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  • I live in Washington
  • My occupation is A HONORS STUDENT!!!!!!!!
  • I am Female
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    1. Tributes Must Fit Template
    2. Tributes Must Only Be Posted By Users
    3. Please Read The Rules
    4. Don't Hate Kittens
    5. Remember, The Cookie Monster Was Turned Green And Called The Broccoli Monster
    6. If You Hate, I Got A Catch Phrase Ready For You
    7. Reservations Last 3 Days

    Past Victors

    • Name
    • District
    • Gender
    • Age (20-50)
    • Personality
    • Weapon
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses/Allergies
    • Turned To Anything
    • Family/Friends/Enemies
    • Games Won
    • How They Won
    • Appearence (Lunaii Prefered)

    District Gender Name Age Weapon Strengths Weaknesses Allergies Family Friends Enemies User
    1 F Shimmer Backstab 19 Bow Aim, Running, Killing Being Held Back None Turner, Brother Chris Sheilds She's a Career! Kayleigh Rockstar
    1 M Chris Sheilds 28 Knives Aim, Speed, Killing Hiding None, Turned To Drugs Brittany, Sister Shimm…

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    You may post now, but I probably will not start writing for another week because of my 125th Hunger Games.

    1. New Tributes Please! I Will Not Accept Any Tributes That Were In My 125th Hunger Games!
    2. Don't Cuss Or Criticize My Work!
    3. Don't Ask For POV's!
    4. It's Very Likely Your Tribute Will Die, So Get Over It!
    5. I Won't Be Doing Reapings Or Training Sessions For These!
    6. I Will Only Be Doing Training Scores And Games!
    7. Only Users May Post Tributes!
    8. People From My Last Games May Post 10 Tributes!

    48 tributes, 13-18

    Name (Your nickname or name):



    Age (User Age)(13-18)




    Family and Friends:



    Appearence (Lunaii, Please)

    Name District Gender Age Weapon Strengths Weaknesses Token Personality User
    1 Male

    1 Male

    1 Female

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    May 9, 2013 by Kayleigh Rockstar

    Hi, I am Kayleigh. My friends off of this wiki call me, KK. I don't have any friends on this wiki. None. And I want to be friends with some of you guys. You guys are nice. I met AxedFox yesterday and EmpressOreo. But I need actual friends, because we never became friends. It would be nice to have some on this wiki. If I get enough, I may even make a blog devoted to my Wikia friends. Maybe. It would be nice. If you want to be my friend, then thank you, but if you don't then you don't get to be an amazing person's friend. And me not trying to force.

    Kayleigh Rockstar (talk) 15:28, May 9, 2013 (UTC)

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    I fold my hands across my lap. Maybe, I won't get picked. Maybe, I will and I'll deal with it. I'm Julianna Greenlan. I'm 13. Grandmother, Father, and Mother won the Hunger Games. So did my brothers, Brick, Hilgo, and Lightric. I live on the edge of District 7. Mother and Hilgo died in a car accident a week ago. Grandmother died of old age and Father died of Lung Disorder. I flip over so I'm on my stomach. I stuff my pillow in my face, muting the cries. The one room house is miserable. One giant cot on the floor with blankets and pillows on one side and a stove on the other. Brick awakes and shakes me to see if I'm awake.

    "You promised you wouldn't volunteer today. Do you still keep your promise?" His 15 year old blue eyes gleam from the su…

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    Name District Gender Age Weapon Strengths Weaknesses Fears Status
    Victoriana "V" Sylvester DEAD 1 F 18 Throwing Knifes, Bow Speed, Aim, Climbing Loud, Lies, Hates Light Water, Spiders Alive
    Bline Carassa DEAD 1 M 18 Machete, Sword, Spear, Dagger, Knife Strong, Fast, Hand to Hand Combat, Cliffs Sadist, Cocky, Doesn't Know How To Be Hungry None Alive
    Lillian Trials DEAD 2 F 14 Mace Plants, Speed, Hiding Laughs When Lies Snakes, Heights Alive
    Sam Davie DEAD 2 M 16 Axe Quick, Light Fighting Spiders, Rabid Dogs Alive
    Zandralen "Z" Wether 3 F 13 Knife and Wire Smarts, Speed Is Tiny Spiders and Dying Alive
    Calvex "Vex" Chopperwood 3 M 13 Electronical Current Cambatant, Solving Puzzles Overly Protective Losing Elly-Ivy, Birds, Dying Alive
    Artimus "Ari" Vertino DE…

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