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  • I live in Ireland wait District 12! :)
  • I was born on March 29
  • My occupation is Still at stupid school :'( and Victor
  • I am a Girl!!!!
  • Katnissandpeeta4ever
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  • Katnissandpeeta4ever

    Chapter 1

    My name is Rue Mellark. I am 12 years old. My mother and father were in the hunger games when they were younger. They won it together. I was so proud of them when they had first told me that they had won. I have one little brother. His name is Gale. He is named after my mum's best friend, he is dead now though. My mum's name is Katniss and my dad's name is Peeta. People remember them obviousy as victors and by these nicknames : Girl on fire and The boy with the bread. I am named Rue because there was this little girl my mum knew from the games. They had been allys for awhile until the boy tribute from district 1 had killed her. I think his name was Marvel, but I'm not so sure. Today was my first ever reaping. I am so so so so so s…

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  • Katnissandpeeta4ever

    I'm gonna be making new story. I will tell you when I'm finished writing and I'll post it up here. =D Katnissandpeeta4ever 16:56, July 4, 2012 (UTC)Saoirse xxxxx

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  • Katnissandpeeta4ever
    1. Katniss = Jenifer Lawrence
    2. Peeta = Josh Hutcherson
    3. Gale = Liam Hemsworth
    4. Clove = Isabelle Fuhrman
    5. Cato = Alexander Ludwig
    6. Rue = Amanda Stenburg
    7. Marvel = Jack Quaid
    8. Thresh = Dayo Okeniyi
    9. Glimmer = Leven Rambin
    10. Foxface = Jacqueline Emerson
    11. Haymitch = Woody Harrelson
    12. Effie = Elizabeth Banles
    13. Prim = Willow Shields
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