Since The Hunger Games Season 2 is over, I decided the third Hunger Games. The general idea for the Hunger Games is the same as Season 1 and 2 and the book, but there will be a few twists and changes.

These games started January 7th, 2012.

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To submit a tribute, you only need to tell me their age, their name, and their district. You can have up to 4 tributes, but please do not make them from the same district.

District Name, Age Placement Sponsors User
D1 Boy Thunder Way 11th




D1 Girl Dia Monty,17 18th Granger1000 Granger1000
D2 Boy Wilden, 17 4th QuinnQuinn QuinnQuinn
D2 Girl Asia Madding 6th




D3 Boy Digit Twek,14 20th MoviePopcorn123 Moviepopcorn123
D3 Girl Destiny Bow,13 2nd



D4 Boy Cod Harbour,18 14th Necterine441 Necterine441
D4 Girl Swell Current,17 13th MoviePopcorn123 MoviePopcorn123
D5 Boy Bray Burk,15 7th Granger1000 Granger1000
D5 Girl Addie Buzz 19th Necterine441 Necterine441
D6 Boy Hinder Black,16 15th Granger1000 Granger1000
D6 Girl Artemis Elto,16 3rd Rueflower Rueflower
D7 Boy Ethan,13 23rd QuinnQuinn QuinnQuinn
D7 Girl Kallmi Silvers,13 8th Rueflower Rueflower
D8 Boy Harris Jon,17 12th ~ilovepeeta~ ~ilovepeeta~
D8 Girl Raquel Numez,16 24th



D9 Boy Saturn Chrome,13 9th Anon.... Anon....
D9 Girl Tristan Take,17 17th Rueflower Rueflower
D10 Girl Holly Honey, 13 22nd MoviePopcorn123 MoviePopcorn123
D10 Boy Kevin Potter, 16 16th ~ilovepeeta~ ~ilovepeeta~
D11 Boy Sam Blah,17 21st Rueflower Rueflower
D11 Girl Kathrina Loula,15 5th ~ilovepeeta~ ~ilovepeeta~
D12 Boy Titun Siege,18 10th MoviePopcorn123 MoviePopcorn123
D12 Girl Jay Wayland,18 VICTOR! Necterine441 Necterine441


If you would like to sponsor, please leave a comment below. Each sponsor will receive $10000, which they may use to buy items for the tribute they're rooting for. Users with tributes in the games can have $10000 multiplied by the number of tributes they have in the games (e.g. let's say you have 3 tributes, 3 x $10000 = $30000, so you get to spend $30000 on ur tributes) Sponsors may root for as many tributes as they wish, and they are allowed to pool their money together. Here are the prices for each item: (Prices will change as the Games progress)

Type Item Cost # In Stock Effect
Food Loaf of Bread $3000 Infinite Feeds Tribute
Food Apple $3000 Each Infinite Feeds Tribute
Food Cheese $3000 300 slices Feeds Tribute
Food Rice $3000/kg 20kg Feeds Tribute
Food Curry Sauce $3000/can 20 cans Good with rice.
Food Sandwich $3000 each 10 sandwiches Feeds Tribute
Drink Water $3000/glass Infinite Quenches Thirst
Drink Juice/Coke $3000/glass Infinite Quenches Thirst
Medicine Healing Potion $7000/bottle 3 bottles Scars = All gone
Medicine Filling Potion $7000/bottle 5 bottles Fills Tribute
Medicine Nightlock Pill $2000 Infinite Kills w/out Pain
Medicine Super Healer $60000/dose 1 dose Cures EVERYTHING
Medicine Steroids $9000/dose 3 doses Makes Tribute Stronger
Weapon Knife $3000 each 10 knives Good/common weapon
Weapon Sword $5000 each 5 swords Good weapon
Weapon Spear $6000 each 10 spears Good Weapon
Weapon Awl $3000 each 30 awls Useful Weapon
Weapon Bow and Arrow $10000 10 Long range weapon
Weapon Blowgun $8000 5 Good Weapon
Weapon Trident $17000 5 Fantastic Weapon
Weapon Any gun $42000 Infinite EXCELLENT Weapon
Weapon Vial of poison $17000 3 Can kill fast.
Luxury Tent $11000 5 Good shelter
Luxury Torch/matches $2000 Infinite Gives heat
Luxury Night Goggles $8000 5 See in the night.
Anything else Anything else Ask for price Ask for stock Ask for effect

The more sponsors rooting for you, the more help and money you get in the Games! You can invite your friends to help you. If they leave a comment below saying that they want to sponsor, they'll get $10000 and they can help your tribute! (Even if you're not in these games, just leave a comment below and you'll still get to sponsor!)

