Since The Hunger Games Season 1 over, I decided to start the second Hunger Games. The general idea for the Hunger Games is the same as Season 1 and the book, but there will be a few twists and changes.

These Games began January 2nd, 2012.

Artemis Elto, the female tribute of district 4 belonging to Rueflower, was the victor of these games.


If you would like this photo to be on your user lookup, please message me and I'll make sure it happens!


To submit a tribute, you only need to tell me their age, their name, and their district. You can have up to 4 tributes, but please do not make them from the same district.

District Name, Age Placement Sponsors User
D1 Boy Kratos, 16 6th Skyandbray Skyandbray
D1 Girl Cariettum Downstreet,13 15th QuinnQuinn QuinnQuinn
D2 Boy Brendan Downstreet,18 12th QuinnQuinn QuinnQuinn
D2 Girl Holly Hunter,16 14th Everdeen Everdeen
D3 Boy Crick Storm,15 11th Rueflower Rueflower
D3 Girl Bell Lu,14 2nd Granger1000 Granger1000
D4 Boy Cod Netts,18 7th Moviepopcorn123 Moviepopcorn123
D4 Girl Artemis Elto, 16 VICTOR Rueflower Rueflower
D5 Boy Flame Fireblaze 5th Everdeen Everdeen
D5 Girl Kathrina Loula,15 23rd ~ilovepeeta~ ~ilovepeeta~
D6 Boy Shane Hover,12 10th Necterine411 Necterine411
D6 Girl Crystal Glow,12* 9th Everdeen Everdeen
D7 Boy Scarr Blade 24th Everdeen Everdeen
D7 Girl Glade Frost,14 22nd Nate777 Nate777
D8 Boy Harris Jon,17 20th ~ilovepeeta~ ~ilovepeeta~
D8 Girl Ally Free, 17 13th Moviepopcorn123 Moviepopcorn123
D9 Boy Gunner,16 4th Granger1000 Granger1000
D9 Girl Matza Oriana,15 17th Necterine411 Necterine411
D10 Boy Kevin Potter,16 3rd ~ilovepeeta~ ~ilovepeeta~
D10 Girl Gerrit Khone,15 18th Nate777 Nate777
D11 Boy Lightning Tree,16 8th Moviepopcorn123 Moviepopcorn123
D11 Girl Lillith, 12 21st Skyandbray Skyandbray
D12 Boy Troy Bolton 19th Anna-athena Anna-athena
D12 Girl Flaire Fireblaze 16th Everdeen Everdeen
  • Crystal Glow was the victor of the first season, so Everdeen, the user, can submit her AND 4 other tributes, making a total of 5 tributes.


If you would like to sponsor, please leave a comment below. Each sponsor will receive $10000, which they may use to buy items for the tribute they're rooting for. Users with tributes in the games can have $10000 multiplied by the number of tributes they have in the games (e.g. let's say you have 3 tributes, 3 x $10000 = $30000, so you get to spend $30000 on ur tributes) Sponsors may root for as many tributes as they wish, and they are allowed to pool their money together. Here are the prices for each item: (Prices will change as the Games progress)

Type Item Cost # In Stock Effect
Food Loaf of Bread $5000 Infinite Feeds Tribute
Food Apple $5000Each Infinite Feeds Tribute
Food Cheese $5000 300 slices Feeds Tribute
Food Rice $6000/kg 20kg Feeds Tribute
Food Curry Sauce $5000/can 20 cans Good with rice.
Food Sandwich $5000 each 10 sandwiches Feeds Tribute
Drink Water $5000/glass Infinite Quenches Thirst
Drink Juice/Coke $5000/glass Infinite Quenches Thirst
Medicine Healing Potion $10000/bottle 3 bottles Scars = All gone
Medicine Filling Potion $10000/bottle 5 bottles Fills Tribute
Medicine Nightlock Pill $5000 Infinite Kills w/out Pain
Medicine Super Healer $73000/dose 1 dose Cures EVERYTHING
Medicine Steroids $11000/dose 3 doses Makes Tribute Stronger
Weapon Knife $6000 each 8 knives Good/common weapon
Weapon Sword $7000 each 3 swords Good weapon
Weapon Spear $8000 each 10 spears Good Weapon
Weapon Awl $5000 each 30 awls Useful Weapon
Weapon Bow and Arrow $13000 10 Long range weapon
Weapon Blowgun $10000 5 Good Weapon
Weapon Trident $19000 5 Fantastic Weapon
Weapon Any gun $44000 Infinite EXCELLENT Weapon
Weapon Vial of poison $19000 3 Can kill others fast.
Luxury Tent $13000 5 Good shelter
Luxury Torch/matches $4000 Infinite Gives heat
Luxury Night Goggles $10000 5 See in the night.
Anything else Anything else Ask for price Ask for stock Ask for effect

The more sponsors rooting for you, the more help and money you get in the Games! You can invite your friends to help you. If they leave a comment below saying that they want to sponsor, they'll get $10000 and they can help your tribute! (Even if you're not in these games, just leave a comment below and you'll still get to sponsor!)

