Chapter 1

My name is Rue Mellark. I am 12 years old. My mother and father were in the hunger games when they were younger. They won it together. I was so proud of them when they had first told me that they had won. I have one little brother. His name is Gale. He is named after my mum's best friend, he is dead now though. My mum's name is Katniss and my dad's name is Peeta. People remember them obviousy as victors and by these nicknames : Girl on fire and The boy with the bread. I am named Rue because there was this little girl my mum knew from the games. They had been allys for awhile until the boy tribute from district 1 had killed her. I think his name was Marvel, but I'm not so sure. Today was my first ever reaping. I am so so so so so so nervous! My name has only been entered once into the reaping bowl, So as my daddy says The odds are I won't be picked. Lotty Rose will be announcing the 2 tributes from our district (12) as always. I wonder what colour her hir will be this year? Last year it was horrible mucus green! YUCK! Why couldn't it have been a nice colour like powder blue or poppy purple? I so don't get that woman. That morning my mum had pulled back my hair into 2 tight braids and made me put on my new baby blue frock with these horrible prissy shoes. I would have been much more comfortable in just my pants, jacket and my boots.I walked down to the village hand in hand with my daddy. He had always made me feel so safe with his ams around me or even just being by being at my side.Lotty Rose walked on to the stage. Her hair was pale pink this year. It was nice. Velcome, Velcome! To the 91st annual Hunger Games Reaping! May the odds be ever in your favour! Ladies first. I squeezed my dad's hand tight. She put her hand in to the reaping bowl and drew out a piece of paper. I closed my eyes. Rue Mellark she called. TO BE CONTINUED.............. By Saoirse :D

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