Hi, I'm Katrina Cahill (okay, practically that's obvious, but my bestie wants me to start out my first blogs in each wiki, so I promised to keep my word. . .so yeah, I'm Katrina Cahill blah, blah, blah) and I'm sort of new here.

Anyways, my first blogs are always so sucky. My first blog in PJOFF was why I made a new account because it got hacked. . .never mind about that. So don't expect much on this blog.

So, this blog is kind of like a link to two things in the Hunger Games Fanfiction Wiki, something I made myself, and I want you to see if it's good enough to make a part two.

So, for the character, she's the younger daughter of Katniss and Peeta Mellark (I tweaked it, so the girl's younger by three years :) whose name is Macie Mellark (Mace, originally, but, let's face it, Mace sucks, I just added the 'e'):

Macie Mellark

So, for the story, it's still under construction, I write it in my notebook so I can write in ideas during school, in the notebook, it's in Chapter Eight yet in the Wiki, it's in Chapter Five (Don't blame me, I need to review for school!)',' however, the plot's very clear:

The granddaughter of Snow has become the President when Macie was only 5, continuing the Hunger Games, Macie is 15, so it's the 86th. Macie's Dad - Peeta - went missing when she was 7 (explanation in Sparks Fly somewhere middle of the fanfic)' and Macie does not know the truth behind the 75th Hunger Games and Second Rebellion. She fell in love with Kirt Hawthorne ('youngest child of Annie to Gale, after being widowed by Finnick, Gale adopted Finnick and Annie's son) who was the District 2 male tribute, and she is the District 12 female tribute. By the time they make it to the Top 8 (with Kirt and Macie) Kirt is killed by the boy from District 8, unleashng Macie's hate. So, just read, update, comment, and I'll decide whether or not to continue.


Sparks Fly

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