Gifts still need to be sent:

Sponsor Money Left Sponsor Money Left
Skyandbray $27000 QuinnQuinn $26000
Everdeen $17000 Rueflower $17500
Granger1000 $21200 ~ilovepeeta~ $40000
Necterine411 $11000 Moviepopcorn123 $23000
Nate777 $20000 Anna Athena $20000

Training scores

District 1:

Kratos - 6

Cariettum - 9

District 2:

Brendan - 8

Holly - 10

District 3:

Crick - 7

Bell - 9

District 4:

Cod - 11

Artemis Elto - 3

District 5:

Flame - 5

Kathrina - 5

District 6:

Shane Hover- 6

Crystal Glow (Previous Victor) - 10

District 7

Scarr - 7

Glade Frost - 11

District 8:

Harris Jon - 11

Ally - 12

District 9:

Gunner - 1

Matza - 3

District 10:

Kevin - 11

Gerrit - 8

District 11:

Lightning - 10

Lillith - 9

District 12:

Troy - 7

Flaire - 10


The arena is an everyday city, just like Tokyo or Toronto. However, it's completely empty and there's absolutely nobody in it. The cornucopia will be on the roof of the tallest skyscraper, while the tributes will be at the bottom, and they have to get to the top. The new rule is: every tribute has to at least touch the cornucopia. They don't have to grab weapons, but they all have to at least touch it. If they don't, wolf-like mutts will chase them until they do - and the wolf mutts aren't killable. Many disasters can happen in a city, and mutts can easily adapt to the city too. There are 8 parts to this city, each triggering a new disaster, PLUS the disaster before it (going in a clockwise direction). For example, as shown in the image, The Deserted Village is the first if we go clockwise, and the disaster is fireballs. The second one, going clockwise, is mansion, and the new disaster is a flood PLUS the fireballs from before, and this just goes on and on......and at the intersection, well............

Let the Second Season of the Hunger Games Begin

Awesome pics 1

The Arena


Day 1: I just wanted to sleep - Flame

D1 Boy - Kratos

When my silver plate lifted me into the arena, which was the lobby of an apartment building, I couldn't see the cornucopia. What I could see was the sign "Cornucopia: Top Floor". Under it, it said something about "touching the cornucopia" or mutts will chase you. I looked behind me. There, standing in a cage about a hundred yards away from me, was a wolf mutt. On the cage, there was a timer. 30,29,28... Would it pounce on me as soon as the games begin?

D8 Girl - Ally Free

I was shocked by what I saw when I was lifted into an arena. A hundred yards behind each tribute was a wolf mutt, and there was a sign that told us that the Cornucopia was on the top floor. The sign also said that you have to touch the cornucopia, or the wolf mutt would chase you until you do, but the most shocking thing was that it was inside an apartment. Was that going to be the entire arena? I saw last year's Hunger Games - it was only a room, but the wall crumbled behind a tribute and that was the real arena, so would this arena be the same? The timer of the cage of the wolf mutt is counting down. 12, 11, 10......

D5 Boy - Flame Fireblaze

When I saw the arena, I was pretty surprised. It was a room - just like last year - but it was much fancier, it had an exit, an elevator, stairs, and a sign that told us that the Cornucopia was on the top floor. Wait.....what's that under the sign? I think it says that you have to touch the cornucopia or wolf mutts will chase you. Wolf Mutts?! I turned around, and saw that there was a wolf mutt in a cage. On the timer, 3...2....1.... and the gong sounded.

D6 Girl - Crystal Glow

Once the gong sounded, I ran straight for the stairs to go to the roof so that I could touch the Cornucopia. I saw about 10 tributes in the elevator at once, so there would probably be a fight in there, so why not take the stairs? *BOOM BOOM* two deaths already!

......Ok so nevermind about the question of "why not take the stairs". When I got to the top, I was basically crawling, and there were already 15 tributes at the cornucopia, almost all of them which were armed. I saw some already on the ground, dead. I stopped to take a break, but - big mistake. The wolf mutt was right behind me. I got up just in the nick of time, and ran to touch the Cornucopia, and the wolf mutt just suddenly disappeared. I grabbed a backpack and a knife and ran like the wind away from the cornucopia.

Right into the body of the Boy from District 8, who was coming towards me with a knife.

D1 Girl - Cariettum Downstreet

When the gong sounded, I ran straight towards the elevator. Inside would be a fantastic place to fight. And joy! All the careers and 6 others came to join me! The careers and I started to pick on the others with our bare hands. Kratos, my district partner, punched the boy from district 7 in the temple, and he slumped to the ground. Then I head-butted the girl from district 5, and she crashed into the wall and broke her back, and then the careers trampled her and the cannon sounded. Then the elevator doors opened and the others that could've been our victims were running towards the cornucopia.

