You were mine

You made my day just by looking at me

You made feel like I could fly, like I could soar above the clouds

But something changed

Nothing was the same with you

You hurt me, you ripped out my heart and knocked me down

I am crushed, broken, I am not myself

You destroyed me

I am weak, I am helpless, I am nothing

I can never beat you

But you won't always win

Betrayed: By me and Thresh is Fresh

Have you ever felt betrayed?

You were a wasp

Your sting left me with swelling, tears, pain, and hatred

It changed me as will it change you

What started as "I love you" ended with "I hate you"

It is beyond me of how many sweet memories turned sour

Now the sun is cold

The birds won't sing

The winds will stop

And the world will go silent

Have you ever felt betrayed?

Ok this next one isn't by me it's by my friend but it deserves to be on here

The sky is pink, the grass is red, oh look, there's Peeta! Lying on the floor, dead.

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