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    So i quit the wiki around ??april???  I don't even know. but im back if anyone remembers me.

    These games are a remake of a previous games that i quit and im really disappointed that i didn't continue. But I wILL FINISH THESE IF IT TAKEs a lifetime.

    hey, i dont know a lot of people on here right now, as most that i used to be friends with left, but introduce yourself if you want.

    btw my names dakota.

    Let the 375th Hunger Games begin!!

    A very old President Snow makes his way up to the stage, with support from a cane made of silver. Behind him is a young Capitol boy dressed all in white, following patiently in his footsteps. He is holding a box. A box that is known to contain many small, yellowed envelopes, created hundreds of years a…

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    If you want to be a Gamemaker in these, fill out the template. I'm not putting anyone in the chart for about another week, and won't accept anyone for about a week.

    The person with the best entry gets the spot for each position, if there's more than one person who signs up.

    You can have one gamemaker position per user.

    Don't bother trying to become a gamemaker if you're new to the wiki or don't get on alot.

    I'm only accepting users that I know to be on the wiki often and have experience with writing games.

    No reservations, and please read the rules and introduction before signing up.


    A very old President Snow makes his way up to the stage, with support from a cane made of silver. Behind him is a young Capitol boy dressed all in white, fol…

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    Bien entonces. I'm also making the 373rd Hunger Games right now, but I'd like to start getting tributes for these. 

    These games will probaably be better than the other games that I have going on right now, because I have these planned out better.

    Okay, so these are a normal games, no Capitol or District thirteen. Enter your tributes please, I have some good things in store for them ;)
    FYI, Katniss never volunteered for Prim and Prim and Peeta died. No rebellion happened, and the districts are still under control of the Capitol. Snow is still president, he got some injection thing to live forever. Okay?

    I'm only doing the games and training scores, because reapings take so effing long.  For reapings and training,look at the list below to see wh…

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    Okay. Since my OTHER games on my OTHER account were such a COMPLETE FAIL because I got, like, what? Four tribute entries? Anyway, I'm making another one thatis NOT GOING TO BE A FAIL(hint, hint) BECAUSE EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT READS THIS IS GOING TO ENTER A TRIBUTE. Okay? Okay.


    These are a normal hunger games. No capital, no district 13. Oh, and when your reading this, just pretend that Katniss didnt volunteer for her sister and no rebellion happened and everthing stayed the same. Snow is stilll president. And I know your all like, "What?!?!? How does that work out?!?!?!" IDK. He got some weird injection thing to live for, well, forever. Hes only like 380 years old. Hush up.
    Okay. I suck at typing and spelling. Not really the spelling…
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