Name District Gender Age Weapon Strengths Weaknesses Fears Status
Victoriana "V" Sylvester DEAD 1 F 18 Throwing Knifes, Bow Speed, Aim, Climbing Loud, Lies, Hates Light Water, Spiders Alive
Bline Carassa DEAD 1 M 18 Machete, Sword, Spear, Dagger, Knife Strong, Fast, Hand to Hand Combat, Cliffs Sadist, Cocky, Doesn't Know How To Be Hungry None Alive
Lillian Trials DEAD 2 F 14 Mace Plants, Speed, Hiding Laughs When Lies Snakes, Heights Alive
Sam Davie DEAD 2 M 16 Axe Quick, Light Fighting Spiders, Rabid Dogs Alive
Zandralen "Z" Wether 3 F 13 Knife and Wire Smarts, Speed Is Tiny Spiders and Dying Alive
Calvex "Vex" Chopperwood 3 M 13 Electronical Current Cambatant, Solving Puzzles Overly Protective Losing Elly-Ivy, Birds, Dying Alive
Artimus "Ari" Vertino DEAD 4 F 15 Staff, Nets Nets, Fishing, Spear Friendships with Other Tributes Being Cornered, Small Spaces Alive
Kajal Fischer DEAD 4 M 18 Spear Combat, Confident, Agile Lack of Judgement, Overconfidence Losing Girlfriend and Family, Snakes Alive
Fasion Hydro DEAD 5 F 14 Bow and Arrows Fast, Plants, Aim, Climbing Swimming Older Kids Alive
Ramp Alleywood DEAD 5 M 17 Bow and Arrows Stealth, Speed, Sight, Smell, Swimming, Agility Allergic to Peanuts and Butter Chipmunks and Squirels Alive

Tundra Soul


6 F 16 Bow, Blowgun Aim, Plants Limp In Left Leg, Swimming Cold Alive
Tanner Mustang DEAD 6 M 15 Hooked Knife Strong, Attractive, Lying, Cunning
Conceded, Arrogant, Selfish, Dim, Vain, Getting What He Wants
People Figuring Him Out, Big Animals, People being Immune To His Looks Alive
Aurora Waters DEAD 7 F 17 Dagger Beauty, Gathering, Berries Trust Issues Death, Drowning Alive
Madur Gutter DEAD 7 M 15 Bow  and Arrows Aim, Strong, Fast Girls, Plants, Swimming Girls, Drowning Alive
Bridie Crewe DEAD 8 F 15 Blowgun, Darts, Plants, Knives Small, Nimble, Flexible, Persuasive Girl Small, Not Very Confident Being Tied Up, Thunder, Lightning, Small Spaces, Heights Alive
Aden Hanran DEAD 8 M 18 Sword Reflexes, Agility, Fast, Fighting Relies On Instincts, Naive, Slow Getting What He Wants, Dying, Losing, Losing His Family Alive
Lightra Uiy DEAD 9 F 12 Axe Tiny, Hiding Aim, Giggles Alot Lightning, Thunder Alive

Jes Greenlees


9 M 18 Dagger, Machete Strong, Hunting, Swimming Plants, Slow Dying, Heights Alive

Killian Childress


10 F 16 Daggers, Bow and Arrows Camouflage, Persuasive, Cunning, Intelligent Climbing, Traps, Weather Changes Pitch Black Dark, Large Animals Alive
Arkas Voylen DEAD 10 M 18 Axe Large Endurance, Fast, Daring No Endurance, Hunting, Plants Fire, Pitch Black Dark Alive
Siela Pup DEAD 11 F 12 Blow Gun Hiding, Plants, Climbing Weak, Small, Careers Careers and Mutts Alive
Bruno Jupiter DEAD 11 M 17 Bow and Arrows Plants, Hiding Listening, Slow Spiders, Water Alive
Robin Smoke 12 F 14 None Running, Hiding, Plants Weak, Small Things Under Surface Of Water Alive
Shen Loren DEAD 12 M 15 Kunai, Knife Stamina, Attack, Agility, Healing, Camouflage Worst At Making Friends Heights, Snakes Alive


Each part is a different theme, alot like the 75th Hunger Games. Each lasts for 6 hours. There is 5 sections, cornocopia and the other 4 time sections.

Section 1: Sand Dunes and Cacti

Section 1 Mutts: A creature who blends into the sand during day, but freezes at night. He can jump on tributes from 30 feet away! He can only jump, so if you run towards him and he lunges for you, he'll over jump. Tiny reptiles that are part lizard, part snake. They grow back their tails and bite you with venom.

Section 2: Mountains

Section 2 Mutts: A big gray spike with tiny orange spikes. They move slowly and poke you, drawing little blood. And pink mountain lions that will catch on fire when you look into their eyes. They also will throw fire if provoked.

Section 3: Forest

Section 3 Mutts: Human looking lions covered in jewelery and dresses. They act like the tributes and can reform themselves into tributes.

Section 4: Everything Is Concrete, Buildings, Ground, And Everything Else

Section 4 Mutts: Giant spiders that crawl quickly. They are almost impossible to outrun.

