THESE ARE PROBABLY GOING TO BE MY LAST GAMES! DEPENDING ON HOW IT GOES! The twist is the tributes have to be ages 15 through 18. The arena is a huge rainforest with lots of waterfalls. Somewhere beyond the rainforest is a beach, with toxic water. A small area where the Cornucopia is a rocky/ sandy terrain, forest surrounds this area. Lots of muttations in the forest and on the beach. MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!

Day 1

Tributes step off the platforms amazed by the vast rainforest. Blue Toboe is the first one to snap out of the trance and run towards the Cornucopia. She grabs a beautiful golden sword and runs deep into the forest. Everyone sees that she got away, and snaps into action. Districts 1-4 grab their weapons and run to the forest, though 2-4 keep their distance from 1. 4 thought they could prove to be useful while 2 thought they would make good human shields. The career pack manages to kill Mark. Morgan, who was wildly in love with him, whips Yellow Pillow in the face causing internal bleeding. Yellow doesn't realize this, and throws a wet, stinky pillow back at Morgan. She gags at the smell. The rest of the careers stand by enjoying the fight. Finally, two arrows come out of no where and implant themselves in Morgan's and Yellow's stomachs. The careers don't wait to find out who shot it so they scramble to their feet and run away. Tanya had shot the arrows and was going to shoot the careers next. Since they ran away, she cursed under her breath and gave chase. Yellow had died almost immediatly while Morgan was slowly dying. She leaned over to a barely breathing Mark, and gave him a big kiss, before collasping. Avi and Lance cross paths and draw their weapons. Lance with a sword, and Avi with some daggers. Avi starts throwing and some find themselves in Lance's arm and thigh. Lance, with his other arm, swings his sword and luckily hits Avi in the stomach. He sheaths his sword and runs while clutching his arm. Nick grabs his cup and attempts to suffocate Aaron but he kills Nick. District 5, who are also star- crossed lovers, are intercepted by District 12. Stone kills Shane with one blow while Katelynn returns the blow to Maple. Stone then runs away with Maple in his arms. Katelynn sits down by her love and kisses him before he dies. Later, Maple dies of blood loss and Stone runs away to get revenge. He comes across Districts 6, 7, 9, and 10 who have made an alliance, and he kills Gragert and Arua. But he gets away. Blue and Tanya were not part of that alliance. Back at the Cornucopia, the Careers returned and grabbed everything there. They later camped on the beach. As the anthem plays, Stone cries softly thinking of Maple and what his mother must think of him murdering two people.

Day 2

Day 2 starts off with a bang. Literally. The Gamemakers caused a huge explosion that somehow did not burn the forest or muttations but only the humans. Alliance 2 (7, 9, 10) are in the worst of it. They are all severely wounded, yet no of them died. Yet. The Careers think of leaving but realize, the fire from the explosion did not spread, so they stayed on the beach. Tanya notices this and strings her bow. She aims it at Harrison, but he crouches down to help make breakfast and the arrow sails harmlessly over his head. Instead the arrow hits a giant, muttated alligator. It comes out of the water, enraged, and starts attacking the Careers. They are able to kill, but only after it severs Lukas's foot. Chloe finds the arrow, looks around, and spots Tanya. She points this out to the other Careers. Tanya realizes she's been caught and shoots again, actually hitting Rachel in the throat. Chloe shoots an arrow but Tanya barely dodges it. Taking a knife from its sheath, she throws it straight at Pink, killing him. Tanya jumps down, and Lukas hits her in the face with a used diaper. She screams in disgust, as Larcan sneaks up behind her with a mace. "Don't do it Larcan!" yells Scarlett. Tanya quickly spins around and shoots Larcan in the chest. While her back is turned, Chloe grabs an ax and throws it at Tanya. It severs her arm, she screams in pain and runs away, holding part of her shirt on what used to be her arm. "Let her go," says Harrison, "she'll either die or suffer the pain." Back with Alliance 2, Aaron Storm dies due to his burns. During the anthem, the Careers and Alliance 2 mourn their friends' deaths.

