The first season of the Hunger Games! This Hunger Games will function the same way as the book (the cannon will still signify the deaths, there'll be reapings, the Hunger Games will exclude the Capitol and District 13, etc.). However, and I'm sorry if this disappoints you, the reaping will not be described, and there will be no chariot rides.

These Games began January 1st, 2012.

Crystal Glow, the tribute owned by Everdeen, was the victor in this season of the Hunger Games.

Participant Season 1!

If you would like this picture to be on your user lookup, please message me and I'll make sure it happens!


If you would like to have a tribute in these games, please give me the following info:

1. Name, age, and district.

2. Strengths, Weaknesses, Personalities, and Strategies

3. Their favorite environment and if they'd run to the cornucopia or run away from it.

Thank you :). I'll need 24 tributes before the games can start :). (And you can have up to 4 tributes

Name, District, Age, Placement, Sponsors, User:

District Name, Age Placement Sponsors User
D1 Boy Lee Rock,12 21st Moon Beam Moon Beam
D1 Girl Crystal Glow,12 VICTOR Everdeen Everdeen
D2 Boy Ryack, 16 23rd QuinnQuinn QuinnQuinn
D2 Girl Jadynette Olive,16 15th QuinnQuinn QuinnQuinn
D3 Boy Oparnler Parker,18 20th QuinnQuinn QuinnQuinn
D3 Girl Ellacey, 18 6th QuinnQuinn QuinnQuinn
D4 Boy Thunder Way,14 10th Anna-athena Anna-athena
D4 Girl Asia Madding,13 8th Anna-athena Anna-athena
D5 Boy Harris Jon,17 13th ~ilovepeeta~ ~ilovepeeta~
D5 Girl Brunette LaBelle,17 12th Everdeen Everdeen
D6 Boy Axel Point,18 14th Moviepopcorn123 Moviepopcorn123
D6 Girl Demi Hum,15 11th Moviepopcorn123 Moviepopcorn123
D7 Boy Wood Green,13 17th Everdeen Everdeen
D7 Girl Golden Axe,16 7th Everdeen Everdeen
D8 Boy Robin Vigo,17 19th Skyandbray Skyandbray
D8 Girl Maryam Mote,16 3rd Skyandbray Skyandbray
D9 Boy Miles Graze,13 9th Moviepopcorn123 Moviepopcorn123
D9 Girl Belle Freeze,15 4th Moviepopcorn123 Moviepopcorn123
D10 Boy Drake Dust,17 18th Nate777 Nate777
D10 Girl Ardis Blaze 22nd Nate777 Nate777
D11 Boy Max Vaz,14 24th Skyandbray Skyandbray
D11 Girl Lillith, 12 2nd



D12 Boy Troy Bolton, 16 5th Anna-athena Anna-athena
D12 Girl Gabriella Montez,16 16th Anna-athena Anna-athena


If you would like to sponsor, please leave a comment below. Each sponsor will receive $10000, which they may use to buy items for the tribute they're rooting for. Users with tributes in the games can have $10000 multiplied by the number of tributes they have in the games (e.g. let's say you have 3 tributes, 3 x $10000 = $30000, so you get to spend $30000 on ur tributes) Sponsors may root for as many tributes as they wish, and they are allowed to pool their money together. Here are the prices for each item: (Prices will change as the Games progress)

Type Item Cost # In Stock Effect
Food Loaf of Bread $10000 Infinite Feeds Tribute
Food Apple $10000 Each Infinite Feeds Tribute
Food Cheese $10000 300 slices Feeds Tribute
Food Rice $10000/kg 20kg Feeds Tribute
Food Curry Sauce $10000/can 20 cans Good with rice.
Food Sandwich $10000 each 10 sandwiches Feeds Tribute
Drink Water $10000/glass Infinite Quenches Thirst
Drink Juice/Coke $10000/glass Infinite Quenches Thirst
Medicine Healing Potion $10000/bottle 3 bottles Scars = All gone
Medicine Filling Potion $10000/bottle 5 bottles Fills Tribute
Medicine Nightlock Pill $10000 Infinite Kills w/out Pain
Medicine Super Healer $61600/dose 1 dose Cures EVERYTHING
Medicine Steroids $10000/dose 3 doses Makes Tribute Stronger
Weapon Knife $10000 each 10 knives Good/common weapon
Weapon Sword $20000 each 5 swords Good weapon
Weapon Spear $20000 each 10 spears Good Weapon
Weapon Awl $20000 each 30 awls Useful Weapon
Weapon Bow and Arrow $20000 10 Long range weapon
Weapon Blowgun $20000 5 Good Weapon
Weapon Trident $20000 5 Fantastic Weapon
Weapon Any gun $41600 Infinite EXCELLENT Weapon
Weapon Vial of poison $20000 3 Can kill fast.
Luxury Tent $10600 5 Good shelter
Luxury Torch/matches $1600 Infinite Gives heat
Luxury Night Goggles $7600 5 See in the night.
Anything else Anything else Ask for price Ask for stock Ask for effect

The more sponsors rooting for you, the more help and money you get in the Games! You can invite your friends to help you. If they leave a comment below saying that they want to sponsor, they'll get $10000 and they can help your tribute! (Even if you're not in these games, just leave a comment below and you'll still get to sponsor!)