D8 Boy - Harris Jon

I took the elevator to get to the top floor, and there, I ran straight for the Cornucopia. When I stepped out of the elevator, there was a knife sitting right in front of me, so I grabbed it. When I stood up, I was crashed into by the girl from district 6, so I raised my knife and prepared to strike.

D11 Boy - Lightning Tree

I stepped into the elevator to get to the top floor, where I experienced the torturous death of 2 of my fellow tributes. Once I ran to touch the Cornucopia, I gave it a little touch, grabbed a backpack, and ran for the elevator again, and this time, I was riding solo down back to the ground. Once I got to the bottom floor, I ran into the streets, and I had absolutely no clue how to get anywhere. To my left, there was an intersection with a whole bunch of billboards displaying random advertisements, and to my right there was a deserted village. I decided to go left, because a deserted village just seems extremely sinister-ish.......

D2 Boy - Brendan Downstreet

I got to the cornucopia with the other Careers, and we started to look for victims. The first one we saw was the girl from district 7. I threw an axe at her, and I missed. Then I threw a sword, and it speared her through the arm. Then I threw a trident and it stabbed her in the head, and the cannon fired. My district partner then sent an arrow flying into the throat of the girl from district 11, and she died, which then led to the boy from district 1 throwing a knife at the boy from district 8. *BOOM*

D12 Boy - Troy Bolton

When I got to the cornucopia, I ran straight for it. What i didn't see was the trapdoor in the gound. I fell right through it, and saw that, at the bottom, was a pitful of knives, sharp side up. "HELP!" I yelled in despair. "HELP!" and those were my last words before the pain shot through me and everything went black.

D12 Girl - Flaire Fireblaze

I managed to touch the Cornucopia and get away from it. I flew down the stairs and out the door and ran towards my right, which appeared to be a deserted village. To my left was a bright street, with billboards, but there was already someone there, and I didn't want to fight. I just wanted to sleep, and the deserted village seemed to be able to offer that..........

D9 Girl - Matza Oriana

When I got to the Cornucopia, I saw a button, so I pressed it to see what would happen. Big mistake. Land mines began to explode under me, and I saw the girl from district 10 get blasted before I went down with her.

D10 Boy - Gerrit Khone

The bloodbath seems to be over. I'm in the deserted village to the left of the apartment, and I'm looking up into the sky with the widow. It's already night time. The bloodbath lasted that long. I heard 7 cannons, signifying 7 deaths, and now I'm looking up into the sky to see the faces of tributes that have died.


Girl from District 5 - Head-butted and trampled by the Careers.

Boy from District 7 - Punched by the Boy from District 2.

Girl from District 7 - Killed by the Boy from District 2.

Boy from District 8 - Killed by the Boy from District 2.

Girl from District 9 - Killed by land mines.

Girl from District 10 - Killed by land mines.

Girl from District 11 - Killed by the Girl from District 2.

Boy from District 12 - Killed by a knife trap by the gamemakers.

Recap of Day 1 by the Narrarator:

Narrarator: Today, there were 8 deaths. Once the gong sounded, the careers (districts 1, 2, and 4), the Girl from District five, the boy from district five, the boy from district 7, and the boy from district 8 all went towards the elevator to get to the top. Inside, the girl from District 5 and the boy from District 7 were both killed by the careers. Once the elevator doors opened, the remaining 8 in the elevator rushed towards the cornucopia. The boy from five touched it and ran away, and ran to the deserted village to spend the night. The careers stayed to kill tributes. They managed to kill the boy from district 8, the girl from 7, and the girl from 11. The girl from district 6, the previous victor, got into a scuffle with the boy from district 8, but the careers killed the boy from district 8, so the girl from district 6 ran to the deserted village to spend the night.

The rest of the tributes managed to sneak by the careers to touch the cornucopia, and they all went to different places to spend the night. Beside the deserted village was a mansion, where the boy from five, the girl from 8, and the boy from 9 all stayed. Beside the billboard was a matress shop, where the boy from district 11 stayed to spend the night, and the rest stayed in the deserted village. Tommorow, the games will continue on.......

Day 2: I feel like I can run like the wind! - Crystal


D3 Girl - Bell Lu

I'm in a deserted village, where apparently a lot of other tributes stayed too. The only problem is that I have no weapon, so I can't kill them. It's freezing cold - did the gamemakers do this on purpose? - and I'm going to check back at the cornucopia once the sun rises. There were 8 deaths yesterday - none by me - but....Wait, what's that? A Silver Parachute! Could it possibly be for me? YES! YES IT HAD TO BE! I run outside to see what it contains. A sword! A fantastic, gleaming sword! Thank you sponsors! Now I'm going to check in the other houses to see if I can kill anyone.

But what I didn't see, were the fireballs falling from the sky.

