1. Katelyn.danita- Kat or Katelyn. ~*~ 2 Districts.

2. Happy Meadows [Previously District3Tribute]- Josh ~*~ 2 Districts.

3. Tobi99- Tobi ~*~ 2 Districts.

4. FinnickForever- Cazz or FF ~*~ 1 District.

5. Readwritelivenikki- Nikki ~*~ 1 District.

6. Mysims- Andrew ~*~ 2 Districts.

7.Shadow Seer- Spencer ~*~ 1 Ditrict. 8.CallamD97- Callam ~*~ 2 Districts.

9. Catnipkatniss- Emily ~*~ 1 District.

~*~~*~ I will accept eight writers. Two districts will go to each writer except Readwritelivenikki and Shadowseer. You must write one female POV, then one Male. The next POV will be the other male, the other female. See the flip-flop?(: ~**~~*

Here are the Games.


We will discuss in the comments. You cannot write you own tribute's POV.(:

District Co-Writer assigned:
C Spencer
1 Josh
2 Emily
3 Andrew
4 Callam
5 Kate
6 Josh
7 Callam
8 Tobi
9 FF
10 Andrew
11 Tobi
12 Nikki
13 Kate

Comment any problems you have with the districts you were given please.!(: Remeber- those of you with 1 district are listed above.

Ideas for Arena and Mutts?


Beautiful Vampire Butterfly

Appearance: beautiful iridescent wings, slightly larger than most butterflies, distinctive blue wing tips

Attacking Method: lands on you and while you are admiring it's beauty, it starts to suck your blood. It can suck a pint in a minute.

How to kill: It's wings are iron, but the body is extremely vulnerable

Tropicalath (This is for the lethal paradise islands idea!)

This mutt is based of the hydra from greek mythology

Area: anywhere

Appearance: looks like honeysuckle, but have teal stems, full of nectar

Form of Attack: When you try to get the honeysuckle nectar, the vines attack you and it wraps around your neck, then spikes jut out of the flowers. cutting off a limb only results in two more growing out of the stump.

Defense: Obviously, you can't hack off its limbs, but if you catch it on fire, it will die, and the vines will shrivel immediately.

A pheonix = if you've read harry potter youd know ;)

Arena: Anywhere

Appearance: .. like a frickin Phoenix. Dur.

Form of attack: But instead of usual, their tears are poisonus and just inflame a wound more

Defense: Kill as any normal animal.

Mockingjay Mutt (Yeah OK double mutt then)

When it hears a human voice it mimmicks it to warn the other mockingjays and birds, then it goes up close to the human pretending to be harmless...then they dig their sharp teeth into them injecting deadly poison like tracker jackers but worse...Then the other mockingjays and birds come and rip the human till nothing is left

Height - Bird Height

Weakness - Is quite small?

Way to kill it - It's own poison

It also has like a protective shield made over its' body, the capitol gave this to them to make them even more deadly, the only way to kill it is by getting it's poison and injecting it into the bird...

Cormortem (it means heart death in Latin)


Form 1:your loved family members, purple eyes, always wounded somehow

Form 2: a snarling, vicious fox/dog hybrid with purple eyes. Long bushy tail, fox ears, dog face, fox body

Area: anywhere

Size: dog

Attack: found in form 1, when rushed to, transforms into Form 2 and try's to eat your heart

Defense: the only weak spot is their bright purple eyes.

Plants of the arena

This correlates with my lethal island paradise idea thing.


Durians were totally unknown to Panem until the Gamemakers discovered them. They are real fruits, and you can look them up here: The durians stink really bad, and look deadly, but are in fact edible. They are some of the only edible foods in the arena.


Candlefruit are a made up fruit. They are bright blue, and are their the shape of strawberries, with the same little leaves. But, the leaves are made of a special wax that is poisonous to eat, but makes smokeless fires. The actual fruit is also poisonous. The issue is that there is little wax per fruit, and it takes a large amount to burn. Can be added to fires to reduce smoke.

Firecracker Leaves

These leaves look like dead leaves, but in reality, are quite alive. Your first hint may be no noise after walking on the leaves. But if you ignore that, the leaves start to spin around you and make an air funnel, leaving no oxygen for you. The leaves start making popping noises, thus, firecraker leaves.


Nikki's idea:

My idea is to combine the lush deadly paradise with islands. So there are 5 islands, and 4 of them are gorgeous and totally lethal. BUT. The last island is really scary looking (volcanoes, spikey looking fruit, desert), yet it is the only island with edible food and water. The volcanoes' lava is actually healing to burns (if you jump into the volcano ((I was thinking someone could be pushed in)), and the fruits don't kill you. There are creepy birds that are actually aren't poisonous. There are cacti (which were totally alien to the tributes), and they were a good source of water.

Tobi's idea:

It's like the moon! Every tribute strats out with a space suit type thing that never runs out of air, except when the game makers decide! The cornucopia is in a giant crater where the tributes start. There is almost zero gravity. There are lots of rocks and mutts hidden. There are afew places where you can breath freely though, very hidden places. There can by other sections to it as well though, so like, half the tributes could start off in different sections with differentclothes and such :P i'm not good at explaining...

Tobi's other idea:

Or it could be at an abandoned castle(hogwarts like) and theres also the grounds :D sorry, i'm also obsesed with hp XD

Tobi [Possibly Josh's? - Comment Josh. :L)

It could have parts from each district, so it would have an ocean, factorys, mines, fields, orcages etc and the cornucopia could start in a town square that has parts from every district in it, what do you gusy think? :) and the mines could be underground tunnels that take you to different places :3

Lastly, you will post you writings here in the comments.(:

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