Unlike the first 5 seasons, where it was the regular hunger games, I'm going to make season 6 to 10 "The Survival". In these games, teams have to complete various (dangerous) tasks. The last team member to complete the task will be automatically killed by his or her tracking device, and anyone who dies while performing the tasks die too. When there's around 5 tributes left, there will be a "final task" and team members will have to complete. Anyone but the first person to complete it dies, and the first person to complete it wins.

These games will begin January 17th (Pacific Time)


Instead of the regular 24 tributes, there will be 48 tributes in The Survival instead. You can submit up to FIVE tributes, but please make them all from a different district. Thank you :).

District Name, Age Placement Died Task # User
D1 Boy Kiler Diamond Clove1999
D1 Boy Excalibur Rose Prezziesnow
D1 Girl Puhnk Pink ~ilovepeeta~
D1 Girl Diamond Lin S.C. Kitten
D2 Boy G-Man ~ilovepeeta~
D2 Boy Micky Silver Moviepopcorn123
D2 Girl Geneive Terrion Prezziesnow
D2 Girl Shannon Clove1999
D3 Boy Jacob Winstead Alfredo
D3 Boy Cello Orion Kwankwan44
D3 Girl Samantha Dividen Moviepopcorn123
D3 Girl Isabella Electrode Prezziesnow
D4 Boy Waves Odair Iluvgale
D4 Boy Kiera ~ilovepeeta~
D4 Girl Ariel Boyell QuinnQuinn
D4 Girl Tristen Topic Everdeen
D5 Boy Harris Jon ~ilovepeeta~
D5 Boy Sithies Profane Prezziesnow
D5 Girl Rose Jone Iluvgale
D5 Girl Marlene Poon Rueflower
D6 Boy Sage Clove1999
D6 Boy Lived Natas Moviepopcorn123
D6 Girl Raille Rouge Everdeen
D6 Girl Ora Gaffe Prezziesnow
D7 Boy Axel Test S.C. Kitten
D7 Boy Wood Green Everdeen
D7 Girl Keitha Wood Clove1999
D7 Girl Taytum Mason QuinnQuinn
D8 Boy Kent Nole Everdeen
D8 Boy Robin Vigo Skyandbray
D8 Girl Vanessa Dreyer Alfredo
D8 Girl Shine Bright Moviepopcorn123
D9 Boy Aden Stalk Everdeen
D9 Boy Len Kagamine Kwankwan44
D9 Girl Janette Brich QuinnQuinn
D9 Girl Spring Howards Brony12
D10 Boy Jaymeca Evacuo QuinnQuinn
D10 Boy Sam Blah Rueflower
D10 Girl Darlene Jobes ~ilovepeeta~
D10 Girl Diana Au Kwankwan44
D11 Boy Max Vaz Skyandbray
D11 Boy Jerry Hart Moon Beam
D11 Girl Regina Geller Emily Castro
D11 Girl Maylon Brown Kwankwan44
D12 Boy Daniel Johnson Dunkn Fan
D12 Boy Cole Winter G.H.I.A.L
D12 Girl Gina Stone S.C. Kitten
D12 Girl Gail Rue


And what YOU (The user) can do

Each task will require your help somehow. If you don't help, or you're the last one to complete the help, ALL your tributes will die.

Task: Tributes Dead:

Task #1

Tributes will have to test their intelligence and ability to answer questions before getting into the real challenges.. These will just be difficult to answer questions, and there's no "right or wrong" answers to these. YOU will be the judge to these answers, and you will have to vote on who's answer you think it the worst or who you want out (it's not to be mean). The person with the most votes as well as the last to submit will get eliminated.

Questions: (Due January 22nd)

1) Why do we say "The alarm went off", when, in fact, it went "on".

2) If shampoo comes in so many different colours, why is it always white on your head?

3) Why don't sheep shrink when it rains?

4) When a fly hits the ceiling, about how far from the ceiling do they turn upside down?

Submit your answers in the comments below! Thank you for your participation!

Sorry to anyone who is voted out or didn't submit. It's not to be mean - someone HAS to be voted out, and you just had the luck to have been that "someone". If someone voted for you, it doesn't mean your answers were very bad, it may have just been what they needed to keep themselves in the game. Maybe if they didn't vote for you, it would've jeapardized their own position in the games. Vote for who you want out below.

Poll will open January 22nd. Person out will be announced January 31st.

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