Hi. So most of you know me from the live chat . You know me as the annoying brat that likes to get under your skin. Well the jig's up, that's not who I really am . Everything i told you about me was a lie . My name is not Rayna Joice and that picture I showed you of me, thats my cousin. Let me tell you about the real me and my life. For the typos

                                                My Hunger Game life

It all started on that day in second grade , when my life went wrong. My mom and my brother Adrian got into another fight, during my dental surgery . I was drugged but I could still hear them. When i woke up , i couldn't stop drooling, my mouth was sore and i couldnt speak so no one could help me.When we got home layed down in mom's bed.She had to the store so i was stuck with my dad . Dad. A strange with him character he wasn't very nice to me as he was to everyone else. "Dad I need to go to the bathroom." I whined " Then go! You are potty trained." he said . Still numb , I some       how made my way to the toilet .

After I went , I lost my footing and fell. I screamed help as loud as i can but i was still a bit woozy so i was very quiet . Its been about an hour until i heard my mom say "Where is Diamond ?" Then she opened the bathroom door and helped me up and put me back on the bed with our mexican dog Tito . 

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