Hello! I'm Kaylei or Marshmallow and this is my 2nd Hunger Games. My 1st sort of failed because no one joined, so if you joined, that would be cool. Okay, enough said, stay awesome!

The Basics of the Sunset Games

The Sunset Games basically makes it where every day at around 3:00 a.m, the arena changes. The tributes will stay in their positions, but the arena won't. If anyone if up when the arena is changing, they will be killed, so good luck. Also, there will be twice the tributes!


  • 8 tributes per a person
  • No HGRP Wiki links
  • No profiles
  • No advertising your games unless you have at least 2 tributes in my games
  • No hateful comments
  • Please fill out the whole Tribute Template
  • No twerking

Tribute Template

Name (First and Last):

Age (12-18):

District (1-12):

Gender (Male or Female):

Appearence (Lunaii Only):




Token (Optional):

Loved Ones (Optional):

Reaped or Volunteered:

Open to Alliance:

Open to Showmance:

The Tributes

District and Gender Name Age Weapon Strengths Weaknesses Token

Loved Ones

Reaping Alliance Showmance Placing
District 1 Male Denim Gold 18 Machete, Rocks Muscles, Flirting Not Being Treated 'Properly' None Mother Volunteered Careers Lily
District 1 Male Sparkle Smith 17 Spear, Axe Weapons, Fast, Smart Arrogant, Easily Hungered Gold Neck Band Parents, Dash, Tiara (Girlfriend) Volunteered Careers Yes (None So Far...)
District 1 Female Lily Moon 18 Spear, Bow Strong for Age, Plants, Career Type Sassy None Mom, Dad, Kelsi Volunteered Careers Denim
District 1 Female Trinity Stone 16 Blowgun, Throwing Knives Clever, Swift Not Remotely Strong, Hand-to-Hand Winged Pendant Made of Silver None Reaped Careers Griffin
District 2 Male Griffin Rollo 16 Sword Upper Body Strength, Muscle Long Range Combat None Darcy Volunteered Careers Trinity
District 2 Male Caiden Frost 16 Sword, Dagger, Throwing Knives Strong, cunning, fast, good at close combat and has accurate aim (Career type) Climbing, gets unnerved in small spaces, distrusting towards everyone Silver chain with his family crest given by his father Alex, Rowan (Best Friend) Volunteered Careers Darcy
District 2 Female Darcy Rollo 15 Throwing Knives, Bow Long and Mid Range Combat Picky Eater None Griffin Reaped Careers Caiden
District 2 Female Taya Gem 15 Bow Aim and Agility Swimming Heart Locket Gana Volunteered Careers Shark
District 3 Male Clay Barines 17 Crossbow Strong, Confident, Making Traps Fear of Fire, Jumpy, Misses Family A Clock Many Volunteered Careers Yes if Hot Girls (None So Far...)
District 3 Male Galileo Bell 15 Blowgun Smart, Fast, Aim Weak, Problem Socializing Scarf Parents Reaped Anti-Careers No
District 3 Female Irie Monarch 17 Quarter Staff, Knives Creating Things, Aim Swords, Maces, Getting Distracted Goggles None Reaped Maybe No
District 3 Female Aspen Harris 15 Axe, Blowgun Climbing, Hand-to-Hand, Stealth Her Family Locket Her Grandmother Gave Her Before She Died Siblings and Other Family Volunteered Careers Maybe (Only if it Saves Her)
District 4 Male Shark Waters 17 Trident Fishing, Killing Deserts, Climbing Trees

Fish Locket With Pearl

Halley Volunteered Careers Taya
District 4 Male Kodai Hitogoroshi 17 Dagger, Teeth, Poison, Strangling Fast, Human Weak Spots, Planning Attacks Loud, Insane, Dodging Ranged Attacks Necklace Decorated with Pineapple Leaves None Reaped Anti-Careers Sorcera
District 4 Female Librae Spectral 17 Trident, Mace, Dagger Speed, Great with Multiple Weapons Long Range Combat None None Reaped Careers Hunter
District 4 Female Katrina Jenings 17 Trident, Snares, Hand-to-Hand Survival Skill, Close-Quarter Combat


