The Uprising Rebellion: Part 2 of The Official 157th Hunger Games

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Or, I need citizens of District 13 that come from other dirstricts for the rebellion and people that have already been there. Preferrably more soldiers. See "Applications" for more details.

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  • You must be 12 years old or older to be in my Games. Mildy mature language and gruesome actions. If I found out you're not that old, you will be banned from my Games and your Character will be dismissed immediately, no matter how important. (death.)
  • If you have a problem with something your character's done that you don't like, just bring it up polietly to me.
  • And LAST, but not LEAST, understand that everything is SOOOO not as it seems. Things will happen that you're shocked and maybe sad for your tribute about, but it will most likely be flipped for a good plot. Especially in relationships.


  • You can still apply for citizens.(:
  • Please include your preferred job.!
  • Don't stress if I haven't used your POV yet. Right now, the story kinda revolves around Aria, Sparkle, and Katniss in District 13- and Brandon, Fynn, and Avery in the Capitol.


*Those applying for District 13 or Capitol Citizens must include ALL of the following information.*

District 13 Citizens:



Backstory (include WHY you are in 13.)

Original District. (Meaning- Were you born here or did you run away here?)

Length of citizenship.( How long you've been in 13.)


** ALL 13 CITIZENS ARE TAKEN. ~*~*~~*~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Capitol Citizens:



Backstory. (Tell me where you come from and who your family is. Tell me about your life.)

Important Relationships. (Anyone important in the capitol you are friends, related to, or in a relationship with? Who? *Not everyone can answer yes! -.-*


District 13

Tributes Collected from 157th Games

Name: Age: District: Job:
Chrom "Azure" Acovin 16 1
Aria Camelliston 16 2
Lexi Hart 17 3
Sparkle Zindaze 17 4
Harris Quinton 17 5
Carter Trinket 17 6
Nurie Riley 17 9
Connor Richards 18 12

Citizens of District 13

Name Age Backstory (Why you're here) Originial District Citizenship Length: Job

Laine Baleen

24 Father was killed by Peacekeepers and brother killed in the Games, so she ran away to D13 7 4 years Hovercraft fighter pilot
Primrose Rue Mellark 23

My mother is the daughter of Katniss and Peeta Mellark (my grandparents). I was named after my mother's deceased aunt and the tribute my grandma tried to save.

13 23 years

Yumi Wu


Unhappy with her humdrum, twelve hour a day, barely paying job in her home District and her cramped and unsanitary living quarters coupled with her disdain for the cruel Capitol, Yumi decided she would flee and head to the supposed District 13 to help a rebellion she may have heard about among her work-friends.

3 A little over a year. Nurse

Leroy Ocalus Linfire


Hates the Capitol and the oppression of the Districts so he moved to D13. Gay for Harris.

Capitol 1 year Resident doctor
Sarah Louis 15 Sarah escaped a bombing in her home district 9, she ran away to D13. 9 1 year Army
Melissa Treybar 24

Her grandparents were originally from 8, but successfully made it to 13 after the hospital was bombed. Since then they settled down in 13, and had a son who married and had Melissa. She has a daughter called Elsie, who is 3.

Born in 13, ancestors from 8 24 years







Mari Wenve 15

Her mother was loyal to the Capitol and when Mar was dicussing rebellion she tried to kill her. Mari fled to the woods by her home and stumbled upon the old house where Gale brought the citizens of 12. There, she looked around and found things that led her to 13. She brought her 5 year old sister, Luna

Capitol 3 months
Luna Wenve 5

Her mother was loyal to the Capitol and when Mar was dicussing rebellion she tried to kill her. Mari fled to the woods by her home and stumbled upon the old house where Gale brought the citizens of 12. There, she looked around and found things that led her to 13. She brought her 5 year old sister, Luna

Capitol 3 months
Alistar Wovyn 31

After he witnessed his twelve year old daughter, Aina, be reaped and die brutally in a Hunger Games, he fled his home District with his wife and small child to take revenge on the Capitol.

4 7 years Army trainer

Augistina"Augusta" Wovyn


She fled with her husband and child after her daughter was reaped and killed in a games.

4 7 years Army trainer
Anya Wovyn 12

Backstory: Fled from her home District with her mother and father when she was five.

4 7 years
Jade Seeku 20

She moved to District 13 after she won the Hunger Games. Jade also moved her whole family there.

1 2 years



Chase Aadams 19 He ran away from his district when talk of a becoming rebellion had been made. I then ran away in the forest until I found District 13 and have lived here since. He is on a mission from the Capitol. 3 Less than one week before Tributes arrived Army Trainer
Gertrude Proudmoor 16

Moved to 13 after she won the 156th Hunger Games.


Backstory:Moved to 13 after she won the 156th Hunger Games.Bestfriends with Fynn and Sparkle.Fell in love with Chrom the moment he came to 13.

Head cook and soldier

Katniss Mellark, Peeta Mellark and their two children are District 13 Citizens, but given that obvious fact you understand why they are not on the chart.

Their daughter, Posy Hazelle Mellark, is age 63, named after Gale's younger sister and mother. (SPOILER ALERT: If you didn't remember or read, in Mockingjay the epilogue includes their children. The girl with Katniss's brown hair and Peeta's blue eyes. The younger boy with blonde curly hair and Katniss's gray eyes. The names are unmentioned.) She is the president of District 13.

Their son, Peeta Mellark II, age 58, is the head chief over district 13's army.

Day 5 of the Games Continued in District 13

Aria [2]:

When I was picked up by the hovercraft, I had a broken leg, arm, a sprained neck, and I was scraped up. I had been asleep for around 25 minutes, and I wake up. Everything was fuzzy. The incision on my eyebrow had opened again when I got on, but now I felt a stitch of some sort... A butterfly stitch, and I felt people hovering over me. I was on a metal table and fluids were going through me. Wait... am I with district 13 or the capitol? I feel hands gently dabbing the blood off of my legs with a rag. I'm with 13.

"Aria?" an unfarmiliar voice says, calmly. I begin to flutter my eyes, and then I seem to get my vision back.

"Who are you?" I whisper as I look around as much as I can.

On the bed to my right is Sparkle, with fluids going into her as well. The doctors are cleaning her up now. I see Crom across the room, Connor beside him, and Nurie to my left.

"I'm Leroy Ocalus Linfire." He says. "I'm the resident doctor of District 13." he tells me.

"Oh." I say. I can barely manage to think. I look over at my right arm. I am thankful it wasn't my left arm, because I do everything with it. My left leg is broken, though. And my neck has a brace on it.

