Okay. Since my OTHER games on my OTHER account were such a COMPLETE FAIL because I got, like, what? Four tribute entries? Anyway, I'm making another one thatis NOT GOING TO BE A FAIL(hint, hint) BECAUSE EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT READS THIS IS GOING TO ENTER A TRIBUTE. Okay? Okay.


These are a normal hunger games. No capital, no district 13. Oh, and when your reading this, just pretend that Katniss didnt volunteer for her sister and no rebellion happened and everthing stayed the same. Snow is stilll president. And I know your all like, "What?!?!? How does that work out?!?!?!" IDK. He got some weird injection thing to live for, well, forever. Hes only like 380 years old. Hush up.
Okay. I suck at typing and spelling. Not really the spelling part but the typing part and thats going to cause me to spell things wrong. Also sometimes i just wont feel like capitalizing stufff. So dont be all like," OMG. YOU ARE SO LAZY CAUSE YOU CANT MOVE YOUR PINKY FINGER OVER TO THE SHIFT BUTTON AND PRESS IT DOWN THEN MOVE IT BACK."  Because guess what? I DONT HAVE PINKIES. Kidding, kidding, kidding. I Do.
This next thing might be confusing but IDGAF. I have my own way of deciding when the tributes die and how many die. I'll put all of the tributes names in a hat. Not a hat. I don't have a hat. But like a bowl or something. A CONTAINER. And then I will roll a dice(two dice for the bloodbath) and that is the number of tributes that will die that day. The I will pull that number of slips out of the.... container. Those tributes will die that day. If a tribute is dying or their mentor is not sponsoring/ helping them, i will add their names more times so that that tribute is more likely to die. But, if you really want your tribute to have a better chance, you can give up all of you sponser money before the games begin, and if your tributes name is pulled ,I wil put it back and draw again.-NOTE: I will put their slip back- they could still get drawn twice in a row. Their slip will only be put back once, no third or fourth chances. However, once we get to the top 5, all second chances will be taken out of the games. After that, if their name is drawn, then xP.
I will do reapings, training scores, the games, and what the victors life will be like after the games.


RULE #1: Reservations last one day. And just because you enter a tribute first doesn't mean you get the spot. But considering how my last games were such a FAIL, you might not have much competition.
RULE#3: When you enter your tribute, be sure to include:
NAME: Please don't make it sound so stupid that it sounds more like a type of bowel movement than a name.
AGE: in between 12 and 18 , please.
DISTRICT: list three, in order of preference.
GENDER: Male or female. Nothing in between. That's unnatural.
APPEARENCE: Eye color, hair color, skin color.
these next things aren't as important, but it will help me write the games if you include them:
TOKEN: optional.
ALLIANCES: Also optional. can be formed later on. not everyone needs to have an alliance.
HISTORY/ BACKSTORY: Doesn't have to be too detailed.
STRATEGY: At the cornucopia and in the games.
RULE#4: Your are your tributes' mentor. Dont forget about them and leave them. If you do, i will find someone else to be their mentor. Mentors get $500 to spend on each tribute. tributes earn $50 per kill, $50 for top eight. When you want to send your tribute an item, just tell me the item, why you want to send it to your tribute, and your tributes name. i will think of a price. don't worry, it will be reasonable.
RULE#5: if you're reading this, YOU HAVE TO ENTER A TRIBUTE.


Lalalala. Okay guys, ready for the best arena ever? Kidding, kidding, kidding. The 8 year that lives down the street came up with it ;) but she's smart, so let's see how this works out: the cornucopia is in the very top right corner of the arena. the arena doesn't have any real shape, just kind of like a rough circle. the cornucopia is on top of  small mountain, easy to climb down on all sides except for the far right and top sides, which are impossible to climb down without, well, falling a thousand feet to your death. the area in between the tribute plates and the cornucopia is pure ice, making it harder for people to sprint to the cornucopia, giving slower people somewhat of an advantage. some of the better items( weapons, life saving medicines) will be uner about an inch of ice, so people will have to work for them. in front of each tributes pedistal is a box of 24 matches, an ice pick, and a small rope, about 7 feet long..( the rope will be useful, you'll see). if tributes are smart they will grab these things, as they could be life saving. once tributes climb down the mountain, they will find that every step thay take away from the cornucopia gets a little warmer.the cornucopia temperature is about 5 degrees( farenheit) an the out skirts ofn the arena is about 70 degrees(farenheit). the ice and snow melts about a mile away from the mountain. Now if the careers decie to stay on the mountain with all of the supplies, they will find themselves trapped if they ever want to leave. each day they mountain will be harder and harder to climb down. there will be streams going down the mountain and through out the areana, water will not be hard to find. But, to trick the tributes, it will taste awkward, making the tributes think that it will be poisonous.( they will be warned of this in  training, if they go to the edibleplants station.) there will be many mutts and poisonous foods.(again, they will learn of this in training.)the slideshow below will show of some of the items. the animals that are in the slide show are the muts that will be in the arean, an the plants are a couple of the poisonous things.

  • They can even get you when your in a tree >:]
  • Rawr!
  • Yay, a goat.
  • Ohmigod, i would be scare to death if i saw this. (alpine ibex)
  • sloth bear. Holy nuts i can't believe this is a real animal .
  • white baneberries. Yummy;D
  • Larkspurs. sounds more like a typre of monster than poisonous plant.


In the arena, tributes will wear; long sleeve shirt, thick black pants(will work like snowpants, but easier to move in, like sweat/yoga pants), thick socks, boots ,and a thin jacket that reflects body heat, and gloves. all of these items will keep them warm but will not make them overheated if they are in a warmer part of the arena. the shirt, parts of the jacket, hat, and gloves wil all be in the districts color. the colors are: 1: Gold 2: White 3: Brown 4: Teal 5: Plum 6: Rose 7:Green 8: Silver 9: Yellow

10: Coral 11:Tan 12: Black















Ringlet Stellie



Strong, good aim/knife, sword, spear/swimming, being hungery

Long, blonde, wavy hair, emerald eyes, tan, thin muscular build

gold necklace


none. doesnt want to ally with the careers even though she is one.

get what she needs at cornucopia and get out; fight if she needs to the rest of the time.



Gray Daniel


Hybrid shadow

srong,hides emotions,no mercy,strong swimmer/scythe,axe,spear,sword




hunt tributes with careers



Katharine Seroine



strength,swimming, power,aim, speed/dagger, bow and arrows/Usually Off-Focus, Darkness, Bigger Tributes, Arrogance, Overconfident

Long, Soft, Wavy (not curly) golden hair, Blue Eyes, White Complexion

diamond ring



Get any w.o.c., kill as many tributes and take over the cornucopia with the other careers



Astagon Sentarin



charm,strength,power, using weapon, adaptability/sword,dagger/might not kill certain tributes, MIGHT. boastful, overconfident 

dark brown hair

picture of family



what the careers always do..



Dina Cray


good killer,climbing,running,swimming,charm,can handle blood/knives,throwingknives, dagger,spear,h-to-h combat/if she becomes too close to people then she can't kill them

necklace with flower


fill out later

kll weaker tributes and take their items.



Conner Gadget


Hybrid Shadow

explosives/explosives,knowledge/afraid of almost everythingWeak, Slow swimmer, Slow runner, Little to none stamina, Terrible Climber, Always cowers at the sight of a weapon, wimp


emerald pendant



make eople think he's not a wimp and fails, hide, rely on sponsers



Layla Mist



Swimming,running, quick/Knives, spears/Not strong, clausterphobic

Blonde hair green eyes 5' 6



careers, then break with Luke

be a career and then break the alliance and go off with Luke.



Luke Odair





Careers,then break with layla 

be a career and then break the alliance and go off with layla later on.



Cassidy Silt



taming,combat,climbing,swimming,running/Snake,Knives,Eyes (anybody who looks at her eyes will get dizzy or asleep),Throwing Knives/insane,deranged,acrophobia

pet snake



kill them with snake and feed victim to her.



Grayson Young



intelligence, agility,stealth,fit,healing/knives,bow,wires/bad with most weapons, climbing 


necklace with safire amulet


anyone from dis. 8-12 but will backstab if he had a single doubt.

Get the nearest weapon and any other supplies  find food, water, and a hiding place to camp for the night.



Sylvia Churchill



agility,cunning/throwing knives,bow,/ranom, careless mentally insane

skull necklace



dont take chances @bloobath and run away,hide From there she will hide out, and steal from other tributes and assassinate them in the night. Only when juts a handfull of tributes remain in the arena will she go into open combat, slaugthering all the tributes



Jake Rivers


Pop ups of duty

aim,climbing,swimming,running,camoflauge,knives,axe,spears,b /bisexual,effaminate,easily falls and love(wont kill them if he does)

heart locket


Daniel slicer(9)

find Danielat bloodbath and Hide using camofaluge most likely on trees or rocks then when a tribute comes he will kill them with his knives or any other weapon



Ivyana"Ivy" Woods


fast,seductiveclimbing,aim, taming animals and mutts/axe,teeth,hand to hand,knives,spear/afraid of insects

amulet from Ezekiel


district partner

games strategy:Kill the weaker tributes first and just keep on killingbloodbath strategy:She will try to kill but if she cant anymore she will run away with a bag






knowledge, can withstan pain, good aim,adapting to enviroment, strong/ axe/climbing, thinking about family,swimming, hand to hand combat, gets lost

Blonde, aquamarine eyes, white complexion

sisters green hankerchief made in D8


none, but friends ith carrers & dist. partner

Bloodbath Strategy: stand tall and look vicious to others so that nobody would try to kill you. Run away then come back after the careers take over the cornucopia. has a friendship with the careers



Sylvia Flos


Larry Mango

strong,brave,swimming,running,climbing/combat,sword, hammer, knives/killing younger tributes

heaband that belonged to mother


Hans Flos(8)

kill with hans and protect him



Hans Flos


Larry Mango

smart,running,climbing,weaon expert,snares/all weapons but mainly sword and knives/ forgetful,swimming

hankercheif that he sewed


Sylvia Flos(8)

killl wih sister using traps and weapons



Mary Haze



taming,weaponry,combat,swimming,climing,running,plants,seducive combat,camo,knives,mace,axe,batons/killing animals

her two pet birds(they will not be used as weapons)



get anything and run away;try to kill anyone



Daniel Slicer


Pop Ups Of Duty

strong,swimming,running/combat,throwing knives,throwing axe/climbing



Jake Rivers(6)

Get some supplies, find jake, and together they will kill






weaons/bow and arrow,knives,sickle,/dieing,death,heights,bears,blood

golden-blonde curly hair, blue eyes



maybe district 7 female

run,grab the nearest bag, makesure no one is watching, don't go near anyone or near a fight.



