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The 114th Hunger Games

Welcome Tributes!

Welcome to KJM's 144th Hunger Games!!! I havent done a games in ages as no-one would join and i forgot my password. Here are some simple things to  keep in mind. I am not very good at writing so please no hate.


  1. NO "ON MY PROFILES" i hate them and they are soooo annoying
  2. Tribute Limit is 2 per user
  3. if you reserve a tribute slot, you have 24-48 hours to have the tribute submitted or the slot will become vacant
  4. no perfect tributes. i will either give them a horrid weakness or kill them on Day 1. Im that evil

Tribute Template







Backstory(so i can do a POV):

Lunaii/real photo:


District / Gender Name Tribute Age Weapon Weakness(es) Strength(s) Appearance
1 - Male
1 - Female
2 - Male
2 - Female anna anna anna anna anna anna
3 - Male
3 - Female Reserved By PumPumPumpkin Reserved by pumpumpumpkin
4 - Male beetee 19 beetee19 beetee19 beetee19 beetee19 beetee19
4 - Female Nymph Meré 18 Poison, Throwing Axes -------------- ------------
Nymph Mere
5 - Male
5 - Female
6 - Male
6 - Female
7 - Male
7 - Female
8 - Male
8 - Female
9 - Male
9 - Female beetee19 beetee19 beetee19 beetee19 beetee19 beetee19
10 - Male
10 - Female
11 - Male
11 - Female anna anna anna anna anna anna
12 - Male
12 - Female

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