Cord Around Neck None Reaped Careers No
District 5 Male Shade Spectrus 15 Dagger, Crossbow, Traps Skilled, Traps, Sane Too Independant Necklace with Thunderbolt Spectri Reaped Anti-Careers Duskus
District 5 Male Frade Spectrus 14 Dagger, Crossbow, Mind Games, Traps, Throwing Knives Plotting Attacks, Using Weapons, Eduring Hunger, Scaring People Obsession with Demons and Mythical Creatures Makes Him No Better Than An Autistic Child Pentagram Pin Devil Reaped Anti-Careers No
District 5 Female Sorcera Spectrus 17 Dagger, Crossbow, Poison, Throwing Knives Skilled, Poisons, Desirable Body Skank, Too Confident, Bossy, Stalks People She is Fond of Skull Hairpins Spectri Reaped Anti-Careers Kodai
District 5 Female Tiara Spectrus 13 Dagger, Crossbow, Sickle, Slingshot, Traps Deceiving, Good Liar, Aim, Stealing Young, Over Confident, Weaker Than Older Tributes Skull Hairpins Spectri Reaped Careers Fake Interest in Enemies
District 6 Male Pepper Jones 14 Axe Close Range Battle Arrogant Blue Bracelet None Reaped Anti-Careers No
District 6 Male Blade Spectrus 12 Crossbow, Hidden Blades Fast, Small, Strong for Age Jumpy, Paranoid, Slurred Voice Picture of Family Many Reaped Anti-Careers Yes (None So Far...)
District 6 Female Kiva Bowler 14 Bow, Dagger Smart, Sneaky Shy, Small, Cry-Baby None Mother and 3 Sisters Reaped District 6 Yes, But Not Likely
District 6 Female Juno  Jet 12 Throwing Knives Fast Runner, Smarts, Strength Brat, Tends to Take Control, Anger Pearl Bracelet Father, Nicki Volunteered District 6 No
District 7 Male Hunter Woodling 18 Throwing Axe, Axe Long, Mid, and Short Distance Combat Brothers and Sisters Family Photo 6 Sisters and 3 Brothers Volunteered for Brother Careers Librae
District 7 Male Mist Scorchill 14 Axe/Tomahawk, Dagger, Hidden Blade Skilled, Need to Win and Fight Provoked Easily, Temper A pocketwatch chain that his ancestor used in the civil war None Reaped Anti-Careers Lumina and Duskus
District 7 Female Lumina Spectrus 14 Dagger, Crossbow, Axe/Tomahawk, Darts Skill, Combat, Dodging, Kind, Lovable Easy to Push Around, Get Losts in Thought, Daydreaming Notebook Spectri Reaped Anti-Careers Mist
District 7 Female Duskus Sinrood 16 Smoke Bombs, Throwing Knives Throwing Knives, 'Cute Charm' Timid, No Self-Confidence, Panic When Alone White Scark She Knit None Reaped Anti-Careers Mist
District 8 Male Switch Twine 16 Knife Agile, Strong, Limber Risky, Swimming, Ranged Weaponry Pearl Gem Pendant Many Rigged (Reaped) Weaklings Yes (None So Far...)
District 8 Male Radha MacDermount 17 Needles, Knife Fast, Killer Instinct, Strong Dumb, Easily Bored Coat Father Volunteered Anti-Careers Yes (None So Far...)
District 8 Female Galina Sharven 17 Throwing Needles, Temper Fast, Strong, Smart, Hiding Elusive, Temper, Autism, ADHD None None Forced Volunteer Careers No
District 8 Female Lacey Harper 17 Short Sword Manipulative, Fast, Agile, Close Combat Often hates most people, Paranoia in the Dark A piece of light blue fabric ripped from her father's shirt. Father, Mother, Rollag (her boyfriend) Reaped None No
District 9 Male Chip Taiga 15 Axe Aim, Bloodshed, Good with Alliances Screwed without Weapon, Weak, Slow Swimmer A Stick Father, Mother, Coral (Deceased Brother) Volunteered to Revenge Brother District 9 Males Maybe
District 9 Male Clockwork Clockson 16 Double Knives Speed, Agile, Strong, Fast Reflex Swimming, Ticking from Pocket Watch Pocket Watch in Eye Ark, Sharpe, Halloween Volunteered District 9 Males No
District 9 Female Marina McMan 14 Sword, Spiked Whip Athletic, Swimming, Natural Killer Not Friendly, Deep Sleeper, Ignorant None Mother Volunteered None No
District 9 Female Atla Gillson 15 Any Sword Fast, Strong, Swords Dumb, Ignorant, Fear of Bugs Golden Pin None Reaped Careers No
District 10 Male Baron Cronin 18 Sickle Fast, Strong, Brave Killing Young Tributes Necklace From Uncle Siblings Reaped Weaklings No
District 10 Male Calton Butch 15 Hatchet Strong, Flora and Fauna, Swimming Climming, Stiff, Trust None Many Reaped Weaklings Yes (None So Far...)
District 10 Female Missy Teagle 14 Throwing Knives Stealth, Intelligence Strength, Close Combat Dog's Collar Grandmother and Dog Reaped No No
District 10 Female Solstace Alabaster 15 Crossbow Aim, Agilty Strength, Camouflage Headband Brother Reaped Careers Possibly (None So Far...)
District 11 Male Dann Collins 18 Scythe Strong, Endurance, Ignores Hunger Slow, Climbing Apple Denn Volunteered Collins Alliance No