Jake Lax



aim,strength,swimming, can resist the cold/ bow and arrow,throwing knives, and darts/climbing

locket with picture of father


anyone he likes, but no groups

kill tributes at a distance with bow but use knives i fthey get too close.



Sarah Lester



expert at fruit, climbing,running/sickle and pickaxe/ small

valuable gold coin



climb, sneak up on others and kill them



Rory Jonsten



plants expert, hiding,strong,/swords, knives,/used to do drugs and still gets occasionaly urges, heavy sleeper, quite lazy in the morning

long-ish brown hair, deep blue eyes and good looking. 5'9

a key-chain with a picture of his family and friends. he stuffs it in his sock. 


try to join a big alliance

hide steal and if in alliance dont leave



Auvelina Lorphelin



swimming,knoledge,h2h combat, am, fast/bow and arrows, throwing knifes, mining pick/arrogant,mean, self centered,snobby. hated by everyone.

brunette, green eyes, pale

piece of coal that her crush gave her.


get a pack&weapon;run away and find water.



Jason Lad


Larry Mango

smart,hard to trick,climbing,swimming,runnin blowgun spear trident/sensitive

Blonde, freckles, brown eyes

small piece of diamond from his family



trick the others and kill them



District 1: Ringlet Stellie I wake up early, not wanting to waste a single second. I throw the covers off of my bed, forgetting all about my little sister sleeping next to me, cuddled up with her stuffed cat. I run to my dresser, grab a long sleeved lacy shirt and tight black capris, when i remember something that my father gave to me before he got sick. A dress that i was to wear the year I turned 18, the year I volunteered for the games, the year that i became a victor. i already decided that that had to be this year, even though I'm only 17. My sister starts to say something in a sleepy voice, but i can't hear because i'm too busy grabbing my dress from the back of the bottom drawer and basically diving out the door and into the bathroom.  I stand, admiring how perfectly the dress fits. Now, looking at the dress through the full length mirror, I see for the first time what I am: Thin, short, and strong. My sister is now up and calling for me to get out of the bathroom, but I don't want to stop looking at the dress. It is gold, my favorite color. It falls in a mixture of lace, satin, and velvet waves of ruffles down to my mid- thigh.The ruffles go up to the middle of my waist, then has a shiny, thick gold band, and above that a sparkly, gem covered top, finished with tight lace sleeves that flare out at my writsts. It really does fit perfectly. I run to my still-sleeping parents room, and snatch a gold necklace from my mothers jewelrybox. She was always going to let me wear it as a token. As I'm walking out of my room, I hear my father's sick, scratchy voice say my name. I turn around and walk back over to him. "Ringlet, is that your dress? You weren't supossed to wear it until you volunteered," he says, sounding sleepy. "I know," I say,"That's why I'm wearing it. I decided that this was the year that I'm volunteering.' 'But, you're not eighttteen yet, your not ready!" 'Dad, trust me. i'm ready. I've been training extra hard, I'm better than everyone else. Even the boys. The trainer has me teach the other kids how to use weapons because I'm better than him. Dad, I know that I can win this year." "Why not just wait?" he asks, confused. "Because you have to see me win. We both know you won't see that if I wait another year." " I guess. Well, i'm going to get some more sleep. Wake me up before you leave." "Course," I assure him. as I walk out of the room, I hear him chuckle. I spend the next couple of hours with my mom and sister, who took the news of me volunteering better than I thought they would, then wake my dad back up. We head out the door early, knowing that it will take us longer to get to the town square, having to carry my father and all. Before I leave to stand with the other girls, my dad asks be to talk to him alone for a moment. I carry him off to the side. "What?" I ask.

"Ringlet," says dad, sounding almost mad talking under his breath," Ringlet, I swear, you had better win this thing, then I can have the money. The money, Ringlet! I'll be able to have that surgery and survive. And then I'll be a healthy, rich, rich man. Dammit! Win!" I'm genuinely surprised. And maybe a little confused. It sounds like my father is more concerned with being wealthy and of good health rather than having his daughter alive. I carry him back, walk away, and will myself not to cry. I rethink vounteering. I always thought that he wanted to see me win so that he could be proud of me. And he did, before he got sick. But I guess he changed his mind.

District 2:Astagon Sentarin

I wait for the escort to get done introducing herself. She goes on and on for what seems like an hour, even though I know it hasn't even been close to that. Finally, when she's done, she pretends that she is having trouble deciding whether or not to draw the boys or girl's name first. She "gives up" trying to decide and asks the crowd where she should go first. "Boys!"all of the boys shout. "Girls!" all of the girls yell.

The escort goes to the girls bowl first, like she does every year. She mixes up the names with her hand, then grabs a handful of slips. she reads all of them to herself, and picks one and puts the rest back. " Tailia Usay-, " The escort starts to say. I look over to the girls side just as two girls right next to each other raise their hands at the same time, and one starts to say,"I volunteer," but can't finish because the girl next to her is shoving her hand down and saying it first. She basically bounces up to the stage. I reconize her from somewhere, but cann't remember what her name is. The escort asks her name and she says," Katharin Seroine", real bubbly.

Ahh. Now i remember. I dated her.

The escort goes over to the boys' ball and starts to repeat the same process of picking the name, but, not wanting to wait, I volunteer before she  even pulls her hand out of the bowl. Katharin watches me jog up to the platform and flips her golden, wavy hair. We shake hands, and right before we get on the train she says to me, still smiling, "Don't even think, not even for one second, that your coming out of that arena alive."

District 3:Dina Cray

I sign in and walk with a group of other 18 year old girls  to our area. My brown pants are a little too long, and I keep tripping over them. I reach my hand up to my neck and run my fingers over the flower necklae that is to be my token if I get reaped. I was told it belonged to my mother; she died when I was real little. She had me when she was 17, but got reaped the following year, when she was 18. My dad told me that she was the last non- career standing. Our escort talks for a while, but I don't listen. He goes to the boys' ball first and pulls out the first name that he touches.

"Conner Gadget," he says. A small twelve year old walks up. I know him to be ver good with explosives, but he is afraid of the smallest things. The escort shakes his trembling hand and walks over to the girs' bowl.  "dina Cray," he says, loudly. I walk up to the stage, not letting how scared I am show on my face. I'm shaking like a wet dog, though, and nothing I can do stops it. The escort has me and Conner shake hands. We are escorted by some Peacekeepers until we get on to the train, and neither of us resists. We are offered food, but I can't eat. I'm already trying to figure out how to kill the Careers, as revenge, for causing me to grow upwithout a mother. 

District 4: Luke Odair

The escort calls the name: Layla Mist. Oh, poor Layla. We used to be real close, but then her mom died and we never talked again. she never went to training, because she never wanted to go through all of that work and probably never be chosen. The escort walks over to the boys bowl. My palms start to sweat. I'm usually never this nervous before the name is drawn, but I guess that this year the thought of having to kill Layla gets to me. The escort pulls out the slip, and then throws it over her shoulder. she does this twice more, but then on the fourth slip she draws, pauses, then reads the name. " Luke Odair," she calls. This name seems familiar, but i don't know where from. I look around, wanting to cach a glimpse of the person who will have to fight to the death, but only find everyone else staring at me. I'm puzzled for a while, trying to figure out what's going on. then I realize: That's me.  I freeze, not wanting to move. The peacekeepers  have to drag me up to the  stage, and put me own next to layla, but i fall over. I am wholly aware that i'm sitting on the ground, but I don't stand up. Instead, Layla sits down next to me, crying. I look at Layla's family, 5 little brothers and sisters, a dad, and her grandparents. They are all crying, too. The escort talks some more, but I can't listen. I'm too busy trying to figure out a way to make sure that Layla and I get out of this thing alive.

District 5: Grayson Young

Oh God. Oh God, oh God, oh God. I wait in the Justice Building, for someone to come and say their good-byes to me. My name was just pulled out of that glass globe, minutes ago. The female tribute, Cassie or Cassandra or Cennedy or something, God, i don't even remember, is insane. And her snake! Oh, that horrible snake that they're allowing her to take with her into the arena, is evil. The thing killed her parents! Oh, God! I startle as the door opens, and I see my best friend, Autum, who gives me a hug. She's crying. "Autum! Autum, it's okay, I'm okay. Calm dow-," I starrt to say, but can't finish because Autum is saying: "No! You're not okay!" She says," You're not. I don't know how I'm going to get by without you here." "You'll make it, Autum, you'll be fine." "I can't do it, I would have done it before if you weren't here. You're the only thing I care about, and the only thing that cares about me," say says, sniveling. "Do what?" I ask, even thought I already know. She's talked about it plenty before. " If you die, Grayson, I'm dying too." She says in a whisper. "No, autum. You're not going to kill yourself over me!" I almost yell, but manage to keep my voice down. I kno saying this is pointless, and I know Autum isn't bluffing. I know that if someone kills me in that arena, Autum will go and throw herself right out of a tree. Oh, God! We drop the topic, and I tell her that I'll win. She leaves, and before I know it I'm stepping onto the train, With Snake Girl throwing a tantrum behind me, over having to keep her damn snake in a cage and not on her shoulder. I'm offered food and accept a glass of apple cider, and try and sort through what is hapening. If i die, then, really, two lives will be lost over one. God! I have to win, or else my best friend is going to take her own life. Oh, I can only wish that she won't lose all hope and climb that tree before I even get in the arena!

District 6: Sylvia Churchill

Ahh. Reaping day. One of the only days that I'm allowed out of the hospital. I've been trapped in there ever since I killed my parents. Maybe I should have been executed. But they wanted me to stay. The people. Said that I was insane, ill. Maybe I am. Two people wearing white hold me by my arms. They do this whenever I leave the hospital. Not sure who they are, but I don't like it. They stand with me adn hold me tight when my blood is taken. I don't know why; it's not like it hurts. The men stay with me, even when I go to the area with the other girls my age. I try to tell the men that they aren't supposed to be here, it even says it on teh sign. " Reserved for 16 year old girls," the sign says. They tell me to hush up. I'm confused, but then I understand: These men think that they are 16 year old girls. Ughh. How am I going to explain this to them? I start by telling them that they are to big to be 16. That maybe they could pass for an 18 year old, but they have beards. Girls don't have- I'm interuppted by the shrilly voice of a very bright lady. It hurts my ears! I try and cover them, but the men hold my arms down. Ow. She talks some, but I can't understand what she is saying because she's talking funny. Then, I hear her say my name. I stare at her, not knowing what to do. I know that when the annoying person says your name, you go up to the stage and stand with her, but these men won't let me move. I struggle, aware that I need to go up there with her, but the men fight back. All of the girls around me take a step back. They tell me to calm down, then the men carry me to the stage. Angery, I say," Damn! I don't know how you think you're my age, you are WAY too strong!" They chuckle a little, then set me down next to the escort. She looks frightened, thne disappointed and unhappy. She calls another name, but, just seconds later, a boy shouts, " I volunteer!" and everyone looks at him. People in the crowd whisper to each other, and some giggle. The boy says that his name is Jake Rivers in a high voice, but not high like the escorts.just... high for a boy.  We leave, and the men shove me onto a train. Jake and I sit down, and Then shrilly lady sits down with us. She looks like she wants to slap herself. She sighs, and the boy asks her whats wrong. She says," Oh. Nothing. I'm just sad that a deranged girl and you, a gay boy, will have to die in that arena. I mean, this girl, Sylvia, doesn't even kno what's going on. Look at her." they both look at me, and suddenly I remember what happens to the kids that go on the stage. The shrilly lady is wrong. I do know what's going on. I smile.And she doesn't have to feel sorry. Because I'm not going to die.

