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So this is what the description said, Magic. Meaning- things like fairytales. You can submit princesses, princes, faries, pixies, elfs, wizards, just a human, and just plain out magical beings. Mutts will include unicorns, sprites, withces and average Hunger Games mutts.

Have fun submitting.(;

Submit me a picutre. Not a Lunaii, but a legit picture.


A walk through the Land of Oz. The castle at the end is where the Victor is crowned. <3

Stage2Overview of entire arena.

YCornucopia place

GapBridge Crossover

WPrincess raising mystic waters in Forbidden Forest.

OzTea Town

Neuschwanstein Castle Germany6

Victor's Castle: Any who make t here will duel. The winner is crowned Victor here.

Tribute Forms: New only. 12 will be accepted.


Type of being:




Weapon [Include power in this]:

Fatal weaknesses:

Picture at bottom- No links.


*** Aspen is not my tribute. She is Nommyzombies won tribute, and is an example for the information I need from you as well. ***

District Type of being Name Age Appearance Personality Weapon Weaknesses
Capitol Magic Shapeshifter Matt Romano 16
Shadow Seer Tribute, Matt Romano

Matt Romano

A bit of a player, funny, very persuasive, preppy, kind, and charming. Can persuade people to do things easily, slingshot, throwing knives and axes. Can shapeshift into a hawk Whenever he performs magic, it takes an hour for his magic to restore back. In that hour he becomes slightly weaker, slower, and he cannot do magic in that hour (If he does his soul burns out and he dies.)
1 Pixie Aspen Fawn Titania 17
165889 322075237885029 755688084 n
Double-helix. Her first persoanlity is fun, loving, cute, sweet, and funny. Her other is bitter, cruel and ruthless- but she is very charming at this. Her hair glows when she has a high adrenaline amount. Otherwise it is blonde. Her golden eyes with turqoiuse flecks invite people in. She is very seductive and breathtaking-a hereditary trait from her family of Pixies. She has magic throughout her entire body, but inner magic is only released with adrenaline. Miscellaneous magic requires pixie dust. Magic drainage, pixie dust loss.
2 Wizard (Witch) Fiona Bennington 17
Serious, Clever, Swift, Seductive, Funny, mysterious and determined. Wand, Bow and arrows, seductivness She has a madical condition which consists of she cannot become dehydrated. If she goes over 12 hours being dehydrated, she'll die.
3 Mermaid Laurianne Shimmers 18 Girl1 Nice, with just enought shyness and sexiness to be kind and attractive without being a Barbie girl. water powers Touching water while far away from seas, rivers, oceans, ect.
4 Demon Desronia DiLauretis 18 Imagess Being a demon, she knows how to kick ass. She is a uses dark magic, (duh) and she is very strong. She is cocky, mean, arrogant, and has a big ego. She loves the taste of fear that humans, witches, etc. give off, giving her some major power. She also knows her way around conjure magic, so she can make weapons, summon demon hounds, etc. Black Magic, Conjure Magic, Immortal She can be weaked by hope, love, and faith. And she is equal to white magic of any sort.
5 Brighten(gives off light) Aurora Istilla 3608 (14 in Human Years)
Elle-fanning-gioia (2)
She acts all mystical-like. Quiet and intelligent. Normally nice, and wishes to make allies, but understands the task at hand. Blinding people by glowing REALLY bright. Then just flat out beating them up. Nighttime stealth, fighting people who have sunglasses
6 Jennifer Havelock Naiad 17

Jennifer the Naiad

Quiet, Doesn't like talking to people, was originall from District 4, so she likes water (Naiad) Aquatic Magic Having no water touch her skin for two hours
7 Haruna Kasai Fairy 17
She's a fashionable girl who doesn't mind getting dirty, and she's also kind and sweet. Magical powers. Her bow is electrified, but it's invisible magic. No one can stab her on the ankle. or. she. dies.
8 Youko Chobiko Vampire 20000000 (13 in human years) Imagesnumber1 Normally a quiet girl, but if you make her angry, she will go all out on you. She has the power to conjure ice out of her bare fingers, and she's also good at using an artemis. Not to mention the fact that she bites. Hard. The gun/poison that can kill her kind is very common. And she shatters to glass when she dies.
9 Lexiline "Lexi" Whittle Witch 16
Ambitious and driven, if she sets her mind on something, she won't stop until she gets it. Magic and wand, good at riding her broom. Can't swim
10 Eden Storm Forest Nymph 17 Eden She is sly and quiet but she isn't shy. She is nice when she wants to be thuogh and is funny and sweet too. She has a very bad temper though and isn't forgiving at all. A bow and arrow is her main weapon but her powers include manipulating plants to grow and move and she has shimmering wings coming out of her back, inabling her to fly. She has litle vines wrapping around her ankles going up to her knees, if they are cut, she dies.
11 Nathaniel Cedar Pine Wizard 16
Mitchel Musso era8
Positive, Enthusiastic, Charming Theurgy Necromancy
12 Anubis Malistare Drake Necromancer (Death Wizard) 17
Tumblr ldtxo0DU9F1qe4nyno1 500 large
Solitary, Driven, Serious, Intelligent Death Staff And Necromancy (Death Magic) Life magic
13 Kesha Ripple Naiad 16
395660 238693139548830 1872028263 n
She's a flirty girl, who loves adventure and never cowers. She always faces her fears, and is willing to learn from her mistakes. She's very smart and is the kind of girl who is a geek but at the same time the most popular girl at her school. Her powers- can control water and weather, and make water appear out of thin air. She's also great with aquatic life and never gets dehydrated or gets cold. She's always much stronger when she's in water, and can never drown. Fire. She's afraid of it, and it saps her life.

Death Chart

District Name of Tribute Cause of Death Killed by whom



Alliances (Chosen by me.)


Aspen Fawn Titania [1],




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