Now Accepting Gamemakers.

If you want to be a Gamemaker in these, fill out the template. I'm not putting anyone in the chart for about another week, and won't accept anyone for about a week.

The person with the best entry gets the spot for each position, if there's more than one person who signs up.

You can have one gamemaker position per user.

Don't bother trying to become a gamemaker if you're new to the wiki or don't get on alot.

I'm only accepting users that I know to be on the wiki often and have experience with writing games.

No reservations, and please read the rules and introduction before signing up.


And the Quell Twist is...

A very old President Snow makes his way up to the stage, with support from a cane made of silver. Behind him is a young Capitol boy dressed all in white, following patiently in his footsteps. He is holding a box. A box that is known to contain many small, yellowed envelopes, created hundreds of years ago by the cruelest, most heartless people around. In each envelope are specific instructions for Quarter Quells. 

When the President finally gets to his podium, he carefully adjusts the microphone and begins to speak.

"Citizens of Panem. Welcome. As you know, you are watching live the 375th Quarter Quell card reading!" An explosion of cheering and shouting errupts from the Capitol crowd, all  excited to hear what kind of vicious, atrocious twist is to be thrown at this years tributes. Meanwhile, the people in the districts are dreading to hear what the president's next words will be.

"You have all been waiting for this Quell for the past twenty- five years, am I correct? Yes. Either you were, as we do here in the Capitol, assidously waitng, or as the people in the districts do, waiting in terror. Any way, it is finally here, and it is time for me to read the card!" Another bust of cheering casts out from the crowd.

The little boy dressed in white steps forward, and, knowing that all of the camera's must be trained on him, blushes and tries to supress a smile. President Snow carefully unlatches the box's brown lid and pulls out the front card, labeled in big, black letters: 375th Hunger Games: The 15th Quarter Quell

The president slowly opens the faded envelope with a gold envelope opener and pulls out a wad of papers. The papers are the Quell's instructions, which must be very detailed in order for everything to go as planned. After shuffling through the papers a bit, Snow eventually finds a small notecard with writing that is to be read out to all of Panem. Snow reads the notecard to himself, then smiles slightly before boadcasting the twist to the nation.

"To remind the Districts that the Capitol has not only one, but multiple ways that we can defeat the districts in war and numerous methods to keep the districts in line and prevent them from rebelling, there will be several twists that will be announced frequently throughout the Games." With that, the president leaves his podium. But not before straightening the pure white rose attatched to his suit.

While the Capitol citizens are surely excited and anxiously awaiting the games to begin in a few months, the people in the Districts are terrified of what horrors their children will have to face. 


I AM NOT ACCEPTING TRIBUTES YET. Only Gamemakers for now. I have two other games going on, and I want to finish one and get started on the other before I start these.

Okay, as you probably read above, the Quell twist is for there to be multiple twists throughout the games. So.. yeah. 

For these games, I will be needing the usual 24 tributes, and since there will only be two tributes allowed per user, at least 12 mentors, as the person that submits the tribute will be mentoring the tribute. These games are going to be big, and I'm going to want some help.. so therefore I will also need 5 other gamemakers and 4 stylists

I'm doing reapings, chariots, training, training scores, interviews, the Games, and what the vicotors life will be like after the Games. Yes. I know, I know. This is going to take me my entire life. Waahh );

There will be alot of twists, and I already have every single one planned out. And they all are evil and devious, so get excited. >:)

Sorry if someone else had the same ideas as me. I didn't take them from anywhere else. I made everything up myself. Well. With a nine year old.

So yeah :) read the rules to find out the other stuff that you might need to know.


  • Only two tributes per user. I will make no acceptions this time, no matter how long it takes to get the tributes. Two.
  • You can either sumbit two tributes, be a Gamemaker and submit one tribute, be a stylist and submit one tribute, or be a stylist and a gamemaker. But you can't be two stylists or two gamemakers. Or just be one of something. Two is the maximum.
  • I will not be afraid to turn down tributes this time. They must be interesting enoguh for me to be like, "Woah! This person made a amazing tribute. I like that shit."
  • Yeah. I swear a lot, so.. yeah.
  • Post advice alot.
  • Be active, you morons. Don't forget about your tribute. If you do, I will sell them to another mentor. Except it will be free. So. I will be giving it to another mentor.
  • I'm only going to accept people that I know to be creative and active on the wiki for gamemakers and stylists. So don't even bother trying to become one if your never on.
  • No reservations. At all. Or links or profiles. AT ALL.

I'll post more stuff when I start. 

Templates(sorry they're a little long.. :P)

They're a little long, but I need the best quality possible for these games to be a sucess. Sure, you don't have to put a backstory that takes up and entire page of comments, but you have to give me something creative to work with. For the Gamemakers and stylists, the templates kind of have easay-like questions, but answer them the best that you can. The person with the best tribute, Gamemaker, and Stylist entries gets the spot. If you are mentoring a tribute, and  you forget about your tribute, I will let another user mentor them until you show signs of activity in these games.

Do not sign up if you don't get on a lot, will forget about tributes, or won't take care of duties as mentor/stylist/Gamemaker.

Tribute Template:











Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:


Gamemaker Template:


Gamemaker Position(see chart):

How many games have you completed/ are working on?

Why do you want to be a gamemaker and why do you want this postion?

How often do you get on the Wiki?

Will you stay active throughout the Games if you do become a Gamemaker?

Stylist Template:


What districts do you want(1-3, 4-6,7-9 or 10-12)?

How often are you on the Wiki?

How creative do you think that you are?

Will you come up with your own original ideas and make up a different costume for each event/tribute?

Will you stay active thorughout the games if you become a Stylist?

Tribute Chart, Gamemaker Chart, and Stylist Chart

District Name Age Weapon(s) of choice Strengths Weaknesses User


Gamemaker Chart


User Job
Head Gamemaker Katniss992710 Makes final decisions on everything, choose other gamemakers, write the actual Games with help from other gamemaker's ideas, be in charge. Helps out with other positions, too. Decides twists and deaths.
Co- Head gamemaker Help Head gamemaker finalize decisions, make suggestions for the headgamemaker. When the other gamemakers enter their ideas, Head Gamemaker and Co- Head gamemaker decide on everything(what to put in the Games, which users are no longer active, when to activate twists, ect.)
Mutt Creator Create mutts to torture, kill, wound, or mentally damage the tributes.
Arena Designer Makes suggestions for what happens in the arena  throughout the games, makes map for the arena(maybe), designs arena.
Pre- Games Gamemaker

Helps stylists make creative, original costumes for  chariots and interviews, give me training score suggestions, creates interview questions.

Other- all around Gamemaker Basically just helps out with whatever wasn't listed. Takes care of sponsering. I will ask this Gamemaker to help out with various tasks throughout the games.

Stylist Chart

Districts User
4-6 Each stylist will create an outfit/costume for 3 districts, making a total of 6 tributes. Each tribute will need a different outfit for chariots, interviews, and what they will wear in the arena.

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