District 7: Ivyana"Ivy" Woods

I just came back from the woods and am getting ready to go to the street where the reaings take place.They used to be in teh town square, but the place is such a dump that they moved it to a nicer looking street, in the rich part of district 7. It's better for our familly, because it's closer to home. I stop by home first and change into a dark brown long sleeve shirt and a lighter brown puffy skirt, tights, and slip a necklace with an amulet from my best friend, Ezekiel, over my head. I look at myself in my mirror. The skirt goes down to my knees, but I pull the hem up to my waist, letting it fall to my mid-thigh and making the outfit look more like a dress. There. If I get reaed, I might as well try and call some attention to myself. Someone in the capital might notice. I comb out my long, green hair and put in a brown hairband. I always loved the trees and plants so much that I started washing my hair with a herb that make it green- tinted. As i'm walking towards the reaing location, I have a disturbing thought: with my brown outfit and green hair, I might look like a tree. The escort talks some, and I listen because there's nothing better to do except for worry about getting reaped. When she gets done, she goes to the boys' globe first. "Quineroo Salvix" she call. A pale boy wityh blonde hair walks up. He came from the 17 years old boys' section. "And now for the ladies," continues the escort," Ivyana Woods!" I walk up.  I keep my calm, but damn, am I worried! When I get up to the stage,I stand on the opposite side of he escort that Quineroo is standing. I lean in to the microphone a bit and say,"Ivy, not Ivyana." "Thank you, Ivy, for clearing that up for us," says the escort. "Now, can we have a big round of applause for our courageous, district 7 tributes, Ivy Woods and Quineroo Salvix!"

District 8: Hans Flos

I wait in the town square for the escort to arrive. I find my sister in the crowd of 18 year old girls. She never told me if she as going to volunteer or not. I plan on volunteering. The bullying is getting too bad. The boys alll think that i'm a sissy and weak, all because I used to sew. I loved sewing, but I had to stop to prove that I was tough. That didn't help, though. So, now I have to volunteer and win the games. Then they'll see. I really am tough. The escort arrives. Each of her limbs is dyed a different color, and her hair matches those colors. I wouldn't doubt that each srand had been individually dyed, because it is a mixture of orange, blue, red, adn purple. It kind of reminds me of the crumbs at the bottom of a multi-colored cereal box. I hear a boy laughing and look to see him pointing at my hand. I realize that I am clutching onto my hankerchief that I sewed. My token. I shove it into my pocket, my face turning red from emmbarassment. The escort shows us a video clip, then calls the unlucky girl's name: " Alyssa Cleger," A girl who must be Alyssa Cleger walks up, crying. She gets up on the stage and right before the rainbow escort calls the male's name,at the last second, I hear an,"I volunteer!" and see my sister walk up to the stage. Alyssa runs down, thanking my sister on her way. The escort asks her name and she says,"Sylvia Flos."  The people look surprised; we never have volunteers. But this year we have two."I volunteer!" I say, before the scort even gets the tape off of the next slip. I run up to the stage, and the boys start laughing. "My name is Hans Flos!" And, I will be representing District 8!" This sets the laughter off again. My eyes tear up; don't they think that I'm tough now? I basically just sentenced  myself to death! And I get laughter? I look at Sylvia. She looks kind of sad, too. Then she glances back over at our family. I look at them; they are all crying. I'm confused. They might have a child that's a victor! But, then... the other will have to die. Oh, great. Now I'm crying too. Oh! my poor parents! How they must feel, knowing that both of their children just practically commited suicide

District 9: Mary Haze

I am crying so hard as I walk on the train. I cannot believe my name was just called at the reaping. I don't know how it could have happened; I hoped and wished and hoped some more that I wouldn't get picked. I can't believe it! A least they might let me keep my birds with me, as a token. I promised that they were tamed and wouldn't be used as a weapon; just to comfort me. They said that they would have an expert take a look at them in the capital to see if they would kil or not. Which I know they won't. I sit next to the boy tribute, Daniel Slicer, who volunteered. I know that he bullies people, or a least used to. I think that people used to bully him, though. We just sit there for a bit while I stop crying, and then we are invied to eat with our escort and mentor. Daniel eats alot, but I don't.  I'm not feeling very well. They tell us what to do while we are being "Remade" and how to act on the chariot. I don't remember any of it when I go to bed later.I really wish that i hadn't just had that talk,because if i hadn't just had that talk, i wouldn't be riding the chariot or being remade or training, and i woudn't be going into the arena. I wouldn't be dead in a matter of days.

District 10: Jennifer

I smile as I look into the mirror, satisfied. My golden- blonde curly hair in perfect little spirals, my tan skin against the blue fabric of my dress, My blue eyes matching the exact color of the flower pin in my hair. If there is one good thing about reaping day, it's dressing up. I walk out of my bedroom and into the family room, finding my mother brushing my little sisters hair, which is a shorter version of mine, and my little brother complaining that he wants to leave. I pick up my brother and sit on the couch wih him in my lap and straighten the miniature tie my mother has sewed for him. I watch my mom strugge to ut my sister's hair up and ask if I can do it. While I'm putting her hair into a partial- ponytail, I get a good look at her dress: It is green, the color of her eyes, with flowers embroidered into the skirt. I run upstairs and find a green bow that is the same hue as her dress and tie it in her hair. "Perfect," I say," I think we're ready to go now, Mom." We walk outside and I feel a breeze. It is sunny and beautiful. The green trees sway, and it smells of flowers and fresh air. That changes as we arrive at the stage where the reaping takes place; then it starts to smell like district 10 should: livestock. I say good bye to my family and head over to the section for 17 year old girls. None of them dress as well as I do, even the ones that are wealthy. I don't care, though. I'm friendly and say hello and they return my politeness. The escort talks about why we have the Hunger Games, why they are still going, how they keep Panem in line. I've heard the speech before, but still find it interesting, how all of the nations problems we're resolved by The Hunger Games. Okay, so maybe it's not as interesting when I'm walking up the steps to the stage just seconds later. The escort smiles at me, and I give her a glare, probably the first bad- look i'd ever given anyone. Seriously, lady? You couldn't have moved your hand half an inch to the left? Then I wouldn't be up here.  She calls the boy, Jake Lax, to come up and i can't keep from asking myself which one, if not both, of us is going to die.

District 11: Sarah Lester

As I lay in my bed,-er, wooden board with a sheet over it- I try not to think aout how hungery I am. But it's kind of hard to think about anything else when my stomach sounds like it has a roaring lion trapped inside of it. I get up and wince because my empty stomach has a sharp pain in it. Ouch. Maybe it's time that i, uhh, take a "trip" to the well-to-do part of District 11. I walk past my sleeping family, lying on their sheets, and grab my burlap bag from under the small cabinet that we have next to our table. I open the door and walk outside. the door swings back and forth behind me; the hingesand knob are broken. It is not even daylight yet, the sun has just begun to rise. I jog towards my destination as fast as my hurting stomach allows me. When I  get there, I peek in the windows to see which families are still sleeping and which ones have already risen. I sneak into a house in which I know the residents sleep late and grab some leftover rice, a few stale crackers, and a variety of rotten fruits and vegetables from the back of a cabinet, and stuff them into my bag. I do this a few more times, then walk back home, hiding behind houses and fences from the Peacekeepers. Why are there so many roaming around today? Whatever. They'll never catch me. I leave some food for my my family, then drop by my friends' houses and bring some to them.  My friends are the only people that know that I steal. But, they don't tell, because I give them just as much, if not more, food than I give myself and my family. I go back home for good, just wanting to sit and eat something, and find my mother ringing out a wet, soapy, skirt. "what's this for?" I ask. "'s reaping day?" She replies, in a "duh" tone. Oh. That makes since. I don't say anything more, just nibble on a mushy pear and wait. Before it's time to leave, I comb out a few knots in my hair with my fingers. We get held up somehow on the way, having to wait for the  workers ,coming from the orchards, to pass. We arrive just in time. "And the female tribute is," says our cheerful escort,"is Sarah Lester!" Great. Just, great. I'm not even going to live to be fourteen. I'm on the verge of tears, but I'm probably so deheydrated that none will come. The escort, still cheerful, calls the boy:"Rory Jonsten!" she says. A boy with brown hair and deep, blue eyes walks up He looks surprised, but manages to keep his ground. He stands tall and tries to look brave, but you can see in his eyes that he is worried. As he was walking up, he stuffed something in his sock but i never got the chance to see what it was. We get onto the train, and the sight I see is so overwhelming that I could pass out: Food. All of my worries temperarely go away as I eat the first apple that I've ever had in my life that wasn't rotten.

District 12: Auvelina Lorphelin

I wake up to the sound of footsteps outside. I peek out of the window and see crowds of people walking towards the town square. What? I'm puzzled for a moment, but then I remember: It's reaping day. Crap! Reaping Day!?!?! It seems like it's only been a short amount of time since the last Hunger Games were over. I hurry out of bed, put on a pair of brown pants that are just a little too short, a white shirt, and clean off my brown boots. Oh, the clothes here! They are so horrible. When our family was kicked out of the capital, we had to leave all of our things behind and start a new life here in 12. And I hate it. I walk down the dirt road to the square, getting my clean boots dirty again. Oh, well. As I stand in the section with the other 16 year old girls, I move over as close to the boys' side as I can get. Maybe all of the girls hate me, but boys don't seem to care that I am rude, snobby, and self centered. I guess I'm more attractive than most of the other girls. I sure stand out, with my shiny brunette hair and bright green eyes. everyone else here and blonde or black hair with gray or blue eyes. Ugghh. SO drab. I wait eagerly for the escort to arrive, wanting to see color, clothes, jewelry, something pretty. Something from home. When she arrives, she is wearing something that District twelve citizens would find horrid but I find absouloutly beautiful: a bright  orange skirt, a neon yellow tank top with a fabulous flower design of a darker shade of the same color, a orange wig with flowing waves that fall in layers all the way down to her hips. She must reconize that I am from the capital because she meets my eyes and gives a little wave. I wave back, feeling the other girls glaring at me. I hate them. Somehow I'm not sad when the escort calls my name just a few moments later. I feel..hatred. I always feel this way, but now it's not towards the other people in district twelve, not to all of those girls that hate me. It's toward the capital, for evicting our family. Because if we were still there, I wouldn't be going into the arena. I walk up the few steps and onto the stage, and I can't help it: I glance behind myself, just for a moment, to see if anyone looks sad or scared for me. But it's like I'm looking in a mirror; all I see is my own hatred reflected back at me.