Gifts that still need to be sent:


Money Left Sponsor Money Left
Anna-athena $2100 Granger1000 $30000
QuinnQuinn $17000 MoviePopcorn123 $32000
Brony12 $11000 Necterine441 $6400
Rueflower $30000 ~ilovepeeta~ $30000
Earth $10000 Anon... $10000
TheDarkness7 $10000 Finnick999 $10000
Trillium911 $10000

Training Scores

District 1:

Thunder Way - 11

Dia Monty - 12

District 2:

Wilden - 5

Asia Madding - 6

District 3:

Digit Twek - 8

Destiny Bow - 9

District 4:

Cod Harbour - 10

Swell Current - 11

District 5:

Bray Burk - 3

Addie Buzz - 5

District 6:

Hinder Black - 6

Artemis Elto (Previous Victor) - 12

District 7:

Ethan - 5

Kallmi Silvers - 10

District 8:

Harris Jon - 6

Raquel Numez - 8

District 9:

Saturn Chrome - 8

Tristan Take - 1

District 10:

Kevin Potter - 9

Holly Honey - 6

District 11

Sam Blah - 7

Kathrina Loula - 7

District 12:

Titun Siege - 11

Jay Wayland - 3


The Arena is actually a gigantic tree, with branches stretching quite a few miles wide and can support the weight of 1000 people at the very edges. The tributes will be lifted into the arena on one of the 24 roots poking out of the ground (And wolf mutts will be waiting at the end of the roots), and they must climb to the top of the tree to the cornucopia. What tributes don't know is that the bottom of the tree, the ground, is quicksand, and once you fall in, you can't get out no matter how hard you try. Every hour, a branch will fall off the tree, and anything it catches on its way down falls along with it. Tributes have to have good balance to stay on the perfectly-round tree branches without falling into the quicksand, and they'll also have to be very skillful in order to be able to climb the tree and jump from branch to branch! Adding to that, tributes have to pray to god that they're standing on the right branch, and that the branch they're standing on won't just snap under their very feet....

Let the Games Begin

Day 1: The only weapon I could see were needles - Kathrina

D8 Boy - Harris Jon (11:58am)

I'm standing on my launch pad, waiting to be launched into the arena. I can't help but think that I could be dead in only MINUTES from now. The careers this year look really strong, and I don't know if I'd be able to compete with them. Once again, the rule is that you have to TOUCH the cornucopia, or else wolf mutts would chase you until you did. I look down at my silver plate. The plate that was going to raise me to my death. I took a deep breath and almost lost my balance when the plate started to go up.

D5 Boy - Bray Burk (11:59am)

I peered over the edge of the top of the glass cylinder. Turns out that wasn't such a good idea, because the silver plate was still rising and I almost lost my balance, but I couldn't believe my eyes at the arena. A TREE? What kind of arena was that! I couldn't see the edge of the branches - it must have been a plant mutt - so it probably goes on for ever and ever. I looked around. There didn't seem to be any FOOD on the tree either! Nor water! Was the only source of those essentials the cornucopia? And come to think of it, where exactly IS the cornucopia? I look up. There it is, at the top of the branches! I'm not really good at climbing trees, but this tree looks pretty simple to climb...........

D3 Girl - Destiny Bow (11:59am)

The timer on the wolf mutt is counting down now. 13, 12, 11. Too bad the arena is a tree. The people from district 7 would have a huge advantage. Still, I'm sure there's more horrors waiting on this tree, even though I can't see any right now. 4,3,2,1, THE GONG SOUNDED!

D11 Girl - Kathrina Loula (12:00 noon)

As soon as the gong sounded, a branch fell off the tree, and a wolf mutt began to chase after me. There would be no choice. Either touch the cornucopia or die. *BOOM* Someone's dead already? *BOOM BOOM* 2 more! I grab onto the first branch and haul myself up. Then a second, then a third. After a minute of exhaustion, I finally manage to touch the cornucopia, and I'm the first one there. I look at what's on the cornucopia. There are backpacks, water bottles, medicines, but the only weapon that I could see were needles. Needles! *BOOM* That's the fourth one!

D1 Boy - Thunder Way (12:02pm)

I got to the top of the tree just as the girl from district 11 was running away, and I took at look at what the Cornucopia had to offer. There were tons of survival supplies, but not a single attack weapon. That's stupid! How was I supposed to kill anyone now? I picked up a needle. I guess that's what happens when you just get too desperate to kill somebody. *BOOM* Wow five tribut- *BOOM* Six! Already dead! What's happening? I suddenly heard a scream. My district partner was falling off the tree! Would the fall hurt her? The ground didn't look too hard. I looked at him fall, waiting for him to land on the ground, then come back up, but the ground just swallows him.

"Quicksand" said the Boy from district 2 behind me. The cannon sounded for my district partner.

And we picked up needles as the other tributes began to arrive at the cornucopia.

D6 Girl - Artemis Elto (12:03pm)

The careers let me into their alliance because I was a victor. The boy from district one helped me onto the cornucopia and gave me a needle. A needle?! Was that the best he could do?! I looked in the cornucopia to grab a spear or something - the boy from district 1 was SO SELFIS- wait. Where was the spear that I needed?! Why were there only needles! I turned around and saw the boy from district 6 touching the cornucopia. Now would be an awesome time. I ran over, and stabbed him repeatedly in the throat with a needle. I didn't manage to kill him, but he was really wounded and bleeding like crazy, so I doubt he'd make it for very long. Then, 2 more cannons fired and I could see the heads of two tributes sinking into the ground. The boy from district 2 told me the ground was quicksand. That's scary!