D6 Girl - Crystal Glow

I thankfullly got over the fight with the boy from district 8. I know I should fear the careers, but right now, I'm extremely grateful to them. If it weren't for them, I'd be dead by now! Flat-out dead! Suddenly, an enormous fireball came crashing through the roof of the hut i was staying in. I ran outside and tried to dodge the balls of fire, but an enormous one came crashing down into my left foot, yet oddly, I couldn't feel any pain. When I got a safe distance away, running past this mansion and a series of townhouses, I sat down to inspect the damage done to my leg.

It's worse than I thought, The entire leg was burned through,I could see the bone of my leg, and blood was pouring out of it like crazy......

D12 Girl - Flaire Fireblaze

Looking up into the sky, I saw a parachute. I opened it to reveal a mace at the bottom. A mace! Why didn't I practice with maces in the training station! Oh well, it looks pretty easy to use anyways. I think I'm going to - OH NO! FIREBALLS ARE FALLING FROM THE SKY! EEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK! AHHHHh! I didn't have time to run. My whole hut was on fire. It was surrounding me. A sudden pain burst through my leg, and everything vanished.

D10 Boy - Kevin Potter

Fireballs are coming down from the sky, but I'm running away from it, and I haven't had any harm done to me. It appears to be safe now to start walking. As I continued walking, I saw the building where the cornucopia was. Was there any weapons left? I went up to the roof, and found a pleasant surprise. The careers were still sleeping! I ran to their campsite and stole 2 backpacks and a spear, then ran away. I didn't want to kill any of them - the cannon might wake the rest of them up, and what would happen to me then?

D9 Boy - Gunner


I'm inside the mansion. I've been hearing screams from the village beside the mansion, and bright bursts of light have been coming through the window. Someone was killed - I heard the cannon, but what caused it to be killed? There would only be one way to find out. I looked outside my window, and found a whole bunch of tributes running away from the village. One, I think it's the girl from district 12, lies dead on the ground, and the boy and girl from 3 and the boy from 6 fleeing the attack site. I guess the rest have already escaped. What happened? Did fire just invade the city?

After a while I find out the answer.

Yes, and now, a flood was coming towards the mansion.

D6 Girl - Crystal Glow

A silver parachute is coming down from the sky.....will it help me? I'm praying to god it will. I open the parachute, despite the pain in my leg, and find a needle. A needle! I jab it into my arm, and the pain just suddenly disappears from my leg. Even better, the skin and flesh of my leg have been restored, and I feel like I can run like the wind! I stand up. Then, I realized that fireballs and a flood were happening in the mansion. Better get moving...................

D11 Boy - Lightning Tree

A sponsor has given me a sword, so now I'm not weaponless anymore, From far away, something bright is falling from a sky, and I heard one cannon, and now I hear the sound of water sloshing or something. What's happening? Should I go investigate? Nah, I think I'm going to run down the road to my right. It has to lead somewhere right? When I get to the end of the road, I'm greeted with a tower. Um, wahoo! I guess...........I climb to the top, and I can see almost the entire city. It's in a circle, with different types of buildings and roads, and in the middle, there's a lake. The skyscraper top is the only thing I can't see. Beside the skyscraper is a burnt deserted village, beside that is a flooded mansion - I can see 3 bodies swimming in the water - and there's a whole lot of other buildings too. I see a girl, I think that she- oh right. She was the previous victor. She's darting towards a......zoo. A zoo? There's a zoo in the arena?

D4 Girl - Artemis Elto

I'm woke up beside the cornucopia and inspected the loot we had. Some things were missing. Why was the girl from district 1 asleep?! She was supposed to stand guard! I was so mad at her that I grabbed a spear and stabbed her in the throat. The cannon sounded. Maybe that would teach a thing or two about guarding. The rest of the careers are awake now, and they're all wondering what has happened to the girl from district 1. I pretended to have just woken up and I pretended that I was surprised too. They believed me. Right now, judging by the sun, it's about 10:00 in the morning. How many deaths were there? We'll find out tonight I guess. I got a sponsor gift in my sleep. It's a ....... knife! Fantastic!

D1 Boy - Kratos

When I woke up, my district partner was dead. What happened to her? Now district 1 completely depends on me. Who or what killed her? Whoever did, I'm going to take the first opportunity to kill him or her. I received a sponsor gift while I was sleeping. It was a sword and night vision goggles. Today, the careers are going to go hunting for other tributes! We peered over the edge of the skyscraper. To our left was a deserted village - no one in that. It looked burned down actually. Even farther left was a mansion, and it was completely flooded. We could see some tributes swimming in the water, trying to find a way out. There seems to be some sort of force field blocking the water from going any further than the mansion, but the boy from district 9 was getting out of it and runinng towards what looked like a hotel of some sort. Maybe, if he could come out of it, we could go in it. The tributes from district 4 would have an advantage, and that would just mean two people less.

