• KatherinaOdair

    ​My name is Katherina Odair. And this is the story of how i met him. I was skatbeboarding around, on my way to the skatepark, when a boy crashed into me. He knocked us both down. I was about to skateboard away but he said Hey, wait!. I turned and looked at him. I'm Austin Mellark. I smiled and replied, I'm Katherina Odair.. Finnick and Annie are your parents? he asked. Yes. I replied. We both skateboarded away, but instead of going to the skatepark, I went roof jumping. Roof jumping is when you jump from roof to roof. Then I saw him again. He jumped off a cliff. This cliff is at the beach, so he landed in the ocean. He hit his head on a rock and got knocked out, the water pulled him into a cave. I ran to the beach and ran into the cave, and i tried …

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