D9 Boy - Saturn Chrome (1:30pm)

I ran away from the cornucopia immediately, after seeing that the only weapons were needles. It was pretty creepy. The boy from district 6 was lying unconcious on the ground, so I just jumped over him and continued running. the arena ever end? It seems like the bloodbath is over now, because there hasn't been any cannons for an hour or so. I heard 9 cannons, so 9 died at the cornucopia today. Wow. What a torturous death, being killed by needles. Suddenly, I hear a scream. The boy from district 12 was falling off the tree. I grabbed him just before his feet hit the ground, and he asked if we could be allies. I accepted, since he got a backpack from the cornucopia and maybe he would share food with me. He told me that he overheard the careers saying that the ground was quicksand. So maybe that's how most tributes died? Sinking into the quicksand? That's a pretty torturous death too........................

D12 Boy - Titun Siege (1:45pm)

The boy from district 9 saved me from falling into the quicksand. Already, 9 tributes had died, and the first two hours of the Hunger Games aren't even over yet. The ground is quicksand - that's scary. I can't imagine having to grope around in that muck.......yuck!

Anyways, I opened my backpack and I found it STOCKED with supplies. There were 10 beef strips, a bag of popcorn, 10 crackers and 10 slices of cheese, 2 bottles of water, a few apples, AND a sandwich! I shared the loot with the boy from district 9 - I really owe him - and we start to walk towards the outer rim of the tree. The arena has to end SOMEWHERE, right?

D4 Boy - Cod Harbour (1:50pm)

The careers weren't able to kill anyone at the Cornucopia. What kind of weapons were NEEDLES anyways? The only person that we managed to stab pretty badly was the boy from district 6, but even he didn't die. Now if only I actually had a good - HEY! WHAT'S THAT? A SILVER PARACHUTE! IS IT FOR ME? All the careers run over to the silver parachute to see what it held. I opened it. Yeap, it was definitely for me - a trident! Now that's what I call the spirit of the games!

D3 Girl - Destiny Bow (1:59pm)

I received a knife as a sponsor gift. Thank goodness. Having only needles for weapons would be pretty terrible...................Well, now that I can actually kill, I might as well get going!

I was walking and walking, until suddenly, the branch beside me fell. It caught about 2 branches on its way down, and the branches disappeared - that's right - disappeared right into the ground. So the ground was liquidy. I'd have to be careful not to fall into it. And come to think of it, one fell when the gong sounded, another one fell approxiamately 1 hour later, and one fell just now. Does one branch fall every hour? If so, how many branches does this tree have? Each big branch splits into many little branches, and the little branches split into even tinier branches.....I'd say there's 1000 branches at LEAST.

D7 Girl - Kallmi Silvers (2:05)

A tree! A tree! I'm so used to that! It's where I come from! Oh thank you gamemakers for making this arena so perfect for me! I inspect the bark of the tree. It's an edible type of bark, so I wouldn't go hungry even though I didn't get a backpack or anything from the cornucopia. If the bark is edible, then I would never go hungry. I hope no other tribute knows that!

D12 Girl - Jay Wayland (4:00pm)

I'm totally freaked out right now.

The branch under me has just fallen down, and I had the luck to have grabbed another branch and hung on. What's bad is that there's nothing under me but air and the ground, and I heard that the ground was quicksand. My fingers are sort of slipping off the bark, so I don't move, because if I do, I'll slip. Gosh, the tributes from district 7 have such a huge advantage! I'd bet they'd be able to resolve this situation.......

D2 Boy - Wilden (4:29pm)

So the boy from district 4 got a trident, while the rest of us are stuck with needles. It would've been useful if the gamemakers had added at least ONE other weapon to the cornucopia. Now, if anyone else gets a sponsor gifts, we're defenseless. Of course, we're stocked with food and whatnot, but if they have an actual weapon and we only have needles, all we can do is depend on the boy from district 4 to do it all or to run like hell away.


D8 Boy - Harris Jon (5:00pm)

I'm exhausted. Ever since the gong sounded, and after I touched the cornucopia, I've been running and running away from it, trying to get to the end of the tree, to see what was there. Now, I've been running for five hours straight - the ground was quicksand, as I found out after my district partner died - and I'm annoyed. Would this arena go on forever? It couldn't! There has to be an end! So, keeping my hopes up, I continue running towards wherever the branch would take me.

D2 Girl - Asia Madding (5:36pm)

There hasn't been much action so far. The nine tributes that died today all died in the quicksand. We're resting on the cornucopia, eating the food we got from it, and hoping that a sponsor would give us a good weapon soon.