Pre- Game Alliances:

Careers:Gray Daniel(District one) ,Katharine Serione(District two) ,Astagon Sentarin(District two) Layla Mist(District four), Luke Odair(four) Note:: Ringlet Stellie(1) does not wan to ally with the careers. Layla(4) and Luke(4) plan to break the alliance with the careers later on in the games.

Jennifer(10) and Auvelina Lorphelin(12) Sylvia Flos(9) and Hans Flos(8) Jake Rivers(6) and Daniel Slicer(9) Rory Jonsten(11) and Grayson Young(5)

Jake lax(10) abd Ivy woods(7)

More alliances will probably be formed during the games.

Training Scores

Are in the 'Tribute Info' section

Other News

Number of deaths- Day one:   First dice rolled is a.... 3.

Second Dice rroolled is a........3 There will be 6 deaths during the bloothbath. Okay. There are two Jakes and two Slyvia's, so try not to get confused... Games start, like 3 hours early, cause I have a SNOWWW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE THERE'S A BLIZZARD!!!!!!!!! Which gives me an idea....

Let's begin, shall we?

And Let The 373rd Hunger Games Begin!

Day one- Bloodbath: Rory Jonsten(11)'s POV:  I rise up from the launch room, wearing a tan jacket, gloves, hat, and long sleeve shirt with black pants and boots. Great, I think. It's going to be cold. I stand up on the very tips of my toes so that I can see the arena as soon as possible. The first thing I see is the cornucopia. But, it's more white than gold. As I rise up, I see snow. Everywhere. It's not deep, not yet at least, but it's snowing hard. I look in to the distance and see tree tops.. but nothing else. Where am I?

Dina Cray(3)'s POV:

I see the tree tops in the distance and imeadiatly know: We're on a mountain top.  The area that the cornucopia is on is flat, but when i look behind me it starts to get more jagged. The tribute plates lock into place, about a foot off of the ground. The countdown begins. 60, 59, 58, 57,........ So.. This is where the games are? this flat, little, mountain top? No. They'd be over in an hour, there has to be another place for the tributes to go. 49, 48, 47. I look arounf one more time, then it hits me: We have to climb down.

Oh. This is going to be horrible for people who can't climb well. I turn my attention to something more important: Getting my hands on a weapon and a pack or two. I start by looking at the items closest to me. I see a couple boxes of matches, an ice pick, and a short blue rope. How the hell could anyone use that? Looking farther out, I see some packs, but not one weapon. So, what? We're going to have knock people out with a rock and stab em' wiwth thispick? Somehow I know  that i'm not going to be able to kill any careers like that. 33, 32, 31....

Quineroo Salvix(7)'s POV:

29, 28, 27... I squint my eyes, and under the snow that hasn't entirely covered the ground yet, see ice. That's.. not good. I'll belucky if I don't crack my head open and die when I step off of this pedestal. Checking the soles' of my shoes to see if they have treads or not, I see something silver under the ice. At first I think that it is just my eyes playing tricks on me, but as I get a closer look.. I see that they are everywhere. Different shapes and sizes. The one closest to me kind of has the shape of a knife, and the one farther out, a bow..Ther're the weapons!  I look back down at the ice pick in front of me. Yes! That's how we get them out! 13, 12,11....

I position myself to run towards a pack, a big black one, near the cornucopia. My plan is to run- or slide- to it, run back, grab my matches, rope, and ice pickk on the way to the side of the mountaon. Then I will begin my journey down. 4,3,2,1..

Gray Daniel(1)'s POV:

GONG! I hop off of my pedestal and grab my ice pick, leaving the matches and rope behind. What could I need them for? I run towards one of the weapons buried under the ice. I guess I had too much speed, because I slid a little too far past it. I dive back to it, laying on my stomach while I pick away at the thin layer of ice above it. Other tribute are doing the same, but some are just grabbing their matches and rope and surveying the edge of the mountain. Ughh! why is this taking so long?!?!? I thinnk I can get my weapon, a spear, out, but when i try it doesn't budge. I pull harder, getting  my hand around the end of it but still doesn't move. I yank up on it; bad choice. The wooden body of the spear breaks into two. Oh, perfect. Now I have to start all over. I walk around, trying to find another spear, but can't. The other tributes almost have their weapons out. Oh, If only i'd been careful! I look around some more, and find a sword. it's no use though. The others almost have their weapons out, and they'll target the people still picking away at the ice first.  I see the girl from 12 chipping away at a sheath of arrows. She got a four, easy target, right? She's working fast and could probaly pull them out. Useless, I think, for her to get them. She probably doesn't even know hw to use them. I feel my ice pick, not knowing what to do. Hey, this pick might notbe super sharp, but it's hard. I could easily knock someone out with it. Someone weak. Someone who got a four.

Auvelina Lorphelin(12)'s Pov:

I shriek as I see the boy from one coming at me with his pick rasied. I try to roll away from him, but he's too fast. He's grabbed me and is holding me down by sitting on me. I struggle, but he just slams my head down on the ice. It hurts, but I'm still determined to get up. Even though I'm sure it's over for me. He keeps me down, though, and hits me with his pick. I see blood and start panicking. Great. He's cracked my head open and I'm going to bleed out, right here. But I'm not hurt. I mean, he hit me pretty hard but I don't feel like iit's a bad inury. The boy, Gray, I think, losens is grip and clutches his hand. I take the oppertunity to shove him off me and quickly pull out my arrows. I  get a good look at his hand. The pick broke in two when he hit me with it and impaled him. It probably came close to going all the way through. I grab my bow, which wasn't buried by the ice, and find Jennifer(10) by the side of the mountain. I grabed the rope when I got the pick from in front of my pedestal, knowing that I'd need it to get down the mountain. I carefully look over the edge, and see that it is probably impossible to cliimb down. But.. I saw other tributes going down when I was getting my weapons.. we hurry around the edge of the mountain, and find that the other sides don't have such a steep slope. I hop down to a small platform made of rock, and Jennfer(10) follows. From there, I find that it as just like walking down a hill. Only way higher.

Katharin Seroine(2)'s POV:

I pull my sheath of arrows out, grab the bow, and load an arrow. It's been 15 minutes and not one erson has died. Well, that's about to change. Others are finishing getting their supplies and running to the side of the mountain. There are about ten to twelve people left, Including the careers. I walk to the side of the mountain and look down. I see someone walking down a ways away, and know that i can shoot them. I aim my arrow at their back, hoping to get a fatal hit, and  release. But, beofre I can see them fall over and die, the wind starts. Sno blows everywhere and I can't see anything. Then, a stronger gust comes, one strong enough to blow me over. Right over the side of the mountain. It happens so fast; I fall face fist and land on my head. Then I just keep somersaulting down, hearing nothing but my own screams and the awful sounds of my bones breaking. My back, my leg, my jaw. I don't know which part of me hurts the most, because I'm flopping around so much that I can't tell my arms from my legs. Finally, I stop. I'm brokken everywhere. I know i'm going to die. Even If I didn't, I'd be paralyzed. My neck is broken, I know. I lay there with my eyes open, trying to focus on the sky as I slip away. The last thing I think of is how if I hadn't had shot the arrow at that boy on the mountain, trying to get the fisrt kill, I wouldn't have been the first to die.

Layla Mist(4)'s POV

I got a bag with 14 throwing knives and two throwing axes in it. It's perfect. It clips onto the sleeve of my jacket so I can grab the knives quickly. I survey the mountain top. Gray(1) is rummaging through packs, looking for a bandage, i think, his golden clothes stained red. His hand is dripping blood. I wonder what happened. Mary(9) is still digging for an axe, but she doesn't seem to be making progress. She gestures something, and one of those stupid birds that she brought flies away and get a pack for her. She puts in on and keeps digging for her axe. Easy target. But I don't throw a knife at her just yet. Luke(4) is just finishing the last bit of ice that seperates him from his trident. He comes back over to me, and asks who we should get first.

"The girl from 9 and Ivy(7)," I say. The others still on the mountain top are Sylvia(8) and Hans(8), Sylvia C.(6), Jake(6), and Daniel(9), Ringlet(1) and the other Careers, Astagon(2) and Ka.. wait.. where's Katharine(2)? I look around ut don't see her anywhere. Oh, well. She probably went down the mountain looking for other tributes. Astagon(2) comes over to us with a sword. " Shall we Start?" He asks, in a cocky tone. " Yeah," I say. And we do. I throw a knife a Mary(9), who is pulling her axe out, but it just misses her. Shoot. I look back over at Mary(9), who is preparing to throw her axe. She's looking in my direction, and, stupidly, I look behind myself to see who she's aiming it at. There's no one even near me. I start to turn back towards her, confused, when it hits me. Well, I guess two things hit me. The realization comes first and I start to pull another knive out, but then the second thing comes too fast. The axe. It goes into my temple. I know that I'm a goner. I fall over and see Luke(4) sticking his trident into Mary's(9) stomach before my vision goes black.

Mary Haze(9)'s POV:

I see my axe go into the side of  Layla(4)'s head and feel satisfied, but only for a moment, because I'm interuppted by another feeling: the feeling of a trident going into my stomach. It knocks the wind out of me and I lay on the ground, coughing. I close my eyes so my killer thinks that I'm dead and won't stab me again, because it hurt enought he first time. But I'm not dead yet. I might still have a chance all I need to do is get over to the side of the mountain. But I lose all hope when I try to get up and crawl. My stomachs hurts so bad, and I think I'd rather die than have to live with this pain. I crawl some more, but realize that I just can't do it. I can't do it. I roll over on my back, slightly elevated because of my large pack that my bird brought me. I whistle, and my birds come and perch on my fngers, like they always did at home. I pet each one and when my eye close, I gesture for them to fly away, hoping that they live happily in those trees that I saw in the distance.