Suddenly I heard a scream, and the boy from district 4 was falling off the edge of the skyscraper, and when I turned around, there was the girl from 8. She was holding a knife, and it jabbed the girl from district 2 before I sent my sword through her stomach.

D9 Boy - Gunnner

I finally got out of the flood. It didn't kill anyone, which was bad, but now that I'm free, I don't have to worry about drowning anymore. I ran past a series of townhouses, past a road which lead to some sort of building, and ran towards a hotel. Hopefully there wouldn't be any disasters here......

D6 Boy - Shane Hover

I'm never going back to the deserted village. It seems like the fireballs are still falling down - are they EVER going to stop? - and I saw that the mansion was flooded and the fireballs were raining from the sky there too! After swimming out of the mansion, I got to a townhouse, so I decided to spend the night there. No disaster would happen there, would it?

D3 Boy - Crick Storm

I got a Blow Gun from sponsors, which is awesome. I blow into it - and it sends a dart flying extremely far. Now if I only had poison to dip it in........... After all the fireballs fell from the sky, I ran away from the village. Fireballs are still falling, and the entire village is completely burnt. Now, fireballs are falling onto the mansion too, and I heard there was also a flood! Wow! Would disasters ever stop happening?


D4 Boy - Cod Nets

I fell from the roof, so I'm injured but not too much. I landed in mud, so I only have a bruise, nothing seroius. The careers are going hunting for tributes now. Since there were fireballs falling from the sky in the village, the mansion, and the townhouse, along with a flood in the mansion and the townhouses, added with an earthquake in the townhouse, we decided to go the other way around the city. We see the boy from district 11 at some sort of tower, so we go up and prepare to corner him.

D6 Boy - Shane Hover

GAH! HELP! I'M BEING BARRRAGED BY FALLING WALLS AND CEILINGS! AN EARTHQUAKE IS HAPPENING! ANOTHER DISASTER! THIS IS STUPID! GAHHHHHHHH! I HEAR A CRACK FROM MY LEG! IT HURTS! I'M SURE I BROKE IT! Then, a whole mound of rocks fall onto me, and I'm lying there, pinned to the ground, a flood is coming in, and I here a sizzling sound coming from the sky - fireballs.

D2 Boy - Brendan Downstreet

I got a sponsor gift on the roof of the skyscraper. It was a knife, and that was pretty good. The district 4 boy survived the fall, and now we're going up the tower to the boy from district 11. Imagine what his reaction would be like when - AAHHHH! THE DISTRICT 11 BOY THREW A SWORD AT US! Everyone went tumbling heads over heels down the stairs and landed at the bottom. Ouch. I'm sure I have a bruise, and we decide to not mess with the boy from district 11 just yet. It's not somewhere around 3:00pm.

D3 Girl - Bell Lu

After I fled the scene of the fireballs, I went to live in the skyscraper. There were many rooms in there, and I doubt anyone could've found me. So far, today, I've heard 4 cannons, so now 12 are dead, 12 to go. On the clock, it says that it's 4:50pm. Thank goodness. day 2 is almost over, and come to think of it, I'm parched. I look out the window to see if a sponsor could send me water, but after an hour of looking up into the sky, I get nothing so I just put a shelf out the window - maybe someone will still send water and the silver parachute can land there - and tuck myself into bed. I'm going to bed early. It's 6:00pm now.......

D5 Boy - Flame Fireblaze

I heard 4 cannons. There's 12 dead now. 12 to go, before I can go home. I'm going into a hotel to spend the night. It's getting late anyways, and I might as well go to bed. Today was an exhausting day. So many disasters happened! The earthquake is still going on in the townhouse - even though the whole building is destroyed, the ground is still shaking - but oddly, it's not happening anywhere else. Suddenly, the anthem of Panem starts blasting really loud. I look up into the sky. 4 deaths. 4 deaths today. I see the girls from district 1,2,8, and 12. Wow. All of the deaths today were girls...........

Deaths of Day 2:

Girl from district 1 - Killed by the Girl from district 4.

Girl from district 2 - Killed by the Girl from district 8.

Girl from district 8 - Killed by the Boy from district 1.

Girl from district 12 - Killed by the Fireballs.

Recap of Day 2 by Narrarator:

Narrarator: This morning, at percisely 5:00am, the gamemakers triggered a trap in the deserted village : fireballs. They started falling in the deserted village, killing the girl from district 12 and burning the girl from district 6 down to the bone, but the others escaped. The boy from district 10 escapes the fireballs and manages to steal supplies from the careers, who are still on the roof of the skyscraper. Then, the gamemakers go onto their next trap - a flood in the mansion. In addition to that, the range of the fireballs expanded, and so the mansion suffered a flood and fireballs. No one died in this event. Many people receive sponsor gifts. As for the career alliance, the girl from district 4 personally murdered her ally, and they managed to kill the girl from district 8, but the girl from district 2 lost her life in this event. The boy from district 4 suffered a fall of over 100 meters off the skyscraper, but he landed in mud, so there was not too much harm done. Then, an earthquake hit the townhouse, trapping the boy from district 6 inside.

