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It was beyond pity I felt for her it was almost like I owed her. Somehow.

I know I didn’t owe her anything.

I feel the hot burn of the coals on my face, and hear he thud of the punch.

“feed it to the pig you stupid creature, why not! No one decent will buy burn bread!

My mother yelled

Now was my chance. I carried the big loaves outside. She looked weak.

I was about to walk to her and give them to her. But I realized that my mother was watching from the door frame, with her arms crossed.

She looked at me as if to get rid of the bread…

I started picking off bits of the bread, as small as I could to the pigs.

I took a quick glance at the door and he wads gone.. now was my chance. I threw the bread in the mud, In her direction. I ran back inside, and immediately regretted my decision to throw them in the rain.

I look at the window, in and catch my reflection, and nurse my soon to be black eye.

That’s what playback in my head, while she slowly walked to the stage. She was more brave then anyone I know. Not a tear in her eyes. I know what she’s trying to do. Look like a tribute, someone who is ready to play the games. And she’s good at it.

But I know her better then that. She volunteered for her sister prim. She has a heart, despite what anyone says

She so beautiful. Even n the face o the games. Her hair braided, with a soft blue dress. She- Peeta mellark. What did she say? P-e-e-t-a M-e-l-l-a-r-k that’s me.

Im going into the games. Everyone has cleared a path for me, and is staring.

Its time for me to walk now. One foot in front of the other. My palms are sweaty, I feel the fear creeping down my back into my ankles. The sun is beating down on me. I walk slowly as I can to the stage. It’s silent. Before I know it im on stage with katniss shaking hands I suddenly become aware of of what is happing, I squeeze her hand as I waken.

He anthem plays. “ may the odds be ever in your favor”.


The peace keepers escort katniss and I to the justice building. Its very fancy, the most fancy in the whole of district 12. I’ve been here a few times. Sometimes the peacekeepers like there bread delivered, and when they call for us, its my job to bring it here.

I dont like this building much, sure is beautiful. It has gold painted door frames. Red velvet couches. The floor is made of white marble. And its filled with expensive paintings from the capitol. But I don’t feel at home here. It feels…..sterile.

They place me in a room with a few wooden seats, a jug of water with a few glasses, plus one of those red velvet couches. In the back of the room there is a full length mirror. I stare at my reflection for a while, I wan to remember this. Me.

I Will stay this way, and they will not change me. They WILL NOT change me.

“you have one hour”. Grunts the peacekeeper.

My father walks in the room and then my mother.

I’ve always been close to my dad. I remember the first day of school. I was walking down the hallway, holding my dads hand. He pointed out katniss and said, “do you see that girl over there?” “ I was in love with her mother”.

I remember looking so high to his face and whispering “why didn’t you marry her?”

“because she married a man who worked in the coal mines”.

I remember my confusion.

“why would she choose a coal miner over you?”

My father bent down and said. “ because when he sings the birds stop to listen”.

His eyes closed, like recalling a memory close to mind.

Later I heard katniss sing a lullaby, and from that moment on I loved her. And now we will have to fight to the death. We’ve never spoken, the only contact we’ve had was, that one rainy day, when I threw the burnt bread to her…why didn’t I give it to her? Maybe that’s why she’s never spoken to me.

Dad sits down next to me I could tell he was choking back tears. So was I. he hugged me softly. This made me feel like a child again. His strong arms holding me, I always felt safe.

I considered his to be the last time I was under his protection.

Has his firm grip grew even tighter. And tear rolled down my cheek leaving a pathway on my skin. My mother scoffed.

She’s not one for attention, or affection. But I like to think she will miss me.

Dad seemed to ignore mum. He pulled back from my arms. And though sobs he looked at me with his clear crystal blue eyes, And said “I love you son”.

I smile, I know he will miss me, as I will him. I look at my father and give him a reassuring nod, when his attention turns to the door.

I Turn around and my brothers are standing at the door. Both weeping.

