Instead of having a Quarter Quell every 25 Hunger Games, I'm going to make a 5th Season Twist every 5 Hunger Games. In this twist, the boy and girl tributes that are reaped have to take all their family members into the arena, making the total tributes in the arena much more than the regular 24.

These Hunger Games will begin January 21st (If i have enough tributes)

Awesome pics 4

If you would like this photo on your user look-up, tell me and I'll make sure that it happens.


I wanted to change up the reaping a bit, Now, I'll look at your tributes, and if I think they're good to write about, you'll see them below! :)

HECK WITH THAT. Just sumbit 1 TWO tributes. If I don't have enough tributes by January 11th, I'll let you guys have 2 tributes. Number of Tributes so Far: 114

District Name, Age Placement Family User
D1 Boy Jeremiah Heddorian,17 Dad, 2 sisters, brother QuinnQuinn
D1 Girl Shimmer Goldstone,17 Dad, Mom, 2 sisters, brother Rueflower
D2 Boy Mason Arce,18

Mom,Dad, Sister, Brother

D2 Girl

Minnie Silver, 16

Mom, Dad, Grandma, Brother Moviepopcorn123
D3 Boy Michael Vermas, 18 Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Cousin, Aunt Iluvgale
D3 Girl Samantha Dividen,14 Mom, Dad, Grandma, 2 cousins, Aunt Moviepopcorn123
D4 Boy Noah Bishop,17 Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Grandma, Uncle Skyandbray
D4 Girl Asia Madding,13 Mom, Sister, 2 brothers Anna-athena
D5 Boy Josh Powers, 17 Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother Everdeen
D5 Girl Puhnk Pink Mom, Dad, 2 brothers, 2 sisters, uncle. ~ilovepeeta~
D6 Boy Jack Gardes, 15 Mom, Dad Iluvgale
D6 Girl (Reserved) (Reserved)


D7 Boy Tree Summer,18 Dad,Brother Anon....
D7 Girl Gail Rue Mom, Dad, brother, Sister, grandma, grandpa, uncle Clove1999
D8 Boy Kyle Chester, 12 Mom, Dad Migora4329
D8 Girl London Zhang,17 Mom, Dad, 3 sisters, 2 brothers, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt Anna-athena
D9 Boy Miles Graze Brother, Sister, Mom, Dad Moviepopcorn123
D9 Girl Kasha Farro , 13 Mom, 2 sisters Necterine441
D10 Boy Jason Geller, 14 Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister Dunkn Fan
D10 Girl Lavender Pooti, 16 Mom, Sister QuinnQuinn
D11 Boy October Fest, 18 Mom, Dad, Sister Brony12
D11 Girl Beryl Chester,12 Brother and Sister. S.C.Kitten
D12 Boy Hadyn Shakesheave,18 Mom, Dad, Grandma, Sister, Brother, Uncle Clove1999
D12 Girl Lilian Chester,16 Mom, Sister, Brother AAluvsART


If you would like to sponsor, please leave a comment below. Each sponsor will receive $10000, which they may use to buy items for the tribute they're rooting for. Users with tributes in the games can have $10000 multiplied by the number of tributes they have in the games (e.g. let's say you have 3 tributes, 3 x $10000 = $30000, so you get to spend $30000 on ur tributes) Sponsors may root for as many tributes as they wish, and they are allowed to pool their money together. Here are the prices for each item: (Prices will change as the Games progress)

Type Item Cost # In Stock Effect
Food Loaf of Bread $1000 Infinite Feeds Tribute
Food Apple $1000 Each Infinite Feeds Tribute
Food Cheese $1000 290 slices Feeds Tribute
Food Rice $1000/kg 20kg Feeds Tribute
Food Curry Sauce $1000/can 20 cans Good with rice.
Food Sandwich $1000 each 10 sandwiches Feeds Tribute
Drink Water $1000/glass Infinite Quenches Thirst
Drink Juice/Coke $1000/glass Infinite Quenches Thirst
Medicine Healing Potion $8000/bottle 3 bottles Scars = All gone
Medicine Filling Potion $5000/bottle 5 bottles Fills Tribute
Medicine Nightlock Pill $1000 Infinite Kills w/out Pain
Medicine Super Healer $60000/dose 1 dose Cures EVERYTHING
Medicine Steroids $8000/dose 3 doses Makes Tribute Stronger
Weapon Knife $5000 each 10 knives Good/common weapon
Weapon Sword $6000 each 4 swords Good weapon
Weapon Spear $6000 each 10 spears Good Weapon
Weapon Awl $2000 each 30 awls Useful Weapon
Weapon Bow and Arrow $9000 10 Long range weapon
Weapon Blowgun $7000 5 Good Weapon
Weapon Trident $9000 5 Fantastic Weapon
Weapon Any gun $40000 Infinite EXCELLENT Weapon
Weapon Vial of poison $1000 3 Can kill fast.
Luxury Tent $8000 5 Good shelter
Luxury Torch/matches $1000 Infinite Gives heat
Luxury Night Goggles $5000 5 See in the night.
Anything else Anything else Ask for price Ask for stock Ask for effect

The more sponsors rooting for you, the more help and money you get in the Games! You can invite your friends to help you. If they leave a comment below saying that they want to sponsor, they'll get $10000 and they can help your tribute! (Even if you're not in these games, just leave a comment below and you'll still get to sponsor!)

Gifts that still need to be sent:

Sponsor Money Left Sponsor Money Left
QuinnQuinn $20000 Rueflower $10000
Kwankwan44 $10000 Moviepopcorn123^ $30000
Iluvgale $20000 Skyandbray $10000
Anna-athena $20000 ~ilovepeeta~ $10000
Everdeen $20000 Anon... $10000
Clove1999 $20000 Migora4329 $10000
Necterine441 $10000 Dunkn Fan $10000
Brony12 $10000 S.C. Kitten $10000
AAluvsART $10000 - -

^ Moviepopcorn123 has 3 tributes, and the maximum should've been two, but it was my fault that I made this error, so he can have all 3 tributes. Sorry to anyone who thinks this is unfair.

How these games will work because of the Twist

  • Rankings: Only if the main, reaped tribute died, will the person get a ranking. If any other member of the family died, it doesn't matter, the tribute will not get a ranking. The family name (like "mom", "dad", etc.) will not be crossed out either, and the POV's will only be written from the view of the main tributes.
  • Sponsors: You can still drop gifts to the other family members, but keep in mind that it might be a waste, since (and this is a spoiler) the victor will NOT be any other family member, only the main tribute, and you'll find out who.
  • Any other questions about the twist please leave in the comments :)

<poll> How many people do you want dead in the cornucopia? 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-55 </poll>

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