Katniss Jane Mellark

aka Girl On Fire (Tay Tay)

  • I live in Panem (australia)
  • I was born on May 14
  • My occupation is Mockingjay (model)
  • I am Female
  • Katniss Jane Mellark

    Welcome to KJM's 144th Hunger Games!!! I havent done a games in ages as no-one would join and i forgot my password. Here are some simple things to  keep in mind. I am not very good at writing so please no hate.

    1. NO "ON MY PROFILES" i hate them and they are soooo annoying
    2. Tribute Limit is 2 per user
    3. if you reserve a tribute slot, you have 24-48 hours to have the tribute submitted or the slot will become vacant
    4. no perfect tributes. i will either give them a horrid weakness or kill them on Day 1. Im that evil







    Backstory(so i can do a POV):

    Lunaii/real photo:

    District / Gender Name Tribute Age Weapon Weakness(es) Strength(s) Appearance
    1 - Male

    1 - Female

    2 - Male

    2 - Female anna anna anna anna anna anna
    3 -…

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  • Katniss Jane Mellark

    These are some songs about the hunger game :) Enjoy

    • please comment with any song you wish to add to the HGS

    By Katniss Jane Mellark

    GALE: dont cha wish your boyfriend shot squirrels like me

    KATNISS: Gale, stop-

    GALE: dont cha wish your boy got all the girls like me

    KATNISS: Just-


    KATNISS: Pleas-


    PEETA: Dont cha wish you boyfriend was fun like me

    KATNISS: Oh god, not you too

    PEETA: Dont cha wish your boyfriend baked buns like me

    KATNISS: Peeta-


    KATNISS: Make it stop-


    FINNICK: When i walk through the arena

    KATNISS: Oh my gawd not you too

    FINNICK: This is what i see

    FINNICK: All the tributes stop and run away from me

    KATNISS: Why

    FINNICK: I got my trident in my hand and im not afraid to throw it

    FINNICK: …

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  • Katniss Jane Mellark


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  • Katniss Jane Mellark

    Welcome, these are the KJM Riddle games, these games are for Users to participate in riddles and the last person to answer is out! There will be 15 competitors and the games will begin once we have all spots filled. Good Luck

    Competitors Status in Games
    Thresh is Fresh -

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