Now that the Hunger Games Season 3 is full with tributes, I've started the Hunger Games: Season 4. In this season, there will be a few tweaks and changes here and there.......... Still, I'm sorry but there will be no chariot rides nor reapings.

These games started January 10th.

Awesome pics 3

If you would like this photo to be on your user look up, please message me and I'll make sure that it happens!


This year, because I want more people to have an opportunity to submit tributes, I'm only going to allow every user to submit two tributes, one male, one female, and please do not make them from the same district.

District Name, Age Placement Sponsors User
D1 Boy Icer Wilson,17 23rd Trackerjacker Trackerjacker
D1 Girl Jewel Frosting,15 Kwankwan44 Kwankwan44
D2 Boy Lex Cross,15 Clove1999 Clove1999
D2 Girl Sutton Yates,16 22nd Wolverine1717 Wolverine1717
D3 Boy Calculum Infinite,12 17th Prezziesnow Prezziesnow
D3 Girl Nicole Edge,12 Migora4329 Migora4329
D4 Boy Julian Hemm,16 21st Granger1000 Granger1000
D4 Girl Bubbles Foam,17 20th Prezziesnow Prezziesnow
D5 Boy Harris Jon ~ilovepeeta~ ~ilovepeeta~
D5 Girl Marlene Poon,13 19th Rueflower Rueflower
D6 Boy River Rhodes,17 Wolverine1717 Wolverine1717
D6 Girl Uneek Nome,12 Granger1000 Granger1000
D7 Boy Conan Chan,12 18th Kwankwan44 Kwankwan44
D7 Girl Zoe Harrison,13 Anon... Anon...
D8 Boy Carson Smith,13 S.C.Kitten S.C.Kitten
D8 Girl London Zhang,16 16th Anna-athena Anna-athena
D9 Boy Satan Lockwood,16 Anon.... Anon...
D9 Girl Demetra, 16 Everdeen Everdeen
D10 Boy Jymeca Evacuo QuinnQuinn QuinnQuinn
D10 Girl Puhnk Pink ~ilovepeeta~ ~ilovepeeta~
D11 Boy Austin Gerjanjer,17 QuinnQuinn QuinnQuinn
D11 Girl Beryl Chester,12 S.C.Kitten S.C.Kitten
D12 Boy Jonah Anderson,12 Anna-athena Anna-athena
D12 Girl Merit Parker,17 24th Clove1999 Clove1999


If you would like to sponsor, please leave a comment below. Each sponsor will receive $10000, which they may use to buy items for the tribute they're rooting for. Users with tributes in the games can have $10000 multiplied by the number of tributes they have in the games (e.g. let's say you have 3 tributes, 3 x $10000 = $30000, so you get to spend $30000 on ur tributes) Sponsors may root for as many tributes as they wish, and they are allowed to pool their money together. Here are the prices for each item: (Prices will change as the Games progress)

Type Item Cost # In Stock Effect
Food Loaf of Bread $1000 Infinite Feeds Tribute
Food Apple $1000 Each Infinite Feeds Tribute
Food Cheese $1000 290 slices Feeds Tribute
Food Rice $1000/kg 20kg Feeds Tribute
Food Curry Sauce $1000/can 20 cans Good with rice.
Food Sandwich $1000 each 10 sandwiches Feeds Tribute
Drink Water $4000/glass Infinite Quenches Thirst
Drink Juice/Coke $1000/glass Infinite Quenches Thirst
Medicine Healing Potion $8000/bottle 3 bottles Scars = All gone
Medicine Filling Potion $5000/bottle 5 bottles Fills Tribute
Medicine Nightlock Pill $1000 Infinite Kills w/out Pain
Medicine Super Healer $60000/dose 1 dose Cures EVERYTHING
Medicine Steroids $8000/dose 3 doses Makes Tribute Stronger
Weapon Knife $5000 each 10 knives Good/common weapon
Weapon Sword $6000 each 4 swords Good weapon
Weapon Spear $6000 each 10 spears Good Weapon
Weapon Awl $2000 each 30 awls Useful Weapon
Weapon Bow and Arrow $9000 10 Long range weapon
Weapon Blowgun $7000 5 Good Weapon
Weapon Trident $9000 5 Fantastic Weapon
Weapon Any gun $40000 Infinite EXCELLENT Weapon
Weapon Vial of poison $1000 3 Can kill fast.
Luxury Tent $8000 5 Good shelter
Luxury Torch/matches $1000 Infinite Gives heat
Luxury Night Goggles $5000 5 See in the night.
Anything else Anything else Ask for price Ask for stock Ask for effect

The more sponsors rooting for you, the more help and money you get in the Games! You can invite your friends to help you. If they leave a comment below saying that they want to sponsor, they'll get $10000 and they can help your tribute! (Even if you're not in these games, just leave a comment below and you'll still get to sponsor!)

