Okay so this is my first games so it might not be the best but I'll try hard. There will be three winners. There will be Reapings, Chariot Rides, Training Sessions and Scores, Interviews, The Games (of course) and A Victor's Interview.


1. No swearing or anything like that.

2. Don't freak out if your tribute dies. Only one lives.

3. 2 tributes each unless decided otherwise. 4 tributes.

4. I will only reserve for two days.


TRIBUTE ENROLLMENT (must include):










Chariot Outfit:

Interview Angle:

What You Do In Private Training Session:




NOTE: If there is a need for tributes later and no one signs up I will let you make more tributes of make some myself. If any of my tributes are added they will NOT win. Unless they are voted to win.

Name District Weapons Alliance Creator
Dymento Lights 1M Axe and sword Careers The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Sapphire Glamoure 1F Sword, dagger, throwing knives Careers Me
Jigsaw Sharp 2M Axe, Scythe , Throwing knives & Sickle Careers AxedFox
Stamina Seal 2F Bow & Arrow, Sword, Axe Careers AxedFox
John Carter 3M Bow and Arrow, Swords and Knives Anyone who will let me Fiske Cahill
Electra Shock 3F Wire, small knife None Me
Marshall Abadeer 4M

Trident, knives, sword, spear, bow and arrow

Maysilee Abadeer 4F Knives, Axe, Sword, Trident, Blowgun with poison darts CAREER TRIBUTES BloodHunter99
Justin Bieber(lol) 5M Safety scissors, speaker No one BloodHunter99
Anais Clearwater 5F Axes, knives Possibly careers SleepAddicter21

Carter Crow

6M Throws spears, Mace, Bows and arrows Maverick West and The girl from District 7 who he likes Captainsv
Revanda Underwood 6F Bow and arrows, knives, slingshot, sword Possibly careers. A group of 4 kids. SleepAddicter21
Jaren Moss 7M Axe or Baridiche None LightStone123
Felisha Hollister 7F Blowgun and axe A boy she later falls in love with Aquastar4infinity
Cody Simpson (hehe) 8M Safety scissors and speaker No one. Probably Justin Bieber if he makes it past the bloodbath BloodHunter99
Silken Dimity 8F Knives, bow and arrows Probably not district partner AdaPayne
Baltasar Heenow 9M Spiked Mace D9-female, D8 tributes SuperTomato
Rita Pain 9F Axe, spear, knife Only for a short while AdaPayne
Maverick West 10M Swords, Spears, Throws knives, Lasso Carter Crow Captainsv
'Karmonia Heglett' 10F Knife, and mace (BOTH throwing) Any, as long as it is good, if she can, which she can, get in the careers, no matter what district she is in.


Ayaan Hlupe 11M Axe, or spear Only is he desperatly needs to. Thena.airice14
Tweena Lankos 11F Throwing knives D11 male and D12 male and female SuperTomato
Khair Ochre 12M Throwing axes and hatchet Careers The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Kayleigh Ann Reed 12F Bow and arrow, spear, sword, throwing axes 11 Female Kikieverdeenreed523

Tribute Gallery (lunaii)