Luke Odair(4)

I kill as I cry. First the girl from 8, Sylvia. There. Now her brother can feel like I do right now. Hans(8), runs over to her and begs her not to go. I would kill him, too, but I want him to feel like I do right now.Sad and alone. Layla (4)Had been my best friend since we we're little, and now she's gone. Ringlet(1)is slinging a backpack over each shoulder and I run over to her. Before she even realizes that I'm there, I stab her in the chest with my trident. I know, she's from one, but she ever wanted to be a career anyways. Never talked to us once. Ivy(7) and Jake (10) are just about to leave. I throw my trident at Ivy, and it sticks in her back. she falls face first and the snow, which has gotten prety deep in the half hour that we've been on this mountain, turns red. There's red everywhere, staining the white snow and ice. I sit down against the cold metal of the cornucopia. Jake(6) and Daniel(9) are leaving the mountain right now,  Jake Lax(10) left a while ago. The only people left on the mountain top are Gray(1),Astagon(2), and me. So out of the six careers, only three survuved the first day. Well, maybe four, but no one knows where Katharin went. So she's probably dead. Later, I hear 6 cannons. One for Layla(4).For Mary(9), and Sylvia(8). Ringlet(1). Ivy(7). And an unknown one, which is probably Katharine's.I look back at Astagon(2) and Gray(1), and think about how Layla and I we're gointg to break our alliance with the careers later on. Oh, how did this day go so wrong?

Bloodbath deaths:

Katharin Seroine(2), fell down mountain, 24th

Layla Mist(4), Axe in head by Mary Haze(9), 23rd

Mary Haze(9), Trident in stomach by Luke Odair(4), 22nd

Sylvia Flos(8), Trident in chest by Luke Odair(4), 21st

Ringlet Stellie(1), trident in chest by Luke Odair(4), 20th

Ivy woods(7), trident in back by Luke Odair(4), 19th

Rest of day one:

Conner Gadget(3)'s POV

I'm climbing down the mountain when I hear the cannons. It scares me at first, but I get over it. I hear 6. I put my hand in my jacket pocket and feel the matches and ice pick that I grabbed. I wasn't going to get anything, but they were so close. I also grabbed the short rope and a water bottle that was a little farther out.

So far the mountain has been easy to climb down, except for a little jump that I had to make at the top. It's been just like walking down a hill. But it's very hight and cold and snowy and, in some places, icy. I've been travling next to a frozen stream, which I will try and break a hole in with my ice pick later. My legs are tired, and I don,t want to rest, but I have to. We've probably only been here about two hours and i'm already exhausted. I sit down and draw pictures in the snow with my finger tip. I look down the hill and see that I still have quite a ways to go until I get to flat land. I look out, and see the white ground change to green, signaling a change in temperature. Getting up, I hear a noise, and look behind me, scared. There is a goat. With horns. And hooves, and I'm scared to death. I slowly back away from it, and it charges. It's probably faster than I am, but my shoes get a better grip on the ice. i'm basically sliding down the mountain now. After a couple of minutes of sliding, falling, sliding some more, and getting back up again, I see ledge and force myself to stop.

Slowly, I lay down on my stomach and peek my head over the edge. It's about a 20 foot drop to the icy ground beneath; I might survive the  fall, but I'd definitely break a bone. I look back, and there's the goat, not 30 feet away. it's start running again, but slips. It slides down the mountain on it's side and just before it hits me, I dive out of the way. It slides off of the ledge, surely not surviving the fall. I look back down, not knowing what to do.  Maybe if I go left or right, the drop off will end and i will be able to climb back down normally, but one glance to the side tells me that its not going to end. The drop off goes as far as I can see.

Grayson Young's(5) POV:

Rory(11) and I are resting before a ledge towards the bottom of the mountain. We have a plan on how to get down, but we want to sort through our supplies before we try. Both of us got supplies and  weapons; I got three knives and a medium sized pack with lots of pockets and Rory(11) got a sword, a large brown pack, and some wire. We both grabbed our matches, rope, and ice pick, but Rory dropped his pick at the cornucopia while running. Earlier, someone shot an arrow at us from the top of the mountain, but it missed, so we retrived that from where it got stuck in the ice, too.

My pack contains a water bottle with water, some wire, extra matches, a sleeping bag, and a little food. Rory's pack has the same things, but also two knives and probaly 4 rimes as much food as mine had. We're off to a good start. We get up, deciding that it's probaly time to move on. I tie a little loop in my rope, then tie Rorys rope to mine. I'm glad that i learned how to tie knots during training

We light a match to melt some of the ice and then put the pick through the loop in the rope and put  it in the hollow hole that we melted. Then Rory pours some water into the hole so that the pick and rope are frozen into the ground and won't ome lose while holding our weight. I lower the rope over the edge of the ledge and begin to climb down, holding on as tight as I can. The rope doesn't make it all the way to the ground, but I just drop the last 5 or 6 feet. Rory does the same. We try to pull on the rope to get it to come out, but it won't come so we just leave.

Jason Lad(12):

I'm underneadth of a ledge of rock around what I'm guessing is the middle area of the mountain. I think that most of the tributes are going to whatever lays at the bottom of the mountain, ut not me. Doubt that anyone will find me here, as I'm well concealed by rock and chuncks of ice near the doorways of my little opening. It's small in here though, and I'm starting to feel a little clausterphobic. I take off the small bag that I managed to grab at the cornucopia along with my pick, matches, and rope. The pack doesn't contain much, I can tell by how light it is. I undo the buttons and look inside. When I pull out the contents, I shoot up from my lying position so fast that I hit my head on the ice shelf above me. After rubbing my head, I read the labels on the 5 pill bottles more carefully: nutrients, hydraytion, warmth, pain releif, and poison. This is probably the best thing that I could have grabbed. I learned about most of these in training. Hydraytion: each dose is equal to the amount of water your body needs in a day. Too ad there are only a few of these. Nutrients: supplies your body witha days worth of nutrients. Sure, you'd still be hungry, but your body would cooperate just as well as it would on a full stomach. Warmth: prevents frostbite, hypothermia, and, well, being cold in general. I never heard about the pain relief or poison, but I think the label are self-explanatory.

I stuff the pills and rope back in the tiny bag, wondering if any other tributes got anything this valuable. Sure, maybe I don't have a weapon, but I could easily make one. I lay back down, hitting my head on the wall behind me, and decide that maybe I should do something about this, so that I don't give myself a concussion or something. I take the ice pick out of my pocket and start holling out an area behind me, do at least i can sit up without hurting myself. The ice breaks away easily, and I have an extra four feet of space in no time.

Sarah Lester(11): 

I got away from the bloodbath with a slingshot, the only weapon that i could find that wasn't buried. I wasn't going to get anything, but the other tributes were sliding around and bumping into each other so much that I decided that it was probably safe enough to grab it as  long as I was careful. Along with my slingshot, I grabbed the matches, rope, and ice pick that were righth in front of me, knowing that they had to be important, being in front of ev ery ttribute.I'm in a tree, not very far away from the bottom of the mountain. Getting down the ledge was a little difficult; I wasn't strong enough to get my ice pick into the ice to hold the rope, and the rope was probably too short to beable to get down like that anyway, so I ended up climbing down. It was hard hanging onto the slippery rocks, but I guess it was adrenaline. My grip on the rocks was so tight that my fingers are still have cramps. If my friends back home saw me climb down, I'm ppositive that they'd be laughing. They always called me 'Sticky Fingers', because of how I always stole things. Which I plan on doing here in the arena, onnce I find an un-aware tribute with something worth having.


Jake Lax(10):

Ughh. It is so cold here. I am currently hiding in a little hollow area under a bush a little ways from the bottom of the mountain. It was a long journey down, and I have bruises all over from slipping and falling.I got away from the bloodbath with a knife and my rope, but I dropped my matches and ice pick, probably when I fell somewhere. I roll over alittle and my arm starts to hurt again. When Luke(4) killed Ivy(7) with his trident, I was right next to her and  onne of the prongs got my arm before impaling her. It hurt very bad, and went pretty deep, but I fought through the pain. The bleeding finally slowed down. I didn't have anything to bandage it with, but just pressed chunks of ice aginst it on the way down the mountain. Not that it helped any.

It's too bad that Ivy(7) didn't make it. She couldv'e helped me a lot throughout the Games. I kind of wish that I had an alliance now, but I'm not going to just go ask someone if they want to ally. Too dangeous. I saw a couple of other tributes on the way down the mountain, but didn't acknowledge them. I wonder if anyone saw  me come into this hole. I poke holes in the snow beside me, looking at the marks it leaves. The snow is the kind that holds when you pick it up, not the fluffy stuff that blows away and falls apart. I smile as I remember playing hide and seek during the winter with other kids from school. How it was so easy to find them by following their tracks in the snow. Tracks. Tracks! I'm about ready to come out of my hole to check to see if  my boots left a trail of footsteps, waiting for someone to follow, but it's pointless. I know that I did. But before I can get my head out of the hole, something stops me.A noise. The same crunching sound that feet make when they hit the snow. I prepare my knife, ready to attack anyone- or thing- that comes near me. My heart is pounding, probably beating a thousand times a minute. I'm not sure what lurks above me, but I know that I have to be ready to kill it.

Day two:

Number of deaths for day two: 4

Auvelina Lorphelin(12):

Last night, when I was walking past a bush, I heard a noise underneath me. Jennifer(10) and I have been taking turns keeping watch. Twice she woke me, saying that she saw a head pop out of the hole underneath the little branches. We made a plan to kill whoever is under there fisrt chance we get. So, the second they come out, I'll shoot them with my bow.

We wait another couple of hours before deciding to just move on. That tribute isn't coming out anytime soon. But I still want a kill. I want to be one step closer to home. I tell Jennifer my plan, then slowly creep over to the bush.


I watch as Auvelina makes her way over to the scruffy bush. She locates the hole, and then crouches down. Oh, I really hope that that tribute doesn't have any weapons. I stand there, shivering, and wait for Auvelina to make her move. 

Then, it all happens so fast: Right before Auvelina realeases her arrow into the hole, a figure pops out, stabbing Auvelina in the chest. She falls backwards, letting go of her bow, arrow flying in the direction of her stabber. It just misses him. He backs back into the hole and grabs his rope before sprinting away. I run over to Auvelina; she's almost gone. I don't know what to feel. I want to feel sad, but it's hard because I didn't know her that long and ddidn't particularly like her. I don't feel happy, or angery, or confused.Maybe it's just the shock of watching her die, and the feelings come later? I don't know. I push her brown hair out of her face, and she doesn't say anything. At first I think that she isn't able to speak, but that thought goes away when she starts screaming. And I mean screaming. All sorts of things, most of it impossible to understand. Things about the Capitol. Her family. Something about girls hating her and her hating them just as much. Finally she becomes short of breath. Then she just looks at me, gasping for air. She pulls something out of her pocket: a piece of coal.

"Here," she says, inbetween breathes,"Here. Maybe you'll be able to use this, to start a fire or something. I don't care.It was my token."