I’ve always been close to my brothers. Oryan, is 17, and lance is 19.

Lance had is name in the reaping ball 23 times, so we thought out of us all he was going to be picked. I’m glad he wasn’t though.

Orayn took all the abuse he could from mum instead of me. Lance wasn’t around much. He was usually stealing liquor, or going out with girls. Its was mostly Orayn and I who got the abuse. Lance has always been he good son. He was treated well from mum. but dad seemed to favor us two. We were often a united force Oryan and I. I Remember one time he woke me up in the middle of the night. I was 13, and he took me to the hole in the fence. The same one katniss uses to hunt. He took me though the trees and to a pond. I remember feeling so bad like an outlaw. We sat down next to the creak and he said “ feel like a rebel?”.

“ yeah.”. he laughed at my reaction. We stayed there for an hour talking about our dreams. And at one point he said “look at this!”. He showed me a bunch of flowers.

“katnisses”.I said.

I recognized the flowers, they were katnisses. They taught us about them in school.

“ that’s a girl in our school isn’t it?”. He asked

“ yeah, her father named her after them”.

“ are you two friends?”. He asked again.

“no…she’s never spoken to me”. I say trying to hide my disappointment.. he’s always seen though me.

“ ohhh someone has a crush ok katniss huh?” he says in a teasing manor.

“no” I say getting angry.

“ yes you do you have a crush on her”. He says through giggles.

I roll on to him and pin his neck to the ground with my forearm. “its not just a crush”. I Say though gritted teeth.

I still remember his facial expression. He was shocked. After a moment of examining my expression. He grabs my fist and roles over and pins my arms to my side. i grabbed his knees with my fingers, I was just in reach and flip him over. I hold his shirt and raise my fist in direct line of his nose.

“you really do don’t you”? he said in a hushed voice

I lower my fist, and let go of his tee-shirt. And give him my arm, to help him get up.

When he rises to he rises to his feet, and shakes my hand.

He smirks. “ seems you have some fight in ya boy”. He says in a proud manor.

I Refrain myself from smileing, to keep up my tough guy act, I say “wed better go”. I turn away from him and walk to the woods, hiding a huge grin.

I stand up from the soft red velvet, and he looks at me, trying to choke back the tears, I old my arms out, and he excepts my embrace. We hold each other tightly. My big brother. I allowed him to cry. And I glance at he door, covered in gold. Lance is obviously drunk. We all notice his pattern. Or instance, when his best friend died in the mine explosion. He arrived home after drinking his cares away. He had throw up all over him, he’s hair was be covered in dirt or mud. He was a mess, it was my job to clean him up. This became a reoccurring pattern. In a way I feel happy, that he considers this a big enough event to drink himself away. He’s upset, I summon him to the hug. We all stand there holding on.

After sometime we sit down and begin to talk all 4 of us. But mum is still in the back round, looking out the window, or examining her nails, even twirling her hair.

“ 15 minutes left”. The peacekeeper speaks.

We all stand up, the three forms a bee line, with me in the in front.

Lance is first “don’t give up”. He says choking back tears. We hug goodbye and I watch him leave he gold door one last time.

Next is Oryan. “ you still have some fight in ya boy”. He says with a smirk. Hes referring to he night we ran away. He hugs me goodbye whispering in my ear “good luck lover boy”. It amazes me, even though all the tears on his face, and mine. He still manages to make me smile. He turns away leaving though the gold door.

And then there’s dad. He hugs me, tighter then he ever has. I feel his jaw, on my back, I whisper in his ear, “take care of prim for me?”.

He lets go and looks a me with a reassuring nod.

He leaves me with one word of wisdom “ survive”.

And then his gone.

I stare at the floor for a moment and turn to mum. “goodbye mum”. I say awkwardly my with my head hanging low.

She stares at me coldly. To my surprise the opened her mouth, about to say something but walks past me nudging my shoulder instead. I don’t turn around but I do hear her utter the words “you know district 12 my finally have a victor.”

