• KatnissEverdeen12

    Welcome to my 100th Hunger Games!! As you may have noticed, it's a Quarter Quell! The twist is: The Victors from my previous games will be in these. Modern weapons will be available at the Cornucopia. And some old faces might appear again. Send in lots of tributes so I can write down their names and pull them out of a hat. MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!! (Credit to the anime Wolf's Rain. Day 8 is based on Episode 30)

    District 1

    • Jaguara Araugaj
    • Darcia Anomrah (Old face)

    District 2

    • Chloe Naylor (Previous Winner)
    • Roy Moeno

    District 3

    • Ali Claphands
    • Bert Potatom

    District 4

    • Gemma Revlis (Previous Winner)
    • Toboe Eoboet

    District 5

    • Blue Suecra (Previous Winner)
    • Hige Egihd

    District 6

    • Violet Milliak
    • Anthony Wallowip

    District 7

    • Dawn Woods (Previous Winner)
    • Nate Zurowski…

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  • KatnissEverdeen12

    THESE ARE PROBABLY GOING TO BE MY LAST GAMES! DEPENDING ON HOW IT GOES! The twist is the tributes have to be ages 15 through 18. The arena is a huge rainforest with lots of waterfalls. Somewhere beyond the rainforest is a beach, with toxic water. A small area where the Cornucopia is a rocky/ sandy terrain, forest surrounds this area. Lots of muttations in the forest and on the beach. MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!

    Tributes step off the platforms amazed by the vast rainforest. Blue Toboe is the first one to snap out of the trance and run towards the Cornucopia. She grabs a beautiful golden sword and runs deep into the forest. Everyone sees that she got away, and snaps into action. Districts 1-4 grab their weapons and run to the forest, …

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