im going to start a hunger games! enjoy! - im going to do the reaping in this post, then the vhariot rides and interviews. im going to do it all in different blogs, and im only doing the first 4 districts in this post. -

btw there might be swearing.

This year is a quell, so everyone who volunteers is in, including the person who was reaped first.

The limit per district is 15. at least 3 people have to volunteer, or 5 more people will be reaped.

District One:

"Happy Hunger Games! The time to choose our tributes has come! Remeber, since this is a quell, so everyone who volunteers and the first person reaped is in! But the limit is 15 per district!", Trills Melanie Hitz.

"Ladies first!", she says in a sing song voice as she reaches in and pulls out a slip of paper and reads: "Ella Montery! Congratulations Ella!", she shouts.

I.Do.Not.Want.To.Be.ATribute. Im only 13! And no one can take my place! My mind is rackign for options until I realize, I am going into the arena.

I lift my chin and walk up to the podium, glaring at Melanie with hatred.

"Any volunteers?", she whistles.

A small crowd of people walk up to the podium, and Melanie picks the first 14.

She reads through their names.

Us tributes are:

Ella Montery 13, Sidney Crot 16, Samantha Tomas 14, Hannah Semble 17, Lauren Pitch 18, Sarah Albun 16, Jo Lirithum 13 , Emma Glench 17, Cricket Bang 19, Avril Lirithum 15 - Jo and Avril are sisters -, Sorren Atcher 17, Helen Barker 15, Heather Rick 18, Rose Hitch 14, Silver Hitch 14 - the twins -

Now its time for the boys.

"Now for the boys", says Melanie." This tribute is Tommy Dames! Congrats Tommy!"

And I was getting ready to volunteer. Im 17 and ready to win.

I run up and wait for the sniveling volunteers to come up.

"Volunteers?" asks Melanie.

Only 6 people come up.

Toni Sorhs 15, Thorn Johnson 14, Sam Melf 16, Dalton Mitch 18, Trenton Alaxis 14, Jake Monts 18.

And thats all the tributes from district one. The peacekeepers guide us to the train.

District 2:

Alexis Noms goes on and on until finally she picks a girl.. ugh Ive been waiting to volunteer.

"And this years girl tribute is Sammi Bridger! Come on up Sammi!"

I jog up the steps and stare at the crowd. Next time im here it will be for the victory tour. Im 15 and i WILL win.

"Volunteers?" asks Alexis.

3 people come up.

Carol Sinth 14, Thatch Sting 16 and Storm Arouf 17.

Who cares if most are older than me? Im younger and have more energy.

"Now its time for a courageous boy to be picked!

"Will Skyler Herest come up?"



I walk up the stares, and decide to have some fun. I give Alexis a punch in the face, and she looks puzzled, not sure how to react. next thing I know the peacekeepers are dragging me off to the train before i can start up more trouble.

Now Alexis has a bruise nose, and a blackish eye, Nut she carries on and asks for volunteers. i think 12 come up, but im not paying attention.

District 3:

Ali Elkith babbles forever

finally she says the famous, "Ladies first!", and pulls out Colby Jinx. great. im a f**kin tribute, just what i wanted. im 15...

4 people volunteer.

i dont care who they are.

i just want to get this stupid thing started.

She pulls out a boys name, and the next thing i know im on my knees crying. this isnt happening! Im in the arena with my boyfriend, James!

"Please no! Ali please reap someone else! Not james please!", Im tugging on her arm pleading.

"Please ali PLEASE!"

"Im so sorry Colby. James is going in the arena, but maybe theyll let you both win, but i doubt it. im so sorry", and deep down, i know she cares. she has a husband and 3 kids back in the capitol.

I run over to james and he holds me tight. no one volunteers, so Ali reaps 5 more people.

i think the ages are 14 15 16 16 and 12.

im crying and all i can think of is " Why james?!"

District 4:

"welcome and happy hunger games! the time to pick the tributes is now!" sings Iptrik Pinkie.

"Ladies first of course! And...... Sirence Lor! Come on up Sirence!

I clench my fists and walk up... im only 14.

"Volunteers anyone?"

3 people.