I'm confused as to why Auvelina brought coal with her, but don't ask why. She takes a deep breathe of air, and I think it's her last. she closes her eyes and I whisper good- bye, when her eyes dart open.

" Bye? Jennifer, I'm not dead. Not yet." This startles me. I wait with her, expecting her to die, but she sits up.

Oh.. 'kay. was.. not expected. All the blood on her jacket slides down her front, turning the snow red. She stands up and uses trees for support. Okay. So.. okay. Yeah. Just get stabbed in the chest and stand up. Yep.

I bend down and hand her her bow. She is wheezing, bad, and I swear that she's paler than the snow. I go to retrieve her arrows, and hear a boom. I whip around, just in time to see Auvelina fall to the ground. I'm not really surprised, I knew that the wound was fatal. I walk over to her to say a final goodbye, half expecting her to shoot back up to her feet. But she doesn't. I kiss her forehead and grab her bow, then stand back as the hovercraft picks up her bloody body. And, just as I had predicted, those feelings that I was wondering about came. I spend the next hours in the hole where that boy that killed Auvelina was, crying.

Astagon Sentarin(2):

I sit down against a tree trunk, looking at my fellow careers: Luke(4) and Gray(1). 3 careers left. We're off to a great start. Whatever. The other tributes are just weaklings. 

Luke(4) decided that he wanted to be alone for a while. He didn't say why; but probably to grieve over that other girl. His district partner, Layla(4). Anyways, he went over to a tree a a couple yards away and climbed it. Took him forever, though.

I go over to Gray(1) and ask him how his hand is feeling. That ice pick went all the way through, inbetween broken bones and ripped veins and muscle.

" Hurts like HELL!" He says.

I don't know how to respond, so I just walk away. He hasn't wanted to unbandage it and look at it yet, and I think that maybe he's afraid of seeing it. But he has to put medicine on it sometime. And, maybe pulling the rest of the ice pick out would help, too.

I walk back to the tree where Luke(4) is, and stop in my tracks: There is a tall, baige and brown animal with long legs and a long neck standing there, not 5 feet from the tree. Eye- level with Luke.

I don't know what it is called, but i seen pictures before. A gir.. gif... giaf..? I don't remember. Something like that. I dive behind a bush, not wanted the creature to see me. Luke knows that it is there, but he isn't making eye contact with it. It could be a normal animal, but that's very unlikely. 

I sit, not making a sound. Then, just the slightest move that Luke makes sets off the creature. Luke(4) just barely starts to turn his head, when the animal snaps it's long neck forward, mouth wide open, swallowing Luke's head whole. Boom!


Hans Flos(8):

I think of Sylvia(8) as I stumble on my feet. She was the best sister that I could've had. She helped me through the bullying, everything. And now she's..she's..I can't bring myself to say it, or even think it. But there's that little part, in the back of my head, that says: she's dead.

And now I have to win. To see my family again, and to prove to all of those kids that I am tough.And to do that I have to kill. But I'm dreading the moment that I will have to plunge my sword through someone's heart.

I hear a noise coming from my left and startle. Then I see a flash of plum color running past me. Ah, yes. Plum. District five. As I prepare my sword and start running after the tribute, I wonder what it will be like, killing this boy. Or girl.

During the bllodbath, I recieved a medical kit with bandages, pain relivers, an dsome purple gel stuff that smells like honey that I have no idea what it is used for. I also got a sword, and my ice pick.

Soon the figure slows, and I can see a wide stream up ahead. The tribute comes to a complete stop, and turns toward me. I can see now that it is the boy, Grayson. He's holding a knife, prepared to throw it. I'm worried for a moment; and I'm scared that he's going to kill me. But i let confidence rise over fear and dive forward, as far as I can. I'm at his feet now.

He tries to run, but I'm too fast. I've already sliced my sword through his ankle, cutting straight through. He falls backwards, screaming in pain. Grayson is now laying on his back, begging me not to kill him. Saying that he'll ally with me.

Right. What good is a one- footed person going to do me?

I walk up to him, not beliveing what I just did. He's crying so hard that he's puking. I look at his severed foot and almost upchuck as well, but I hold it in.

"I'm so sorry, but I have to go home. I really am sorry." I say to him, before stabbing his chest. Boom! The hovercraft takes away his body, but doesn't bother to retrieve the foot. Ew.

Walk to the stream, reflecting on what I just did. I bend foreward, thinking about his family back home. Having to watch their son die. Because of me. But all I have to do is think of Sylvia(8) and it brings me back. After breaking a hole in the almost- melted ice, I lean it to drink some water, and it tastes funny. Unnatural. It scares me, and I spit it out, wiping as much of the remains off of my tongue as possible. Because that water could just as easliy kill me as another tribute.

Rory Jonsten(11):

Now I'm by myself. Grayson(5) and I were doing fine, but then we heard tributes nearby and made a run for it. I saw Hans(8) before he did and ran the other way.But he kept going, and before I knew it the cannon boomed. I'm now in a tree, with both my pack and Grayson's(5) pack. Because he couldn't grab it himself when we started running

. Oh, well. At least Hans didn't get it.

I'm sitting at the top of a tree, sorting through the supplies, trying to stuff everything in one of the canvas bags. I have so many things! 2 knives, a sword, 2 sleeping bags, two bottles of water, 3 coils of wire, tons of matches, and enough food to last a week, if I'm careful. I decide that I only need one sleeping bag; I don't plan on needing an extra. Then push the other into the bottom of the bag. I put the knives into a little pocket in the inside of my jacket, and put the two bottles of water in the pack with the wire, matches, and many food packages, but it won't button back up. I sigh, not knowing what to do. Even though they aren't taking up too much room, I put the matches in my boot, and then pour the remaining water in Grayson's bottle into mine and fill the empty bottle with the food. It saves a little room, and I get the bag to shut.

I can see Hans(8) from where I'm sitting. I plan on avenging Grayson's death, and as I climb down the tree I begin thinking about how I'm going to do it. When I get to the bottom, I bury the extra pack, food packages,  and sleeping bag under the slushy snow. At least the arena seems to be getting warmer.

Hans(8) is sitting by the stream, elbows on his knees with his face buried in his hands. He already seems paranoid, and may be going insame. If only I could drive him to insanity a little quicker... 


Daniel Slicer(9):

Jake Rivers(6) and aren't doing so well. We didn't get a lot at the cornucopia, even though we were some of the last ones there. We managed to dig out a knife and I grabbed a bow and a very tiny pack. It might have been good, if Jake(6) hadn't dropped the knife while we were clibing down the mountain. And if my bow had arrows. Or if that little pack contained more than a bag of crackers and a box of matches. We left our rope and ice pick at the ledge at the bottom of the mountain.

Plus, on top of our few supplies, Jake(6) surely got a concussion when he slipped at the cornucopia. Oh, well. At least we're pretty sure that we're far away from other tributes. We've made it a far distance from the mountain. It seems to be getting warmer the farther from the mountain that we get; all of the snow an dice is gone, and we are resting in a grassy area. Sure, it's not warm- warm, but it's dry.

I've found a sharp rock and am scraping a broken tree branch, attempting to carve an arrow for my bow, but it's hard. I've already had to discard two of them. And it doesn't help that it's dark out now. Plus, the stupid rock is sharp on all sides and it's digging into my hand, which is now dripping blood.

I finally give up when my third arrow breaks in half. Whatever. I'll figure something out. Walking back over to Jake(6), I hear a noise and look over my shoulder. There she is, Sylvia(6) Standing behind me. Holding the sharpened end of one of those arrows that I was creating. I can barely see her in the darkness. She runs at us and Jake(6) gets up and run away. But before I can do anything shes come at me and tackles me, slicing my throat with the arrow. Luckily the stick isn't that sharp and it doesn't go in deep. It's more of a scratch.

Sylvia(6) keeps stabbing me with it, though. She pierces my cheek, shoulder, eyebrow, and temple. It hurts and I'm too weak now to push her off me. I know that I'm a goner when she aims her stick at my heart. But, right before she can stab me with it, I hear her yelp in pain and she falls over, dead. Boom! 

I look up to see Jake(6), standing over her dead body. In his hand is a large rock, and, even in the darkness, I can see the dent in Sylvia's skull. 

Day two deaths:

Auvelina Lorphelin(12)- Stabbed in chest by Jake Lax(10)- 18th

Luke Odair(4)- Decapitated by giraffe mutt- 17th

Grayson Young(5)- Stabbed in chest by Hans Flos(8)- 16th

Sylvia Chruchill(6)- head injury by Jake Rivers(6)- 15th


I have added Daniel Slicer(9)'s name to the bowl one more time, due to injuries.

Day 3:

Number of deaths for day 3: 6!

Cassidy Silt(5) POV:

I smile as I stalk the little girl, Sarah, from 11. Right now she's at the top of a tall tree, messing with her slingshot. I stroke Slither's scales, planning out how I'm going to kill this girl. Slither is my snake. My token. The Capitol thinks that they've tamed him, trained him not to kill, but they haven't. I know that they haven't.

Finally, I figure out what to do. I send Slither up the tree, telling him to go up to the very top. To Sarah(11). I wait a couple of minutes, then hear the scream, that slowly turns into a cough. Because my Slither is stangling her.

Slither returns to me, holding a gift: Ones of the little girl's fingers.I thank him, but tell him that he can keep it for food. After all, that's the only reason I joined thses games. So that I could feed my Slither.

I hear a cry from up above me, and see that little girl hoppping down the tree. Oh, hell no! After giving Slither a scolding for not killing her, I prepare to kill her with my knife. As far as I know, she doesn't know that I'm here. I slowly duck behind a leafy shurb. The second Sarah(11) hits the ground, I attack.

She screams when I pin her down. I call Slither, and he obediently comes. I pick him up with my free hand an decide to.. tease the girl for a while. She winces and turns her head away, but that doesn't stop my snake from biting her with his long, sharp fangs.All over her body. Except for her face. I'm saving that for last.

I smile when Slither has successfully bitten off all of her fingers and toes and has laid them in a liitle pile in front of her face, which has tears streaming down it.

"Does it hurt, Little Girl?" I ask. She chokes something out, but I can't hear it. She starts struggling again, and I have Slither look into her eyes. She freezes, not fully asleep yet, still aware whats going on. Still able to feel pain. I take my knife and raise it above my head. Slither's work is done, for now.