"That was quite a landing out there. You're lucky to be alive." He tells me. "If it weren't for that boy, Brandon.." he begins. Oh my god. OH MY GOD. BRANDON! HE ISN'T HERE!

I attempt to get up and start having a meltdown.

"BRANDON!!! NO! WHERE IS HE! " I scream, and the other tributes look over at me, besides Chrom, who is sleeping.

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HIM! WHERE IS HE! " I cry. Leroy looks surprised and concerned, and motions his assistants over to me. They put me back down.

"Aria, Brandon threw you in the direction we were making our first pickups at. Flinging you that far, he had deadweight when he landed out of the tree, and I hate to say-"

"HATE TO SAY WHAT! HE'S DEAD, ISN'T HE!" I scream. "HE'S DEAD AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN TRY TO SAVE HIM, YOU SORRY BA-" I begin, and feel an injection in my left arm.I start getting sleepy.

"No, Aria. The Capitol got him. I'm sorry. I will check in on you in the morning. When we land, you will be asleep and wake up in our Medical Wing. Recovery with treatment will be around 2 or 3 months, tops. Try to relax in that time. When you're mentally prepped again, we will expalin everything." He says.

I wish I could scream, but I am unable to do anything with the injection they put into me. I wish I could attack him. I'd rather him be dead than in the Capitol. They didn't pick him up. They didn't try hard enough. They didn't care. I care. I need him. I begin to cry, and only feel the tears streaming my face at an uncontrolable rate. I feel nothing else. I hear someone saying "shhh... it's okay.." one million times and singing the song I sang to Brandon in the Arena.

I cry even harder as I fall into a deep sleep.

Sparkle [4]:

I had just woken up and heard someone beside me start to freak out. I only see bright lights and people dressed in white in a white room. It was blurry when I opened my eyes. My face felt bloody and bruised. I lay in my bed and watch Aria. If she had been killed when Terri told me she would make it happen, we wouldn't be here. Wherever we were. I bet she'd gotten us all killed. I bet we were in Heaven or something. If she'd just been killed when it was her time to die, I'd be on a train back home as the 157th Hunger Games' Victor. Her crazy plan was never an option. How could she think it would work?
I feel a surge of pain through my body again. Possibly my ribs, definitely my stomach, and arm, and the lower part of my left leg. I think I may have cracked something in my neck too. I wince at the jab of a needle entering my arm. But then, my body goes numb and I can't feel the pain. People are still dabbing my bodywith rags and getting excess blood off.
Then a man walks over to me.
"Hello, Sparkle. I'm Leroy Ocalus Linfire. I'm resident doctor of 13. " He says. I frown.
"Wha.. why am I here? How did I die? Was I off guard? And 13 what?" I whisper. My voice sounds horrible.
He chuckles and waves a woman over.
"You're here because you joined the rebellion. We got the sign that you didn't want to, but you did anyways. You aren't dead, you're on a District 13 hovercraft. We are 6 hours from District 13 itself." He smiles lightly.
Then the memory floods back to me. Standing on the Cornucopia with Fynn, jumping, screaming with pain, getting in the hovercraft, getting put to sleep....
I am alive. When I woke up, Aria was freaking out about Brandon not being here. I can't imagine her pain, and now, I feel horrible.
"Where's Fynn?" I ask.
"At least you remember. And, I'm sorry to say, Fynn has been taken by the Capitol." He tells me.
My slows down to a pump every 10 minutes, I swear.
I began to scream, and the injection they gave Aria is now going into my arm. Now I know how Aria feels, and I start crying as well.
And now I start to fall asleep.

Posy [President of 13]:

Now the Careers have arrived. We hurry to wheel out their beds to the Medical Center. Every single District 13 resident, some odd number over 600, walk out and watch them get wheeled. We move slowly so that they can honor their bravery and sacrifice to help us take back our country. Everyone gives our district's salute.

My mother and father walks with the Paramedics. I cannot deny them, for they saved our District to begin with.

We get to the rooms, and give 2 tributes to each. Katniss [my mother] followed to Aria and Sparkle's room.

"This is Aria." Katniss whispers, and strokes her hair as she sleeps.

"Yes mother.. that is Aria. Aria Camelliston. Do not wake her under any circumstances. She went ballistic in shock at discovery that Brandon had been taken by the Captiol. She's like you in so many ways, mother. Oh, is she like you." I tell her and stare at Aria with all of her casts and cuts.

"She's skilled with a bow and arrow also, I noticed." My mother smiles gently. "You know the Captiol is playing with her head. They're doing precisely what they did to me."

I thought a moment.

"Wait.. you think they noticed the pattern of events and they're to brainwash Brandon, as they had Peeta, to destroy her?" I frown. But it makes so much sense.

"If you had been alive then, Posy, you'd understand the pain.." she whispers.

Then she stroked her cheek and walked over to Sparkle. I almost swore I saw her jump and close her eyes as she turned. It was just me, I assume.

"This is Sparkle?" she asks sternly.

"That is Sparkle." I confirm.

"So... do you think she still wants out of the rebellion?" She murmurs.

"I do believe so... She needs to understand that we need her as much as anyone else. I hope she grows on us."

"So do I." Katniss pauses, "Actually.." she says, and pulls out the Pearl that Father gave her years ago.

She opens Sparkle's hand and puts it in. She closes her fingers over it.

"Let's give her one of my good luck charms to give us, and her, some hope." She smiles, and walks back to Aria. She pulls out her Mockingjay pin from so long ago. I was shocked she even gave away the pearl.

"Mother." I furrow my brows in confusion. "What are you doing?" I ask her.

"I'm doing what's right, Posy. Peeta and I won't be here much longer! We are 98 years old, child. We need them. They are our last hope." She says and looks me deeply in the eyes.

I nod solemnly, and the horror strikes me that my parents will be gone soon.

Especially with that bombing from the Capitol when they come..

She pins the Mockingjay to Aria's shirt.

She then makes her salute to District 13 and puts her three fingers to her lips, then to the Mockingjay pin.

Aria [2] Again:

I woke up and stayed calmer than before. I looked across the room and seen Sparkle, wide awake, staring at me. We look at each other a moment.

"I've been waiting for you to wake up." She whispers.

"Have you?" I say quietly.

"Yeah... I... I heard Katniss Everdeen come in. She said you were like her. She thinks that they're playing with your head by-" She paused, and wouldn't finish. I wondered why. She looked sympathetically at me a moment.

"Uhm, nevermind. And she gave me Peeta's pearl." She says.

Oh. Well, she must mean something to Katniss, big, if she got his pearl, and-

"And she gave you the Mockingjay pin and saluted it."

I feel my shirt. I feel the pin. I trace it. So I'm very important as well..

"So I'm the new Mockingjay?" I whisper.