D1 Boy - Thunder Way (6:02pm)

Three silver parachutes are falling from the sky. Once they land, I open the first one to reveal a sheath of bow and arrows. On it, there's the name "Asia Madding", so I gave it to her - she's the girl from district two, in case you didn't know. I opened the second one, which was a sword, and it had the name "Thunder Way" - that's me! - on it, so I took it. The third parachute was a piece of bread, and there was no name on it, so we decided to just share it. Now 3 of us have weapons! I feel sort of sorry for the girl from district 4 and the boy from district 2, because they're still stuck with needles, but that's alright! We have weapons now!

D7 Girl - Kallmi Silvers (6:39pm)

I just heard another cannon. Who could it be? Did someone just fall into the quicksand again? That's......10 dead. 10 dead on the first day. That's a lot.........I rip off the bark of a tree - yes, it's the same type of bark that I saw a few hours ago. I eat it, and it tastes like some of the food we eat at home. It tastes like home. Eating it just makes me feel really homesick. Was I really at home only a few days ago? It's hard to believe. Now, I'm in the most dangerous of all places, eating bark, and trying to keep warm, all the while working hard to stay balanced on the almost-perfectly-rounded branches.

D6 Girl - Artemis Elto (7:59pm)

Even being from district 6, I get to join the careers. That's really good. They protect me, they give me food, and I don't have to always stay alert. It's somewhere close to 8:00 in the night now - the time when all the dead tributes will show up in the sky. Did my district partner die? I hope not, because if he did, then the hopes are all on me..........

D12 Boy - Titun Siege (8:00pm)

It's time to look at the faces of the dead tributes in the sky now. The anthem is blaring so loud it's hurting my ears. Me and the boy from district 9 have found a place to spend the night, where - we hope - we won't be seen. Suddenly, the sky shines bright. The seal of Panem is showing up. Time to look at the deaths..............

I see the girl from district 1 first, which struck me as a surprise, being a career tribute. Then I saw the boy from district 3, the girl from 5, the boy from 6, the boy from 7, the girl from 8, the girl from 9, both from 10, and the boy from 11. That's 10 deaths............that's a lot.............I hope I'll be able to survive.

Deaths of Day 1:

Girl from District 1 - Fell into quicksand.

Boy from District 3 - Fell into quicksand

Girl from District 5 - Fell into quicksand

Boy from District 6 - Got stabbed unconcious and bled to death.

Boy from District 7 - Fell into quicksand.

Girl from District 8 - Fell into quicksand.

Girl from District 9 - Fell into quicksand.

Boy from District 10 - Fell into quicksand.

Girl from District 10 - Fell into quicksand.

Boy from District 11 - Killed by wolf mutt after not touching and running from the cornucopia.

Recap of Day 1 by the Narrarator:

Narrarator: Today, there were 10 deaths - that's the second most out of the previous three hunger games! My my, how deadly the quicksand is. 8 of the 10 deaths today were because of the quicksand! The careers stabbed the boy from district 6 so much that he began to bleed, and after an hour or so of running, he finally passed out. A few hours later, he bled to death. The boy from district 11 forgot the rule of touching the cornucopia, so his wolf mutt hunted him down, killed him, and ate him. Tommorow, with the final 14 tributes, may the games continue!

Day 2: My body itches all over and it's CRAZY - Asia

D2 Boy - Wilden (4:34am)

Wkdklejweifjdkwejkd- sorry about *yawn* that. I was stretching X). Anyways, I got a sponsor gift in my sleep. I struggle to open it - I'M TIRED - and of course the knife has to cut my finger BEFORE I opened it. After I saw that it was a knife, I cheered for joy, waking the rest of the careers up, and they weren't being pleasant about being woken up.............

D3 Girl - Destiny Bow(4:59am)

I heard a loud thump coming from the branch behind me and I was suddenly sitting up, completely awake. I look beside me to see what made the thump. It's....a hook..........with a whole bunch of string behind it. Could it possibly be a grappling hook? To stop me from falling into the quicksand?It has to be! I hang one end onto the tree and strap the other end to me. It works perfectly. The branch I hung it on and the branch I'm walking on are parallel. It's perfect! Now I won't fall into the quicksand! Thank you sponso - CRACK! Oh my gosh! The grappling hook just completely saved me! Like seriously! The branch under me just cracked, and now I'm dangling by the cord, perfectly safe! What a great start to the day! I swing myself onto another branch close to the one I was on and continued walking. How likely is it to die anyways, if - I hope - no one has any weapons but needles?

D12 Boy - Titun Siege (5:01am)

Wow. Another branch cracked. I got a sponsor gift of a sword and a cup of water though...that`s good, even though we're stocked with supplies, extra is always good. Throughout the night, me and Saturn took turns sleeping and guarding, and the one sleeping just kept being woken up by breaking branches. Ever since the start of the games yesterday, 18 branches out of thousands have cracked. It`s pretty scary, considering how the branch under us could just break. Saturn is sitting wide awake now - the branch made him wake up - and we switched shifts. Now I think...I should just....try....and get some slepeiwjfsdklfa;wezzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

D7 Girl - Kallmi Silvers (6:04am)

Great. my district partner is dead. He better not have fallen into quicksand. He lives in my district! He knows the different types of soil trees can grow in! Quicksand was on the list! We learned about it in school! Well, he's dead, and i can't do anything about it. Might as well just get over it.