User/Sponsor Money Left ($) User/Sponsor Money Left ($)
Moon Beam $10000 Everdeen $1180
QuinnQuinn $38900 Anna-athena $40000
~ilovepeeta~ $0 Moviepopcorn123 $37400
Skyandbray $12750 Nate777 $20000
Prezziesnow9704 $5200

Training Scores:

District 1:

Lee Rock- 11

Crystal Glow- 5

District 2:

Ryack - 10

Jadynette Olive - 3

District 3:

Oparnler Parker - 11

Ellacey - 9

District 4:

Thunder Way - 8

Asia Madding - 6

District 5:

Harris Jon - 7

Brunette LaBelle - 9

District 6:

Axel Point - 10

Demi Hum - 4

District 7:

Wood Green- 5

Golden Axe - 9

District 8:

Robin Vigo - 3

Maryam Mote- 8

District 9:

Miles Graze - 7

Belle Freeze - 8

District 10:

Ardis Blaze - 7

Drake Dust - 9

District 11:

Max Vaz - 7

Lillith - 8

District 12:

Troy Bolton - 4

Gabriella Montez - 5


Since the gamemakers wanted to absolutely remind the people of Panem to never rebel again, they had the motto "The brutaler the better" for the first season. Therefore the arena for this Hunger Games will be nothing but a room, 20 meters by 20 meters. However, what tributes must figure out, is that the arena is more than just a room, and they have to somehow take down the walls of the room, to reveal the real, outdoor arena, which is where the real horrors wait......


Day 1: The arena was only a puny room! - Thunder

D2 Boy - Ryack

As my silver plate lifted me into the arena, I was shocked by what I saw. A room? This was going to be fun. I'm going to be able to kill very easily in this room - after all, every tribute has to stay in here. I look at the cornucopia, and it's stocked with weapons. This was going to be great! 30 seconds left! 29, 28, 27, 26! The games are going to begin soon! *BOOM* Suddenly, I here a cannon, and see that someone 6 plates left of me has fallen off his silver plate. Then suddely, I realize that my silver plate is tipping to the side! So were everybody elses'! If only I had realized that before I tumbled face first, into the ground....

D6 Boy - Axel Point

I just recovered from the silver plates tipping to the side. After 2 tributes died even before the gong sounded. After the two cannons, the plates went back to normal, and it was safe to stand on them again. *Phew*. The tribute to my left, the boy from district 11, fell of his silver plate, and the person 5 plates right of me, I think it was the district 1 or 2 boy, fell of too. Then, the gong sounded.....

D4 Boy - Thunder Way:

I ran towards the cornucopia right after the gong sounded. After all, what would running away do? The arena was only a puny room! When I reached the cornucopia, I saw that my allies, the boy and girl from district 1, were already there. They hauled me up, and we began hunting for tributes. The first one we saw was the district 10 girl, and i shot an arrow at her. She crumpled to the ground, and two cannons shot. Two? I turned around to see the boy from district one lying on the ground, and the District 3 Boy standing over him. I sent an arrow into his heart, and he died. Two kills!

D2 Girl - Jadynette Olive

I ran towards the cornucopia a bit late. I was distracted by a backpack sitting on the ground away from me. I got there the same time as the district 10 boy and district 8 boy.The district 10 boy killed the district 8 boy, but I yanked the backpack away from him, and i think the district 11 girl killed him. That's good. I see the two tributes from district 12 cowering into the corner. What better time to go and kill them right now!

D6 Girl - Demi Hum

I didn't see the use in running to the cornucopia - that would just ensure my death, but there wasn't any point in running away from it either. Suddenly, the boy from district 7 gave me a push, and somehow, there were lots of crashes and I fell right into the wall.

