Me and Peeta layed on the soft green grass that was once a bloody battlefield. "Katniss," said Peeta, sounding a little gloomy, "what Peeta?" "If we would of ate the berries, what do you think would of happend?" i went into a deep thought thinking of really, what IF we would of ate the berries. wpuld they saved us? would they just let us die? would they have i tie? "They would of, killed us." i thought of nothing else to say. he leaned over and looked at me. we kind of giggled. "Really Katniss, what would of happened?" "They would probably would of tried to save one of us, the best they really could." his smile turned into a frown. " Um, well, i would make them take you to get saved." i shook my head and smiled. "Peeta?" "yes Katniss?" "we would both go, or both die. Together. whether they would approved, or not,"

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