Gifts that still need to be sent:

Sponsor Money Left Sponsor Money Left
Trackerjacker $10000 Kwankwan44 $10000
Clove1999 $14000 Wolverine17 $20000
Prezziesnow $20000 Migora4329 $10000
Granger1000 $20000 ~ilovepeeta~ $20000
Rueflower $10000 Anon.... $6000
S.C. Kitten $20000 Anna-athena $20000
Everdeen $9000 QuinnQuinn $18000


The arena, surprise surprise, is an ocean. Each tributes will have a boat (with a motor) to control, but they may go onto other boats to kill the other tributes. The ocean is made COMPLETELY out of acid water, so if tributes fall in, they die. They have to stay on their boats OR on the cornucopia to avoid dying because of the acid water. Unlike season 3, where tributes had no idea about the quicksand, a note on the boat states that the water is acid, so tributes would no not to swim in it.

Training Scores:

District 1:

Icer Wilson - 11

Jewel Frosting - 12

District 2:

Lex Cross - 10

Sutton Yates - 11

District 3:

Calculum Infinite - 8

Nicole Edge - 7

District 4:

Julian Hemm - 10

Bubbles Foam - 11

District 5:

Harris Jon - 7

Marlene Poon - 6

District 6:

River Rhodes - 8

Uneek Nome - 9

District 7:

Conan Chan - 6

Zoe Harrison - 3

District 8:

Carson Smith - 2

London Zhang - 7

District 9:

Satan Lockwood - 5

Demetra - 0

District 10:

Jymeca Evacuo - 3

Puhnk Pink - 9

District 11:

Austin Gerjanjer - 8

Beryl Chester - 7

District 12:

Jonah Anderson - 7

Merit Parker - 7



D6B - River Rhodes (11:59am)

I got lifted into the arena, which I was anxious to find out about, and when I was lifted into it, I started to feel like I was losing my balance. Everything seemed like it was....moving. Everything WAS moving. I looked around me - GAWSH the sun was bright - and I could just make out ripples of waves. I was standing in front of a steering wheel and some cool buttons and things like that, so I guess I was in a boat. The cornucopia was about half a kilometer away - we'd have to drive there, I think - and I wonder if the boat would be easy to control. On the steering wheel, there's a note. "Caution: Acid Water". WHAT? THEY PUT US INTO SUCH A DANGEROUS SITUATION AND THEY DON'T HAVE ENOUGH COMPASSION TO MAKE THE WATER SAFE? WHERE WILL I GET WATER ANYWAYS?. I look behind me. Wait, what? There's no wolf mutt this season? Does that mean we won't have to touch the cornucopia? I look closer at all the buttons. There's a countdown timer with 2 different times on it. One says 32, 31, 30, 29..... and the other one says "WILL SELF DESTRUCT IN 120, 119, 118.." so I guess it'll explode unless we touch the cornucopia.....

D7 Girl - Zoe Harrison (12:00 noon)

I was still trying to figure out how to use the boat when the gong sounded. So I press THIS pedal and then I push THAT button and then I turn THIS kno-*CRASH* oops maybe not. Ok, so the boat is starting to move, I just have to push on this pedal to make it go faster, I turn the steering wheel this- *CRASH* DANG! I turn it bac- *CRASH* and then I - *CRASH* UGGH DARN THIS STUPID BO- *CRASH*

D9 Boy - Satan Lockwood (12:01pm)

I zoomed straight ahead in my boat when the gong sounded. I just pressed a pedal and a button and raced towards the cornucopia. I got off the boat once to help the girl from district 7 - she was crashing into everybody - and we decided to be allies. We drove together to the cornucopia, and we were the first ones there. Where were the careers? I looked out into the sea. They were coming, but some of them were on a boat pushing the girl from district........12? I don't know, but they manage to push her overboard in her boat, which lead to a cannon, but when they looked for any weapons the girl might have had, the boat EXPLODED, killing the 3 careers inside, so I came to the conclusion that the boats self destruct a few seconds after a tribute dies, so basically, if we kill someone, we have to retreat quick. I grab 2 backpacks for me and Zoe - the girl from district 7 - and a few weapons, and we were OFF!