The Reapings

Sapphire Glamoure, District One

I wake up with a sharp jolt in the morning when I am roused by the sound of my sister Ruby opening the door of my room. "Happy reaping day." She says. I smile and nod. "Happy reaping day indeed." Maybe a lot of the weaker and less fortunate districts hated the reaping but us District One people loved it. We got to dress up nice and see who will get the honour of representing our district in the next games. This year it's going to be me. I get dressed into a nice pink dress and put my hair up into a neat pony tail. I walk into the kitchen and get my breakfast and sit with my family as we eat. My mom smiles at me. "Sapphire, you look beautiful. You'll make us proud. I know it." My family knew I was going to volenteer and fully supported me with the idea. I smile and reply. "Thanks mom" My dad looks at me and says. "Of course you'll make us proud. When you go into the arena you'll be wearing this." He hands me a sapphire necklace that has been in the family for generations. I look at it in awe and put it on gingerly making sure not to wreck the necklace. "It looks great." Says Ruby. I smile and continue to eat my breakfast. After I am done my family and I head to the Reaping. I get my finger pricked and stand with the rest of the girls in my age group. I look behind me to see Ruby and my parents smiling proudly. Our escort Trifle Sanderson goes up onto the stage and smiles. We watch the video and Trifle tears up. Typical. She always did that. She shakes her head and says. "Now on with the reaping. Ladies first of course." She picks out a slip and reads out. "Shimmer Shine." I don't even know her but I don't care. "Now are there any volenteers?" I raise my hand quickly along with four other girls. We all yell that we volenteer. Trifle points at one girl and say. "You" My heart sinks as the girl starts to walk up but then Trifle changes her mind. "No you!" She says as she points at me. I smile in victory and confidently and quickly walk up to the stage. Idon't want Trile changin her mind again. "What is your name sweetheart?" She asks. "Sapphire Glamoure" I reply. She smiles. "Now we have our female tribute." She then picks the boy and many boys volenteer. She ends up picking this guy named Dymento Lights. He comes onto the stage and as we shake hands I look him in the eye and tilt my head as if to ask if he'll be joining the careers and me. He nods slightly and I grin. I look out to the crowd and wave proudly to my family who wave back and cheer loud. That is the last thing I see of the reaping and I'm whisked away.

Jigsaw Sharp, District 2

My alarm goes off with an annoying beep beep beep. I stare at it for a while and let it continue until I finally get annoyed enough to slam down on the buttun that turns it off. I didn't really need the alarm to wake me up today. No not today. I was already awake. I was awake all night because of excitment. Today is reaping day. This year I've decided to volenteer but there is just one thing... I haven't confided this in anyone. Not a soul. For a second I'm worried about it. I think about it for a while then shake my head. It didn't matter. My parents and friends would be proud. Right? Probably. I get dressed into a nice shirt and nice pants and head into the kitchen. I rummage in the cuboards until I find something I want and I dig right in. My father walks in and says. "Happy reaping day." I nod. My mother follows him into the room looking sad. I've lways noticed this in her eyes one reapig day. Why? I want to know why. I shrug and continue to eat my breakfast. I offer my mother some and she says with a vacant expression. "No thanks, son" Hmm... Something is never right for her on reaping day. My dad eats his breakfast and I soon finish mine. My dad looks me in the eye and says. "The reapings are starting soon. You best be off." I nod. He's right. I pull on my shoes and bolt out the door. If I don't run I'll be late. I finally get to the square. Just in time. I get my finger pricked and stand with my age group. Marcus Maer, our escort who looks like he came from the circus, walks onto the stage after we've watched the video. He smiles at us and says. "Well then! Ladies first!" He picks out a name and begins to read it out. He barely reads it out before a girl in the crowd calls out. "I volenteer!!" Marcus looks slightly taken aback because the tributes don't often volenteer so quickly. He nod his head quickly and the girl runs onto the stage. I know her from school. She is really unpopular and I can't quite remember her name... Starts with an S... Sam.... Stam.... "Stamina Steel" She says from the stage. Stamina Steel. Now I remember. Marcus nods. "Now for the boys." He picks the name slowly and reads it out. I don't even listen to the name. I've got to consentrate. "I volenteer!" I say quickly before anyone else can. I walk onto the stage. Marcus turns to me and asks. "Your name?" I smile and say. "Jigsaw Sharp." Marcus nods and looks out to the crowd. "District Two's Tributes!" Stamina and I turn to each other and shake hands. She has a firm grasp. I can already tell I want her with me in the careers. I look out to the crowd and spot my parents. My father has proud smile on his face. I knew he'd be proud. My mother on the other hand looks depressed and surprised. Not at all proud or glad. My heart sinks and I wonder why she is sad. I will figure it out. I wave to them and the last thing I see is my mother wave to me vacantly and then I'm taken to the train.