Day 3: A new disaster has appeared - Kratos

D6 Girl - Crystal Glow

I`m inside the zoo, looking at all these animals I've never seen before. They're probably mutts, but they're behind bars, so it's alright, right? It provides a pretty good shelter from the other tributes. Four tributes died yesterday, and it's only somewhere around 6 in the morning, and there's no one dead yet. I'm just hoping that no disasters happen here...........

D6 Boy - Shane Hovers

I'm trapped under a whole mass of rocks, and the flood and fireballs are already here. Thankfully, the flood is only starting and the fireballs haven't hit me yet, but they're bound to soon. Then, a silver parachute was coming down from the sky! Whopee! I open it to find a vial and a pill. Twisting my arm at a very unusual and painful angle, I stuffed the pill into my mouth, and I was somehow able to lift the rocks! Seeing how my leg was broken, I drank the vial down - and it worked! My leg was back to normal! Thank you sponsors!!!!!!!

D3 Boy - Crick Storm

Fantastic. Now I've stumbled upon the careers, and what's a blowgun against 100000000000 other weapons? I shot a dart out of my arrow and it hit the boy from district 2 in the neck, but he pulled it out - it was bleeding - but he was still alive. Then I shot two more - one at his brain, another at the same place - and he fell down to the ground, desperately trying to seek help. The girl from district 4 stabbed me in the stomach, and I heard the cannon of the boy from district 2 just before I went down.

D3 Girl - Bell Lu

I woke up to the sounds of two cannons, before I realized just how thirsty I was. I looked at the time. 9 in the morning. That's pretty good I guess, I go look at the shelf i set out for water. There it was! A big cup of water just waiting for me to drink! I gulp it all down, and my throat feels much better. I think I should just stay in here for another day or so I guess.

D11 Boy - Lightning Tree

I got a loaf of bread and a cup of water while I was sleeping. I'm still in the tower - the careers have all gone away - with my sword, and I'm getting ready to attack if anyone enters the tower. I start to eat my loaf of bread - it's good. It even has a cinnoman flavour to it. Then, I drank some of the water to wash the dryness in my mouth away. The fireballs are still raining down from the sky in the deserted village, the mansion, and the townhouse. Isn't that just making the arena smaller? It's impossible to go to those places again anyways. I look down from the tower. The boy from district 2 and the boy from district 3 lie dead on the ground - they were probably the 2 cannons I heard this morning - and I can see the boy of district 6 running towards the zoo, where the girl from the same district already was.

D5 Boy - Flame Fireblaze

Two cannons this morning. Two deaths before I've even come to my senses and realized where I was. I sit up in bed and started to think about home. Were my parents worried about me? They had to be. I'm not a fighter, odds are not in my favour. I go open the refridgerator on the other side of the room, and start to rummage through the drinks. Beer, pop, juice.....At the very very back, I found something that might prove useful. A vial of poison.

I go in search for the careers, because I know that they have plenty of water bottles, wherever they are.

D4 Girl - Artemis Elto

Once the careers got over the bruises and things from the boy of district 11, and after we dealed with the boy from district 3, we went back to the skyscraper to survey what was happening. In the deserted village, the mansion, and the townhouse, the fireballs were still coming, in the mansion and the townhouse, there was a flood, and the townhouse, I think, was destroyed by an earthquake. I strained my eyes - was that a zoo back there? There seems to be some sort of commotion. No, there IS some sort of commotion.

"Mutts" Kratos muttered.

And I realized he was right. There, in the zoo, fireballs were falling, there was a flood, an earthquake, and the two tributes in it were desperately trying not to be blown away by the wind. Suddenly, clouds came and that was all that we could see, but not before we saw the mutts escape from their cages.


D1 Boy - Kratos

A new disaster has appeared, and I'm starting to understand what the arena is like. There are 7 main parts to the arena, each one triggering its own disaster. It's going in a clockwise pattern - the skyscraper being the top of the "clock" probably - and the disasters go on forever. The deserted village suffered fireballs. The mansion suffered a flood PLUS fireballs. The townhouse suffered an earthquake PLUS a flood PLUS fireballs, and it would go on and on. That means there will be more disasters, in the hotel, the tower, and the intersection.

The only question is if a disaster would strike the skyscraper.

Then there are 2 cannons and I doubt the two tributes in the zoo made it.

D10 Boy - Kevin Potter

I just heard two cannons - I don't know from where - but that means, before noon even struck, 4 tributes were already dead. I'm in the intersection now - there's a grocery shop, and I'm hiding there - and the fireballs are still coming down. I can't see much of anything else, but I'm still alive, and that's all that matters.

