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    New Account

    January 20, 2012 by KatnissEverdeenAndPeeta

    Hi everyone, I made a new account because of reasons that I'll explain below. For the users with tributes in my games that aren't finished yet, I'm very very sorry, but I hope you understand. You can see my new account at (there's nothing on that page yet), and I promise I'll make more games!

    I have to make a new account because I forgot the password to my new e-mail, and I have to "confirm" the e-mail adress before I can receive e-mails, so it's really hard to use this wiki without it.

    Also, something keeps glitching about my account, because whenever it says "I have new messages", nothing appears new on my talk page.

    I'm sorry to anyone who has tributes in my games! I promise I'l…

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  • KatnissEverdeenAndPeeta

    Unlike the first 5 seasons, where it was the regular hunger games, I'm going to make season 6 to 10 "The Survival". In these games, teams have to complete various (dangerous) tasks. The last team member to complete the task will be automatically killed by his or her tracking device, and anyone who dies while performing the tasks die too. When there's around 5 tributes left, there will be a "final task" and team members will have to complete. Anyone but the first person to complete it dies, and the first person to complete it wins.

    These games will begin January 17th (Pacific Time)

    Instead of the regular 24 tributes, there will be 48 tributes in The Survival instead. You can submit up to FIVE tributes, but please make them all from a differen…

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  • KatnissEverdeenAndPeeta

    Instead of having a Quarter Quell every 25 Hunger Games, I'm going to make a 5th Season Twist every 5 Hunger Games. In this twist, the boy and girl tributes that are reaped have to take all their family members into the arena, making the total tributes in the arena much more than the regular 24.

    These Hunger Games will begin January 21st (If i have enough tributes)

    If you would like this photo on your user look-up, tell me and I'll make sure that it happens.

    I wanted to change up the reaping a bit, Now, I'll look at your tributes, and if I think they're good to write about, you'll see them below! :)

    HECK WITH THAT. Just sumbit 1 TWO tributes. If I don't have enough tributes by January 11th, I'll let you guys have 2 tributes. Number of Tributes so Fa…

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  • KatnissEverdeenAndPeeta

    Now that the Hunger Games Season 3 is full with tributes, I've started the Hunger Games: Season 4. In this season, there will be a few tweaks and changes here and there.......... Still, I'm sorry but there will be no chariot rides nor reapings.

    These games started January 10th.

    If you would like this photo to be on your user look up, please message me and I'll make sure that it happens!

    This year, because I want more people to have an opportunity to submit tributes, I'm only going to allow every user to submit two tributes, one male, one female, and please do not make them from the same district.

    District Name, Age Placement Sponsors User
    D1 Boy Icer Wilson,17 23rd Trackerjacker Trackerjacker
    D1 Girl Jewel Frosting,15
    Kwankwan44 Kwankwan44
    D2 Boy Le…

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  • KatnissEverdeenAndPeeta

    Since The Hunger Games Season 2 is over, I decided the third Hunger Games. The general idea for the Hunger Games is the same as Season 1 and 2 and the book, but there will be a few twists and changes.

    These games started January 7th, 2012.

    If you would like this photo on your user look-up, please message me and I'll make sure that it happens!

    To submit a tribute, you only need to tell me their age, their name, and their district. You can have up to 4 tributes, but please do not make them from the same district.

    District Name, Age Placement Sponsors User
    D1 Boy Thunder Way 11th




    D1 Girl Dia Monty,17 18th Granger1000 Granger1000
    D2 Boy Wilden, 17 4th QuinnQuinn QuinnQuinn
    D2 Girl Asia Madding 6th



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