Electra Shock, District 3

I wake up screaming. Nightmares. Nightmares about the reaping. I roll out of my bed and get up. Thank goodness it isn't reaping day... Wait a minute... It is the reaping day. This was my least favorite day of the year. It was always so sad. I get up and get dressed. I go to the cuboards and look inside. I take out some of the little food we have and seperate it for each of us. My parents, my sister, my brother and me. We all eat together and finish our preparations for the reaping. I do my sister's hair and she does mine. Then we both work on our mother's together. My brother and father finish their food first and then my mother, sister and me finish. I slip on my shoes ith my siblings. Our shoes all matched. We walk out the door together followed by our parents. However poor we may be I still love my family. We're happy and connected. We do everything together. I never want to be parted from my family. My siblings and I walk over to get our fingers pricked while my parents take their place in the crowd. My sister crys from the prick and my brother and I comfort her. We then go of to stand with our age group. The video starts. I look away. I hated the video. It is horrible. Horrible. It finally ends and I look back at the stage. Our escort Rosa Forem walks onto the stage with a big fat smile and says cheerily. "Happy reaping day!!" I wonder how she is so cheery on a day like this. "Ladies first!" She says. She reaches her hand far into the the bowl and my heart thumps so hard it could rip out of my chest. Not my sister. Not my sister. Not my sister. "The female tribute is... Electra Shock!" What?? Me?? No! I slowly and nervously walk to the stage and as I take the first step on the stairs my sister screams. "No!!! Electra!!" She runs toward me followed by my brother trying to stop her. She has just grabbed onto my dress when a wall of peacekeepers step in front of her and my brother. My sister trys to plow through them but they push her to the ground. My brother looks up at them and helps her up. They then run back into the crowd. I didn't realise it but I notice now. I'm crying. I stand on the stage and watch as Rosa picks the male tribute. "John Carter!" The boy looks shocked. He walks onto the stage with his eyes widened in surprise. We shake hands. Rosa says something but I don't listen I watch my family. They cry together and I cry too. They look at me with their tear stained faces. That is the last I see of them.

Marshell Abadeer, District 4

I wake up and get out of bed. I get dressed and then stand next to Maysilee's bed. I shake her slightly. "Maysilee, wake up." I shake her again and say louder. "Maysilee, wake up." Her eyes flutter open and she looks up at me. "Morning Marshell." She says. "Morning Maysilee." I reply. Not good morning though. It's the reaping. We get our food together and prepare our mother's food. We eat and when we finish our mother gets up from bed. She eats her breakfast and looks at both of us lovingly. She doesn't want us in the games like most career mothers do. We get our shoes on and and open the door. Our mother follows and we walk to the square. We are aboutto go get our fingers pricked but our mother holds us back. She gives each of us a hug and says. "I love you both." We smile at her and say. "We love you too mom. See you later." We go to get our fingers pricked and stand with our age groups. We all watch the video and our escort walk on stage. His name is Daren Spring and boy he looks weird. "Ladies first!" He says. He reaches his hand extra far into the reaping bowl and takes forever to pick out the name. It better not be Maysilee. If it is I don't know what I'll do. What would I do? I'm not sure. Daren open the folded paper and slowly reads out "Maysilee Abadeer" What?! No! I watch her go up onto the stage and I look back at our mother. She looks sad. Extra sad. "Are there any volenteers? No. None? Okay." What?! No volenteers?! There are always volenteers in District Four! "And now for the boys!" He doesn't take as long for this one. He reads out the name and then asks. "Are there any volenteers?" Mabe if I volenteer I can help Maysilee win. Maybe I can do it!. "I volenteer!" I say. He nods and I walk onto the stage. As soon as I get onto the stage Maysilee moves closer to me. I bet she needs to tell me something. Then out of no where she slaps me in the face. Hard. "Ow! What was that for?!" I say. "Thats was for volenteering you idiot! Now there is a chance we'll both die! How do you think that makes mom feel?!" Oops. Haden't thought of that. I look at my mother who looks as sad as anyone can be. Oh no. I shake my head and rub my face where Maysilee slapped me. Daren turns to me and asks. "And your name is?" I look at him and say. "Marshell Abadeer" Daren smiles. "Siblings! This should be interesting!" Maysilee and I shake hands and before we go we take one last look at our mother. So shocked and sad. I wave and then we're off.

