst.

I lay on the ground limpless. I cough a few times.

It hurts...

Then the male from 9 lifts a crying Aurelia and throws me over his back, takingoff in that direction.

Mercuree sees him and holds up the spear.

"Mercuree!" I cry. "Mercuree! No!" I say. She puts it down.

He looks back at me and raises an eyebrow. He collapses moments after that, coughing and gagging as well.

"Run Mercuree. Go. Now!" I say in a raspy, gravelly, voice. She nods and runs for the icy tundra.

"You made that to get to Civinel." Jason says weakly. I just nod with what power I have.

"Take Aurelia. Go. Run." I say raspily again. "I can't move. I'll stay here for you."

"No, Ruby. You saved her for me. Take Aurelia and I'll stay here to make sure nobody sees you. I'm dying anyways, and you know more about it than me. Go." He tells me, and pries up the force field, grunting.

Then he puts gentle Aurelia in my arms, and pushes us through the hole.

"Keep her safe." he tells me, and the forcefield closes. I see lava at the end of the forcefield, Jason puts on a fake smile for Aurelia, and sinks into the lava. I just stare in horror and Aurelia screams his name.

Then doctors carry us both away to the Hovercraft.

Trazia Willows [2]:

Now only Gavin, Colton, and I are left in the Career alliance. We woke up to see that only my things remained. First Colton awoke to a gash in his leg..

Too bad.. I truly liked Ruby. We hear rain outside and decide to see how bad it is.

But when I walk out, there's also lava headed our way. And smoke.

Is this damn rain fireproof or something?

We take off running, but Colton is lagging because of his leg. He trips after Gavin and I jump a log. The lava flows over his leg and gash.

He screams the most unhumanly cry I've ever heard.

"HELP! HELP ME! HOLY SH*T! HELP!" He cries. I gasp and run back, reaching my arm out to him, but Gavin pulls me away.

"No Trazia- there's no time!" He hisses. I glare at him. How can he watch an ally suffer like that and not care? Like, at all?

I give him the bird and run back. He leaves me.

"I can't save you now, Colton. But I can end the pain." I whisper, and shoot an arrow straight through his head.


I run away to the tundra and cry.

Alanna Blake [5]:


I'll pick these. Sorry.;3


Ruby Page , Gavin Adams, Naomi Falls, Colton Summers, Lovely Iheart, Trazia Willows ,


Mercury Avierna , Alanna Blake, Mark Kantinosi, Dexter Bolts, Miles Jung

Little Kids: Ella Song, Mere Intell, Norman Collins, Rosa Collins, Avon Applebaum


Haru Sakura, Cyra Snow, Aaron Dowell


Aurelia Clearwater , Jason Fray, Megumi Nanisano, Takuri Nanisano, Paige Elementa,


Maxwell Mellark , Katrose Everdeen-Hawthorne ,


George Bernina, Tomma Tigre

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