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I've been reading stories on here for a while now and decided to give it a go! I've been told I'm a good writer and wanted to put my skills to the test :')

It will be the normal games, you submit a tribute and i'll write up the games based on what you tell me about them; if there are any other tributes that sound good then just post if you want to be an alliance with them!

If you want to enter a tribute just fill out this form;










Bloodbath strategy:

The Tributes.

District 1 male: Benny Oakling, 12 - SkyTimeGirl

District 1 female: Serene "Fish" Viola, 12 - Aquastar4Infinity
District 2 male:

Troy Ventura, 17 - Mysims

District 2 female: Abbie Lennox, 17 - Mysims
District 3 male:
District 3 female: RESERVED
District 4 male: Nicholas Davenport, 17 - FinnickForever
District 4 female: Thaila Combes, 16 - Catnipkatniss
District 5 male:
District 5 female: Brianna Reille, 15 - SkyTimeGirl
District 6 male: RESERVED
District 6 female: RESERVED
District 7 male:
District 7 female:
District 8 male:
District 8 female: Sophie Sage, 15 - Aquastar4Infinity
District 9 male:
District 9 female:
District 10 male: Kelvin Minco, 17 - VarinEgo
District 10 female:
District 11 male:
District 11 female: RESERVED
District 12 male:
District 12 female:

The Arena

The glimmering cornucopia rests on a soft bed of grass, a small fresh water stream can be heard running along the left side, where the soft grass ends and an icy tundra begins. Reaching temperatures of -30, this crystal land provides shelter, coverage and is free of mutts, if you can withstand the weather of course. The grass may be covered in exotic butterflies of all colours, but don’t overestimate their beauty, mutts of all shapes and sizes rest here; however there is coverage, shelter, a water source and all the bags. To the right leads off into a forest, where many mutts rest, as I’m sure you guessed; but if you go too far, the forest turns into a fuming swamp full of acid, you don’t want to fall in here. In the middle of a forest is a stream, which provides drinking water, but attracts many mutations too.

Decide where you would like your tribute to go;

  • The cornucopia.
  • Tundra
  • Forest.

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