Good day Panem!

There are 72 tributes in 1 arena! Fighting to the death on live television! This time District 13 is gone for sure! The trbutes will be thrown into an outdoor arena, where they struggle to overcome both man and nature, and triumph over the odds. 3 brave young men and 3 brave young women are offered up to fight in a pageant of honor, courage, and sacrifice. The tributes are between the ages of 8 to 18! There is a new anthem! Still Got You by Alice Christine!

My Rules

  1. No rude comments, although I do take suggestions, corrections, or if you want me to change something a little bit I will
  2. Reservations last until all other tribute spaces are closed
  3. For appearences, I perfer lunaiis, but if you don't know how I will use one of mine that fits the discreption
  4. Using grammar and proper english corrections I am fine with, but I recently saw this on a page "You know you need to work on your grammar and spelling, that is my peice of advise for you." and I don't want you guys to do this
  5. I do old fashion picking (from a hat) and it is all random!
  6. If your tribute dies this time you can repost him/her on my next games (let's say she/he was revived)
  7. I take advice for tributes: before the bloodbath, after day 1, day 2, day 3, at the end of everyday, but not in the middle
  8. More tributes mean more feasts so watch carefully, because your tributes may need something crucial.
  9. Sponser gifts (up to 2 a day)

Tribute Template

As any tributes as you want!








Recemmended alliance (RA)

Family and Freinds (FAF)

Token (choice)

Interview angle (IA)

appearence (lunaii perferred, but if not I can make one)


D1-12 Name Gender

Age 8 to 18

Weapon (s) Strength (s) Weakness (es) RA



1 Sean Farmsworth M 18 sword running, swimming sister, climbing sister
1 Marshall Backstab M 9 bow and arrow climbing, running stupid people careers mom, dad, brother rude
1 Posting... M
1 Isabella Farmsworth F 17 mace running, climbing strength, height brother sapphire necklace
1 Rifter Seedling F 17 sword strong slow, dim, simpleminded careers
1 Sapphire Schine F 16 sword, axe, knives flexible, agility, hypnotizes and charms people fear of dying, insomic, dyslestic, and ADHD careers
2 Burt Ryan M 17 bow and arrow saving loved ones, running, swimming climbing, mountains, his crush (Annabelle)
2 Wyate Boar M 14 knives running, protecting mutts careers mom, gma, cousin
2 Mason Underwood M 18 sword killing climbing careers mother
2 Kayleigh Rock F 10 knives, bow and arrow mostly everything stupid people careers mom, dad, and gma, cousin pink string with rocks attached cute
2 Onyx "Nyx" Eboni F 12 spear, knives quick, agile, strong, feirce, climbing swimming, hostile, stubborn, untrustworthy careers big and lots bloodred ruby from father's victor crown cold, fearless, intimidating
2 Annabelle Herring F 16 axe strength, climbing, swimming running, heights, crush (Burt)
3 Zealot Midnight M 17 traps, elecrocution, knives, spears clever, strong, fast mutts
3 M
3 M
3 F
3 F
3 F
4 Reserve M
4 Posting M
4 M
4 Vera Flapper F 16 trident, axe strong, cunning unsocial, cruel careers threatening
4 Lemonade "Addie" Icyna F 14 trident, spear stealth, climbing, leadership, swimming, running spiders, loud
4 Clefter Dawn F 14 club, axe fast, skilled, smart, strong underestimates, spontaneous, bit too daring and gutsy
5 M
5 M
5 M
5 Jennika Flirshken F 15 axe acrobatic, flexible not very strong quiet
5 Reserve F
5 F
6 M
6 M
6 M
6 F
6 F
6 F
7 Grievous M 12 scythe, chain, awl, and axe strong, smart, great with bombs and tech work not very fast speaks seldom
7 M
7 M
7 Reserve F
7 Grind F 16 scythe, chain, awl, and axe strong, smart, great with bombs and tech work sensitive speaks seldom
7 F
8 M
8 M
8 M
8 Olga Farley F 17 sword, awl, axe smart, fast, strong clumsy, unsocial, bit bossy speaks seldom
8 Annie Heart F 12 sword killing careers none
8 Reserve F
9 M
9 M
9 M
9 Reserve F
9 Reserve F
9 F
10 M
10 M
10 M
10 Kylie Calhoun F 17 knives, spear climbing, fast, strong swimming, gullible any aunt, friend Zoey flower necklace tough, emotionless
10 Seeker Ameryllis F 16 chain strong, fast, cunning, finding things cant except defeat, blind in one eye
10 F
11 Pyro Lubrica M 18 fire, bombs strong, smart slow
11 M
11 M
11 Angelica Renotto F 12 slingshot plants and hiding tributes
11 Reserve F
11 F
12 Cluster Houndstooth M 18 hands strongest tribute, huge hands stupid intimidate others by talking in a deep voice
12 Ashton Cross M 14 kunai, kusarigama, blowdarts, stealth stealth, speed, agility, smarts, silence
12 M
12 Reserve F
12 Ann Reed F 11 bow and arrow archery, hiding, climbing, running mutts
12 Posting F

Tribute Pictures

  • Sean Farnsworth D1
  • Jay Nighton D1
  • Isabella Farnsworth D1
  • Sapphire Schine D1
  • Rifter Seedling D1
  • Wyate Boar D2
  • Burt Ryan D2
  • Mason Underwood D2
  • Annabelle Herring D2
  • Onyx "Nyx" Eboni D2
  • Kayleigh Rock D2
  • Zealot Midnight D3
  • Jesse Dawn D4
  • Lemonade Icyna D4
  • Vera Flapper D4
  • Clefter Dawn D4
  • Jennika Flirshken D5
  • Grievous D7
  • Grind D7
  • Olga Farley D8
  • Annie Heart D8
  • Kylie Calhoun D10
  • Seeker Ameryllis D10
  • Pyro Lubrica D11
  • Angelica Renotto D11
  • Cluster Houndstooth D12
  • Ashton Cross D12
  • Ann Reed D12


District1 Obsessed -  D7F, D12F

Katniss992710 - D5F, D9F, D4M


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