I only have a backpack and a few needles right now. Nothing that I can kill people with. Oh well, it doesn't matter I suppose.........what REALLY sucks is that I have NO idea which branch is going to crack.........One just cracked 5 minutes ago!

D4 Girl - Swell Current (6:45am)

Thanks a lot boy from district 2, now you've just waken all of us up and we're in a really bad mood right now, even though we've been awake for 2 hours. I still have no weapons - which sucks, but it's nothing I can control - but at least I have enough food and water and everything. That's probably more than what everyone has. Now, on day 2, I think we're going to go hunt for tributes! They have a day's head start on us, but with quick feet, we'll be able to catch them!

D2 Girl - Asia Madding (7:13am)

!@#$%^&! Mosquitoes! Help! They're coming in swarms! After a few minutes of absolute torture and two cannons, the mosquitoes finally disappeared. *Phew* I looked on the ground. The pair from 4 were both dead. I guess they aren't use to mosquito bites. Right now, my body itches all over and it's CRAZY!

D11 Girl - Kathrina Loula (7:14am)

Two cannons. Two more deaths. 10 died yesterday I think, and adding to the two I just heard, there's 12 tributes dead. I don't care who dies anymore. My district partner is already dead, so I wouldn't care as long as I survived. Another branch cracked about 15 minutes ago, so a branch probably cracks every hour........................

Anyways, I came to this array of buttons, and each one has a number. I press button "1" and suddenly, a whole basket of food appears beside me. I press button "2" and a whole stack of weapons appear beside me! I keep pressing buttons and keep getting good stuff until I press button "99" and everything disappeared........


D5 Boy - Bray Burk (9:46am)

Two branches have snapped ever since I woke up, and now I feel so stiff and tired. Where was I going again? Oh right. I was trying to find the edge of the arena. I got up. Another looonngggggg day in front of me. What will it offer? Only time will tell........................

It offered me careers. I didn't have time to respond before they were on me, and they thought they killed me, but all they really did was stab a knife into my arm, and now I'm bleeding like crazy, but at least I'm still alive.

I drag myself forwards. No point in staying here anyways. The careers would get suspicious over no cannon.

D3G - Destiny Bow (10:34am)

Will the arena ever end? I've been running ever since yesterday, stopping only to sleep for a few hours. I'll bet no one is as far out as me. 5 branches have snapped ever since I woke up, but I'm not afraid of falling. After all, I have my grappling hook. I haven't met anybody yet, which was probably a good sign - if I didn't see anyone, that means I can't get killed. I just keep running and running and ru- *CRACK*. I came crashing into this invisible wall, and I got a terrible's only the morning of the second day and I already have a nosebleed. That's great. Through the invisible wall, I could see the tree stretching on and on and on like it would never stop, and I'm starting to wonder if this wall will ever disappear and I can continue on. Is this the edge of the arena?

D9 Boy - Saturn Chrome (11:00am)

Well this is fantastic.

A whole swarm of squirrels are attacking Titun and I, and we only have a few weapons. They're coming in millions, and even though we could kill 7 with one stroke, we're still outnumbered. I'm bleeding really bad from their bites, but I don't feel dizzy or anything and neither does Titun. A branch that cracked beside us sent a few hundred squirrels down with it, but it- OWWW! STUPID SQUIRREL! *STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB* Suddenly, the squirrels just disappeared, leaving me and Titun covered in blood and bite marks......


D12 Girl - Jay Wayland (11:37am)

Well, I got back up on the branch. I haven't met any tributes yet, but a spike that poked out of a branch made me lose my balance and scratched me like crazy, AND it made me fall off the branch AGAIN. I desperately tried to get back up, and this time, I actually succeeded without panicking like crazy. I ran as fast as I could towards the edge of the arena - better safe than sorry. My leg really hurts, so I sit down to examine it.

It was worse than I thought.

D2 Boy - Wilden (12:03 pm)

Gosh my entire body itches like crazy! I can hardly stand it! Two of the people in our alliance are dead, and we're in pretty bad shape, but at least we have weapons, which is more than what most tributes have, but I'm bleeding all over from scratching my mosquito bites. When and if I become the victor, I wonder if they'll be able to get all the mosquito bites off, because right now, it's really really getting on my nerves.........................

Then I start feeling really dizzy, and I decide to sit down beside the tree to rest a bit.

D12 Boy - Titun Siege (12:45pm)

I got a sponsor gift, which was probably PERFECT timing. I was bleeding so much I was sure I was going to die without any treatment, and so was the boy from district 9, so we shared the medicine together. Even though I would've healed better by just saving it for myself, I owe the boy from district 9 for saving my life, so I decided to not let him bleed to death.

