The Issue At Hand

We all have problems with uploading photos for our Games. We worry that they will get stolen or used without permission. Yeah, I know.

"It isn't copyrighted, so technically they have the right to use it."

"Are you in it? No."

"Did you take it? No."

OKAY, Admins. We get it. But it isn't fair.

We uploaded these to our accounts! So therefore, they belong to us. They can find their own if we put hard effort into getting these and uploading them.

You may think I'm overexaggerating, but when it comes to making tributes we get pretty serious about people stealing our things. You personally may not enter Games, but it's a huge part of this wiki and recently a user used 8, personally, of my photos that I always have a copyright symbol by. My friends's got stolen as well. We were all ticked and talking about it in chat, and I think this should end.

From now on, I believe that if we upload a photo- it's ours and ours only to use unless we give open rights to it.

And I know several people agree, so if the admins could please take a moment to watch this it would be fantastic.

Also- I know. Forum. Just give me time to get signatures to include so that you guys will know how serious we are about this.


The Petition


All photos uploaded by a user are completely that user's rights and any usage of the photos will have to be requested to the user.

1. Katelyn.danita
2.  Zakel - signed up from Chat
3. HeavyRotation - Signed up from Chat
4. Mysims
5. Nommyzombies
6. CallamAndyRyanBeth


8. lily1997
9. Flowers101 - Signed up from Chat
10. ~PoundtheAlarm~ - Signed up from Chat

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