D7 Boy - Wood Green

I pushed the district 6 girl to see if I could kill her with the knife I got, but the wall crashed down and she fell right through it. Then, I saw what the gamemakers were trying to do. Behind the wall of this room, was the real arena. I saw forests on one side, a desert on the other, and a series of snow capped mountains behind them. Right in front of me was a prairie, full of flowers and weeds, and there was a lake to the right side of me. That was great! I was so distracted looking at the scene that I didn't see the girl from district 5 running towards me, but all she wanted to do was to go into the real arena. On her way in, I stabbed her, and she fell to the ground. She was bleeding really bad, so I decided to let her suffer death like that. I dragged her behind a bush, and left her there - I didn't want any tribute to kill her. I don't want anyone to be responsible for kililing her. If a sponsor helps her, she might heal, but it's awfully hard to heal something like that! I ran into the arena, only to find that a mountainful of knives were raining down from the sky. *BOOM*

D5 Girl - Brunette LaBelle

When the girl from district 6 fell into the wall, the real arena opened, so I ran straight for the real arena. What I didn't see was the boy from district 7 standing there. He stabbed me and dragged me into a bush, and now a silver parachute is beside me, and I don't seem to have enough energy to find out what it is. Will it be medicine? Using every ounce of energy I could muster, I opened the parachute and found a little bottle with something inside. Then I realized that it was a nightlock pill. What did my sponsors want me to do? Kill myself? No! I threw the nightlock pill into the bushes and hoped to god that someone would drop some sort of healing potion down..... I did drink the water dropped down though.......

D12 Boy - Troy Bolton

The real arena has opened, but me and my district partner are huddling in the corner, trying to avoid being seen, but that seems to be useless. The girl from district 2 is charging towards us. My district partner and I are trying to fend her off, but she kills her and cuts me in the leg. Luckily, I kill her before any real damage is done, so now here I am, beside my poor, dead district partner, with a cut leg, and the battle is still going on at the cornucopia. Fantastic.

D3 Girl - Ellacey

Ever since the district 6 girl, who has already ran away, crashed into the wall and broke it open, I've been running as far as I could away from the cornucopia. I've heard 10 cannons, so I'm hoping one of them isn't my district partner, but there's not much hope. I'm cut from the knives that rained down from the sky a few minutes ago, but I'm not dead and that's all that matters. However, I've been running for so long and I'm really really thirsty and I'm afraid I might die of dehydration soon if I don't get water. I'm hoping I have sponsors. Is it possible for them to drop me water? I'm in the forest, which seems to be the safest place, and I haven't found a source of water. Maybe if I keep looking.......

D11 Girl - Lillith

I killed the boy from district 10 by accident - I thought he was a career, and I wanted to save everyone else by killing the careers! Now I've killed this innocent boy for no reason and I'm at the cornucopia, trying to see what I can find. I grab a slingshot, a spear, and a backpack and run for the woods, which seems to be the safest place for me.

D4 Girl - Asia Madding

IS THERE ANY FOOD HERE IN THE ARENA? I ran straight away from the cornucopia to avoid getting killed, but now I'm STARVED and I CAN'T FIND FOOD. I'm also dreadfully thirsty - gosh the arena is hot - and I just met the girl from district 3, who doesn't seem to have any supplies. We decided to make an alliance - who cares what I told the other career tributes - but we're both thirsty, so maybe if at least one of us has sponsors, we can get something to eat and drink...................

D5 Boy - Harris Jon

I ran to the cornucopia to see if I could find anything useful. I sent a spear flying at the boy from district 6, and it speared him in the heart and he died. One kill. Then, I threw an axe at the girl from district 1, but it misses, and she ends up throwing a sword at me. The last thing I see before I fall down is the girl from district 11 running away from the cornucopia, stocked with supplies. *BOOM*

D8 Girl - Maryam Mote

It appears the bloodbath is over, since the day's almost over, and I've heard 12 cannons. I hope my district partner isn't dead yet. I'm hiking up the mountains now, because there are so many I think it will protect me, and I think it's almost night time. Time to see the tributes who died today. I think i should go to sleep and rest a little. I am a bit thirsty from the high temperatures of the arena........

............suddenly, the anthem begins to play. I look up in the sky. Here we go, time to embrace the twelve deaths...........I see the boy from district 1, both from district 2, the boy from district 3, the boy from district 5, the boy from district 6, the boy from district 8, my district partner, both from district 10, the boy from district 11, and the girl from 12.


District 1 Boy - Killed by the boy from district 3

District 2 Boy - Fell of silver plate before the gong sounded.

District 2 Girl - Killed by the boy from district 12

District 3 Boy - Killed by the boy from district 4.

District 5 Boy - Killed by the girl from district 1.

District 6 Boy - Killed by the boy from district 5.

District 8 Boy - Killed by the boy from district 10.

District 10 Boy - Killed by the girl from district 11.

District 10 Girl - Killed by the boy from district 4.

District 11 Boy - Fell of silver plate before the gong sounded

District 12 Girl - Killed by the girl from district 2.


