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    The 25th Quarter Quell

    December 1, 2012 by KatnissOdair

    1. No cussing/bullying, if you do, your character will instantly die, or will not be excepted.

    2. I will not except "on my profile", i want original characters.

    3. I AM IN DESPERATE NEED OF TRIBUTES, so feel free to submit as many as you want!!!

    4. Reservations will last for three days, unless you're the only one from your district that hasn't submitted your tribute, then I will open the spot up for anyone.

    5. if your character dies in the blood bath, dont get mad at me. Its the circle of life.

    6. Quarter Quell Catches: 6 Tributes from each district, no distinct number of boy and girl tributes, age range 8-21, no volunteers, and six victors.

    Much like my friend, CloveJohanna, the first person from each district to be submitted will get POV's. i …

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