Sarah Lester(11):

I'm frozen. That stupid snake.. froze me. I don't know how, but when I looked into it's eyes.. oh, well. Does it matter? All that I do now is wonder how much longer this girl will torture me. My hands and feet are throbbing, an dI can almost feel the blood pouring out of the openings where my fingers and toes used to be. That snake tore chuncks of flesh out of me, too. Right off my arms and legs, clear down to the bone, probably. And it's eating me alive. Cassidy(5) has her knife raised, and keeps jerking my arm down like she s going to stab me, but never lets it touch my skin. And the freaking snake is cleaning my leg of whatever flesh remains. It hurts. Bad. Finally, Cassidy lets the knife come all the way down, in the middle of my stomach.

But this isn't the wound that kills me. No, there are many more to go before one is a fatal hit. She stabs me everywhere, jsut missing the major organs. Finally, when I know that I'm probably running out of blood to lose, sh emakes a direct hit into my heart. This is the worst pain yet. Not a physical pain, although that's pretty bad, too. No, not a physical pain, but the pain of knowing that my life is ending. I always thought that, before you die, you see your life flash before your eyes. I was waiting for that moment, wanting to see my familys' and friends' faces again, one last time.

But the last thing I see is this evil girl, staring down at me. Boom!

Dina Cray(3):

The careers are weaker than ever now. With only two left, I have to kill one before they die off on their own. To avenge my mother's death. She could've won if it wasn't for them. And then I would have a mom, back home in District Three, cheering me on right now.

I've been following the careers from a distance for a while. I can't lose them. The moment that they aren't paying attention, I'll kill both of them. With this beautiful, silver spear that I dug up at the corucopia. I watch as one of the two careers, Astagon(2), I think it is, walks over to the stream to refill a water bottle. Huh. I wonder if they've noticed that the water tastes funny yet. Whatever. I move up a little closer, not letting them see me.

Astagon(2) and Gray(1) take turns drinking from the water bottle. I can hear them talking, but I'm too far away to understand the words. I get a good look at their supplies, seeing what I'll recieve when I kill them. They have a variety of weapons and a couple of packs. Very large packs. As for the weapons, I can see knives, spears, a trident, and swords. I wouldn't doubt that there's more, I'm probably just too far away to see it. After watching closely from behind a tree for about another hour, I hear voices again and they start to grab all of their supplies and get up. 

The Careers walk away from the mountain, and once they get a ways away, I move to their old spot to see if they left anything behind. Nope. Oh, well. It was worth checking, right? I follow them, my spear ready to be thrown. I quicken my pace, catching up to them in no time. I'm not thirty yards away when Gray(1) stops and turns around. I try and duck behind a nearby boulder but it's too late; they've already seen me. I can hear them running to me. I risk peeking  my head up over the large rock to see how close they are. Bad idea.

The only thing I see is the knife coming, lodging itself into my brain. Boom!


Quineroo Savix(7);

I decide that I don't need to rest anymore and that I should get moving. I am still on the mountain; I wanted to stay, knowing that most of the other tributes would go down to the bottom. I can see that the snow melts in the distance, signaling that it gets warmer. A lot of the tributes are probaly headed that way, not liking the cold.

During the bloodbath, I laid low until everyone left, and then got my supplies. The Careers were still there, but I befriended them in training so they let me take some stuff. Really, only Astagon(2) noticed, because Luke(4) was crying and Gray(1) was in too much pain to notice me. Anyways, I got an axe and a pack that contained fever pills, bandages, an empty water bottle, and some extra matches. I also grabbed a stray knife and put it in there, too, along with the rope, ice pick, and matches.

I take a sip of water as I walk across the icy rocks. It tastes awful, but I know that it's safe to drink. The trainers told us that sometimes water that has been frozen and melted tastes funny. But I think that they were just giving us a hint that it was going to taste bad, because I've drinken plenty of melted ice back in District 7 and it tasted just fine.

I see one of those damn goats again and chuck my axe at it's neck, killing it. God, those things are mean! It's like they've been programmed to kill us. Which I wouldn't doubt. I walk over to the carcass to retrieve my axe and start skinning the animal. I chop up a bush to make a fire with and  easily coax out a flame, even with the brances being wet. I'm glad that I got these matches. I put the goat meat on the fire and let it cook.

While I'm waiting, I see a rock shift over to my right. Great, I think. They've put the goats inside of the mountain, too, and they're going to pop out everywhere and kill me.

I walk over to the rock, deciding that maybe it's better to find and kill the goat before it comes after me, but when I move the rock and swing my axe at the creature I see that I couldn't be more wrong. It wasn't a goat at all. The black fabric on the tribute turns even darker as blood spreads through it. Black. District 12. I hear the boom and realize that I've just killed a tribute. A twelve year old boy.

I might have been fine if the tribute wasn't twelve, but I feel horrible about what I've just done, and imeadiately know that I'll never get over this. I sqeeze into the opening to get whatever supplies the boy had, and can't help but notice that I split his head open, right down the middle. Oh god. I'm going to lose my lunch, I think, before coming to the realization that I haven't eaten in almost a whole day. Oh god, I'm going to lose my.. stomach acid, I correct myself.

After grabbing the small backpack he had, I go back over to my burning goat and put out the fire. I wait for the hovercraft to come get the body, wondering how long it's going to take for me to forget about this.

Conner Gadget(3):

I'm still stuck at this ledge, not knowing how to get down. I've tried everything: Tying down my rope, climbing down using the pick, hopping to a tree. Well, I guess that I didn't really try them, but I just know that there is no way for me to get down. I'm too scared to climb, my rope is too short. I wouldn't be strong enough to climb down any way...

And I'm cold and hungery and the water tastes funny and these moronic goats keeping on ramming into me and then I have to kill them and all these rocks keep on tumbling down and these creatures with long necks keeping on reaching up over the ledge and they seem to be getting taller everyday.

Everything is going wrong. I lookover the ledge again, holding onto a tree root for support, and see the drop, once twenty feet down is just getting higher. And the mountain above is getting steeper. I look back up the mountain again, which used to be more like a hill is turning into a jagged, sloping rock. With goats jumping around all over it. I heat a noise and look over to see one standing there, jsut a few yards away.

"Well, well. Speak of the devil," I mutter. If there's one thing I'm not afraid of, it's the goats. I swear i've tricked a hundred into falling over the ledge in the past three days. If only I could kill them up here, I'd have a little something to eat.

Just as the goat charges, I dive away, sending it down over the ledge. i hear the thump, which has come much later than usual. I better get down from here sooner rather than later, I think to myself. Or I'll end up flat as a pancake when I hit the ground.

I spectulate over how I'm going to get down while I break a hole in the frozen stream that has been my water source since I arrived here. I wonder where the water goes for a moment, then notice for the first time that it runs down over the side of the ledge, forming a frozen waterfall.

The idea comes instantly. I know how to get down. I take my pick and break a hole in the ice by the edge of my platform. Here goes nothing, I think, terrified.

I get a firm grip on the hole that I've hollowed, then take my pick and start whittling away another, about a foot down from the first. A million fears fly through my mind as I work my way down. What if the ice doesn't hold? What if I'm not strong enough? What if the ice is too thick to break a hole in? What if..

I find that I really don't have the strength, it si just impossible for me to fall by the way I'm holding on, with my arm in each hole up to my elbow. But I do it, just when I'm about nine feet away do I drop. Not on purpose, the ice became too thin and broke while I was breaking another hole. I would have been fine, really, if the ice below me hadn't also been thin. 

The ice breaks with a loud shattering noise, and I sink down into the water below. Hitting the ice already knocked the wind out of me, an dwhen I gasped for air I only swallowed a mouthful of water. Slowly, I mangage to paddle my way back up to the surface, but when I try to pull myself out the ice just keeps on breaking away. and breaking away. And breaking away.

I sink back under, having lost all my strength. I know that I'm going to die, and don't even try to pull myself out again. It's useless. As I sink to the bottom of the deep, dark, freezing, pond, I can already feel the fish start nibbling on me. Boom!


I'm very far away from the mountain now. I've hardly stopped since Auvelina(12) died. I don't know why I'm sad; I really thought that she was a horrible person. She hated me, I hated her. She was just.. hard to like. Maybe it was just.. seeing her think that she could live. By standing up after she got stabbed by that boy, which, after thinking about it, I found out that it was Jake from 10. I could tell by the coral color of his gloves and jacket.

Coral. What a girly color. 

No, Jennifer. It's the other Jake that likes boys, I remind myself. the Jake from 6.

I decide that it's time for a break when I start wheezing. I've basically been sprinting for the past hour and a half. My legs ache and my lungs feel as if they were on fire. I lean against a tree while taking a sip of my water. I'm running low on supplies. All I have are Auvelina's bow and 7 arrows. I've eaten all of the food that I've hunted, which was only a little bird and a fat rabbit. Would've made for a good meal, if the damn rabbit's blood wasn't bright yellow.

And, of couse, I have Auvelina's token. A worthless piece of coal that won't even burn. I guess, maybe, the Capital put some anti- burn stuff on it, so that it couldn't be used in the arena. But, whatever. I'm just holding on to it for when I win, I can give it bck to her family in District 12.

The sun is just staring to leave,but it's still light enough out to hunt some. I grab the already loaded bow from where it rests beside me and stand up. I have no idea where the animals would be roaming, so I just stand as still as I can and wait for them to come to me. I see a large, spotted creature in the distance and immeadiately know that I would never be able to take it down. I think about running, as it could be a mutt, but stay still. It's heading the other

Then I spot a golden brown squirrel in the tree that I was just resting in. I shoot it and it falls to the ground with a soft thump. I retrieve my kill and begin skinning it. I survey the raw meat, aware that I'm going to have to eat it as is, having no way of making a fire. I mean, I could make a fire with sticks and things, but the way that I learned, you need flint. But guess what they didn't teach us to find? Flint.

Grossed out, I shut my eyes and force the meat to my mouth. I can smell the blood on it and almost puke.

Okay. Yeah, this is not going inside of my mouth.

I grab some large leaves and wrap up the meat. Ew. Ew. Ew. I'll figure something out later. I'm not that hungry, anyway. It's a little darker now, and I'm exhausted from running all day. I look up at a tree, wondering how the hell people climb those things, and decide that I might as well not break my neck trying. I find a grassy spot, tak eoff my jacket(it's been getting warmer the further that I travek away from the mountain) and use it as a pillow.

I could almost relax and get at least a few hours asleep, but then I hear the hushed mutters of voices. More than one.


Daniel Slicer(9):

Jake(6) and I were just resting by a bush, when we saw the girl from 10 lay down in the grassy area across from us.

"I think that her name's Jennifer," said Jake.

"Does it matter?" I ask, annoyed that I know her name now. It'll just make it all that much harder to kill her.

We wait, knowing that we will kill her, but not knowing how or when. I just shrug, trying to make it seem like it's no big deal. Like she's just another easy kill. I put some more medicine on my many stabs that I got from Sylvia(6). How stupid of me, to leave those arrows out in  the open like that.

