Way after the second rebellion, the Capitol regained power. But, President Harris didnt want a new quell every 25 years. So he erased the quells only to pronounce a new horror. the new horror is district 13 will participate. I will change the menu soon. sorry bout that ACTUALLY.heres some news. Im skipping the reapings! WOOT. Our tribute chart is back BTW


  • I will allow just two (or three) tributes per user.
  • I will say, replying, if the tribute is accepted or rejected.
  • Dont complain if your tribute dies
  • Follow the tribute template, please! if you dont you will not be accepted
  • Don't cuss or fight with other users. If i find out you have, your tribute will have a gory death, or you will be disqualified
  • I want really weaknesses in the tributes, I hate when a tribute have a weakness: "Hates Singing" because that has no relavance
  • And im sorry, but i dont do profiles








Backstory: (Optional) (You can make if you want, but I can make it too)

Appearance: (You can create the lunaii, or i can just use your tribute description and make you one)





Reaped or Volunteered:

Interview Angle:




The Arena is split into four sections, One complete water except for an island. One section is forest one section is rocks, and on sectiion is hills


Tribute Template

District Name Age Weapon Allies Token Status User
Distict 1 Male Andrew Prescott 16 Mace Career Silver band Around Wrist Alive Mysims
District 1 Female Pheobe Prescott 16 Sword, Axe Career Silver Band around Wrist Alive Mysims
District 2 Male James Will 16 Spear, Slingshot Career Locket with pictures of family Alive JWW
District 2 Female Lelek Smorthit 17 Snares, Bow and Arrow Career Twin Golden Rings Alive Everderp
District 3 Male Breeze Wire 17 Mace His Beanie Alive AxedFox
District 3 Female Strawberry Lavone 14 Bow and Arrow Ruby Ring Alive JWW
District 4 Male John Madrick 17 Sword, Club Career None? Alive Therman77
District 4 Female Abbey "Mae" Finn 14 Bow and Arrow, Hand to Hand Career A thin black rope around her neck Alive District12-Tributes
Disrict 5 Male Raven Mockingjay 16 Scythe, Throwing Knives Gold Medal Alive Raven HG
District 5 Female Tammy Daisy 15 Blowgun James, Strawberry Golden Headband Alive JWW
District 6 Male Brad Smith 18 Sword, Spear Wooden Dice Alive Leapkit
District 6 Female Jules Vanity 17 Beartrap None? Alive Nommyzombies
District 7 Male Evan Tame 15 Axes None? Alive The Hungarian Games
District 7 Female Zanna Vinnland 15 Knives, Snares A black rubber band around her wrist Alive District12-Tributes
District 8 Male Colton Thorne 16 Knife, Sword Charm Necklace Alive Leapkit
District 8 Female Veronica Moon 15 Blowgun, Knife Knitted Cloth Alive HKTLovesGlimmer
District 9 Male Caleb Porter 12 Slingshot None? Alive HKTLovesGlimmer
District 9 Female Suki Arrigot 17 Blowgun, Knife Broken heart covered in blood Alive The Hungarian Games
District 10 Male Tyson Ashford 17 Trident, Knife Belt Buckle Alive Leapkit
District 10 Female Calene Harr 18 Knives, Blowgun Silver Necklace Alive Katniss6226
District 11 Male Yup Parrish 17? Spear? uhhhh? Hurt by Andrew YupThreshIsEpic
District 11 Female Bayleaf Magnolia 15 Slingshot, Blowgun Straw Anklet Alive Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 12 Male Nick Lovizio 12 Bow and Arrow, Knives District 12 Pin Alive Maybell Rocks!!
District 12 Female Jane Socha 12 Spear Doll Key-Chain Alive Maybell Rocks!!
District 13 Male Yax Cratyr 18 Fists and Brute Force None Alive Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 13 Female Katie Aubree 15 Throwing Knives, Dagger Small Diamond Alive HKTLovesGimmer


Each one will start with $500 for each tribute.

