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  • Katniss6226


    August 8, 2013 by Katniss6226

    My Name is Katniss Mellark. It's been 10 yers since the games. I thought my family was safe. I was wrong. Our world fell apart, and the only thing I wanted was... Revenge.

    Based on my comic strips series here:

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  • Katniss6226

    The 226th Hunger Games

    October 25, 2012 by Katniss6226

    President Harris wanted more. since the capito rebeled, he decided to add them into the games.He will send one male capitol citezen into the games

    I am writing another games at the same time, so i wont update this a ton. Also, This will start at training.

    1. Dont be mean
    2. i dont do profiles
    3. follow the tribute template
    4. dont complain if your tribute dies, its the hunger games.
    5. Only three tributes per user.










    Reaped or Volunteered:

    Reaction when Reaped:

    Interview Angle:

    What does he/she do in training?:




    District Name Age Weapon User
    District 1 M

    District 1 F

    District 2 M

    District 2 F

    District 3 M

    District 3 F

    District 4 M

    District 4 F


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  • Katniss6226

    The 225th Hunger Games

    September 30, 2012 by Katniss6226

    Way after the second rebellion, the Capitol regained power. But, President Harris didnt want a new quell every 25 years. So he erased the quells only to pronounce a new horror. the new horror is district 13 will participate. I will change the menu soon. sorry bout that ACTUALLY.heres some news. Im skipping the reapings! WOOT. Our tribute chart is back BTW

    • I will allow just two (or three) tributes per user.
    • I will say, replying, if the tribute is accepted or rejected.
    • Dont complain if your tribute dies
    • Follow the tribute template, please! if you dont you will not be accepted
    • Don't cuss or fight with other users. If i find out you have, your tribute will have a gory death, or you will be disqualified
    • I want really weaknesses in the tributes, I hat…

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  • Katniss6226

    The description challenge

    September 29, 2012 by Katniss6226

    Welcome, This is a competition for lunaiis. i need lunaiis for my characters! and yeah enter as many as you want







    Thanks and yeah i only need lunais. the prize is... your games get advertised and you ar featured at the end of my current games.

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  • Katniss6226

    The 122nd Hunger games

    September 4, 2012 by Katniss6226

    Welcome to my second games! well, my first on here... Anyways, have a good time, I try to update when i can and yes, you CAN sponser a tribute! Im skipping the Reapings, im sorry but i am.

    Each user that joins starts outwith 560 dollars, and you get 40 dollars per kill (basicly when your person that your betting on gets a kill, ou geet moolah. and sometimes at the ends of the days i will add money to your account any ways, here are the prices for things!:

    Sword 100

    Mace 150

    Throwing knifes(6) 100

    Bow 75

    Quiver of arrows(12) 50

    Sickle 150

    Machette 200

    Dagger 50

    Knifes(4) 75

    Katana 250

    Spear 100

    Trident 200

    Blowgun 100

    Darts (12) 50

    3 apples 50

    Soup 75

    Water (gallon) 25

    Chicken 100

    Steak 100

    Full course meal 500

    Dried fruit 50

    Cut cream 100

    Burn cream 100

    Instant re…

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