She’s not referring to me

“You have ten minuets” I hear the peacekeeper say.

Who has ten minutes?

I turn around and I see gale standing at the old door way.

He sees the shock on my face.

“ Can I sit?”. He asks.

“Yeah sure”. I reply. I show him to the velvet couch.

We both sit.

“You nervous”? he asks

This is the first time we’ve talked since we were children. His mother and mine, used to bake together. But when his dad died, he spent all his extra time hunting with katniss. So we haven talked in a long time.

“Yeah….is katniss?”. I reply

“yes, but she’s mostly worried about how her family will do while she’s gone”. He replies

“So she plans on coming back?”. I ask

“Yeah”. He reply’s

“Well don’t worry my father will make sure prim is fed while she’s gone”.

He look’s down with a nod.

“Take care of her best you can huh?” he says.

“Of course”. I reply

“Good luck out there.” He says. I reply with a nod we both stand up, he shakes my hand and turns to the door. But not before stopping and whipping he’s head around.

“do you still love her?”.

I look at him with surprise

“How do you know that”?

“Easy, you look at her the same way I do”. With that, he leaves.


The ride to the train station is very short. Effie sits in the front seat, rambling on something about the, privilege it is to be chosen as a tribute. And all the wonderful things you get to do. And how nice they make the conditions, on the train, and the training center. I don’t pay much attention. Katniss is sitting across from me, she sits there gazing out the window.

I can only imagine putting myself in her mind right now.

What about prim? Will I have to kill people? Of course I have to kill people it’s the hunger games. How will I play the game? What if know one sponsors me?

I wonder if I’m in her head right now.

Of course not. I’m just the boy who was picked in the reaping ball. Ill kill him later, and I will become one step closer to wining.

NO.I refuse to think of her that way. She has a heart, and even is she has to kill me. I don’t think she’s counting the ways she could, at the moment, at least.

I’m still shocked by Gales earlier confession, but hardly surprised. He spends most days with her. It’s hard not to fall in love with her. I wonder if she knows. She might even feel the same. I don’t know why but I feel jealous of him. But I’ve never even spoken to her.

Her eyes are dry as district 13. I wonder if she’s holding back tears, or just naturally is okay with he situation. No, it has to be her strategies. She wants to appear strong, and collected. I however can see my reflection, in the window, its clear I’ve been crying. My cheeks are puffy, my nose is red, my eyes are teary, and I can see the trail the tears have left on my skin, there’s not point in erasing them. Let them see I’m sad. That I don’t want to play there games.

When the car stops, and Effie finally stops too. We step out and we stand for a minuet to let the press get there photos. The peacekeepers clear a path though the, press weasels (that’s what I call them now) we are directed to the train. The doors shut with the slightest whisper. Were finally free to be alone. Katniss doesn’t seem frayed, but only when the train starts to move does, she show emotion. She looks surprised and impressed.

But when she is escorted, to what I presume is her room, do I see why she is impressed.

I thought the justice building was fancy. But I’ve never been in a capitol train before.

The floor is made of black marble. The windows have, a gold pattern, of vines, and flowers. The roof is silver. And there is a painting of a woman sitting on her, side I’m not sure if she’s smiling or not. And down the bottom is the word Vinci.

Before I can examine the train lobby any further I’m escorted to my room.

This room is very different to the one back home.

Which I know I will never see again. It has cloths, picked out for me, all very new. The curtains are controlled by voice. Plus there are buttons everywhere that do all sorts of things. Order food, create scents, mood lighting ect. While its all very good and nice, but I cant help but be reminded of a baker, making bread. First you throw all the ingredients together, and then you spend hour’s kneading the bread, softening it into pleasant silk dough. I becomes this beautiful light dough. But after that, you throw it in a burning oven, and watch it cook form the outside in.

That’s us, there fating us up before slaughter.