"Pretty much." Sparkle says. She pauses. "I... I'm sorry that I was acting cruel when I discovered you were alive." She says.

She seems hurt.

"It's fine." I say in confusion. "What made you decide that?"

"You and Peeta. Me and Fynn. I know how it hurts." She purses her lips.

"Oh.." I say. "Well, if we take their Extreme Treatment, we can be healed, one week, tops. Start training and rescue them. But I heard it is extremely painful."

I wince. What could hurt worse then how I feel now?

"So we should do it. Together." She smiles weakly and reaches for my hand. I hold her fingertips.

"I'm sorry I downgraded and didn't trust you." I tell her. She deserved an apology if I did.

"And I'm sorry I always saw you as a weak coward." She smirks playfully to herself.

"Oh, I'm also sorry for thinking you were an airhead know-it-all." She looks over at me. I laugh. Then she laughs.

"But seriously... We need to start cooperating." She says and looks at her pearl.

"And we will. I promise." I whisper and squeeze her hand tighter.

Chrom [1]:

I woke up about 15 minutes ago with Connor in my room. He was on a respirator. The doctor, Leroy (Roy) had come in and told me how I was the most recovered patient in the Medical Wing. I made it out with only a few hurt fingers and a broken wrist. Everything else was healed in my surgery. The other tributes could recieve one after their major damages had healed a bit to prevent further damage. They allowed me to check out, and gave me my own living quarters. When I went in there, I saw that my roomate was also Connor. All of my supplies from the games sat in a corner. I then decided to go and see how Lexi was doing.

When I got to her room, I walked in and saw that the curtains were drawn. I raised an eyebrow suspiciously and peeked out, only to see Lexi making out with some guy behind them.

Obviously, she only got a little scratched up in the landing because her bed was made and the chart that said her name said she got checked out as well by the doctor.

She got checked out by this guy too, apparently.

I clutched my jaw and it took everything I had to not spring out and beat the guy up. They stopped and she pulled away.

"Why didn't we ever go out back in Distrct 3, Chase?" She grins, and wraps her arms around his neck.

I should have said I loved her sooner. Oh god. It's my fault.

"Because you were always with some other guy... and I was 19 while you are 17. So we didn't see each other all that often." The guy, Chase says with a smirk.

Okay, it's not my fault. It's hers. And I should have trusted my strategy and not fallen in love.

I walk out of the room without a word.

Sparkle [4]:

I'm glad Aria and I became friends. I hope that after our Extreme Treatments, we can have surgery to heal faster and have better skills. Like flexibility.

I was restless. I looked at my pearl. It was a symbol of faith and hope for Katniss.

"This symbolized hope and faith for Katniss, you know." I say to Aria.

"Hope and Faith." Aria says. "Those are cute names."

I shrug. Hmm. I guess she's right. Those would be good names for her kids, had she thought of it years ago.

"Do you think they'll survive?" Aria frowns.

I know who she's talking about. Brandon and Fynn. Well, I certainly hope on my life. Earlier, I almost told her about how I'd overheard Posy and Katniss talking about how the Capitol was probably torturing Brandon and programming him to destroy her. I then wondered, what if they do that to Brandon?

That sends chills down my back.

"Yeah, I think they will." I whisper. I leave out that they might survive, but it doesn't mean that they'll be mentally healthy.

We sit and talk forever, and I realize what a wonderful friendship we are going to have.

Why wasn't this girl made to be my sister?

Lexi [3]:

Chase and I had caught up after he came into my room. I was ecstatic. I had always though he was cute back in 3, but he was a couple years older than me. And I always had another boyfriend. But now, I had new priorities. Chase. Imean, we're perfect together. Chrom never wanted to show me he loved me anyways, but that's fine. I don't need him anymore.

Chase and I walked out into the Training Area and started our Training, side by side. We had the same Training Schedule.

Then Crom, our instructor, walked out.

Well this is going to be fun.

Yumi [Nurse]:

I walked into Aria and Sparkle's room and saw them laughing and having a good time. It was nice to know they were feeling better. I sat their food trays on their beds.

"It's nice to see that you two are are covering well. Oh! Perhaps I should introduce myself." I chuckle.

"I a nurse for 13, and my name is Yumi. If you continue at this rate, we can begin extreme treatment in just a couple days. Of course, that is, of you continue with normal Treatment after today." I told them.

They looked at their trays. They each had a bowl of hot soup, a piece of bread, some water, and two pills that would help their bone growth.

"And what are these for?" Aria holds up the pills. Sparkle nods.

"They help to repair and damages in your bones. In a couple days, they should be completely healed and your ability with them will be unlimited, but the pain will linger on for a bit. Then we begin Extreme Treatments, bettering your bones and clearing your mind for battle." I smile softly.

"And it..... hurts?" Sparkle frowns.

"Quite a bit. But if we run fluid through you, it won't be so bad." I give them a radiant, assuring, smile.

"Would you like anything?" I ask them. Sparkle looks over at Aria. Aria looks over at me.

"Uh... yes." she says.

I nod and crease my eyebrows a bit. No one tends to need anything usually.

"We'd like to speak with Leroy, the Squadron leader, and the president. We have some things to clear up." She says.

I am not allowed to deny her if she is showing great recovery and mental stability, simply because she is to be the new Mockingjay. Does she know? What am I supposed to say? I must inform someone to tell Leroy, Jade Seeku, and President Mellark. I open my mouth to speak.

Is she allowed to know yet?

"I... um." I frown. She must know, though.

"Okay. Uh, yes. Right away, Ms. Camelliston." I answer, and begin walkling out of the room.

"Thank you. And please call me Aria." she says. I nod. I have never been asked or told to call anyone anything but Ms. or Mr. I appreciate that.

Then I walk out with my head clustered in thought.

Jade [Squadron Leader]:

We walk in to see the girls.

"I know I'm the new Mockingjay." Aria tells us. She sits up, with a wince of pain, (I assume from the Treatment), surprising us with her strength already.

We pause, and look around at one another.

"Did the pin give it away?" Posy frowns.

"We want to know exactly what happened." Sparkle says, and looks at us.

"And no. I... heard from someone. But I want a choice. " Aria says. Posy furrows her brows with frustration.

We grow scared. We know what she'll say. She's like a younger Katniss. We begin to worry. It was the topic of our meeting before Yumi came rushing in.

I purse my lips. I need her in my Squardron unit. Regardless.

Sparkle looks over at her with a soft, reassurig smile.

Oh, God. She's supporting her to tell us no.

"And..." She pauses, and looks at Sparkle. She frowns.