User Trib 1 Trib 2 Trib 3

Lelek Smorthit (2)$500

Abbey "Mae" Finn (4) $500 Zanna Vinland (7) $500
JWW Strawberry Lavone (3) $500 James Will (2) $500 Tammy Daisy (5) $500
Therman77 John Madrick (4) $500
AxedFox Breeze Wire (3) $500
The Hungarian Games Evan Tame (7) $500 Suki Arrigot (9) $500
Nommyzombies Jules Vanity (6) $500
Maybell Rocks!! Nick Lovizio (12) $500 Jane Socha (12) $500
RavenHG Raven Mockingjay (5) $500
HKTLovesGlimmer Katie Aubree (13) $500 Caleb Porter (9) $500 Veronica Moon (8) $500
The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo Yax Cratyr (13) $500 Bayleaf Magnolia (11) $500
Leapkit Tyson Ashford (10) $500 Brad Smith (6) $500 Colton Thorne (8) $500
Katniss6226 Calene Harr (10) $500

Death Chart

Item list


  • Sword: 100
  • Knife: 50
  • Throwing Knives (x10): 100
  • Spear: 100
  • Mace: 100
  • Axe: 100
  • Throwing Axes (x4): 100
  • Bow And Arrow (x18): 100
  • Trident: 100
  • Rocks (x12): 20
  • Blowgun And Darts (x12);100
  • Beartrap: 120


  • Bread: 40
  • Fruits 1 (Apple, banana, orange, pear): 100
  • Fruits 2 (Strawberry, papaya, melon, peach): 100
  • Dried Meat: 100
  • Raw Beef: 80
  • Complete Refection: 200


  • Burn Cream: 100
  • Freeze Cream: 100
  • Bandages: 80
  • Pain Killer: 100
  • Antidote (for poison): 100
  • Band Aid (x10): 80
  • Sleep Spray: 100


  • Water (2 canteens): 150
  • Iodine: 70
  • Sleeping Bag: 180
  • Net: 50
  • Wire: 70
  • Night-vision Glasses: 250
  • Blanket: 160
  • Snowshoes: 100
  • Map of Arena: 600
  • Tribute Localizator: 700
  • Backpack: Small (110); Medium (200); Large (420)
  • Plastic piece: 40
  • Rope: 70
  • Empty Backpack: 70

Tribute parades

Im changing these. Sorry, i want the games.

District 1 outfit was a silver outfit with gems placed in the cloth. Smoke came from the bottom of the outfits.

District 2 outfit was a gray outfit, the chariot spilled out stones. They had gray bracelets.

District 3 outfit was a black outfit, with lightning coming off the cape.

District 4 outfit was a color changing outfit that went from silver, to green, to blue.

District 5 outfit was a reflective blue outfit with a solor panel cape.

District 6 outfit was a white outfit with little trains, cars, and hovercrafts on them.

District 7 outfit was made out of paper, in unique shapes

District 8 outfit was made out of different fabircs, with different textures.

District 9 outfit was a pale gold, and they had a straw crown.

District 10 outfit was made out of cow skin, and they had a cape made of ropes.

District 11 outfit was a floral outfit. They threw roses to the crowd.

District 12 outfit was a color changing outfit from red, to orange, to yellow, to black. They had a thin blue bracelet.

District 13 outfit was made out of metal, and the chariot was dressed as a hovercraft.

Name District What they did in training Training Score
Phoebe Prescott 1 Used a mace on a dummy, did camoflauge 11
Andrew Prescott 1 Sliced dummies with a sword, tied knots 10
James Will 2 Threw a spear and cut a lamp down, plant identification 10
Lelek Smorthit  2 Snares, shot down ropes and lamps with a bow 11
Breeze Wire 3 Plant identification, Tied knots 8
Strawberry Lavone 3 Hand to Hand with a volunteer, Climbing 9
John Madrick 4 Snares, Camoflauge 9
Mae Finn 4 Shot a bow at a target, climbed 10
Raven Mockingjay 5 Stabbed a dummy, threw a spear at a lamp (missed) 7
Tammy Daisy  5 Ran in a race with a fast robot, fire making 10
Brad Smith 6 Camp making, Fire starting 5
Jules Vanity 6 Complex snare 8
Evan Tame 7 Snares, Camp making 10
Zanna Vinland  7 Plant Identification, Climbing 7
Colton Thorne  8 Raced a fast robot 7
Veronica Moon 8 Shot darts with blowgun, stabbed a dummy with a knife 8
Caleb Porter 9 Ran with a fast robot (Failed), Plant identification 6
Suki Arrigot 9 Camoflauge, Knife throwing 7

Tyson Ashford 

Calene Harr



Stabbed dummies, plant identification

Climbing, shot darts from a blowgun



Yup Parrish 11 Threw a spear 8
Bayleaf Magnolia 11 Used a slingshot, Tied knots 10
Nick Lovizio 12 Threw a knife, Raced with a robot 10
Jane Socha 12 Threw a spear, Camoflauge, Fire making 11
Yax Cratyr 13 Climbing, Plant identification (Failed), Tied knots 8

Katie Aubree  | 13 |    Threw knives, shot a bow                                | 7 |


District 1 Male

Kara: "So Andrew, why do you have this name?"