D8 Boy - Carson Smith (12:01pm)

There were four cannons already. Four deaths in one minute of the games. Wow. I ran to the cornucopia - a self-destruct bomb would explode unless we did - and I was just runni-*BOOM*. I heard an explosion and a cannon, and that probably signifies that someone didn't touch the cornucopia or something. I grabbed a backpack and ran. Unlike last season, where there were only *shudder* needles as weapons, there were actual knives, swords, tridents, bow and arrows, etc. this season. That's good. I speared the girl from district 5 with a spear - and left it in her body and RAN. *BOOM* There goes her cannon!

D5 Boy - Harris Jon (12:03pm)

ZOOOOMMM Gosh the boats go fast! I look behind me and see tributes fighting at the cornucopia. From this far away, it's hard to tell who's dying and who's still alive.

Wow. This is actually a pretty good arena. I don't even have to do anything physical. All I have to do is press the gas pedal and zoom forward as fast and as much as I want! :D I managed to get a sword and a backpack at the cornucopia, so at least I'm armed and I have supplies! Come to think of it, I wonder if any FISHES can live in acid water...............

D3 Boy - Calculum Infinite (12:10pm)

I finally figured out which pedal was the gas pedal. So far, 6 people have already died, and the fight at the cornucopia is still going on. I'm just going to try to get as far away from the other tributes as possible. I looked up into the sky. It was still blue, and the sun was shining. This is like a perfect arena. It's so bright and cheery, we don't even have to run! The only bad part is the acid water, but even that looks perfectly blue and crystal clear. *BOOM* There goes a tribute. Too bad the 7 tributes dead so far can't enjoy this beautiful arena.......

D12 Boy - Jonah Anderson (12:22pm)

I wonder if I should've grabbed anything from the cornucopia. I snuck behind the careers to touch the cornucopia, and then rushed back to my boat and drove away as fast as the speedometer could go. In just a few seconds, i couldn't see the cornucopia anymore. I'd better slow down...... I don't want to crash into some force field going at 300mph - it would kill me instantly. I stopped the boat and just let it peaceful. A lot of things can go wrong in a boat, but today, I don't think anything will happen. Everything is just so peaceful..............

D9 Boy - Satan Lockwood (1:05pm)

The bloodbath seems to be over already. There hasn't been a single cannon for half an hour or so. So seven deaths on the first day. That's a fair amount. There's 17 tributes left, including me. 16 tributes to go and then I can go home. I hope I'll be able to!

Come to think of it, it's actually getting really hot out here. I'm starting to really start sweating. Is this a trick by the gamemakers? I look at my thermometer. THIRTY-FIVE DEGREES CELCIUS (That's 95 degrees farenheit btw)? ARE YOU SERIOUS? I look at it for a few more minutes. It's soon, it reaches 45 (113 degrees farenheit), and I seriously feel like I'm going to faint.

D3 Girl - Nicole Edge (1:42pm)

"Calculum!" I screamed. "CALCULUM!" Me and my district partner decided to ally after finding each other in the middle of the ocean. Now he seems to have lost conscience; he's lying on the ground, eyes closed, hardly breathing. I think it's because of the heat. In district 3, the climat is never this hot. My sweat keeps dripping onto his face, which is disgusting, but it's better than death. "CALCULUM!" I yelled shaking him. I feel his pulse. It's really slow. Suddenly, it just disappears. *BOOM* There goes his cannon. So I retreat, and two seconds after I step onto my own boat, Calculum's boat explodes.

D9 Girl - Demetra (1:56pm)

After that swearing incident with the gamemakers (which landed me the 0), I doubt I would get any sponsors. The temperature is really high, and I feel a bit dizzy. I look at the thermometer. It's 55 degrees celcius right now. That's like....really really hot. I'm sweating like crazy. It moved up to 56. Gosh this arena just suddenly became torturous.........