Anais Clearwater, District 5

I scowl at the ceiling while lying in my bed. The reaping was soon. I hated the reaping. It was so stupid. Ugh. I just lay there and scowl. My father looks over at me and says. "Don't scowl Anais. It gives you frown lines." I didn't understand how scowling gives my frown lines. Frowning gives frown lines. Not scowling. I shake my head. "Okay dad." I stop scowling. My father was the only one who kept me grounded on reaping day. I get up and get dressed. I get our breakfast ready and wait for my dad to eat. He soon comes and sits with me. We eat together peacefully. Even though I'm a peace for the moment I'm worried about the reaping. My dad looks at me in the eye and says. "Anais, you'll be alright. Don't worry." He always knew how I was feeling. "Okay dad. I won't worry. I'll be fine." I say this more to myself. I need reasurence for myself. "You know... You should get you shoes on and go. The reaping is going to start soon. I'll come after you." My father says. "Okay" I reply and nod. I go and slip my mother's old shoes on and walk out the door. I only remember my mother briefly. She was great. She died years ago though due to a disease that had spread in our district. I've never had a mother, and my dad thinks thats why I always seem to be so emotional. I sigh and shake my head. I continue walking. I line up to get my finger pricked and look in front of me to see... my least favorite person. Justin Bieber (haha). He looks back at me and smiles annoyingly. "Hi." He says. Ugh even when he just says hi he's annoying. I ignore him and move up the line. I get my finger pricked and growl to myself. I hated getting my finger pricked. I stand with my age group and sigh. While the stupid and horrible video is playing I look back and spot my dad. He smiles and waves at me and I wave. Our escort, Rosemary, walks onto the stage. I hate her. I hate her hair. I hate her accent. I hate her everything. She smiles to wide and says. "Welcome!!! Ladies first!" She reaches her hand into the stupid reaping ball and I hold my breath. Please not me. "Anais Clearwater." No. no. no. Thats when my world crashes down all around me. I walk onto the stage and stare at my father. He looked shocked and sad. No. Dad. Don't let them take me. Please. I sigh. I need to cry but I don't. I glare hardly into the crowd. "Now for the boys!" She reaches into the boy's reaping ball and pulls out a slip. She reads out the name and the boy walks on the stage. "Any volenteers?" A person grabs Justin's hand and raises it and mimicks his voice. "I volenteer!" Then the person pushes him up. Rosemary grabs his arm and pulls him on stage. At least one thing was kind of good about this. Justin would die. Rosemary forces us to shake hands and I scrunch up my nose. Ick. I glare at him and he just smiles at me stupidly. I look back at my dad and back at Bieber. This would be a long ride.

Carter Crow, District 6

I wake up early in the morning. My aunt, uncle and sister are still sleeping. I quickly and quietly throw something on and the put my shoes on and head out the door. I'm going freerunning. NormallymI'd do it later in the day but since it's the reaping I may not have time later. Somehow this helps me clear my mind of all thoughts. I run past buildings in my district all of which have the lights turned off. I continue my freerunning for an hour or two. I return home and when I open the door I go to quietly get changed assuming my family isn't up yet. Wrong. "Carter! Where have you been?" Asks my aunt. "Just freerunning." I reply. "Really? This early? We were worried!" She says. "Well I may not get time later..." I continue. "And why not?" My uncle asks. "Because I might get reaped." I say. Everything goes quiet. "Don't think like that Carter. It won't happen." Says my aunt. "But it might." I say. I was right. It could happen. Anything could happen. I sigh and go to get dressed. When I'm done I go to ge my breakfast. My younger sister hugs me and says. "I won't get reaped... Right?" I look into her eyes and say. "No you won't." She nods her head and goes back to eating. We soon finish and I help my sister put her shoes on. We then walk out the door to the square. We get in line to get our fingers pricked. It's my sister's first year so when she is pricked she crys. I look down at her and say. "Shh... It's alright..." We then go stand in our age groups and watch the horrible video. Our escort Tiberius Rexin walks on stage. He's a weird one alright. He smiles oddly and widely at us. "He-lo-lo-lo! Welcome! Ladies first!" He picks a name and calls out a girl's name that I dont know. Instantly a very attractive girl from the crowd yells. "I VOLUNTEER!" She comes onto the stage and Tiberious asks. "Soooo... Whats your name miss?" She glares at him and says. "Revanda Underwood" He smiles and says. "Oooh! You volunteered for your sister? Beautiful. Just beautiful." I shake my head and stop myself from laughing. Like I said, he's an odd one. "Noooow for the boys!!" He sas and pulls a name. "Carter Crow." He calls. Actually somehow I'm not surprised. I don't know why. I see my girlfriend, aunt, uncle and sister all looking concerned but really... I'm not. I go onto the stage and I shake hands with Revanda. She has a hard glare and firm grasp and I can tell she not someone to be reckoned with. I wave to my family and then I whisked away. Probably never to return again.