D8 Boy - Harris Jon (1:30pm)

The careers have found me. Might as well give up right now. I've found the boy from district 5 and tried to help him, but it turns out the careers were close by to kill him, and I just heard their cannon before they were down on me. The boy from district 1 pinned me down with his knees and brought a knife to my throat, and he was just about to slice my throat when I rolled over and we both went tumbling into the quicksand.

Better to kill him along with me than just me anyways.

D6 Girl - Artemis Elto (3:45pm)

The boy from district 6 and the boy from district 1 both died. The career alliance is down to 3 people. Me and the pair from 2. We can still defend ourselves even with 2394827938572094385720349587 mosquito bites......I hope.

D7 Girl - Kallmi Silvers (6:46pm)

I think I got to the edge of the arena - I walked right into this invisible wall. Looking through the wall, the tree still stretched for as far as the eye could see. I think I should sit here and rest for a while. It's been a tiring day of non-stop walking..... I've heard quite a few cannons today. I wonder who else is dead now?

D9 Boy - Saturn Chrome (8:00pm)

The anthem is blasting at full volume now. Day 2 is finally over. I look up into the sky to see who died today. I heard quite a few cannons actually...............

I saw the boy from 1 first. Now there aren't that many careers anymore..... Then I saw the pair from 4 - now there's REALLY less careers. After them came the boy from district 8, and that was it. Only 4 deaths today? It seemed like there were 10 million.

Deaths Today:

Boy from District 1 - Fell into quicksand with the boy from district 8.

Boy from District 4 - Stung to death by mosquitos.

Girl from District 4 - Stung to death by mosquitos

Boy from District 8 - Fell into quicksand with the boy from district 1.

Recap of Day 2 by the Narrarator:

Narrarator: Today, there were 4 deaths. In the morning, branches continued to break, and many people got sponsor gifts. Then, gamemakers sent a hoard of mosquitos at the career pack, as well as a pack of carnivorous squirrels at the boy from 9 and 12. The pair from 4 died of the mosquitos. Then, the careers found the boy from district 8, and the boy from district 1 sat on him and pinned him down, but when he was about to slice his throat, the boy from 8 rolled over, knocking them both into the quicksand. Tommorow, with the last 10 tributes, may the odds be ever in their favour!

Day 3: The WORST SONG EVER is playing! - Kathrina

D2 Boy - Wilden (10:30am)

Today, when I woke up, I saw a sponsor gift, so I quickly opened it up. Inside, there was this small vial of some sort of medicine...... When I scooped some up, the itching in my hand from the mosquito bites disappeared. Was it mosquito medicine? I smeared it all over my body without telling the other careers - the less there was for them, the more there would be for me! :D

D12 Girl - Jay Wayland (10:54am)

There are 10 tributes left. It's scary. I'm hoping that I'll actually be able to go home after all that commotion about needles and falling branches. I haven't received any sponsor gifts yet, but that's alright. I've tried eating the bark and it actually tastes pretty good. I WAS afraid of it being poisonous, but I'm still alive, so that's all that matters. From the last time a branch cracked, a branch is about to crack right now, so I'd better get moving. I jumped towards the next branch, then the next, then the next.....If I kept jumping, it wouldn't be very likely that a branch under me would crack..........

D11 Girl - Kathrina Loula (12:00 noon)

A branch just cracked. So far, in the day, there haven't been any deaths. I'm still at the edge of the arena, biting my fingers, hoping no one would find me and I wouldn't have to fight. Maybe if I just kept hiding and hiding I could actually win these games............... A non-career tribute has to win, right? A silver parachute is falling down from the sky. Attatched to it is.....a tent! A tent was attatched! I look inside the tent and I find....ear muffs? I put them all. It blocks out all sounds. Maybe that could be useful.......

D5 Boy - Bray Burk (1:30 pm)

About ten parachutes are falling down from the sky right now, but none are for me. Once they landed, i heard a few cheers and yells, but after that, it was all silent again. I wonder what they received? Would it help them and give them an advantage over me? Only time would tell.........

D11 Girl - Kathrina (2:15pm)

Wow....the earmuffs I got from sponsors blocks out all sounds. Are they trying to send me a message? I saw the boys from district 9 and 12 walking towards me, and they were ARMED! I think that maybe I should just accept my death.....Suddenly, their facial expressions change into something of disgust and horror. Suddenly, they drop ALL their supplies - into the quicksand! - and pretty soon, they jumped in after it. What's happening? I open my earmuffs a litt- "IT'S FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOW-" - I put them back on again. No wonder people are commiting suicide. The WORST SONG EVER is playing!

D12 Girl - Jay Wayland (3:00pm)

The song "Baby" is playing right now and I can't stand it. The careers are all putting on ear muffs they either got from sponsors or from the cornucopia. I have mine on right now. So far, I've heard two people scream and jump into the quicksand, but the rest of us are still alive. I got ear muffs, medicine for my leg, night vision goggles, and rice. That's a really good sponsor gift......