"I...I accept your request. I will become the Mockingjay.. With honor." She says, seeming to surprise herself. Sparkle looks over at Aria in confusion.

"Oh, thank you, Aria." I whisper. Posy hugs her gently.

"May we please know what happened now?" Sparkle says quietly, and looks over at Aria questionably from her last words.

Leroy walks forward.

"Well, Aria fractured her clavicle and sprained lower bones of her neck in a landing on the edge of some rocks. She broke her lower left leg, and her right arm's radius and ulna. Sparkle broke a few bones in her neck, cracked some ribs, fractured her radius and ulna of her left arm, and broke the femur of her right leg. The pain she most likely felt in her stomach was a deep cut from a sharp rock you slid acorss. It covers about the entire middle part of your stomach slanthing up to the left." He tells the girls.

"Tomorrow you both may check out, the Treatment will have healed the clavicle, neck bones, and rib bones comletely by then beause of minor injuries, the scratches and small cuts will be completely gone from a special medicine 13 developed years ago, and Sparkle's cut got stitches 13 also developed to dissolve and leave only the scar after 24 hours. The same goes for Aria's cut that reopened on her eyebrow from Terri's knife. You will both be given slings for your arms and wheelchairs tomorrow to explore 13. Well, what access you can get in a wheelchair. You will begin Extreme Treatment the day after tomorrow and then return to your Living Quarters. In another couple days you will recieve surgery. Then, in a couple months, you will be battle ready." Leroy says. "Questions?"

They just look at him. He chuckles.

"I will write it down and give you each a copy." He tells them.

"Wait." Aria says. "When do I begin Mockingjay session and attend meetings?" she frowns.

Leror looks at me.

"Sounds like a Squadron leader question." He says.

I walk forward.

"Mockingjay sesions will begin after the first Extreme Treatment. As will meetings." I tell her.

She nods a couple of times, and thanks me.

"You're very welcome. See you girls tomorrow, Aria, Sparkle." President Mellark says.

Sparkle and Aria smile and wave. As I shut the door, I can hear a couple of sentences they exchange.

"You're going through with it?" Sparkle hisses.

"I got thinking-" I hear Aria begin as the door completely shuts.

At least she decided to be Mockingjay.

We walk away in awe and such strength and remarkable recovery the girls show.

They will be strong on the battlefield.

End of Day 5 in the Games.

Day 1 In District 13:

Aria [2]:

When Sparkle and I woke up, we both noticed our scars. It felt strange at first, but scars are reminders. Of strength. Of commitment. Of a hard fight. I also found that the bones Dr. Leroy said would heal, were healed. However, my arm and leg still hurt.

"You excited to check out?" I smile at Sparkle.

"More ready than ever." She sighs. "I want out of this... this.. hellhole." She smirks.

I grin and laugh.

"It isn't that horrible. They're just helping us." I remind her.

"Well, yeah, but it isn't fun!" She frowns.

"We're gonna be better soon enough and be able to have fun. I assure you." I say.

She shrugs and then nods in agreement.

Yumi walks in.

"Are you ready to check out?" She smiles.

"Yes we are!" I say with excitement. I couldn't wait. I was so ready, and so is Sparkle. I hoped we got to share a room. I was eager to begin training and preparing to save Brandon and Fynn, and all of Panem, at that matter.

She and another nurse I didn't recognize brough in our wheelchairs. Then they brougt in slings, with a color option of the traditional navy blue, lime green, hot pink, or light purple.

"Pink!" Sparkle squeals.

"Purple, please." I smile and laugh at Sparkle's enthusiasm for pink.

They then helped us put on the slings after we got dressed in our clothes. Then they helped us hobble with one leg to our wheelchairs.

"You will both be in Unit 763." Yumi tells us.

"So we're roommates?" Sparkle smiles.

"That is correct. You were roommates in the hospital room, so you will be together in your unit, much like Mr. Azure and Mr. Richards." She tells us.

"Sounds great." I say, and we roll out into the hall as Yumi waves goodbye. I watch all of the people that stare at us as we go to our rooms.

"Mommy look! It's her! And Sparkle!" I hear one girl say in a loud, excited, whisper to her mother, who says "Shh!" And picks her up and walks away.We smile.

As wheeled ourselves down the halls together and observed. When we came to find our unit, we saw some belongings from the Arena inside. I raise a catious eyebrow as I see a couple more backpacks that didn't belond to me or Sparkle. Then I go through the contents, and find notes from someone's mentor.

Addressed to Brandon.

A couple read to pull a 'Katniss and Peeta' and another to not trust anyone and overcome his emotions. Like me.

But he didn't listen to his mentor.

I burst out crying.

Sparkle frowns and comes over to me.

"What's wrong?" She asks.

"Brandon's stuff." I whisper through sobs. "Fynn's is here too."

We cried with each other for a little while, and put their notes down.

"We have to do this. We have to win the battle. For them." I say to Sparkle.

"Which includes being strong and getting rested. We need to sleep, Aria. To begin Extreme tomorrow. Then you have Mockingjay sessions. It will be hard. Let's go to bed, Aria." She frowns.

I nod, and we go to our beds, which were two seperate beds instead of the usual bunk considering our.... disabilities.

Then I realize this is the first time I have gone to bed without fear or pain since I was at home back in District 2.

Lexi [3]:

Chase decided to take me out to the battlefield when it was clear to secretly walk around. I giggle.

"This is so sweet of you." I whisper, and kiss him.

"Yeah? Just wanted to get some privacy." He tells me, and we link hands and walk around.

"And I have something to tell you." Chase smiles, and steps close to me. He wraps his arms around me.

"Yes?" I bite my bottom lip with excitement. One day, we can have beautiful family! With my looks, of course, mainly. I'm just gorgeous! And he's hot. So there's no denying we're the perfect couple.

"You're gonna die." He smiles cruelly. I feel his knife digging in through my chest.

I fall to the ground in shock. He pulls out the knife.

Then I start throwing up clumps of blood.

"That's right baby. I'm from the Capitol. But nobody is gonna know when I kill every single one of you helpless little animals and get your secrets back home. Sweet dreams." He whispers to me.

"Oh, and this sounds a bit farmiliar, hmm? 'Did you ever really think that someone like me could ever love you? I mean, look at me, compared to you. You're pathetic.' " He laughs cruelly after saying the words I said to the boy from my district as I killed him in a kiss.

Isn't he original? I hate him.

Then the knife slices my neck.

"Like poetry? Here's a little poem for you.

'Lexi don't you remember?

When you made that little boy tremble?

Karma comes back

With more than a slap!

and you'll just end up with a knife in your back.

Lexi can't you just hear it?

The cannon that you so often heard?


and now- you're dead. " He sings with a chuckle.

