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    The 19th Hunger Games

    September 5, 2012 by Katerina123456

    District1:Male Aron 18 Female: Brittany (Britt) 17

    District2:Male Eric 18 Female:Anna 17

    District3:Male Wille 12 Female:Whitney 18

    District4:Male Jay 17 Female:Katie 18

    District5:Male Andy 13 Female:Amanda 15

    District6:Male Jason 16 Female:Mandy 13

    District7:Male Wyatt 18 Female:Julieanne (Julie) 18

    District8:Male Hugo 17 Female:Nancy 14

    District9:Male Joey 15 Female:Naomi 16

    District10:Male Shane 16 Female:Dani 16

    District11:Male Anthony 13 Female:Helen 15

    District12:Male Gerald 14 Female:Kara12

    59,58,57,56, I see all of the knives that me and Julie can use. 55,54,53,52,51,50, i look at her she sees them also. She looks at me and puts up 6 fingers."Six Knives" i think. She is so goregous with her black hair and green eyes.Good thing we are allies.


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