D2 Boy - Wilden (4:00pm)

Is the terrible song attack over? I lift off my earplu- WE WE WE SO EXCI- I put them back on. It wasn't over yet. I haven't seen much of anything happen yet, and we can't hear anything with our ear muffs, so right now, probably nothing was happening. Shouldn't the capital be bored to death already? And shouldn't the capital people have all commited suicide already too?

D6 Girl - Artemis Elto (7:30pm)

Good. The terrible song attack is finally over. It lasted for like FOUR hours! We started going around again to see if we could kill anyone.

We walked around the tree for like EVER, and we DID see the girl from district 12 run away, but we were all too stiff to go after her. Suddenly, the anthem of Panem begins to play. We didn't hear any deaths today, but maybe some people died during the song attack. I look up into the sky. There's the boy from district 5 - okay so we missed one - then the girl from district7 - wow! tw- whao. Then comes the boys from districts 9 and 12, and then the sky goes dark. We missed FOUR DEATHS! That also means there's.....6 tributes left. Only 6 of us. Me, the two careers, the...girl from 12......and 11.... and someone else that I can't think of yet. I wonder if the victor will be determined tommorow........

Deaths Today:

Boy from District 5 - Commited suicide

Girl from District 7 - Commited suicide.

Boy from District 9 - Commited suicide.

Boy from District 12 - Commited Suicide.

Recap of Day 3 by the Narrarator:

Narrarator: Today, songs that EVERYONE hates like Friday and Baby came on at full blast. The tributes with ear muffs survived, but everyone else commited suicide by jumping into the quicksand. Tommorow, with the final 6 tributes, may the games continue!

Day 4: No one has weapons. No one will die today - Jay

D3 Girl - Destiny Bow (4:30am)

Yesterday was the worst day of my life. Horrible songs were playing at full blast and I felt like commiting suicide the entire time. 4 tributes died yesterday. That means there are only 6 tributes left. I suddenly received some earmuffs, and they seemed to be really warm, so I put them on, only to find out they block out all sounds. That would've been useful yesterday! I take them off - what good could they do now?

Suddenly, a booming voice is heard throughout the arena. They're calling us to a feast. They say that it will offer lots of food, since everyone was running low on it - which was true. I was left with half of an apple in my backpack - and there will be other things too. I decided to go - why give up a chance anyways? There's no telling how long these games are going to last, and there's absolutely no guarantee that I won't starve to death. I started marching towards the - wait. The cornucopia is an entire day's walk from here. Would it really be worth it? The announcer said that......oh! Right! The announcer said that it will take place TOMMOROW, so I'll have time to walk there. That's good.

D11 Girl - Kathrina Loula (4:45am)

A feast... nice! I won't go. I can survive on my own supplies. After all, I have a tent and it's STOCKED with food! But... who knows how long these hunger games are going to last? Maybe it will last so long that I'll run out food and I'll die a gruesome death of hunger! That would be terrible! I decided to go to the feast. I started to walk. I spent two days getting here. It'll take a few days to walk back to the cornucopia too. I pick up the food and leave the tent - I hope I'll see it again! Suddenly, some sort of force field takes my backpack and my tent flying. Hey! I need that! Come back!

D2 Boy - Wilden (5:00am)

Wow, how convenient! We're only a few hundred meters away from the cornucopia, and that's where the feast will take place! For now I think we should just wai- OW! Something's pushing us back! It's an invisible force field! All our weapons are getting sucked in! Now we're weaponless and without supplies! Everything just flew onto the cornucopia! Then, suddenly, a tent and a backpack fly by us, then a few other weapons and supplies. A dozen needles go by, and they all land on the cornucopia. The cornucopia now looks once again stocked with supplies, like it was in the beginning, but now we don't have them. Great. Suddenly, from nowhere, the girl from 12 shows up. Since none of us had weapons, we didn't bother with her. *CLANG CRASH BOOM KADING* An enormous sound came from the cornucopia. We looked. A hoard of supplies were falling from the sky! After a few minutes of falling supplies, we couldn't even see the cornucopia anymore. It was just SOOO stocked with supplies! I looked closer.....there, in the middle of the cornucopia, was a sword! My dream weapon! I wanted so desperately to go grab it but the force field is just pushing us more and more fact, it pushed us back for half an hour or so before the push finally stopped, and we couldn't even see the cornucopia anymore, so it'll be a LOONGGGG walk there. The cornucopia was pushing us over three times our own speed, so it'll at LEAST be three hours before we get to the cornucopia. Fantastic.....

D12 Girl - Jay Wayland (7:00am)

I'm a pretty good long-distance runner, so running those few miles to the cornucopia shouldn't be too tough for me. I just spent that much time running here and then I just got pushed back by a force field! That's not fair! I think I should just rest here for a while. No one has weapons. No one will die today.