And then I lay there lifeless.

==== Primrose [13]:'====

The Capitol

Tributes Collected:

Name: Age: District: Form of Torture: Outcome of Torture:
Brandon Blackfin 16 2 knives, pirahnas, tracker jackers, scalpels Pain, brainwash
Fynn Mystonael 15 4 knives, pirahnas, tracker jackers, scalpels Pain, brainwash
Avery 16 1 knives, scalpels, unofficial surgery, pirahnas Revived from suicide at first, then death

Capitol Citizens:

Name: Age: Backstory: Important Relationships: Job:

Sparkle-Twinkle-Ember-Fluff Smitherns

(Stef or Spark)


Lived The Capitol all her life. Distant Cousin of Effie Trinket. NEVER had any friends, and is always drinking sparkling water.

Cat-Bunny hybrid, Meme

City Circle Secretary

Esorelleia Snow (Ezzy) 20

Born and raised in the Capitol ; daughter of President Snow's great- grandson, Coriolanus Snow II, next in line to rule, disagrees with her father's ideas of running the country. Yearns to rebel.


Snow I (great-great grandfather) ;


president Snow (Father)

Flora Snow (sister)

Next in line to run Panem
Flora Snow 23

She hates the fact that everyone's always judging her because of this evil guy that she's slightly related to, although she realizes that they re judging her correctly. She likes the way her Great Great Great Grandpa ruled Panem, and plans to follow in his footsteps. For some reason, every one seems to hate her........

She is President Snow's Great-Great-Great-Granddaughter

Current President's daughter

Ezzy Snow's sister

She has a few friends that are daughters of Important Gamemakers, but that's really it.

Second choice (if Ezzy can't) to run Panem
Tanya Sparks Renningston 20

Tanya lived a very privlaged life in the capitol, she knows almost everyone thats very important because of her parents. She secretly hates the games and when she hears about the rebelious tributes, she wants to help them. She has been trained in combat and all that stuff tributes need because her parents were scared that one day there would be a rebellion and they wanted her to survive

Connections: daughter of the head game maker, friends with almost everyone important in the capitol and is excpected to become the headgame maker after her father.

Future Head Gamemaker

Felix Tellios


Felix was born about a minuet after his twin brother, Lucian. Born to a noble and a shopkeeper, Felix was reletively wealthy his entire life. He grew up watching the Hunger Games, but over the years began to despise and be distrubed by them. He came out to his parents and twin when he was seventeen, and they were accepting (most in the Capitol are). He opened a store with his twin, but he wishes the quad of him, his twin, his boyfriend and his twins wife would help the Rebellion.

Important Relationships: Felix has a twin brother, Lucian, who is almost inseparable from him. They are always together, and hardly ever leave eachothers side. The only time they aren't together is when they are sleeping with their partners (they all share a house, but have separate rooms for Felix/Tobias and Lucian/Bridget) or using the. . . facilities. Felix is openly gay (many Capitol males are), and he has a longtime boyfriend named Tobias, who next to his twin brother, he spends the most time with. He is also good friends with his brothers wife, Bridget.

Job: He owns a clothing store with his twin brother named "Twin Fashion". Though, in some way, he really wants to get to District 13 to help out the Rebellion against the Capitol (he doesn't like the Game

Felix has a twin brother, Lucian, who is

Job: He owns a clothing store with his twin brother named "Twin Fashion". Though, in some way, he really wants to get to District 13 to help out the Rebellion against the Capitol (he doesn't like the Games).

Lucian Tellios 25

Lucian was born slightly after his twin brother, Felix. Born to a noble and a shopkeeper, Felix was reletively wealthy his entire life. He grew up watching the Hunger Games, but over the years began to despise and be distrubed by them, as his brother did. When is twin came out to him, he was completely supportive. He even set Felix up with his friend who was gay. He opened a store with his twin, but he wishes the quad of him, his twin, his wife and his twins boyfriend would help the Rebellion

His is inseparable from his twin brother. They are always seen together (they all share a house, but have separate rooms for Felix/Tobias and Lucian/Bridget). Next to his twin, Lucian spends the most time with his wife of two years, Bridget. He is best friends with Tobias, his twins boyfriend.

Job: He owns a clothing store with his twin brother named "Twin Fashion". Though, in some way, he really wants to get to District 13 to help out the Rebellion against the Capitol (he doesn't like the Games).

Tobias Cartlan 23

Tobias was born to a normal wage family in the Capitol. He grew up disliking the frivolous nature of the Captiol, and he held an even deeper hatred for the Games. His parents died when he was eighteen, so he has been on his own ever since. He never had a chance to tell them about his sexuality

Important Relationships: His is the boyfriend of Felix, and he is Felix's twin brother Lucian's best friend (they all share a house, but have separate rooms for Felix/Tobias and Lucian/Bridget). He is also friends with Lucians wife, Bridget.

Job: He works at the clothing store his boyfriend co-owns with his twin, but wishes, along with the other three, to go to District 13 to help the Rebellion.

Bridget Tellios 22

Bridget was born to underage parents who dumped her at the Capitol orphanage. She was quickly adopted for her striking looks, and grew up with a happy family. Her parents were never fans of the Games, and she grew up disliking the cruelty of the Capitol as well.

Important Relationships: She is the wife of Lucian, and she is also close friends with Lucians twin brother Felix and Felix's boyfriend Tobias (they all share a house, but have separate rooms for Felix/Tobias and Lucian/Bridget).

Job: She works at the clothing store her husband co-owns with his twin as a designer of clothes, but wishes, along with the other three, to go to District 13 to help the Rebellion.

Carmellina Carley 16

Was a Capitol citizen all her life.

None Fashion Designer, Stylist
Carson Adam Crane 23 Grew up in the capitol, but has recently been discovering the ugly truth of the Games and Capitol torture after the Rebellion began. Great-grandson of Seneca Crane, expected to become a Gamemaker someday and be better than his Great- grandfather. Future Gamemaker
Zane Portelli 21 Born and raised in Capitol, secretly has a plan to run away to District 13, has been in love with Esorellia Snow since they were little kids. Cousin of Carson Adam Crane (Seneca Crane's great-grandson) and his father died when he was young, so his Uncle and Aunt took him in at 3 years old, and is expecting to also be a Gamemaker someday. Future Gamemaker

Day 5 of the Games continued in the Capitol:

Brandon [2]:

I was on the hovercraft, chained up on the wall across from Fynn. I opened my eyes and saw a bright red room. It was hazy. Fynn had a contorted facial expression. He was in pain. Then I noticed my arms were chained up to the wall and so were my legs. I knew something was wrong with my arms and wrists because one arm was suddenly longer than the other. I cried out, feeling the first wave of pain. My other arm had deep gashes and blood was dripping onto my clothes.My legs are also sliced up and battered. My left arm has a bone poking out of my forearm. I scream. I feel the second wave, and my stomach is scratched to pieces. I am positive I have a few cracked ribs. I turn my head and cry out in pain again. The third wave. It's broken. my face has blood dripping from it as well. I have never felt so much pain. Fynn turns his eyes towards me.

