Hey guys! I decided to start a games! Here it is! Welcome to the 63rd Annual Hunger Games. I will be doing Reapings and Training Scores. I will possibly do some Interviews. And of course I will do the actual games! I will only take brief reservations. If you guys want sponserships and stuff talk to me about it and I'll think about adding it to my games. Please read my rules!


1. Two tributes each.

2. Please follow my tribute template.

3. Reservations only last for 48 hours.

4. Do not get angry if your tribute(s) dies. Only one lives.

5. Don't get mad at the outcome of this game.

6. I don't know how graphic I'll get with this, you have been forewarned.

7. Please offer some advice for your tributes once and a while. I want to make these games true to your characters as much as I can.

Tribute Template:



Age: (12-18)






Weapon(s): (please not too many)




Interview Angle: (optional)

Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:

Alliance(s): (Try to get consent with your wanted allie(s))

Token: (optional)


District Tribute Age User
D1 Male Luca Thread 18 Jo34546564
D1 Female Satin Silver Clos 17 Me!
D2 Male Anthony Paradox 18 Tehblakdeath
D2 Female Asia Willinton 16 JebJupiter15

D3 Male

Ian Harrison 18 Tehblakdeath
D3 Female Midnight Hensewn 14 Blue-Ribbonz
D4 Male Sundar Thorn 14 DesmondD02
D4 Female Nixie Calamari 14 Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute
D5 Male Yorick Omen 17 PumPumPumkin :3
D5 Female Duskull Mc'Carthy 14 EverAfterHighFreak
D6 Male Buck Rockwell 16 YourFavoriteSalmon
D6 Female Driftloon Mc'Carthy 14 EverAfterHighFreak
D7 Males Samuel Hinoki 14 Jo34546564
D7 Female Rimacy Axworthy 15 Gab801
D8 Male Ikalioso Hawkom 13 Nhtomohawks22
D8 Female Cora Nightcaster 18 Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute
D9 Male Keinell Schwarz 18 Denapfelbeissen
D9 Female Rebekuh Ure

12 (13

day 3)

D10 Male Xavier Callina 15 YourFavoriteSalmon
D10 Female Xena Callina 15 YourFavoriteSalmon
D11 Male Debuis Stronghold 18 SoccerUSA
D11 Female Kesha Zinz 17 SoccerUSA
D12 Male Willie Fry 13 Ichillyfry
D12 Female Shyvana Feue 18 PumPumPumkin :3

Tribute Gallery

The Reapings

Satin Silver Clos, District 1

It's that time again. It's time for the wonderfully morbid Annual Hunger Games to begin. I have been training for these games my whole entire life and I'm not about to see all I've worked for slip away from me. I immediately decide I will volunteer this year. There is no doubt in my mind.

You're going to have to claw your way through dozens of fighting possible tributes for this opportunity.

I am very well aware of that fact and everybody had better believe that I am prepared. If anyone actually thinks I'm not ready for this then I'm praying for them. Everybody in the whole District knows that I am completely prepared and able, there is no questioning that. Not only am I phyisically prepared, but mentally.

As I stand in line to get my finger pricked prior to the Reaping I see a couple who look to be about 16 showing their affections toward one another. They look very happy, very happy indeed. I watch them with an almost longing gaze.

Just once I wish that someone actually cared for me the way that they care for each other. I mean, I've got tons of guys falling at my feet, sometimes literally, but it's just not the same. If only someone really knew me enough to really love me like that.

I avert my attention from the couple to avoid being caught in my gazing. 

They'd probably just think I was sizing the female up to see if she'd be a threat to my volunteering. That's probably what everyone would assume.

That's the thing about training all your life is that people start to believe that is all you are and all you've ever wanted to be. They think that everything you are is purely the games. With me and so many others that really isn't the case, but we put on the mask and pretend just for the people. 

Eventually I have made it to where I get my finger pricked. I hold out my finger and let the man prick it. It honestly doesn't bother me that much. After, I make my way over to the 17 year old barrier in the female section to where I will stand. I look to my right and left checking to see who I might be volunteering against. 

They all look fairly promising, too bad they won't beat me out for this.

Finally our district's escort, Hestia Comorda, comes onto the stage and takes hold of the mic. She is quite extravagent in her clothes, makeup and everything she does. Her trademark fashion statement is elaborately winged silver eyeliner with swirls and everything. She brings the mic in closer to her and says, 

"Hello! Hello, District 1 citizen's. Welcome to the 63rd annual Hunger Games Reaping, the day you have been all waiting for. Before we begin selecting your district's tributes for this year we will be watching a video straight from the Capitol."

Just as she finishes her last sentence she sits down in her chair and the video begins to play. I've seen it a few times already and it is sort of getting dull. I wait impatiently for the video to be over. Finally after a minute or two it comes to a close.

Good, now it's basically time. Here is your chance fast approaching Satin, take it. 

"Okay well now for the tributes! Ladies first as usual!" Hestia says cheerily.

Just as soon as she says that I take off my slightly heeled shoes to help be to quickly get onto the stage without trouble. Hestia reaches her hand into the bowl and grabs a slip. She then moves to the microphone.

"Emerald Gold!" She calls out.

I don't even know her, but that doesn't make a difference. In a matter of seconds the volunteer rush begins. Many of the female are now fighting for their chance to take the stage and become tribute. I am one of them. I frantically push girl after girl out of my way as I make my way through the crowd towards the stage. Girls are clawing at me left and right, one even digs her nails into my arm and trys to push me to the ground. I swing my other arm with no hesitation and hit her in the face with my heels.

Nice try lovely.

After all the fighting and clawing my way through I have made it to the end of the rush. I am at the 12 year old barrier. Two of the 12 year olds who have older sisters try to hold me back but I send them to the ground instantly. Before I even know it I am on the stage.

"I volunteer as tribute!" I yell out.

"Yes, and what is your name Miss?" Hestia asks.

I smile triumphantly and say, "Satin Silver Clos"

I did it. I've done it. Take that darlings. I'm the female tribute this year. I beat you all.

"Your female tribute everyone!" Calls out Hestia.

Next, the male tribute. I don't even really listen to the name that is called out. Something I don't remember. With in a matter of mere moments the fighting ensues. The rush for the stage is gigantic, just as bad as the female rush. Finally an 18 year old boy emerges victorious. Hestia asks him for his name.

"Luca Thread." He says with a confident grin.

Hestia nods with a happy smile, "Well, there you have it District 1! Your tributes for this year are Satin Silver Clos and Luca Thread!"

We turn towards each other and shake hands. I give him my signature flirtatious smile and then we look at each other knowingly. We will have an alliance. An alliance with the careers. 

Let the games begin.


Training Scores

Tribute Score

The Interviews?

The Games

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