• Katniss the Destroyer

    Welcome to The 100th Annual Hunger Games. To celebrate, we will be having 48 tributes in this game. Your district is 5. Please proceed to Chapter 1 to select your training option. There is only one path per training option that will get you to true victory. Please note that this is not currently finished.

    You arrive in the Capitol and you have four training options to choose from. These options are knives, camoflauge, archery and cardio. Which option do you choose?

    If you choose knifes, proceed to chapter 7

    If you choose camoflauge, proceed to chapter 3

    If you choose archery, proceed to chapter x

    If you choose cardio, proceed to chapter x

    Unfortunately, the careers manage to hunt you down. You were quickly overpowered and bled out. I'm sorry, bu…

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