Welcome to my 100th Hunger Games!! As you may have noticed, it's a Quarter Quell! The twist is: The Victors from my previous games will be in these. Modern weapons will be available at the Cornucopia. And some old faces might appear again. Send in lots of tributes so I can write down their names and pull them out of a hat. MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!! (Credit to the anime Wolf's Rain. Day 8 is based on Episode 30)


District 1

  • Jaguara Araugaj
  • Darcia Anomrah (Old face)

District 2

  • Chloe Naylor (Previous Winner)
  • Roy Moeno

District 3

  • Ali Claphands
  • Bert Potatom

District 4

  • Gemma Revlis (Previous Winner)
  • Toboe Eoboet

District 5

  • Blue Suecra (Previous Winner)
  • Hige Egihd

District 6

  • Violet Milliak
  • Anthony Wallowip

District 7

  • Dawn Woods (Previous Winner)
  • Nate Zurowski (Old Face)

District 8

  • Haley Mcfadden
  • Drew Krejub

District 9

  • Kiba Aurora (Decendant of Kiba Tsume)
  • Stacy Timey

District 10

  • Morgan Hcourc
  • Joe Jonasina

District 11

  • Kaylee Relluf (Previous Winner)
  • Arnie Mashed

District 12

  • Sue Quill (Previous Winner)
  • Mark Berjek (Old Face)

The Arena


The Arena for the 100th Hunger Games

While the aurora borealis light up the sky, a rocky terrain stands under it. Snow covered hills and a giant mountain in the center of the Arena. In front of the mountain, stands the Cornucopia. Some dead trees and caves can be found here and there. At the very top of the highest mountain is a large pool of water that somehow did not freeze. Lots of cliffs and ravines. There is ice that breaks when enough force hits it, and under it flows a freezing river.

The game is beautiful white birds and some wolves.

Day 1

The tributes stare up at the mountain in awe. But the previous victors know the Gamemaker's tricks and they bolt away, forming an alliance as they run. (But not Blue, Chloe, and Gemma) They see this and spring into action: the Careers (1-4) lead the mascaree, while the others try to grab their supplies and run away without being killed. Blue and Hige form an alliance being friends back in district 5. Districts 6, 7, 8, and 12 also form an alliance, and run far away. but not fast enough since the Careers manged to kill Drew, Nate, and Mark. Giving them slow, very painful deaths. Kiba hates the Careers thinking they love the Capitol, so she hid behind a dead tree and kills Ali and pierces Jaguara in the arm. She yelps in pain as Darcia takes his gun and fires it in Kiba's direction. Hearing a satisfying thump, he turns to fight Arnie and Mark who are ganging up against him. But Darcia didn't realize he hadn't heard a cannon fire. Kiba had purposely fell to decieve Darcia. She left for a cave to hide in. The Careers on the other hand, are not holding up so well. The other districts start to close in and the Careers are dwindling. Soon, 3 is wiped out. Then 2. The rest of the Careers run away in the direction of Kiba, Blue, and Hige. But not before killing Anthony, Joe, Arnie, and Morgan. Everyone runs away in different directions. A total of ELEVEN tributes light up the night sky along with the aurora borealis.

Day 2

Everyone wakes up to a cannon fire. It turns out, Stacy walked off a cliff. Sue is the leader of the only other alliance besides the Careers and Blue/Hige. And as they are walking, the ice breaks and a giant wlrus comes out and attacks them. Unable to communicate with her fellow tributes, Sue watches helplessly as the members of her alliance die. Violet and Haley die due to the walrus's attacks. Dawn fearlessly jumps onto its head, and stabs it with her knife. It roars in protest as it shakes its head trying to get Dawn off. Finally, Dawn flies off its head and crashes into an iceburg. Then, the walrus dies and a cannon fires, signaling Dawn's death. Sue makes sure the walrus is in fact dead and walks away with Kaylee. Sue finds out her leg is bleeding, and the girls find a place for shelter. As night rolls in and the anthem plays, Sue and Kaylee cry over their friends' death.

Day 5

Three days have passed since the last death, and the Gamemakers are forced to do something. So they create a huge earthquake which triggers a massive avalanche. The Careers feel the rumbling of snow and see it rushing towards them. They run as fast as they can and hide behind a boulder. The snow harmlessly speeds past them, on its way to claim the lives of tributes. Blue and Hige are fortunatly in a cave facing away from the oncoming snow. But Kaylee and Sue aren't so lucky. Kaylee is buried in the snow, and Sue runs as she possibly can. She finds a cave and runs into it, but the snow also buries it. SEVEN tributes left.

Day 8

The Gamemakers don't do anything because they know today's the day of the big battle. All the trbutes climb the giant mountain unaware of the other trbutes doing the same. They reach the top (or close to), see each other, and everyone unsheaths their weapons. Then, Jagurara does something unexpected. She takes her sword and slices Gemma's leg. Gemma screamed in pain as Toboe threw a shurikan at Jagurara's face. She winces and prepares her sword. But Kiba, Blue, and Hige intervene. Darcia doesn’t fight since Jaguara is Harmona’s older sister. Harmona, he thinks, I miss you!

Darcia jumps in front of Jaguara, sword ready. So they start fighting, swords clashing.

“Admit it Darcia! You love me!”