District 11 Male

Denn Collins 18 Sickle, Baton Strong, Endurance, Plants Slow, Swimming Orange Dann Volunteered Collins Alliance Secret With Solstace
District 11 Female Marie Yiresly 13 N/A Cute, Witty, Fast Weak, Curious First Scarf Mother Reaped Anti-Careers No
District 11 Female Lauretta Imuze 17 Slingshot, Knife, Axe Stealth, Agility, Contortionist Shy, Fear of Dying, Leaving Family Flower Mom, Dad, 10 Siblings Reaped Careers Yes (None So Far...)

District 12 Male

Luke Torres 17 Blowgun Building, Quick on Feet, Muscular, Tall Shy Lucky Shirt Mae Reaped Careers Katy
District 12 Male Darni Fowl 18 Bow Manipulative Hunting Animals None None Reaped Weaklings Yes (None So Far...)
District 12 Female Mabel 'Mae' Torres 13 Spear Social, Quick on Feet, Tall for Age Weak, Too Social, Bit Too Sassy Necklace, Earrings, Hairclip Luke Reaped Careers Yes (None So Far...)
District 12 Female Katy Rose 13 Spear Strong for Age, Sneaky Small for Age, Considered a 'Baby' Grandmother's Compass Mom, Dad, Mason Reaped Careers Luke




Taya Gem (2), Lily Moon (1), Librae Spectral (4), Caiden Frost (2), Denim Gold (1), Shark Waters (4), Griffin Rollo (2), Darcy Rollo (2), Trinity Stone (1), Galina Sharven (8), Hunter Woodling (7), Clay Barines (3), Solstace Alabaster (10), Tiara Spectrus (5), Katrina Jenings (4), Aspen Harris (3), Luke Torres (12), Mae Torres (12), Katy Rose (12), Sparkle Smith (1), Atla Gillson (9), Lauretta Imuze (11)

Anti-Careers Alliance

Lumina Spectrus (7), Mist Scorcill (7), Pepper Jones (6), Blade Spectrus (6), Diskus Sinrood (7), Shade Spectrus (5), Sorcera Spectrus (5), Frade Spectrus (5), Radha MacDermount (8), Galileo Bell (3), Marie Yiresley (11), Kodai Hitgoroshi


Barin Cronin (10), Calton Butch (10), Switch Twine (8), Darni Fowl (12)

Collins Alliance

Dann Collins (11) and Denn Collins (11)

District 6 Alliance

Kiva Bowler (6) and Juno Jet (6)

District 9 Male Alliance

Chip Taiga (9) and Clockwork Clockson (9)


  1. Taya Gem (2) and Shark Waters (4)
  2. Lily Moon (1) and Denim Gold (1)
  3. Darcy Rollo (2) and Caiden Frost (2)
  4. Librae Spectral (4) and Hunter Woodling (7)
  5. Lumina Spectrus (7), Diskus Sinrood (7), and Mist Scorchill (7)
  6. Sorcera Spectrus (5) and Kodai Hitogoroshi (4)
  7. Katy Rose (12) and Luke Torres (12)
  8. Trinity Stone (1) and Griffin Rollo (2)

Training Scores

Name Score
Denim Gold
Sparkle Smith
Lily Moon
Trinity Stone
Griffin Rollo
Caiden Frost
Darcy Rollo
Taya Gem
Clay Barines
Galileo Bell
Irie Monarch
Aspen Harris
Shark Waters
Kodai Hitgoroshi
Librae Spectral
Katrina Jenings
Shade Spectrus
Frade Spectrus
Sorcera Spectrus
Tiara Spectrus
Pepper Jones
Blade Spectrus
Kiva Bowler
Juno Jet

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