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  • KatnissLover13


    April 14, 2012 by KatnissLover13
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  • KatnissLover13

    The HungerY Games

    April 13, 2012 by KatnissLover13

    The Hungry Games

    I sat in the tree..hungry..waiting. the other districts were at the bottom…hungry. Suddently I heard a HUUUNNNGRRYY. From another tree. It was that pest bRUEm. She was saying HUNNGRRYY over and over and over and OVER to get my attention. Igave her a smile, then said SHUT UP UR GOING TO WAKE THE STUPID OTHER DISTRICTS! (since im bipolar) …which, weirdly woke them up…since im also stupid. I looked at them, but suddently I heard a WAHH HUNGRY! bRUEm fell fell out of the tree. Lickily she didn’t land on a knife…until she rolled over on one. Her last words were Hungry! Then she failed and said HUNNN…… we waited for the gry, but she never said the rest. We laughed together, then started to hurt from our giggles cause we were so …

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