Nothing happens for the rest of the day

Deaths Today:


Recap of Day 3 by the narrarator:

Narrarator: Today, the final six tributes lost all their supplies to the cornucopia. The gamemakers dropped exactly 500 pieces of supplies and weapons onto the cornucopia, plus the original supplies, making an enormous cornucopia loot. There were no deaths today, because there weren't any disasters, and no one has weapons. Tommorow, when the feast begins, may the odds be ever in the final 6 tributes' favours!

Day 5: I accidentally killed her! - Wilden

D11 Girl - Kathrina (5:00am)

I'm at the location of the feast, but I was thrown back from the forcefield. I know which way to run, but it'll be a long run to the cornucopia. I don't even know if I'll be able to run all that distance and still be able to fight. I look around. I can see the careers from far away, and the girl from district 12 is a few branches beside me. Suddenly, the voice of the announcer booms out.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, let the Feast of Season 3 of the Hunger Games begin!"

And then the force field disappeared.

Dear Users: Vote for who you want to survive in the feast! The tribute(s) with the lowest vote will be killed! Vote for who you want to SURVIVE, NOT who you want DEAD!

<poll> Who do you want to survive the feast? D2 Boy, Wilden D2 Girl, Asia D3 Girl, Destiny D11 Girl, Kathrina D12 Girl, Jay </poll> Sorry. Poll over. Asia Madding Lost with 0 votes

D2 Boy - Wilden (5:01am)

The force field opened and the entire career pack rushed in to kill. The girl from district 12 darted out of nowhere and ended up in front of us >:(, but the girl from district 11 is nowhere in sight, so we assume she's behind us.

I got to the cornucopia in a few hours. It was farther than I thought! I just kept running and running and it took me FOREVER to be finally able to see the cornucopia, and it was stocked. It was just like how I saw it yesterday. I saw the girls from 11 and 12 already there. They were picking through the weapons. I grabbed the sword and charged at the girl from district 11. She ducked, I missed, and she was off. Then I swung it at the girl from district 12. It sort of cut her in the arm, but it was still a pretty bad miss. I heard footsteps behind me, and I swung around. It was Asia! I accidentally killed her -___-. Great. I missed the two people that I actually wanted to kill, but then I accidentally killed my own district partner. Fantastic.

D6 Girl - Artemis Elto (5:15am)

The girls from districts 11 and 12 have fled already - and they haven't taken many things. I saw the girl from 11 with a few weapons and 2 backpacks, the girl from 12 with somewhat the same thing, but the rest of us are now making a camp at the cornucopia, where the remaining weapons all were. This is great! We get all the weapons and supplies!

D12 Girl - Jay Wayland (5:00pm)

The feast this morning was actually pretty good. I managed to snag a set of bow and arrows, a spear, 3 backpacks, and a water bottle filled with water. I was trying to find a safe place to stay, but it turns out a lot of the branches were cr- AIEEE! HELP! I'M FALLING! I, luckily, was able to hang onto a branch to save my life and pull myself up, but once I jumped onto the next branch, a branch above me came crashing down, and my branch broke too, and so I had to jump back and forth! I heard a cannon - someone else was dead - and the branches were snapping fast! Right now, when I look back, the entire one side of the tree is bare - all the branches have fallen off. I jump as a branch came crashing down almost onto me, and swing onto the next branch. It's do or die right now. I swerved to the left as a whole series of branches fell down, then had to retreat a little when my jacket got caught onto a branch. By the time I got onto a safe branch, I was pretty much dead from exhaustion. Sweat poured from my head like rain, my leg was cut, all my nails had come off, I've lost all my supplies, and now, as I looked to my left, I saw all the careers and the girl from district 3 in pretty much the same condition as me. I looked around. The entire tree was destroyed. We were all left on the same branch. The only branch left. I looked down. Even the cornucopia was sinking into the quicksand. That's how the gamemakers wanted to torture us?

With all the strength I could muster, I took the sword out of the boy from district 2's hand and prepared to strike.

D3 Girl - Destiny Bow (5:30pm)

I decided to not go to the feast after the force field blew me back. I was just walking innocently away, when suddenly, the branch under me cracked. I was left dangling by my grappling hook, but then the branch that IT was holding cracked too, so I hung on. After a long time of jumping around branches, I landed on one safe branch, and so did everyone else.

It was the only branch left.

And suddenly I felt a sword blade on me and then everything turned black.

D12 Girl - Jay Wayland (6:00pm)

The trumptes are blaring now. I won! I won Season 3 of the Hunger Games! I get to go home! I managed to gain composure the fastest out of everyone there, so I just killed everyone really fast, and now I'm a victor. I get to go home! I won! I survived the Hunger Games!

Trumpets Blare. Congradulations Jay Wayland, the girl from district 12, being the victor of Season 3 of the Hunger Games!

Congradulations Necterine441, the owner of Jay! Your tribute is the official winner of the 3rd Hunger Games!

Thank you to all participants, and may the odds be forever in your favour!

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