Felisha Hollister, District 7

I wake up in the morning to the thump of my father's ax hitting wood outside. I'm used to this noise, and therefore, find it soothing on such a terrible morning. I get up slowly and put on my clothes and do my hair. I can't help but wish my mother were here to help me, but she's been missing for months now. Oh how I miss her. She used to ground our family by keeping us fed as best she could at home until one day... Well no one knows. Just one day I came home and she wasn't there. She never came. I go and make myself a small breakfast and make sure my brothers and father have breakfast. I eat slowly and mull things over. Then I realize that this is my first reapings without my mother somewhere in the crowd. I finally finish eating and I pull my shoes on. My father pats me on the back and says. "Don't worry Lisha... You'll be fine." I nod and try to reasure myself everything will be fine. I walk out the door and head to the square. I get my finger pricked and stand with my age group in the crowd. The video plays. The same video from every year. The one that I hate to watch. Then our escort Marissa Mandel walks onto the stage. How do I begin to explain this crazy woman? For one thing my mother hated her. She smiles fakely at the crowd and says. "Welcome! Ladiessss firssst!" Did I mention she hisses like a snake? She reaches her hand in the bowl and snaps out a name. She then reads out. "Felissssha Hollisssster!" What? No. Did I hear that right? I slowly make my way to the stage. I look at the crowd and my eyes search for my mom. I forgot. She's gone. I look at my dad and brothers and nearly cry. I don't though. I'm stronger than that. I stand up straight and stare coldly at the crowd. "Now for the boyssss!" She takes out a name and reads. "Jaren Mosssss!" I didn't know him. He walk up to the stage an looks a little shaken. We shake hands and then are whisked away. I just know that no matter what I'll win this for my mom.

Cody Simpson, District 8

I wake up in the morning thinking what I always think about in the morning. How wonderful I am. I am SO wonderful. I wonder why now one else thinks that too... I get dressed and go to eat my breakfast while singing the BEST SONG EVER. It's by me. As soon as I start singing my father yells. "CODY!!! SHUT THE F*** UP!!!" My dad always yells at me. He hates me so much. How could that be? I continue to sing and my father walks in. He throws a knife just over my head. "I SAID SHUT YOUR F***ING MOUTH!" He likes to drop the F bomb too. At least when I'm around. His name is Victor Simpson. He won the Hunger Games when he was young. He tells me I'm a failure to his name and he wishes I was never born. I sigh and continue to sing. Did I mention he thinks I'm an idiot? "THAT'S IT BOY!!" He picks up a glass bottle and throws it on the ground near my feet. "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!" He yells. "It's my house too" I reply. "NOT ANYMORE! OUT! NOW!" He shooves me out the door and pushes me to the ground. He grabs his knife from the wall. "DON'T COME BACK!" He throws his knife at my foot. It doesn't miss. I start to cry. "I hope you die miserably." He says and with that slams the door shut. Huh. How could anyone hate me? I walk to the reaping with the knife still in my foot. Maybe I am an idiot? Nah! I get my finger pricked and then cry during the whole video. It's not even about me. Everyone in sight glares at me. Why does everyone hate me? I'm great! Our escort goes and says. "Girl time!" I don't know her name or care. She takes out a name and says "Silken Dimity". She walks up to the stage looking unhappy. I wonder why. Being on stage is great. Then the escort calls the boys name. WAIT! I have an idea. "I volenteer!" I say. Everyone cheers. Yay! They do love me. I hop on the stage and say. "I'm Cody. Cody Simpson." I then start singing a song I wrote and dance. I think I'm great. Everyone boos. They throw tomatoes at me. Rotten ones. Then Silken punches me in the face and knocks me out. But before I fall unconsious I see my dad in the crowd grinning. Is that good or bad?

Training Scores

Name Score

The Arena (what it looks like)

The Games

Victor's Interview

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