Day 3

Tanya manages to stop the bleeding, but she believes its infected. She curses and wishes there would be a feast. She later falls asleep high up in a tree. Back on the beach, Lukas dies from blood loss, but no one really cares. The pack moves on towards a different part of the beach, but they are attacked by rabid monkeys. Only Scarlett dies. Chloe cries over her friend's death, but Harrison told her they should take control of the Cornucopia. So they do. Alliance 2 on the other hand, are fighting among themselves. Avi believes his fellow tributes have served their purpose and traps Lance and stabs him in the stomach. But Sky kills Avi and runs. Lance screams for help but shuts up after realizing the Careers could hear him. Instead, Blue comes running towards him and she frees him. She then brings him back to her camp where Kaylee Relluf is eating by a fire. Lance reaches for his sword but winces. Blue stops him and tells him to sit. She whispers to her new friends about a rumor she heard before the Games that one alliance can win or a single person. Whoever wins at an upcoming feast. So they decide to find more tributes, but not too many, to bring into their alliance. When dead tributes' faces light up the sky, everyone thinks that since so many tributes died already, they'll be up in the sky pretty soon as well.

Day 4

Kaylee manages to start the day off by killing Sky wtih one blow. Tanya sneaks up behind the Careers and kills Harrison but Chloe turns around and stabs her in the thigh, then runs away. Tanya wraps more clothing on her wounds and runs in the opposite direction. As night falls, Chloe wanders around with a tear-stained face. She was the only Career left, and she would probably get killed. Then she spots a fire and runs over. She stumbles across Blue, Lance, and Kaylee. To show she surrenders, Chloe drops her bow and her dagger. Blue tells her that she can join, and Chloe is relieved. The day ends with four new friends gazing up at the faces of the dead.

Day 7

The Gamemakers cause a fierce storm to get things moving. Tanya, soaked to the bone, walks around looking for shelter. After hours of searching, she stumbles across a cave and walks inside to find Blue, Lance, Chloe, and Kaylee. She screams and runs out. The alliance gives chase. When they lose Tanya, they stumble across a crazed Katelynn thats mumbling some unknown language. Blue and Lance decide to find Tanya while Kaylee and Chloe stay behind to finish off Katelynn. They cut off all her limbs then beat her with them. Afterwards, they take turns stabbing her. Then, they leave to catch up with Blue and Lance. The alliance finds each other but cannot find Tanya. They return to their cave. The day ends with the storm raging on.

Day 8

The rebel alliance wants to end the games today. So they all head out to find Tanya. Finally, an arrow flies out and hits Blue in the stomach. She cries out in pain as Chloe rushes to her side to protect her. The group hears laughter and in the light of the lightning, they see Tanya. "We end this now," Lance growls. He slashes his sword but Tanya dodges, and shoots him in the chest with an arrow and he falls to the ground. Kaylee climbs up a tree and jumps down on Tanya and stabs her in the back with a dagger. Tanya just laughs and she is really wearing padding on her back. Chloe takes a shot, but it bounces harmlessly off her back. "Chloe, please win for me," whispers Blue. Chloe looks down at her friend, and lets out a choked sob. Her stomach area is stained with blood. "I won't let you die," Chloe says determinly. So she takes some giant leaves and wraps them tightly around Blue's stomach. And she puts her under some thick trees. "I'll be back." Chloe and Kaylee run at Tanya at the same time but she knocks them both back. Both girls wonder where she got the strength. She then shoots arrows into Kaylee's arm. She must've hit a vein because there's lots of blood. Chloe cries out, and runs at Tanya, but she knocks Chloe out some how. Tanya turns to the injured Blue, and walks toward her, ready to finish her off. Suddenly, in the middle of an evil laugh, Tanya chokes and an arrow appears in her throat. She then falls down. Dead. "Congratulations to the alliance that was won the 150th Hunger Games!" Claudias booms. But before the hovercrafts appear, Blue slowly gets up and limps over to Lance. (Limping because Tanya had shot her in the shin) "Thanks for saving me," whispers Blue.

"I had to, for the love of my life," replies Lance in a hoarse voice.

  • Pink Sheet- Deceased
  • Yellow Pillow- Deceased
  • Lukas Wittenkeller- Deceased
  • Chloe Naylor- Winner
  • Larcan Rillkar- Deceased
  • Scarlett Oharah- Deceased
  • Harrison West- Deceased
  • Rachel Darson- Deceased
  • Katelynn Fuller- Deceased
  • Shane Chetney- Deceased
  • Gragert Holocaff- Deceased
  • Tanya Milikark- Deceased
  • Avi Cone- Deceased
  • Arua League- Deceased
  • Mark Burjek- Deceased
  • Morgan Crouch- Deceased
  • Lance Tsume- Deceased
  • Blue Toboe- Winner
  • Aaron Storm- Deceased
  • Sky Thorn- Deceased
  • Nick Puracchio- Deceased
  • Kaylee Relluf- Winner
  • Stone Woods- District 12
  • Maple Ash- Deceased
Blue then leans down and kisses him gently. "Bye"





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