District Female Outfit Male Outfit # On Back
1 Pink undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots Red undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots 1
2 Pink undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots Red undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots 2
3 Pink undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots Red undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots 3
4 Pink undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots Red undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots 4
5 Pink undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots Red undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots 5
6 Pink undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots Red undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots 6
7 Pink undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots Red undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots 7
8 Pink undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots Red undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots 8
9 Pink undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots Red undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots 9
10 Pink undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots Red undershirt and pants, black jacket and pants 10
11 Pink undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots Red undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots 11
12 Pink undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots Red undershirt and pants, black jacket and boots 12

Tributes Pictures

Announcement, Typed out Detail

President Rainer steps on stage grinning and grabs the mic. " Welcome families of Panem! This year's Quarter Quell Twist will be announced later, but for now I will update you." He says adjusting his eye glasses and flattening is puffed hair. " There has been outbreaks in Districts 3, 6, 8, 10, and 11. Although, they all have surrendered, so don't think about joining them!" He screams waving his hand rapidly. As a Capitol woman and her son stand up. " Can't you give them a chance?" says the little boy. The mother screams as the boy falls to the ground and she is shot. President Rainer smiles and begins speaking again. " Anyways, on the 25th Hunger Games or the First Quarter Quell, as a reminder to the rebels that their children were dying because of their choice to initiate violence, every District was made to hold an election and vote on the tributes who would represent it. That year a girl from District 2, named Golde Hiltery, won the Quell. She won by beheading the District 1 male! On the 50th Hunger Games or the Second Quarter Quell, as a reminder that two rebels died for every Capitol citizen, every District was required to send twice as many tributes. That year a boy from District 12, named Haymitch Abernathy, won the Quell. He won by using a forcefield to bounce the District 1's axe back into her head! On the 75th Hunger Games or the Third Quarter Quell, as a reminder to the rebels that even the strongest among them cannot overcome the power of the Capitol, the male and female tributes will be reaped from their existing pool of victors. Sadly, those games were canceled, but six people got out. District 2's Enobaria, District 3's Beetee, District 4's Finnick, District 7's Johanna, and District 12's Peeta and Katniss. On the 100th Hunger Games or the Fourth Quarter Quell, as a reminder that because of their actions children lost their family, there would be only one tribute from each District instead of two. That year a girl from District 5, named Yolana Hun, won the Quell. She won by pushing the District 7 female off a cliff where she cracked her head open." He pauses, he should be after all that talking. A little girl in a white dress walks up and gives him a card marked 125. " On the 125th Hunger Games or the Fifth Quarter Quell, as a reminder that you rebels were torn apart, the tributes will be sent into an arena with four parts. Every six hours a part will have a wall put around it." He says and walks away waving. A girl far away in District 7, named Kayleigh Woods sits next to her older sister Bella. They both looked terrified and both get into bed and try to sleep. It never happens.

District 1's Reaping

Narrator: Bline Carassa

I get up to Jessica shoving my shoulder. " Why are you still here?" " I woke up here!" she screams, getting dressed. " Lucky you, you brought clothes for today." I say. Her blonde hair is shaking as she slips on her white dress. "Bline! It's only a couple minutes before the reaping!" she screams and grabs my hand as I throw on my shirt. We run out. I'm so mad at Iron and Steel. They didn't even try to wake me up! I run to the square, losing Jessica. She's so slow, I can't wait to trade her out for another after the games. I prick my finger and rush in just as the video ends. On the bright side I didn't have to listen to the escort blab on. Our escort isn't very organized, you can tell, because kids just volunteer without her even picking a bowl. " I volunteer!" I scream rudely, shoving others out of the way. A girl my age does the same. We both get on to the stage and the escort asks us what our names are. " Bline. Bline Carassa. I thought you knew that." I say, crossing my arms across my chest. "V. Victoriana Sylvester." she says not showing any emotion. Wow, she must be a good liar.

District 2's Reaping

Narrator: Lillian Trails

I wake up as a brick flies through my window, I scream as a figure climbs through the window. The person takes off its hood, to reveal my best friend, June. " June!" I yell. " What? We planned this!" " Ya, but not for you to break my window and climb through it!" She shrugs and looks through my closet. " You should be wearing a purple dress this year." she says as she throws a purple dress on to my bed. " Blue shoes and charm bracelet?" " Sure." I answer and I get dressed. I look through my closet and pick out an orange dress, gray shoes, and silver necklace with a tiny gray flower. She puts them on and turns. " Cute." " You look nice, too." We each grab a banana and we rush out the door. We talk about boys and volunteering. We reach the square and the all red escort is testing the mic. We laugh as a little girl trips and rips her dress. " June, are you volunteering, too?" "No, I want to wait a couple years." Good, because I am. Our escort skips the video and picks a girl. "I volunteer!" I scream out. I run up. " What's your name?" " Lillian Trails." " Well, you just volunteered for yourself." " I don't care." Then, she notices who I am. " Sorry, ma'am." She reaches into the boy's bowl. A 16 year old boy walks up saying, "I volunteer." lazily. Then I notice a tiny gray flower, on a silver chain on the stage. I look out to June and she smiles. I grab it and put it on. I throw my bracelet out to the crowd. She catches it and puts it on. "What's your name young man?" " Sam Davie." His brother won a couple years ago. Well, my great-grandmother won.

