Welcome to my second games! well, my first on here... Anyways, have a good time, I try to update when i can and yes, you CAN sponser a tribute! Im skipping the Reapings, im sorry but i am.


Each user that joins starts outwith 560 dollars, and you get 40 dollars per kill (basicly when your person that your betting on gets a kill, ou geet moolah. and sometimes at the ends of the days i will add money to your account any ways, here are the prices for things!:


Sword 100

Mace 150

Throwing knifes(6) 100

Bow 75

Quiver of arrows(12) 50

Sickle 150

Machette 200

Dagger 50

Knifes(4) 75

Katana 250

Spear 100

Trident 200

Blowgun 100

Darts (12) 50

Food and drinks

3 apples 50

Soup 75

Water (gallon) 25

Chicken 100

Steak 100

Full course meal 500

Dried fruit 50

Supplies and medicane

Cut cream 100

Burn cream 100

Instant relief(3) 100

Neosporin 100

Bandage(3) 25

Canteen 25

Rope 50

Antivenom 100

String 25

Box 25

Net 25

Backpack 50

Poison 50

Balloon 10

Whistle 20

Matches 50

Sweater 25

Blanket 50

Tent 200

Chapter One

Silver Eastwood, District 1

"And lastly, no fiighting with the other tributes. now go on to your training" Atala says. sheesh. Like i NEED training! but sure, this is the way to show the Gamemakers my stuff. i walk over to the bow and arrow, which should be an OK station. i notch an arrow to the bow and shoot it at the strangely perfect humanoid target but terribly miss. i curse under my breath. then, i move on to the spear station. i pick up a spear, and stab the target in the head. Goal! everybodys looking and me and i enjoy that. im not like the rest of the careers, i usually stay OUT of the whole fighting and bloody cornucopia parts. but if i have to fight, i our distrcit, i usually dont train as much as the other careers.

Tiger Hail, District 1

As Atala finishes, i find my self heading towards the snare staitons. these, are my main focus of survival in these games. I find to fake tree looking things, and i make a snare. the snare manager just nods and says i can move on. i move on to the plant identification station, but i fail. i try again but i run out of time. its time to go. i walk over to Silver and take her hand. she just looks at my hand shocked. but after a moment she smiles. Silver and i have been close friends since Second grade, and now i think we might be closer. it was a shock that she was picked. and knowing silver, Liking silver, i had to protect her, i just had to.

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