D11 Boy - Lightning Tree

"Yawn" Did I just fall asleep? Yes I did, and I was woken up by 2 cannons. It's about 3:00pm right now, and there's already 4 tributes dead. I'm still going strong - I'm not thirsty, I'm not hungry, and I have a weapon. There seems to be some sort of hurricane going on - there's sort of a spiral shape of the clouds above the zoo. Now the clouds seem to be expanding. They have to be expanding. Now snow is starting to fall from the sky! It lands on top of the hotel, and the hurricane covers it. I hear a scream coming from the hotel, and a tribute runs out of it, past the tower, and into the intersection.


D5 Boy - Flame Fireblaze

I was just running outside my hotel when a blizzard and a hurricane hit! Thank goodness I got out alive. The snow was falling about 3 meters per minute, and if I stayed there for only a few seconds longer, I would've been buried. I run past the tower, past the intersection, and towards the skyscraper. There, I press the button for "roof" and when the elevator doors open, I see the careers. They're peering over the edge! They're distracted! I quickly run over to their camp, grab 2 water bottles, and come back to the elevator. The doors closed - I haven't been caught! I'll return the water bottle - which I added about 4 drops of poison into - tonight, when they'll probably be asleep.

**********Nothing happens for the rest of the Day*************

D4 Boy - Cod Netts

Today, there were four deaths. Time to see who they were! Our alliance looks up into the sky. The boy from 2, the boy from 3, the boy from 6, and the girl from 6 were all dead. Seven more to go!


Boy from District 2 - Killed by the Boy from District 3.

Boy from District 3 - Killed by the Girl from District 4.

Boy from District 6 - Killed by mutts and hurricane.

Girl from District 6 - Killed by mutts and hurricane.

Recap of Day 3 by Narrarator: Today morning, the boy from district 3 stumbled upon the careers. He managed to kill the boy from 2, but the girl from 4 stabbed him in the stomach, making the first two deaths. Some tributes receive sponsor gifts. Then, gamemakers release the mutts from the zoo and send in a hurricane, killing the girl and boy from district 6 together. The boy from district 5 narrowly escapes the blizzard at the hotel, set up by the gamemakers, and he steals a water bottle and adds poison to it, but in his hurry to get away, he accidentally drops it, wasting 4 drops of the poison. Tommorow, may the hunger games continue with the last 8 tributes!

Day 4: I haven't slept in FOREVER - Gunner

D1 Boy - Kratos (10:00am)

Six tributes left. There's only three left in our alliance, and we all know that soon, the split is going to come. This morning, a tornado (I think it is) struck the tower, and after about an hour, there was a cannon, so I doubt the boy from 11 made it.

Now, all the other careers are waking up, and from the way the boy from district 4 raised his sword to throw, aiming at me, I know it's time for the split.

Bye-bye career alliance.

D10 Boy - Kevin Potter (11:00am)

It's funny - catastrophes keep happening. Today, a tornado struck the tower, loweing the amount of tributes to seven, including me. I'm beginning to think of home. Seven tributes left - will I be able to make it? I'm sure my family and friends are being interviewed right now. I'm just hoping that I'll see them again. And, come to think of it, I really should get away from the intersection. It's the only place in the arena - other than the skyscraper - that hasn't had a disaster, so it's probably next. I run towards the skyscraper, ride the elevator to the 6th floor (out of 12 floors altogether) and run into a room. It's a fantastic room. There's a wonderful bed, a bookshelf with books, a clock, a window, and even a TV! I lie down on the bed and open the TV. It works, and the show that's on right now is awesome too!

D9 Boy - Gunner (11:23am)

I narrowly escaped the blizzard at the hotel, AND the tornado at the tower! Right now, I'm in the intersection. Hopefully nothing bad will happen here either! It's the only safe part of the arena now - all the others have disasters, and the skyscraper has careers in it. I think I should just *yawm* stay here. I haven't slept in FOREVER!

D5 Boy - Flame Fireblaze (12:00 noon)

I'm so stupid! I DROPPED the water bottle! WIth all the poison! It rolled into a sewer - probably gone forever. Now I'm walking along the intersection - I really have no choice. There's nowhere else to go. I look into a grocery shop. There's the boy from district 9! I go in and wake him up, and I asked him if he wanted to be allies. He accepted, probably because of the knife I held in my hand - If he had said no, I'd have stabbed him in the stomach.

And then, we started eating the food from the grocery store and having a great time!

D4 Girl - Artemis Elto

Well, I've won the fight against the other two careers. I got a sword through my arm, so that's not good, but the other two - the boy from district 1 and my district partner - are both dead. Now I pretty much hold the position of the victor! What are the other tributes against ME anyways?

D9 Boy - Gunner

BLAH! GAHHH! HELP! THGE LIEWHGT - LIGHT IS BLINDING ME! HELP! IT'S ALSO SOOOO HOT! I'M GOING TO BE BURNED ALIVE! HELP! AHHHHHH! OH GOSH! A FLOOD IS COMING! RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN! After about 20 seconds of desperate running, I fall to my knees. It's no use. My legs aren't working anymore. They're burning like crazy. The boy from district 5 came stumbling out after me, and we collapsed on the ground, but luckily, we were out of the range of the light now. That was freaky. It was so close! Now, the only place we could go was the skyscraper. Everything else was dangerous....... was this how they were going to call us together for a feast?