I have to be ready for dinner in one hour. I go to the closet, ready to pick my outfit, I glace at the mirror next to me. I’m changing, I’m becoming a pawn in there games. Already. I look at the clock. I still have 30 minutes left. I think about playing with all my new gadgets. But I end up just sitting on the foot of my bed.

I’m going to die. I’ve accepted that. But I wish I would die honorably. That on my death bed I know I’ve changed someone’s life, everyone’s life. I wish I could do something to let the capitol know, I don’t belong to them.

At that moment, it hit me. Katniss. She’s the key to everything. Everyone, especially me who knows I cant win this, but katniss. Even my mum said, she has it in her. If I could help her win, somehow, I could provide for my parents, brothers and he whole of district 12. Most importantly, katniss will live. This is the way I will win. By loosing.

Next: how to do that…..

“Time for dinner!”. Effie says from the door. So bright and bubbly. How does she do that?

Just stay happy all the time. I’ll tell you, she’s like know one I’ve ever met.

I walk to the dinning room; Effie sits me down, and asks me to wait there.

She’s must be collecting katniss. I wonder how katniss feels about effies..Bubbly personality, to say the least. She’s not the most, tolerant person katniss.

Katniss enters the room. And gives me a nod\curtsy, to acknowledge me.

I remember reading somewhere. That out ancestors used to greet a woman by kissing the back of her hand. Women would reply with a curtsy. I’m not sure how katniss would react if I were to pursue this particular custom.

She takes he seat across from me. Effie takes a seat a the bottom of two ends of the table

“Where’s Hamich?”. Effie asks brightly

“Last time I saw him he said her was going to take a nap”. I reply.

I don’t really know where he is. But I figure, he’s either sleeping, or he’s passed out on the floor. Either way, he’s not here, and something tells me he won’t make dinner anyways.

“Well its been an exhausting day”. Effie says with a sigh of relief. She obviously doesn’t like him much. Strange, I don’t mind him. Sure, he’s a dead drunk. But he hasn’t rubbed me the wrong way…yet.

The dinner comes in too many courses then I can count.

But even though I’ve never been faced with this much food, with so much variety before. I’m not much interested in eating. I take a few bites here and there. Manly because I need strength for the games. I think the third of fourth course; they bring out a cupcake with the number 12 on it. Obviously to represent our district. I estimate the value of such a cake at home. Its seems like a very simple, chocolate mixture, but the icing, is beautiful. It has a blood purple swirls leading on he side of the cupcake. On the top, has a very deep blue icing, with a thin layer of crystallized sugar, with specs of gold in it. On top is written 12, in a glittering gold. The whole cake sparkles in the light. This would be priceless back home. It sickens me that the capitol, Is so rich to enjoy such foods, and we are left with nothing, especially those at the steam. Katniss seems to be so impressed with the food and can’t get enough. We still have spoken to each other since…well never. Effie, senses what I guess she thinks is and awkward silence, and fills it with a comment, about how its good we use knives and forks, because, no one ever does. Even though its slightly insulting. I let it slide, but katniss seems very offended. I guess her way of showing her anger was to eat the rest of the meal with her hands. Too much has happened today, and were both too suck in our own world, to be in anyone else’s at the moment.

After the meal, the waiters come to collect our plates. I start to collect my plates but Effie shoots me look of disapproval. After a few moments, I allow the waiter to take my left overs. Its strange having them take our food. They brought you the food; it seems only fair that after eating it, you should at least take out plate away. If I were to simply expect mum to pick up my plates after a meal at home. It would surely mean a beating. Mum believes children are brought up to take care of there parents. That’s its not fair or unfair, but simply the circle of life.

We leave the dining hall to go see he recap of the reaping, leaving he servants to clean up.

Effie turn’s on the television, and they show today’s reaping’s… I don’t pay much attention, but there is someone who catches my eye. A boy name Cato, he was reaped for district 2….a career. I notice his mannerisms after he volunteers. He’s very excited, but keeps a tough face. He’s very big, and will be a very difficult contender to keep away from katniss. A plan Is already forming in my head.