Speaking of arrows, after a long, hard days work, i managed to carve 3 arrows out of a dead tree branch. Sure, maybe they aren't very accurate, but they'll work well enough to get a kill. I rub my stomach, thinking about how long our small supply of crackers will last. We only have aobut ten left. 

I'm about to ask Jake(6)about what he thinks we should do about food when he yells, "Watch out!" and lays flat on the ground, hands over his head. 

Um. Hello? This isn't a bomb drill, here. 

But soon, enough, I understand why he dropped. Jennifer(10) has her bow raised above the tall grass and lets the arrow fly. It hits my neck, and blood gushs out. The black, sticky liquid drenches me. It's warmth digusts me. The pain is almost nothing compared to the horrible feeling of taking a bath in your own blood. I can feel myself passing out, and the last thing that I see is Jake(6) closing my eyes. Boom!

Rory Jonsten(11):

I have been searcing for the right plants to create a blood- colored liquid for the past hour. I've found a large patch of  redstembers, which are roots that, when crushed, are able to squeeze out a crimson goo that eventually turns brown. Perfect.

I gather a bunch and put them start twisting them over my now empty water bottle. Slowly, I drain them of the sticky, slow-moving liquid. My half gallon bottle is now full of the stuff. Just enough for what I'm going to need it for.

I make a fire, not having to worry about the smoke since it's concealed by the darkness. I make a spit out of branches and heat up some rabbit meat. After the fire is out, I quickly grab some of the hot rocks and put them in the water bottle along with the red goo. Because you can't have cold blood..

I chuckle as I start heading towards Hans's camp.

Hans Flos(8):

I was just sleeping.. when all of the sudden a large pool of warm, sticky, red liquid woke me up. Blood. It was all over me. I don't feel any pain anywhere, so I don't think that anything hurt me.. but then who's blood is it?

I look around, weilding my sword, ready to attack anything that comes for me. I wait. And wait. And wait. But nothing comes, and I eventually accept that nothing is trying to kill me. Not anymore, at least. 

I walk over to the stream, still cautious of my surroundings. I do my best to clean off the now hardened, brown crust off of my jacket and face. It smells horrible, almost metallic. Where did that come from? I ask myself. What's going on? Still shaken up by the blood incedent, I look around before lying down for the night. I hide in a clup of leafy bushes, scared of whatever caused that blood to get on me. Slowly, I let my eyes close and drift to sleep. But not for long, because I'm woke up by a warm liquid driping on my forehead, sliding down my face and onto my neck and shoudlers. Frightened, I leap out of the bushes, prepared to kill.

But nobody's there. Nothing is trying to hurt me, nothing in the trees that could have possibly been dripping blood on me. Nothing. Nothing except for a rock, with writing on it. Writing in fresh blood.

Even with the blood dripping and running the words together, I can still make out what it says:

Your sister's dead, Hans. And you're going to be next.

I freeze in my tracks. As I watch the words slur together, I can't help but wonder how I'm going to die. 

Quineroo Salvix(7):

As I tumble down the mountain I can't think about anything except for the pain in my arm. I know that it's broken. I continue sliding down, and finally stop when I hit my head on a rock. I lay there in pain, trying to think back to when I fell. What had happened?!? I wonder. I think back to when I first started falling. There was one of those goats chasing me. But it wasn't alone. Behind it were many others, all waiting to attack. I stared running, but they were faster, being able to jump swiftly across the rocks while I was tripping over my feet.

Then it all happened so fast: I tripped in the wrong spot and started to slide down the mountain. When I tried to break my fall with my arm, it snapped. I lift my head up in pain and take a good look at my arm. After wiping the blood away, I can see that bone sticking straight out.

The sight makes me upchuck. I puke until I can't puke anymore. There's nothing left to come up. The stomach acid  burns my throat and my nose feels raw. After sliding my sleave across my face to wipe it off, I lay my head down.

My arm hurts so bad that I almost can't feel it. I'm breathing heavily, my head throbbing from the many times that I hit it. I need something to stop my pain.

And then I remember the boy that I killed. Jason(12).

In his pack, he had some pill bottles. Sure, he tore the labels off, but I still know what they are from the colors. We learned about them in training. Blue is hydration, Green is a nutrient pill, black is poision, dark purple is pain relief, and red is warmth. I slide my pack off of my shoulders with my good arm and search around for Jason(12)'s miniature pack.

After finding it, I look inside the bottles to find the dark purple one. I find it in the third one that I open and quickly chew it. It tastes.. like fruit. No. No, that's not right.

In the training center, we learned that the poision given to us in the cornucopia and sent to us from sponsers tasted fruity, and if we ever smell fruit in something that wasn't fruit, we shouldn't eat it. I take a good look at the other pills in the bottle, and after squinting for a while, I see it.

What I thought was dark purple was actually black. it being nightime had caused me to mistake the similar colors. Realizing what I've done, tears stream down my face and slide down my neck, freezing in the cold temperatures on teh mountain.

Soon enough, the pain goes away. But only because I'm dead. BOOM!

~End of day three~


Congrats to the final eight tributes! Day four will be the last day that I use the dice and drawing the names, from then on I get to decide everything

Sorry that these kind of suck and I'm rushing them, but I have other games going on that I'm eager to start. But yeah. And thank you if you're still mentoring your tribute in these games! A lot of people forgot about them. I have already decided who the winner is, soo... yeh. I'll try not to rush the rest and I'll give my best quality from here on.

Day three deaths:

Sarah Lester(11),-Eaten by snake/stabbed by Cassidy Silt(5)- 14th

Dina Cray(3)- Arrow in head by Astagon Sentarin(2)- 13th

Jason Lad(12)- Head split open by Quineroo Salvix(7)- 12th

Conner Gadget(3)- Drowned-11th

Daniel Slicer(9)- Arrow in neck by Jennifer(10)- 10th

Quineroo Salvix(7)- Posioned himself- 9th

Number of deaths for day four: Four

Day Four:


Gray Daniel(1):

Astagon(2) watches intently as I pull the bandage off from around my hand. I almost can't watch, but I know that I have to. To look tough for the sponsers. I can't look like a weakling that can't stand blood.

The bleeding has stopped, but I'm afraid that my hand is infected. Pus is pouring out of it, and I've almost used up the entire roll of bandages just re-wrapping the first to. My hand is twice as wide as it should be since I've never taken off any bandages, just wrapped them around and around until the pus stopped leaking through.

When I finally get the bandages off,I find that I'm nowhere close to seeing how bad my wound is. I still need to rinse of layers of dried blood. all at different stages of browning. I cant even see the hole where the ice pick impaled me.

"We need to get this clean," Astagon(2) says." Find a stream. Now."

So we walk around and look for one of the many creeks that run through the arena. They've started to dry up, so we travel towards the mountains wherewe can break a hole in the ice and get water from there. We find a  small pond and begin chipping away a hole.

Once we have one hollowed out, I kneel down in front of it. I  want to clean off my injured hand, but I hesitate for two reasons:

1. It hurts like hell and it's going to hurt even worse when I put my hand in, considering that water will go in one side and come out the other because the ice pick went all the way through.

And 2. I don't want to see the flesh and the remains of the pick that I haven't pulled out yeet and the ripped arteries and muscle and bones and whatever else is inside your hand.

I slowly hover my hand just above the cold water when Astagon, not knowing of my fears, shoves my hand downand below the surface of the water. I scream in pain as the water flows freely through my hand and I feel the water entering the insides of it where the ice pick hollowedout areas of flesh.

Well. I guess I don't realy feel it, because the ice pick damaged nerves, but I know it's there. Like I can feel the water flowing through but I can't. The feeling is impossible to explain.

I struggle to pull my hand out, but Astagon holds it in, laughing. The pain is so bad, an dwhen I look into the water, now filled with dried blood and pus, I can see the remains of the ice pick that never came out of my hand sinking down in the water, and the ends of broken bones and blood vessels sticking otu of my wound.

Then as I'm looking in the water I barely see it" ice just starting to form at the surface. That's how cold it is where we are; water freezes in no more than ten minutes.

"Astagon, let go!" I plead. But he doesn't. He just laughs, and I start to wonder if he's going insane. But, just as I'm questioning his mental abilities, I feel the pressure on my arm where his hand was go aay. I look at him, just in time to see his eyes roll to the back of his head before they close completely. He falls forward from his kneeling position, breaking through the ice and sinking down to the bottom of the pond, facefirst.

I craddle my hurt hand in the other while watching Astagon, an djust before he disappears completely, I see the arrow in the back of his neck. BOOM!

I stand up an dspin around to see where the arrow came from, an djust as I catch a glimpse of Jennifer, the girl from 10, she lets and arrow fly straight at my heart. BOOM.

Jake Lax(10):

Ever since I killed Auvelina(12), I have been hiding. I'm afraid that her ally, the girl from 10, is hunting me down. I am currently in a tree, where I have been for days. I ran out of food yesterday, and I feel too tired to try to get anymore.

I wish that I could just die right here.

Not really. That's just what dying, lazy people say.

Then the speakers boom, and Claudius Templesmith's voice is casted thourghout the arena. Tomorrow we will report to a feast, at the cornucopia. And, yes, the cornucopia is still on the mountain, and avelanches will be starting any second to smooth out the paths, making it easier to climb up. The anthem plays, and the speakers shut off, leaving the tributes in complete silence.

I close my eyes, trying to figure out whether or not I should go to the feast tomorrow when I hear a BOOM. 

My guess is that it was from a tribute that got killed by the avelanches.

It shakes me up. Along with the two tributes that died earlier and this one just now, I realize:

This is the final five.

Something stirs inside of me and I know that I have to get up, find food and water, and start my long journey towards the mountain. Because I need to get more supplies at the feast, if I'm going to be the victor of the 373rd Hunger Games. 

~End of Day Four~

Day four deaths:

Astagon Sentarin- Shot by arrow by Jennifer(10)-8th

Gray Daniel-Shot by Jennifer(10)-7th

Cassidy Slit-buried alive by avelanche-6th


Day Five- The feast

Jake Rivers's POV:

The anthem has just played, showing the faces of Astaon, Gray, and Cassidy.

It's later than midnight now, and I start my journey towards the mountain. I know that it will be a long climb up, no matter how easy it is to climb.

Current Status
Tribute District Has Needs $$$
Jake Rivers 6 Bow, 4 handmade arrows, medicine, empty pack, matches nothing
Hans Flos 8 Sword, rabbit meat nothing
Jake Lax 10 Knife, rope, a little meat nothing
Jennifer 10 Bow and 5 arrows, water, a little meat and herbs nothing
Rory Johnston 11 2 knives, a sword, sleeping bag, 2 coils of wire, plants&herbs, dried fruit and meat, water, matches. nothing

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