"They're coming for us." He croaks out. "They're coming!"

I frown.

"Who's coming for us?" I say. My voice is raspy.

"The capitol! We're with the capitol!" he cries. I see a few white spots on the walls and realize what an odd paintjob it is.

"No.." I whisper with a moment of terror striking me after it registers.

"WAIT! You have the nightlock in your pocket still don't you?" I ask Fynn with desperation.

"No." He looks down moarnfully. "They took it away."

Then I remember Aria. ARIA!

"FYNN! WHERE'S ARIA!" I yell to the top best of my ability. Then I cough. Up comes blood.

"District 13. We only are with the capitol. Avery commited suicide." He says matter-of-factly.

I just thank god that Aria is okay. I'd kill them all if she were hurt right now.

Then, a man walks in with a twisted expression.

"Ahh, the little rebels. How nice to see you. Brandon and Fynn. You know, you had us going. My gamemaker got suspicious, but I said 'No! Everything's fine.' because I knew nobody would try to rise up against us again with stupidity. As you all have, obviously. Oh! Pardon me. I must properly introduce myself. I am President Snow. Named after my grandfather, Ring a bell?" He grins. "Anyhow, we need answers. Oh, and ahead of time, I must have you know- we like to play games. We want you to play with us. Can you do that?" He bares his teeth and chuckles.

"Oh, okay. Francis, Corneltious, I'm done. They're yours. Don't kill them- remember. I need to keep them for a while. We will be at the Capitol in five hours." Snow says, and walks out. I am absolutely horrified. I wish I were dead. The two people- Francis and Corneltious, I assume- walk in, pulling in a tray with the most horrific torture weapons I have ever seen in my life. They begin wheeling something else in.

I only then get a good look at the walls and realize it's dried blood. The wall's white spots are the original wall color.

Fynn [4]:

I had a shiver go through my body. I wanted the nightlock more than ever. I wanted Sparkle here so that I could finally admit I loved her, before I was dead or brainwashed. I was always so scared to fall in love, especially in the arena, because love makes people do crazy things.

And now I'm in a room in antagonizing pain about to be tortured by people from the Capitol.

Now, tell me, which part of that isn't crazy?

My point. No love= no emotion. No emotion= no mercy. No mercy= dead tributes. Dead tributes= one Victor goes home safe. I cringed when I saw what they pulled in next.

A dead girl. A dead Avery, at that.

"Why?" I croak out. "Why are you going to hurt us? Why do you have her?" I ask.

"Hello, Fynn. I'm Francis. This is Corneltious. The answer to your first question is simple! Didn't Snow tell you!" She laughs hysterically with Corneltious. "You're to be tortured for attemtping to overrun Panem, my friends! In all honesty, Fynn, we wanted you all to torture painfully and slowly until you each died. We planned to make you watch one another and force your eyes open. If we couldn't have you all, we wanted at least Brandon and Aria. Believe me, you weren't our first choice. Our fourth, actually, after Brandon, Aria, and Crom. But Brandon was a good little boyfriend and THREW ARIA FROM OUR REACH!" She screams to the top of his lungs with fury.

"Calm, Francis. Take the anger out on him, not with your words." Corneltious said.

"I suppose you're correct." She grits through her teeth.

"But first, let us show you what power we have in the Capitol." Francis says. They chain up Avery's dead body in a part of the wall with a peculiar rectangular dip, and well-lit. Then they brought out shockers and a lethal injection. Avery awoke with a gasp of air. She froze with horror.

"Am I in Hell?" She whispers at sight of Brandon and I, bloodied and moaning.

"No, no, my dear. Much worse." Corneltious says with bemusement.

"You've been revived by the Capitol's caring hands." Francis smiles devilishly.

First, Corneltious undressed her. She looks absolutely mortified.

When they pick up, first, a scalpel, and begin to walk towards her. She begins screaming.

I can nearly see the horns poking out of their heads.

And then I realize that Francis really does have small devil horns for her Capitol style.

Fits her perfectly.


Spark [C]:

When President Snow arrived back at the City Circle with the two Torturers, they carried the rebels in on metal beds that were thin and... one extra girl I didn't know they had. I gasped and jumped back as they came by me carrying them in.

"Ew!" I squeak, as I hate blood and gore. I throw my hands up so I won't touch them as they pass by tightly.

Then President Snow walks in and I immediately throw my hands back behind my back in a lady-like mannerism.

"Welcome back, Mr. Snow. May I help assist you today?" I repeat the standard phrase.

"No thank you, Spark. Not today." he waves a hand at me as a greeting as he walks back to his Living Quarters. Of course he doesn't need help. When does he?

Well, more time for me. I head down to Twin Fashion to find a dress for tonight's ball.

Flora [4]:

I began walking down the hall with Ezzy to go to the Viewing Room, where on average standards, we watch the Hunger Games. But today, we were watching the tributes' torture for trying to overtake our marvelous country. We were dressed in our most dazzling outfits for a ball we were to have to keep peace within districts by inviting the mayor of every district tonight. Ezzy and I had on similar dresses, but she seemed sad. I didn't know why. Usually, we had fun and got along just fine. But she had always seemed to be hiding a secret from me. I never knew what it was, but it was big. It was odd, how often Ezzy and I were asked if we were twins. I was three years older, though. They always said she seemed more 'independent' than me, though, so of course she was next in line to rule Panem.

As we walked into the room, we saw the screen live. I saw Francis slowly tracing the District 1 tribute, Avery's, lips with a knife cutting on the way. I felt almost bad for her, however. She had done nothing wrong. She commited suicide to not deal with the Rebellion. But it taught the other two, Brandon and Fynn, who were admittedly cute minus al the blood and gore, a lesson.

"Ezzy! Look!" I bite my bottom lip and turn my head as they cut around her eyes. Cool, but gross. So does Ezzy.

"This isn't very... good." She whispers and bites her lip, like me, and looks upset instead of thinking it was neat.

"Oh, lighten up! This teaches them a lesson." I tell her. We watch as they cut all around her body. She won't stop screaming and crying out. Her voice is going hoarse, but her lungs are strong.