I don’t take much notice at the rest of them, although katniss is different. Ever since the reaping, katniss has been, strong, and aloof. But this was different. When a small girl from district 11, is reaped, she looks, sympathetic and concerned. She looks genuinely kind-hearted. But only for a moment, and when its gone she goes back to her hard expression.

Then we come on…last as always.

I notice that katniss, doesn’t look intimidating, or scary. But. numb.

Like nothing maters, but putting one step in front of the other. Much like my strategy.

Me however, looks petrified.

After we watch them all. We turn the TV off, and sit in silence, before Effie finally says. “Your mentor has a lot to learn about presentation and about televised behavior”.

I assume she talking about Haymich’s drunken display. He fumbled on stage, yelled, well just made a fool of himself.

I giggle at the memory. “He was drunk, he’s drunk every year”. I say.

“everyday”. Katniss adds.

We share a perky look.

“Yes”. Effie adds.

Katniss and I burst out laughing.

“How odd you find it amusing. Your mentor is the lifeline to the world during the games, the one who advises you, lines up sponsors and dictates the presentation of your gifts. Haymich can well be the difference between life and death”! Effie says with conviction.

I thought it would be good, to see the difference in Effie. A detour form he usual, chirpy Effie. But this is the first time she’s mentioned the possibility of either of us dieing.

Haymich interrupts my thoughts. By tumbling into the room. “I missed supper?” he slurs

He wrenches forward, and throws up, and proceeds to stumble into it.

Uck! Effie sighs in disgust and walks out the door avoiding, the pile of puke. “so laugh away!”. She stormed.

Katniss and I looked at each other, with nod of obedience.

We both grab one of Haymich’s arms.

“I tripped?” Haymich asks. “smells bad”. He mutters

He puts his hand up to his nose, and smears this puke on his nose.

“let’s get you back to your room, clean you up a bit”. I say, cringing my nose.

We, pretty much drag Haymich up to his room, and place\throw him in the expensive bathtub. I need katniss out of here. And I figure she wouldn’t want to undress an old guy and wash him.

“it’s okay, I’ll take it from here”. I say to katniss with a reassuring smile.

“Alright, I can send one of the capitol people to help you?” she asks.

“No I don’t want them”. I say in a dismissive manor

I don’t want them; here I need to talk to Haymich alone.

Well, after I sober him up. Luckily I’ve had a lot of experience with this.

Katniss leaves. I’m left to deal with him. After years of dealing with my brother, I’ve created my own cure, I call one of the peacekeeper, to get me, a few different types of leaves, and a few other medicines. Once there all here I dismiss the peacekeeper. I take all the ingredients, and put them together and add some water, and force it down his throat. While my little concoction works its magic, I get to work on washing him.

After about an hour, of washing, feeding and pumping coffee into his veins he’s finally sober enough to be coherent. That’s a start. I hand him a rob and he puts it on, and sits on he end of his bed, nursing a hangover. While I sit on a chair across from him carving my name into the wooden coffee table with a butter knife.

“arrgg what happened?” Haymich asks puzzled.

I look up. “Shut up”. I snap.

Haymich looks up for a second, with shock on his face, and open’s his mouth about to speak. “Shut up and listen” I repeat.

He eyes widen, and he puts his coffee down and sits formally, “alright”. He hisses.

Something tell’s me he appreciates this side of me. So I continue.

“I’m going to die. I know that. But katniss, she can win, and I need your help to make her the victor”.

“Okay well-” he begins

“I’m not finished”. I hiss. He’s shock continues.

“so for katniss to win, obviously she needs to be the last one left, so my plan is to be the second last one, and kill myself so she’s remaining. So all though the games I will protect her from the careers. So what I need from you is to tell me how, to play it, and to teach me skills to do so”. I spill

He sits there silent.

“You can talk now”. I give him permission

“What’s your angle”? He asks to my surprise.

“What do u mean”.