Andrew: "I dont know! My parents were probably out of their minds! Wait- They were!"

Audience: -laughs-

Kara: "Thats funny, well, This is our male tribute for District 1!"

District 1 Female

Kara: "Hi Phoebe, whats it like? I mean, having yourb brother in the games?"

Phoebe: "Huh? You mean having to kill him?"

Kara: -nods- 

Phoebe: "Well, its kill or be killed!"

Kara: "Well, this is our female tribute for Disrict 1!"

District 2 Male

Kara: "So, James, who are you allying with in these games?"

James: -rolls eyes- "careers! duh!"

Kara: "Ladies and gentlemen, District 2 male!"

District 2 Female

Kara: "So Lelek, dont you think youre a little...Creepy?"

Lelek: -shrugs- "Nope. Why? did you think i was?

Audience: -laughs-

Kara: "This is our female tribute for District 2!"

District 3 Male

Kara: "So Breeze, what is your strategy?"

Breeze: "If i told you, i would lose"

Kara: -rolls eyes- "go figure!"

Audience - laughs-

"This is it for our District three male tribute!"

District 3 Female

Kara: "Strawberry?"

Strawberry: "Yah?"

Kara: You have a weid n-"

Strawberry "Name. I know."

District 4 Male

Kara: "So John...Sup?"

John: "Uhhhhhh"

Kara:-knocks on Johns head- "You there?"

John: "Whatthe f***?"

District 4 Female

Kara: "Hello Abbey!"

Abbey: "Call me Mae"

Kara: -chuckles- "Okay!"

Mae: "I want to say that I am thankful for my mentor!"

District 5 Male

Kara: "Hello Raven! Let's talk abou that 7"

Raven: -gets mad- "Do you think I want to?"

Kara: "Ummm"

Raven: "This is a load of crap"

Kara: "Theres kids watching!"

District 5 Female

Kara: "Hello tammy! I hope you are much a better approch!"

Tammy: "Everybody is under a lot of stress, especialy if they are in my district and got a lower score than a GIRL."

Kara AND Audience:-laughs-

Kara: "Well, thats a change"

Tammy: "Sure is!"

District 6 Male

Kara: "Oh My! Hello there!"

Brad: "Yo"


District 6 Female

Kara: "Hi Jules!"

Jules: "Hi!"

Kara: "So, whats your favorite dish here?"

Jules: "Hmmmm.... The bread"

District 7 Male

Kara: "So Evan, do you have a special somebody?"

Evan: "There is this one girl."

Kara: "Speak up then! Im sure she will tell you she loves you back after these games!"

Evan: "The problem is, that if I come out she wont"

Kara: "Who?"

Evan: "Zanna"

District 7 Female

Kara: "So... about Evan..."

Zanna: "Fine! I admit it! I like him too."

Kara: "Woah, that wasnt what i was about to ask"

Zanna: "Oops"

District 8 Male

Kara: "Yo Colton"

Colton: "Wassup?'

Kara: "Interviwing you"

Colton: "Coolio"

District 8 Female

Kara:"Hello Veronica! Are you moony?"


Veronica: "I am moony to win these games and save my family"

District 9 Male

Kara: "Caleb you suck"

Caleb: "Wha-"

Kara: "Just joking! Gosh!"

Cleb "Ummmm"

District 9 Female

Kara: "So Suki, are you arrogant?"

Suki: "Mostly awesome!"

Kara: "Great! Good work on that 7!"

Suki: "I was aiming for a 10"

Kara: "Oopsies!"

District 10 Male

Kara: "Tyson, whats wrong?"

Tyson: "Kara, whats wrong?"

Kara: "What the crap?"

Tyson: "What the crap?"

District 10 Female

Kara: "Hello Carlene. Do you have a car that has the number eight on it?"

Carlene: "If my training score could help me get a car, yes!"

Kara: "So, there are rumours-"

Carlene: "They are true! I love Yax Crater"

District 11 Male

Kara: "Are you happy Yup?"

Yup: "Yup!"

Kara: "Are you going to say Yup?"

Yup: "Yup!"

Kara: "Are you kidding me?"

District 11 Female

Kara: "I love bay leaves"

Bayleaf: "Dont eat me!"

Kara: "dont worry, the only chance of that is in the arena"

Bayleaf: "Crap."

District 12 Male

District 12 Female

District 13 Male

District 13 Female

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