Then a glass door slides down and surrounds her with water. She holds her breath, and then they release the pirhanas. They eat her flesh on certain parts of her body for a while. She lets go of her breath and starts gagging on water and kicking as well as she can and swinging. The bloodied water and pirahnas flush out and she's crying and screaming again.

One torturer cuts an incision in her stomach, and pulls out a few organs. Another slits her throat, and they stand back watching blood pool from her beneath Fynn and Brandon's feet. They're crying as much as her crying out for them to stop.

Then Avery dies and they leave her there.

"A memory- what we can do to you, and begin tomorrow." Francis says devilishly.

Then the screen shuts off. Ezzy is staring at the blank screen in shock.

"Ezzy?" I frown.

"Let's go now.." she whispers, the same blank expression. Then she clears her throat and mind and shakes her head. She smiles weakly at me. "To the ball."

And we walk down the hall together. I wonder what her problem is.

9362 mg 0649-p

Ezzy in her dress

9315 MG 8787

Flora in her dress

Tanya [C]:

As Snow's granddaughters walked into the ballroom, everyone was breathless. They walked elegantly across the floor, their long trails follwing behind them, joining their family for the speech. After Snow talked to everyone and told us this was an assembly to untie our nation and assure peace as prosperity, and a lot of other stuff I quite honestly didn't care about, considering I hear it every other year since I was a small child. I pour a glass of Champagne and walk over to Esorellia and Flora.

"Hello, Esorellia. Flora." I smile and bow my head in courtesy. They return the favor.

"How was the Viewing Room?" I ask them. I knew that they had watched the torture.

"It was quite gruseome." Flora laughs, and shakes her head lightly, recalling the event.

"I didn't enjoy it, actually." Esorellia said. Flora stopped and looked over at her.

Then an avox came by with a tray and offered them both Champagne glasses. Esorellia was looking at Flora rubbing her arms, expecting her to be angry. Flora grabbed two glasses and handed Esorellia one.

"You didn't enjoy it?" Flora raised an eyebrow. I then flash Esorellia my wrist. She stares at it.

"..Ezzy?" she snaps her out of it, her eyes conntect to mine a moment, and she nods. She pushes her hair to the side for a brief second away from her ear, and I see the tiny Mockingjay on the tip of her ear. I smile.

"No. It was cruel. I.. understand your point. They must be punished, but why not just force a lethal ijection or nightlock?" she frowns. I never thought of it that way, but I hadn't agreed with the punishments the Capitol had anyhow, and Esorellia seemed to hate watching the games as much as I do.

"Because it shows our nation that they cannot run us over." Flora frowns. Then she suddenly seems to realize I'm still there.

"Oh, um. We will continue this conversation later, Ezzy. Okay?" She said and looked deeply into her eyes. Esorellia nodded.

Flora walked away and was asked to dance by Carson Adam, the bow she had been crazy in love with since they were 8 years old and played the hunger Games together, pretending to play Katniss and Peeta. They did it secretly, of course, or they would have been punished in an acceptable way for young children.

"So, Esorellia-" I begin.

"You may call me Ezzy." She smiles. I was glad to find I could call her that. Only those she liked and were close to had ever called her that. Her own Father hardly ever did. His busy schedule prevented him from family bonding.

"Ezzy, I.." I step closer, and my voice becomes a murmur. "You are joyful of the Rebellion, against the games, and the torture, aren't you?" I ask her. I ask because it is quite obvious, considering the exclusive tattoo, and I, myself, as a hopeful Rebel, show my sign by the very small and light colored tattoo of a Mockingjay on my wrist once more to assure she saw it.

"I'm so glad I'm not the only high ranking in the City Circle that agrees." She whispers at me with a smile.

"Come visit me tomorrow at 2:00pm sharp, and we will discuss ideas." She whispers again.

"I will." I tell her, and we nod once more to each other as if we had just ended a normal conversation, and move on our seperate ways as we begin the ballroom dancing.

Esorellia [C]:

I stood alone, leaned up against a pillar in the ballroom, watching Carson Adam and Flora while sipping my Champagne still. When Flora and I were younger, we both had crushes on him. She used to tease me and tell me he could never love me, being 3 years younger and what not. But after my teenage years, my crush had ended, but Flora's lived on. I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned and saw... what was his name, Zane, I believe, with his light brown eyes and cropped-up brown hair. He had a firm jaw, high cheekbones, and fair skin complection. When we were little, while Flora and Carson Adam played Hunger Games, we would play 'Save the Princess.'

It had to have been years and years ago that we last talked, although I saw him so often. I opened my mouth to say his name and found myself smiling.

"Zane." He says for me, and grins.

"Esorellia."I smile, then stop and remember he always called me Ezzy. I laugh and shake my head clumsily.

"Uhm, I mean, Ezzy. But you knew that, I'm pretty sure." I smile.

"Oh, I knew." He laughs, and holds his hand out. He looks adoringly into my eyes.

"May I have this dance?" He asks me gently. I look around. The moonlight is hitting the ballroom perfectly, and the lights are dimmed in certain areas. It was a beautiful setting and a slow slong had come on. I tuck my hair behind my ear and smile.

"Sure." I say and grab his hand, and he escorts me to the floor. I then realize my hair tucked behind the ear with my Mockingjay tattoo. I gasp and quickly cover it up. He smirks and, as we begin to dance, he rolls up his sleeve a little bit to reveal a threadding of a Mockingjay. I see it, and my eyes brighten. He folds it back down.

The room begins to clear out, but Zane and I finish our first dance.

End of Day 5 of the Games

Day 1 in the Capitol:

Felix [4]:

Yesterday, tons of people from the City Circle and, for some odd reason, high rankings in onther districts, were at our store yesterday. I figured there was a large event coming up in the City Circle, because 2 days ago, President Snow's daughters came in to buy a dress. I tried my hardest to make them look ugly in their dresses because of my hatrid for the president, but they just look so fabulous in everything they tried on! I also stopped trying to make them look awful when Esorellia had tucked her hair behind her ear, revealing the Rebellion symbol, a Mockingjay. She quickly realized she had made a mistake and pulled it back out, looking around at everyone. So I began to give them things that would look even more stunning on them when I came across multi-colored an pink dresses about mid-thigh length with a long, silky trail. They both tried them on, Esorellia trying on the colorful one and Flora trying on the solid pink color.

"Oh, my! I love this dress on me!" Flora excalimed, and spun around, smiling at herself in the mirror.

"You do look amazing!" I excalimed, and smiled.

Bridgett, Tobias, and Lucian all nodded in agreement, smiling. They went over to colsule and convince her to buy the dress.

I looked over at Esorellia to see how she liked her dress. She had a slight frown on, picked the trail up, and watched it drop to see how it flowed. She sighed.