D5 Boy - Flame Fireblaze

Well, after that incident with the deadly light, the boy from district 9 and I went to the 5th floor to spend the rest of the day. The rooms inside the skyscraper were pretty nice. I jumped into bed to watch TV, and the boy from 9 sat in the armchair. We turned on the TV - good thing no deadly light - and watched the show.

*****Note: Notice how every single tribute is now on a different floor of the skyscraper. Now the elevators, windows, and doors are going to materialize away, trapping the tributes inside! What horrors await the tributes now that sponsors can no longer give them food and they're trapped inside the skyscraper? Only time will tell!*****

D4 Girl - Artemis Elto

The elevator disappeared. Perfect. Now here I am, trapped on the roof, with no escape, a force field forming around me, and no sponsor gifts. At least I'm stocked with supplies. The other people would have to survive with little or no supplies. Well, since I'm facing the sky, with only the invisible force field seperating me and the rest of the arena, I can at least see the deaths. Today, there were.......3 deaths today. I heard three cannons, and the anthem of Panem is now playing. I look up into the sky. There's the boy from one and the boy from four - I knew that - and also the boy from eleven, who probably died in the tornado at the tower this morning. 5 tributes left. I can win this thing!

Deaths :

Boy from District 1 - Killed by the Boy from District 4.

Boy from District 4 - Killed by the Girl from District 4.

Boy from District 11 - Killed by a tornado.

Recap of Day 4 by the Narrarator:

Narrarator: Today, there were three deaths. This morning, a tornado hit the tower, killing the boy from district 11 along with it. Then, the career alliance split, and they all started fighting each other. The boy from district 1 was impaled with a sword by the boy from district 4, who was killed shortly after by a spear from his district partner. The boy from 5 and the boy from 9 formed an alliance, and were almost killed by the deadly light in the intersection, but managed to survive. Now, all tributes are trapped in the skyscraper! The boy from 5 and 9 on the 5th floor, the boy from district 10 on the 6th floor, the girl from district 3 on the 12th floor, and the girl from district 4 on the roof. May the games continue tommorow, and with only five tributes left, may the odds be ever in the tributes' favour!

Day 5: I'm starting to get really, really thirsty - Flame

D5 Boy - Flame Fireblaze

Today, there were sloshing sounds coming from somewhere below. I don't know where, since there's no windows nor doors in this room, and I'm starting to get really really thirsty. So is Gunner, the boy from district 9, but sponsors can't send us anything anymore.

Deaths Today:


Recap of Day 5 by the Narrarator:

Narrarator: Today, an acid flood flooded the first floor of the skyscraper. No one was on the first floor, so no one died, and may the games continue on!

Day 6: The force field doesn't let me - Artemis

D4 Girl - Artemis Elto

Today, I heard growls coming from somewhere below, but no cannons. What happened? I can't peer over the edge - the force field doesn't let me. I drink some water. Gosh I'm parched.

Deaths Today:


Recap of Day 6 by the Narrarator:

Narrarator: Today, mutts invaded the second and third floor of the skyscraper. No one was on those floors, so no one died, and may the games continue on!

Day 7: Will I be able to survive? - Bell

D3 Girl - Bell Lu

I heard three cannons today. That means there's only two of us left. The last two - will I be able to survive?

Deaths Today:

Boy from District 5 - Killed by a flooding room (drowned).

Boy from District 9 - Killed by a flooding room (drowned).

Boy from District 10 - Killed by a flooding room (drowned).

Recap of Day 7 by the Narrarator:

Narrarator: Today, a flood invaded the fourth, fifth, and sixth floor. The boys from district 5, 9, and 10 were all drowned. That leaves only two tributes left! Bell Lu and Artemis Elto! Congradulations to the last 2 tributes and may the odds be ever in your favour!

Day 8: Will they ever stop? - Artemis

D4 Girl - Artemis Elto

No deaths today, but there's only two of us left! Once again, there were growls coming from the floors below! Will they ever stop?!

Recap of Day 8 by the Narrarator:

Narrarator: Today, mutts invaded the seventh, eighth, ninth, AND tenth floor! Unfortunately, nobody was on these floors, so there were no deaths today. Still two tributes left! Good luck!

Day 9: A CAN- wait. The heat disappeared. Trumptes blared. I won! - Artemis

D3 Girl - Bell Lu


D4 Girl - Artemis Elto


D3 Girl - Bell Lu


D4 Girl - Artemis Elto

I JUST HEARD A CANNON! A CAN- wait. The heat disappeared! Now trumpets are blaring! I won! I won the hunger games! I won! I survived all those traps, survived 9 days! I GET TO GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!



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