“I hate you! I know you’re responsible for Harmona’s death!”

But Kiba has an idea, and tries it out.

“Forget it Jaguara! Darcia hates you!”

“Silly girl. I know somewhere in Darcia’s heart he lo—“

She didn’t get to finish because a sword protruded from her chest. She let out a gasp and fell to the ground with four last words: I love you Darcia. And a cannon pierced the now silent, snowy air.

Panting, Darcia looked at Jaguara’s body to the tributes down below. Then, he raised a gun and pointed it at Hige. He shot, but Toboe jumped out at the last second and got shot.

“Your welcome,” Toboe whispered to Hige. And another cannon shot. Darcia then made his way down towards the rest of the tributes.

To the viewers back at home, what happened next seemed unbelievable. Maybe it was an illusion or even a trick of the light from the aurora borealis. The tributes were furry, had sharp talons, and even sharper teeth. They were wolves! Kiba was a white wolf. Hige a tan wolf. Blue was a dark blue/ black wolf. And Darcia was a burgundy colored wolf. Gemma did not turn into a wolf.

Kiba lunged at Darcia and they fought while making their way up the mountain. Darcia bit Kiba’s side, causing some blood to trickle and threw her like he would to trash. Then he ran down -rock to rock- to finish off the tributes. Hige stood in front of Gemma in an act of protection, but Blue jumped out of no where and sank her teeth into Darica’s throat. He looked at her and twisted in mid-air. When they landed, Darcia (whose twice the size of Blue) landed on Blue. As she lay there, the wind knocked out of her, Hige limped over to her but Darcia knocked him aside. Darcia put a paw on Blue’s throat, and she yelped.

“Don’t!” screamed Kiba.

But it was too late, Darcia had bit her hard enough to cause quite a lot of blood.

“Blue!” cried Hige.

Blue’s mouth and eyes twitched as she tried to breath. Kiba jumped in front of Darcia snarling and he jumped back in surprise. Hige was close enough to get revenge and he did. He clamped down on Darcia’s leg. He looked at Hige and caused lots of blood to spill.

“Hige!” shrieked Kiba.

Darcia took Gemma in his jaws and climbed the mountain. Kiba followed, but stopped short when she reached Hige.

“Go after him, hurry!” urged Hige.

Kiba gave him a doubtful look.

“I’ll take care of Blue,” he breathed.

Kiba stood, unable to decide what to do. But Hige smiled at her, she nodded, and raced after Darcia. Hige slowly got up with some grunts and limped over to Blue with dragging feet. They both had turned human again.

“Hige is that you? Hige?”

“Yeah, I’m here.”

“Everything’s so blurry. Will you stay with me?”

“Don’t worry Blue. I’m not going anywhere. I promised I’d never leave you.”

Hige leaned over and stroked Blue’s sleek, blood-stained hair. She closed her eyes and whispered:

“That feels so nice… I'm......So....comfortable…… So...warm.”

“We could stay together forever like this.”

Then two cannons filled the air. Signaling the deaths of Blue Suecra and Hige Egihd. Under the beautiful aurora borealis.

Meanwhile, Kiba finally caught up to Darcia.

“I will win these Games!” snarled Darcia.

“I don’t think so!” screamed Kiba as she lunged at Darcia, fangs bared and talons ready.

As they fought, Gemma slowly got up. Blood dripping from her stomach. She winced and sat down, clutching her stomach. She looked at the wolves fighting and was confused. Where was everyone? Did I pass out? I must of. It was so bright out, she looked up to see the source and the beautiful aurora. Perfect to die under. Then a silver parachute came down. It was a cloak! And on it was attached a card. It read:

To my Gem of the Ocean,

Thought you might need this to keep warm while Darcia and Kiba fight. I love you sweety, do your best! I see a lot of blood, but you can use the cloak the stop the bleeding.

Your loving father

I can’t live without you!

Gemma let the silent tears roll down her face. Her dad sent a gift! He must’ve gathered so much money! She looked at the aurora and mouthed a thank you. Then, she wrapped the cloak around herself, lay down, and fell asleep. Hopefully, she would wake up again

Darcia pinned Kiba down but she chomped down on his side. He howled in pain and looked at her with hatred. Darcia grabbed a bloody Kiba by the neck and threw her. She flew and rolled across the ground before stopping. Darcia snarled and walked towards Gemma, ready to finish her off.

“Darcia, please don’t”

Kiba slowly got up,

“I won’t give up yet.”

Darcia looked at her and laughed. A crazy laugh. Kiba looked in his eyes and saw he was insane. If Darica’s stupid enough, he’ll fall for my trick! Thought Kiba.

“Darcia! I heard rumors that dead loved ones always end up in the Arena. I think Harmona’s in that lake.”

Darcia smiled and walked towards it. Kiba got up and limped over to Gemma. They had to get away before Darcia realizes it was a trick. Kiba looked back and saw green vomit come out of Darcia’s mouth. That’s sick! But right as Darcia’s paw touched the water. He started glowing- and screaming- as he was incinerated in a bubbling hot lake. There was a blinding light for a few more seconds before it finally stopped. I’ve failed you grandmother, the great white wolf. Winner of the 90th hunger games. I won’t carry on your wolf spirit. I’ve failed. Thought Kiba.

Then 2 cannons fired.

And the Games were over.

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