At that point, I walked over to her.

"Are you okay, Esorellia?" I ask her. She smiles very weakly.

"Yes." She whispered. I assume that she isn't excited for the ball, making me m ore curious as to what it celebrates. I wonder if it involves the Rebellion after her tattoo slip-up.

"I don't believe you for a second, dear!" I exclaim, and help her adjust the zipper that had a couple ore centimeters to pull up.

"You know, whatever you worry about, it isn't worth it. Life is all to short, yes?" I say as I sit her down and pull out several different shoes for her to try on. I pulled out pink heels and held them next to her foot. No.

"And I want you to know that if you think I won't care.." I tell her, hlding out a blue flat. Not right either.

"I'm not like an eavesdropping bird to go around and sing what I've heard to everyone. I don't repeat music as mockingjays do."I pull out a silver, open-toed heel and hold it next to her foot.

Yes. I slide them on and she nods in approval, looking at me in surprise, as if considering if I were making a suggestion or not. I just chuckle.

I pulled the trail out and to each side of her bodyso that she could see the trail's flow correctly after her failed attempt earlier.

"You look beautiful." I assure her with a warming smile and rub her shoulders to sooth her. She turns and looks at me with a real smile this time.

"Thank you." She says with a depth.

"Of course." I tell her, and her sister, Bridgett, Tobias, and Lucian walk over to us. Tobias stands by me.

"So, did you find the right help for her, Felix?" He asks me with a smile. I couldn't wait to tell him later about her tattoo.

"I believe I did!" I say with a smile and look over at Esorellia. She laughs.

"I will reccomend you all to my friends." Flora says. "You have excellent service!" She excalims.

"Well, thank you. Goodbye!" Bridgett says to them, and we wave as they leave.

Then I wonder if Esorellia was thanking me a bit too sincerely for helping her find an outfit, or if she were thanking me for being her shoulder to cry on.

Brandon [2]:

After we saw Avery killed yesterday, we were horrified when we had the exact same thing happening to us. Except, they didn't cut out any organs or release pirahnas. They don't want us to die yet. Then they put the tracker jackers all over Fynn and I. And Snow walked in.

It burnt, like fire. No, like acids burning your veins. I cried out, like Fynn.

"So, boys, while the venom looks for your brain, in moments you will believe anything I say." Snow smirks.

"NO!" I yell with what power I have in my lungs to do so.

"I am going to kill you. I will do exactly what you've done to us and much more. I will enjoy every minute of it. You're going to feel it. You'll die." I grit through my teeth. When I get out of here, I'm taking him with me. He's going to suffer.

I get dizzy, and my mind feels foggy.

Oh god, no ... No... I need to remind myself of one person to keep safe, to cae for, protect, and love forever...

Aria. Aria. Aria. Aria. Aria. You love-

Wait... where am I? Why am I here? ... Who do I love?

Ow... my head hurts... so does my stomach. I see blood on my hands. That's... gross. I think..

"Oh, okay!" He says. "Well, you won't kill me, actually, because you're supposed to help me hurt some people And you, Fynn."

Fynn nods.

Wait. Why would I kill him again?

Oh.. Well, at least that makes sense. I help him hurt the people that do horrible things. That's why blood is on my hands! Of course! I'm acting ignorant. And they probably put out a tough fight, so my head and stomach hurts. I understand now.. I'm helping President Snow. But.. how did I get here?

"Oh.. uh. How did I get here?" I ask. Wait!

No, he can't win... I'm not really helping him.. I'm not hurting others... they're hurting me!

I think. Wait, what did I think? Oh yeah. I'm helping President Snow with Fynn.

How do I know his name? Names... important names in my mind...

Aria. Who is Aria? I think she's important in my life. I don't know how.

"Why, you've lived here for weeks! Bad accident a while back on your way. You got a concussion falling down from high up. Fynn as well. Before I go farther and you have a rememberance on your feelings for me and Panem's government, I must remind you how much you love our country and its leaders." He says.

Well, I think I don't like him. At all. I HATE HIM!


No, I respect him.. I hate the others.

I think... I think...

I suppose I do love our country. Yes! It's amazing.

"Oh yeah! I remember!" I exclaim. Or I think I do.

I hate thinking about everything! I know nothing!!!!!!

"You met Fynn in the Hunger Games. Your mind is fuzzy. A girl named Aria pretended she loved you." He tells me.

Aria? Wait.. she pretended to love me?

But.. I think.. I.. I do.

I love her. I love Aria Brooklyn Camelliston.

No, no I don't... She lied to me... I think. Right?

But how do I know her full name?

I'm scared.

Then he told Fynn the same about loving a girl named 'Sparkle.' whoever that is. Sparkle.. I think I was in the games with her.

"It hurts." Fynn groans to President Snow.

Then I realize we're on chains. And I see a girl- I think a girl- no, a girl's remaining flesh- hanging as well. I'm horrified. Who is she?

"Why did she pretend? Why am I here? Why am I on these chains? Who's that girl?" I ask him, struck with fear.

"She- they, Fynn- Pretended to love you so they could kill you and win. They began a Rebellion to defeat our marvelous capitol, and tried to force you to come with them. You refused, so they threw you out into the explosion they made." He says simply. He seems so wise, and to know all the answers to all my questions. He must be a really great leader!

"These chains are part of you training. That girl is Avery, we killed her. She tried to kill you for Aria and Sparkle." He tells us.

"Your training is to kill Aria and Sparkle and all of their friends in District 13, the rebels." He tells me.

"Wait.. they tried to kill us? " I ask, getting angrier and angrier.

"They did. It's their fault that you are bleeding as well. They force people to hurt you." He says.

And now, I was pissed. Skip mad, skip sad.

I hate that girl- Aria Brooklyn Camelliston.

I need to remember that. I can find her and kill her easier.

Fynn [4]:

I was outraged. But Sparkle didn't have a bad memory in my head, I thought. But President Snow knows best. I think. I don't know! I'm mad, I'm hurt. I'm sad. I miss.... I miss someone. I don't know who or why! That's the only reason I'm so mad! I just want to know! But I don't KNOW what I need to KNOW!!!!!

It drives me crazy, and I assume it's all Aria and Sparkle's faults. So I want to take it out on them.

"Are we to kill them?" I grind through my teeth.

"Oh, yes. Any way you like. Retrieve them and you choose." He smirks. Then he leaves the room.

So, I choose how to kill them. I want them to feel my pain and emotions next. I want them to feel the pain. I think. I don't think I know what I think.

Wow, it's getting dark in here. I'm sleepy.

I think. I just want ANSWERS!

The War ( Coming Soon)

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