D1 Girl - Jewel Frosting (2:50pm)

Faaaaaannntassticcccccc. We just lost most of the careers. Right now, it's only the boy from 2 and I left. We might as well split right now, but I still think I'll have a better chance of winning if there's 2 of us. We start speeding forward in our boats. From the sky, 4 parachutes are falling in front of us. It was perfect timing, because exactly when we sped by at 100mph, 3 of the parachutes landed in my boat and 1 landed in the boy from 2's. We stop the boats to look at the sponsor gifts. I got a knife, an umbrella, and a loaf of bread. I look at the boy from 2. He got a sword. Great! That's fantastic! We got half the supplies from the cornucopia and now this! That's awesome!

D10 Girl - Puhnk Pink (3:00pm)

You know when you get really hot and you just feel like you're going to faint? Well it's 61 degrees celcius right now and I'm about to pass out right there. Suddenly, a parachute comes down from the sky and lands in my boat. I open it. It's a fan! A fan! Wahoo! I switch the "on" button and the fan immediately blows into my face. Oh my gosh that feels so good............................

D10 Boy - Jymeca Evacuo (5:30pm)

A million parachutes are falling from the sky, all over the arena. I see one really far off in the distance, two a bit closer, and a lot of other ones. Well, now I guess I know where everyone is! :P One of the million silver parachutes land on my boat. I open it. It's water! Awesome! I pour it into the water bottle I got from the cornucopia, and I stuff the water into my backpack. It'll help me cool down in THIS weather.....

D6 Girl - Uneek Nome (6:15pm)

The sun's almost going down, but the temperature isn't cooling down. It's still 60 degrees right now, and I'm starting to wonder if it's actually possible to run out of sweat. Ever since this afternoon, I've been sweating like crazy.

I think of the last season of the Hunger Games. A branch cracked every hour. In this season, nothing seems to be going at a one-hour interval, so I guess I'm safe for now.

D8 Girl - London Zhang (7:59pm)

I'm going to lie down to sleep now. If I can even sleep. It hasn't cooled down ever since this afternoon and I think that it's going to be - QAWOE3IUER! The anthem just started! It scared the living daylights out of me! I look up into the sky. Who died today? I wonder if any of the careers are dead already.I see the boy from district 1 - yeap a career is dead - then the girl from district 2 (wow! more careers!), the boy from district 3, both from district 4 (O______O), the girl from district 5, the boy from district 7, and the girl from district 12. 8 deaths. Me plus 15 other tributes left. 15 more tributes and I get to go home!

Deaths Today:

Boy from District 1 - Killed by exploding boat.

Girl from District 2 - Killed by exploding boat.

Boy from District 3 - Killed by heat.

Boy from District 4 - Forgot to touch cornucopia.

Girl from District 4 - Killed by exploding boat.

Girl from District 5 - Killed at the cornucopia.

Boy from District 7 - Killed at the cornucopia.

Girl from District 12 - Killed at the cornucopia.

Day 2: '''(Quote yet to be said)

D2 Boy - Lex Cross (8:00am)

I got a sword - wahoo! - but I also have a trident, bow and arrows, three spears, four backpacks, and whole lot of things I seriously doubt I'd have use for. The only thing useful that someone ELSE took was a life jacket, so I'm praying to god that my boat won't sink. I had a really torturous night - it was so hot I couldn't fall asleep at all, and I just kept getting thirstier and thirstier. I had quite a few bottles of water, but I was still thirsty, and it's not like we could DRINK the acid water or anything, so that sucks..............

D11 Girl - Beryl Chester (8:30am)

It's starting to cool down a bit. I look at the thermometer. It's only 45 degrees now. 44. 43. It's descending really quickly, and I can feel it. Soon, it's beginning to feel really comfortable. This is awesome! I lie down to relax. Maybe it's time I should rest a bit. I didn't get any sleep last night...............


I was woken up by a really sharp pain. I look around, and then realize how cold it was. I looked at the sun. It has been about 3 hours that I've been asleep. I then looked at the thermometer. It was FREEZING! It was -20 degrees right now, and it was getting colder by the minute. Thank goodness they gave us thick jackets as part of our tribute outfits. I put mine on, but it was still freezing. As far as I know, it'll get colder, and I'll freeze to death...

D8 Girl - London Zhang (12:00 noon)

The water under me seems to be moving faster than usual. I hang onto the edge - I wonder if it's possible to die from seasickness. I start to vomit all over my boat, and suddenly, an enormous wave splashes onto my boat. I scream and run for the other side of the boat - it was ACID water that was spraying up - and I felt an enormous pain in my back. Some of the water probably hit me. I suddenly fall and begin sliding towards the acid water piling up on one side of the boat. I let out a scream. *BOOM*

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