Alex Foret 15, Maybeline Offet 16, and Jessica Axil 12 .

"Time for boys! What an exciting day! Will Thomas Wilf please come up? yes, thats the spirit!", she goes on and on.

Volunteers aree called and 10 people come up.

Iris Gothe l12 , Immit Sence 14 , Alii Jix 16, Pitric Sane 17, Oreal Hugh 18, Faith Snels 17, Grace Mors 18, Becky Trix 27 , Darla Thrill 15, and Jaqueline Brett 17.

District 5:

"hello! happy hunger games! the time has come to select a male and female tribute for district 5! ladies first!", Sadira Halx says as she reaches in the bowl.

"And the girl tribute is........ Viera Slass! Come on up Viera." she shouts in a happy voice.

I walk up and glare at the audience, wondering if ill ever come home again. im 16 years old, but im scrawny.

"Volunteers, come on up!", she says.

and three people go up.

Sarrar Helpit 14, Ingrid Salmath 17, Rhonda Mistrif 18.

All I love are here...

"Now for the male tribute! The boy tribute is..... Devon Halbert! Up here, Devon watch yoru step!"

I jump up the steps. the faster this is over, the sooner ill be done. im 17 and have no chance of winning.

"Volunteers be made known!" she says in a fancy voice.

Only 4.

John Svic 17, Luke Anderson 14, Seth Smith 16, and Derith Jan 17.

District 6:

"Welcome everyone and happy hunger games! I know youre anticipatng the moment your tribute will be launched, so the sooner theyre reaped, the faster they'll be launched!", says our ridiculous escort, Forest Cinch.

Ugh, shes such an idiot. she actually expects us to enjoy the "games".

anyways, im just waiting for the name to get picked and teh three volunteers.

"Lets get started!.... Pandora Quest! Come on up!", she says, and im paralyzed. theres nothing i can do. i have to go in the arena.

i walk up the steps, and snap at her " Was it impossible to choose the next closest slip? now im gonna die thanks to you."

she igores me and calls for volunteers. surprisingly, 4 people come up.

im too scared and nervous to pay any attention though.

"Wow! This is sure exctiting! Lets see who our boy tribute is!", she says and reaches into the bowl.

"Will Jacob Sereal please come up?", she says.

I walk up the steps, my legs trembling. im determined not to cry...

"Volunteers?", she asks. and no one comes up.

"Ok, then lets reap 5 more people!", she exclaims and pulsl out five more slips, five more lives that are going to end.

The tributes are

Mark Finch 12, Twi Verat 16, Alec Svinve 17, Howard Walowitz 18, Mattic Jersons 16, and me, Jacob Sereal.

And were all going to die.

District 7:

"Happy Hunger Games! Who else is excited to starte them?", Ugh, our escort, Maddie Lilins is an idiot. Excited to watch our families die?!

"The female tribute is........ Jenifer Kohanowiz! Come on up Jenifer!", she warbles.

I walk up and decide, right here right now, i wont play the games. im not going to kill anyone, im not going to let anyone kill me. im playing by my own rules in my own game.

"Volunteers, come on up!" she says.

6 people go up.

I dont pay any attention to them, i dont care about them. i will not kill them, and they will not kill me. i dont even consider them competitors. I consider them soon to be executed neighbors.

"Now for the boy! The male tribute for district 7 is........... Wayne Enders! Come on up wayne!",says maddie.

I walk up and grab the microphone and say

"District 7, goodbye. im going to die, thanks to this stupid b*tch and president snow. im glad he died. just know i will not play the games! ill just live out there, on the run! i wont give into our opressors! neither will you! dont let the capitol rule you! they think the games are just entertainment! they dont understand the losses! they never will! they will always consider them fun and games! what do you think of that?! theyre excited to watch us die! do you want to spend the rest of time like this?! awaiting death and hardship?!" i say. the peackeepers are dragging me off the stage. i manage to get in:" do you want our ancestors to die the same fate?! we have to fight back! dont let them control us! we have to do something! some will die, but the children will be safe! ill never get to have children! ill never get to sit my granddaughter on my lap and tell her about life! just remember that-", and thats wen im shoved in the train.

maybe they will do something.....

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