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  • KatnissEverdeen1275

    im going to start a hunger games! enjoy! - im going to do the reaping in this post, then the vhariot rides and interviews. im going to do it all in different blogs, and im only doing the first 4 districts in this post. -

    btw there might be swearing.

    This year is a quell, so everyone who volunteers is in, including the person who was reaped first.

    The limit per district is 15. at least 3 people have to volunteer, or 5 more people will be reaped.

    District One:

    "Happy Hunger Games! The time to choose our tributes has come! Remeber, since this is a quell, so everyone who volunteers and the first person reaped is in! But the limit is 15 per district!", Trills Melanie Hitz.

    "Ladies first!", she says in a sing song voice as she reaches in and pulls out…

    Read more >

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