Yeah, that's right. I'm back. <3

For now. I miss writing, I miss my tributes, I miss you guys.

The newer members may not know who I am, but I was loved.(':

And banned and kicked for being awesome sometimes lmao. <3

I freal missed my BCBNs.

And it bothered me that I wasn't remembered on here after I left and Aria Camelliston became a loser.xD

SO YEAH. ;-;

But these are gonna be real short.

If you know me, you know my rules. You may notice my tricks from past games.

I look for certain tribute qualities and the style their maker writes them in.

I hate killing off my favorites and most active readers, but it is what it is.

I'm sorry if your tribute dies.

These have to be fast.

PLEEASE. Keep reading.

I love you guys.



BAI. <3

Tribute Submission

I need their: ( * is required.)

  • Must be 14-18!*







Prefered Alliance

No, those of you wondering (COUGHBEETEECOUGH), this will not - FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER ;-; - Include "Katelyn's Humongous Tribute Chart With Every Possible Piece of Information™."


District Name Age Picture Personality Weapon
1F Reserved
2F Sarona Ivy 17
Bitchy, sly, and malicious. throwing knives.
3M Lewis Carter 16
Leo Carter Hunger Games

Lewis Carter

He's a bit corky and weird in the head. He's smarter than you think he is, he's dealed with machines, trucks, and motors. He knows how to teach, and is a wise man. He's calm, and patient with others, he just likes to play with mechanics and all that technology, or transportation devices. He's just sart and intelligent to be summed up. Even though he looks dumb, he's pretty knowledgable. Lewis loves using spears because it reminds him of using a plain, old screwdiver. It's like throwing one and battling with one.
7F Camellia Winchester 16
D7 Camellia Winchester
Camellia is strong and independent. She is very protective of those she loves, and is typically kind but can be fierce if provoked. She is also kind of a tomboy. Many of her closest friends simply call her Cam because she thinks Camellia sounds too girly and eloquent. Axe or knife
8F Katelyn Payne 14
540121 562830793742521 356025012 n (1)
Very observant and mature for her age, although when she gets with people she likes- She is very fun, excitng, and enjoyable to be arround. Although she is all these, when she is angry or upset with someone- she thinks on emotions and does things before steaming off. Archery, hiding.
8M Ethan Silken 14
Ethan Silken

Ethan Silken

He's shy, and sweet. He's also nice to other tributes, and welcoming to the rest. He gets along with everyone most of the time, but he can be serious at times like the Hunger Games where you have to kill each other off, until one remains. That's were he panicks, he's easily frightened by things like these. He's afraid most of the time when he is in these games, and will need someone that has a warm heart, and a loving personality. On the other hand, he's sweet and just adoring to people. Ethan prefers to use simple knives just to protect himself. He doesn't care about any other weapons, he just wants to stick to plain, old simple knives that he could easily use to protect himself, or others.
12M John Shephard 17 Quiet, nice, Tough Sword, archery


Ya'll know the old drill.

Gotta be 12 to submit.

Accept the mild cussing and remember this will be PG-13.

Get used to blood and gore.

Details are a must.

Use good grammar.

Keep checking, I usually update hourly.

Be. Nice.

Follow mah rules.


The new president of Panem, Esorellia Snow, steps forward to the podium to announce the 104th Annual Hunger Games.

"Welcome, citizens of Panem."

The Capitol crowd goes wild. She smiles and waves, queing them to stop.

"I look forward to the 104th Hunger Games, as this marks a very somber time for us all." She says, and the crowd hushes. Everyone knew what she meant, but they didn't like to talk about it. After the attempted rebellion for the past years, her grandfather and next-in-line father died. Esorellia used to want to rebel herself, but after her loved ones were gone..

Everything changed.

"We will not be accepting anyone below age 14 in these games to make it a fierce, fair battle. I'm sure our beloved and honored fallen leader would agree." There are several nods in the crowd, a few small cheers.

"So without furthur ado, I officially pronounce this the beggining of the 104th Annual Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" She cries. The crowd presumes their screams.


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