D4 Boy - Thunder Way

After the cornucopia bloodbath finished yesterday, there were 12 dead. Now I'm sitting with the girl from district 1, and we're the only two left in the career alliance.

I'm so mad at Asia Madding! She said she'd ally with us, and what does she do? She runs away leaving us alone! I'm going to kill her the first chance I get. Right now, Crystal (The girl from district 1) and I are going around hunting for tributes to kill.

D6 Girl - Demi Hum


D8 Girl - Maryam Mote

A silver parchute with a basket attached to it is coming towards me. Is it water? YES IT IS! With 2 apples too! I gulp all of the water down and save the two apples to eat when I really need it. Now my dry throat isn't screaming at me to drink now!

I continued walking. However, I suddenly realized that the ground under me was moving - and the snow toppling down! I ran like crazy - it could kill me like *snap* that! AHHHHHHHH! Snow has fallen on me, and now I'm pinned to the ground, and I see some bear-like mutts starting to come towards me........

D9 Boy - Miles Graze

WATER IS COMING! I saw a silver parachute come landing onto the tree that I'm sitting in. I open it to reveal an enormous glass of water, so I DRINK IT :D. Now I feel much better. I think I'm going to just rest in this tree for a while..........

D8 Girl - Maryam Mote

A silver parachute is falling from the sky. What could be inside? Will it protect me from those hideous bear-like mutts coming towards me? I open it. It's a bottle full of......pills. Pills?! I'm not sick! However, I eat one, and suddenly, the tree seems to weigh like nothing. I lift the tree up with ease and beat the living daylights out of the bear. Won't this give me an advantage..........

D11 Girl - Lillith

In my backpack, I found a dagger, a shield, body armour, some meat, some crackers, a bit of cheese, and a lot of rocks for my slingshot. That's fantastic. This will give me a HUGE advantage over the other tributes. And now a parachute if falling from the sky! Today is seriously my lucky day! I unwrap the parachute. IT'S A SWORD? EVEN BIGGER ADVAN-*clang crash bing bong* Dang. Now I have too many weapons and they're all clashing together. I try to stuff them all in my backpack, and........................YES IT WORKS!!!!!!!

D3 Girl - Ellacey

I got a cup of water, which is pretty good.

D1 Girl - Crystal Glow

For some reason, I'm getting a lot of presents. I got rice with curry - yum -, a poison dart, a healing potion and Night Vision Goggles. I guess that would help me fight......... Thank you sponsors :)

D7 Girl - Golden Axe

I'm receiving so many gifts. Is it sending a message? Will there be a feast soon or something? I got a filling potion, an axe, and a blowgun! Isn't that fantastic?

D11 Girl - Lillith

My sponsors are seriously spoiling me. What comes down now? Filling Potion, healing potion, AND night vision goggles! Could this get any better?


Narrarator: The Lion Mutts are now running after the tributes, chasing them towards the cornucopia. There goes the district 6 girl! *BOOM* The lions have bitten into her heart and killed her! The rest are still going strong! Oh no! Look! The boy from district 4 and the boy from district 9 crashed into each other! Now they're both on the ground! There the lions go! They're feasting on both of them! *BOOM BOOM* two deaths! The rest are almost there! Golden Axe, the district 7 girl, is safe! She's at the cornucopia! There she goes, climbing it, ready to kill others who run in! Here comes Asia Madding! Oh no! Golden Axe threw an axe and impaled her in the head! *BOOM* Goodbye tributes of district 4! Now the girls of districts 3 and 9 are running in together! Golden kills one with her blowgun, but - OH NO! The girl from district 3, who wasn't killed, slams into the cornucopia, pushes Golden off, and impales Golden with the axe! *BOOM* Goodbye Golden! Wait, what's this? Crystal Glow and Lillith are running in together! They look furious! They draw out their weapons and kill the girl from district 3 for killing their ally, Golden! *BOOM* There goes district 3! Maryam Mote is running in! She's joining forces with Lillith and Crystal Glow! Together they kill Troy Bolton, the boy from district 12, and Belle Freeze! Now it's down to the final three! They're all allies - who will win? Find out later!

Narrator: Oh look! The final 3 tributes are turning in on each other! Lillith has stabbed Maryam in the heart! Now it's down to Lillith and Crystal! *drumroll* Crystal stabbed Lillith through the stomach, but Lillith refuses to give up! She swings her sword towards Crystal's head - and manages to cut her shoulder! Now Crystal is using her healing potion, and her cut is gone! She stabs Lillith through the heart, and it's the end of the hunger games!



Congradulations Everdeen, your tribute is the victor! As a result, I'll enter your tribute into the 2nd season, so you can have up to FIVE tributes, but the district 1 girl is already taken, so I'll put you as the District 6 girl, alright?


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