“What’s in it for you, she wins and you die”. He asks suspiciously

He’s got me. I try to cover it up.

“Well….I…want my..Brothers..Tooo get food, and live well for a year”. I stammer. I’m blushing now.

“My my my. Someone has a crush on a fellow tribute”. He boasts.

“My feelings for her don’t matter”. I say strongly, hoping that the redness on my cheeks has faded. by the look on his face, I know I hasn’t. so I approach him, and lock my eyes on his.

“Your wrong boy”. He sands up and talk me into the wall.

“Your feelings for her mean everything. So what are you wiling to do to save her?”.

My back is too the wall. And he’s standing very close to be. I can smell the coffee on his breath. I’m determined to win. I hold his gaze, and clench my jaw, and take a step forward, forcing him back.

“I will die for her”. I confess

“ do you love her”. He says, trying to break me. I will not back down

“ yes”. I reply

“ are you pre-pared to do anything?” he asks.

“yes, I will die for her”. I repeat

He turns around and walks around the room. “ yes yes I know, you will die for her, yada yada yada, what I’m asking is, are you willing to do anything to help her win?”.

“yes”. I reply.

“Even if it means that you die with hatred in her heart for you”. He asks.

We wait there in silence, for an answer.



After Haymich and I come up with a plan. We agree that the conversation never happened. I walked to my room and fell asleep. I should be having trouble sleeping, seeing that I’m going to die in a few weeks. But, for some reason I felt a peace, I was able to sleep well knowing that I had a plan. When I wake in the morning, I sit up and say, “Open blinds”.

The sheet covering the windows start to pull across, I quickly learn that this is a mistake.

The light is beaming in my eyes. I squint waiting for my eyes to adjust. When they finally do, I put my boots on and get dressed in a pair of black “jeans” I think they call it, and a grey tee-shirt. I walk though corridors and I arrive at the breakfast room. Sitting at the table Haymich is drinking some sort of sprit, and I KNOW our conversation is truly forgotten.

“Morning loverboy”. He teases.

“That’s what my brother called me”. I give a weak smile and sit down. Maybe he hasn’t.

I notice the food on the table, and I realize I actually have an appetite this morning.

I pick up a bread role and put it on my plate. The waiter comes and pours some sort of, brown liquid into my cup. At first I think its coffee, but realize that the aroma is not the same.

“What is this?” I ask the waiter. She looks at Haymich desperately.

“Hot chocolate”. Haymich answers. The woman smiles and lifts the cup up, and gestures to taste it. I oblige. I bring the liquid to my lips, the hot liquid fills my mouth, and the sweet chocolate goes down my throat. She looks at me waiting for my reaction.

“It’s delicious”. I say, she smiles, and refills my cup. She a nice lady, about 40, and has blond hair. Oddly enough she has no make-up on. All he other people who come from the capitol have, strange colored hair, weird shaped eyelashes. There usually bursting with different colors, on there face and body’s. She’s normal. She could have come from district 12, if you didn’t know better. I take another bite of my bread, and then sip the chocolate. The combination is quite good. Katniss enters the hall, wearing the same outfit as last night, a green top with black pants, and of course that mockingjay pin. Se looks so beautiful..oh no I’m blushing, hope she doesn’t notice. She doesn’t seem to, she nods hello, and sits down. She is poured the hot chocolate and stares at it the same way I did.

“They call it hot chocolate, it’s good”. I say.

She looks unsure, and then takes a sip.

It’s the first time she’s ever trusted me. Its not much, but its something.

We sit there eating lots of the food. I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with Haymich. He sits there knocking back drink by drink, and growing drunk by the second.

By the look on katniss’s face, she agrees with me.

“So your supposed to give us advice?” Katniss says unimpressed. It’s clear it wasn’t a question, but a statement.

“Here’s some advice, stay alive”. He remarks.

He was being unnecessarily rude, and he pushed me into action.

“That’s very funny”. I say sarcastically. He’s taunting me and it works.

I grip the bottle out of his hand and smash it on the floor. I kick my chair back and slam my hands on the table. I move my face to his, and stare into his eyes.

“Only not to us”. I say strongly

He look’s at me, and I see the corners of his mouth inching up and his fist rise and punch me in the jaw. I jolt to the floor. My face is stinging, a feeling I’m very used to.

He reaches for a new glass, when katniss thrusts over and stabs the table with the butter knife. Just barely missing his fingers lodging it between his hand and the table.

He sits back, and squints. He returns to his normal self and says.

“Well what’s this? Did I actually get a pair of fighters this year?”

I get up from the floor and pick up some ice from the wine tin.

“No, let the bruise show. The audience will think you’ve mixed it up with another tribute, before you’ve even gotten to the arena”. He says

With the ice still in my hand I say

“But that’s against the rules”.

“Only if they catch you. That bruise will say you’ve fought, and you weren’t caught. Even better”. He says optimistically

I put the ice back, and he turns his attention to katniss.

“Can you hit anything with that knife other then the table.” he asks

Katniss yanks the knife out of the table and throws it at the wall, lodging it between two pieces of wood. It’s quite impressive.

He stares at both of us for a moment.

“Stand over here, both of you”. He requests. We are obedient.

He looks at us, poking and prodding, testing out muscles and skills.

When finally he says. “Well you’re not completely hopeless. Seem fit. Once the stylist’s get hold of you, you’ll be attractive enough”. “Alright, I’ll make a deal with you. You don’t interfere with my drinking, and I’ll stay sober enough to help you”. He pauses for a moment and goes on “but you have to do exactly as I say”?

Well, it’s not ideal, but it’s something. Katniss and I look at each other and nod.

“Fine”. I say answering for her.

“So help us”. Katniss blurts out. “When we get to the arena, what’s the best strategy at the cornucopia for someone-“.

“One thing a time”. Haymich interrupts. “In a few minutes we’ll be pulling into the station. You’ll be put in the hands of the stylists. Your not going to like what they do to you, but no mater what it is don’t resist”. He finishes

“But-” katniss say’s.

“No buts don’t resist”. He cuts in

He grabs his grog and leaves the room without another word.

Katniss looks slightly embarrassed by being humbled by Haymich.

We stand there for what seems like a lifetime in silence.

After her mother’s meltdown, katniss had to provide for her family. Her family had to rely fully on her, the only person she’s ever trusted since her dads death is gale. So I understand why trusting people, isn’t her strong point.

I remember when I was a kid, my brothers used to play a game with me. They would tie a blind fold over my eyes, and would lead me around out street. Lance always used to run me into things. Make me fall down stairs. Weave though thin air, which I though was trees.

But Oryan was always good. He would actually lead me. I remember once we played it for hours, and one time he lead me to the front of katniss’s house. When he took the blind fold off. I was almost blinded by the light a first. But once I realized we were at katniss’s house, I was quick to leave. I asked Oryan why he took me here. I remember his response.

“Because its time you stop blindly trusting that she will come to you”.

The game was originally designed by our ancestors, as a trust exercise.

It worked. I always trusted my brother. I’m going to miss him. I Already do.

The train begins to slow and come to a halt. Both katniss and I run to the window.

The capital is a beautiful sight. The sun gleaming through the skyscrapers. There are bright lights everywhere. There’s a mist covering the top of the buildings.

I’m not sure if it’s as beautiful as we think it is. Or it’s just that we have nothing close to this in out poor district 12.

There are strange people standing, waiting for us. Like I described before, there is an array of bright colors, bobbing up and down. There are 100’s possibly 100s of people here waiting for us. I begin to entertain the people. I wave, smile and do little skits.

The people are loving it, katniss however obviously feels different. She’s looking at me with a puzzled expression. “Who knows? One of them could be rich”. I say with a shrug.

Entertaining the people is pat of Haymich’s plan. I think katniss is quickly catching on.

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