District 3's Reaping

Narrator: Zandralen "Z" Wether

I sit on my bed, thinking about the Reaping. Last year, a girl my age, from my district, got decapitated in the first couple minutes. But, what's the chance that I would get picked or Fir, to volunteer for me. Fir, my older sister, was still asleep. Lucky her, this is her last year and she can't wait for the day to end. Neither can I. Fir told our parents that she was part of the rebellion last night and was sent to bed early. Father works as a tech for the Capitol and just walked out of the house. Probably, went out and drinked. My mother comes in and gets out my gray, faded dress. I slip on the old, used to be white shoes as well. Mother woke up Fir and sent me out. I saw a tray filled with Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins from Mother's bakery. Yum. I grab three and begin to eat them. No one can stop me. Wait, am I actually happy? On such a horrible day? Fir comes stomping in and she plops herself on my seat, pushing me off. "Really? What the heck, Fir?" I scream at her. She glances at me and begins to eat a muffin. She sets it down and begins to yell, "Ya, like I refer to you Z! Or should I call you Zandralen? Either way, shut up!" I roll my eyes. Although she isn't acting like she usually does, but I ignore it. "You're more peaceful in your sleep." I say. She shoots me a glance as I reset my stuff up in a different spot. Mother comes in smiling, then she sees the mess. "She did it!" we both say pointing to eachother. "If I get reaped, then you won't volunteer, will you?" I ask. "No, I won't. Why should I put myself in danger because of you?" "You already put yourself in danger, becoming a rebel." I say. She gets up and walks out. I miss her sweetness. I follow, Mother holding my hand. When we reach the Square, I notice we're one of the last ones. I still don't see Father. Where is he? I get my finger pricked and I walk to my section. A girl shoves me to the ground. Into the dirt. I brush as much as I can off. I don't even pay attention to the escort and the video. I look up to the stage as the escort reaches for the girl's bowl. I cross my fingers as she picks a card. She frowns as she notices this girl is a young one. "Zandralen Wether!" she calls out. Oh. I walk up on to the stage and she reaches for the boy's bowl. Her yellow hair flopping back and forth. She picks a card and I can see the name. Calvex? That kid is in my grade. Who cares? "Calvex Chopperwood!" she calls out. The boy who walks up is the same guy who bumped into me at school last week! Not like I'm going to kill him for that though, I need an alliance.

District 4's Reaping

Narrator: Kajal Fischer

I wake up to a loud bang coming from the kitchen. My parents have been fighting, so if I volunteer and win, it might restore the family. I get dressed and grab a peice of bread and run out the door. I meet my girlfriend at her house. She looks nice, in her pink dress. She's all cheery and happy, like most people in District 4. Then, I remember the bombs we could see from District 3. They should have just kept happy, like us. I come inside and grab a piece of coffee cake. It's soooo delicious. I feel like telling her about me volunteering, but I'll just have to wait. We walk out, hand in hand, and then I tell her. "I'm going to volunteer, okay?" "Are you crazy? You knew I was going to volunteer and why?" "So, I can restore my family and I'll promise to win." "You win." she says. We continue talking and we soon reach the square. We prick our fingers and our hands slip apart as we walk into different sections. The escort is an old man with wrinkles and thining, red hair. Oh, jeez. He shows the dumb video and gives us a speech about our mentor, Crystall, who won three years ago. Big whoop. He reaches for the girl's bowl and I look at the girls, seeing the ones would volunteer and who wouldn't. He doesn't even get the words out and a girl in the front, an eighteen year old girl, comes running up screaming,"I VOLUNTEER!" Wow, her black and brown hair bounces up and down as she reaches the stage. " What's your name young lady?" "Artimus Vertino." I don't allow him to even open the card. "I volunteer!" I call out, beating everybody. When I get up I notice my mother, shaking her head and my father, sighing. Almost as to say, " Now, you're going to die."

District 5's Reaping

Narrator: Ramp Alleywood

Rosey awakes and shoves me up. Then the Orphanage Instructer comes in screaming holding pots and pans. We all get dressed as fast as we can, we brush our teeth and hair. We then rush into the kitchen and prepare the porridge. Eck. I plug my nose as I begin to cook. Gosh, does that stink. Rosey is putting the thing of slop onto a plates, I grab one and sit down with her. " This is disgusting. Worse than the escort's fluffy, rainbow covered, frilly coat she wears." Rosey says as she makes a face. I laugh. " Ya, nothing is that bad." We finish and I head out, Rosey on my heels. She skips to catch up with me. I laugh and slow my walk. I look at our old, faded rags. They never buy new ones, never. We reach the square and we separate. I prick my finger. I wonder where Rosey went. I walk to the second to the closest section to the stage. 17 year old boys. I hear giggling and can see pointing. Long, pointy fingers, pointing to me. I frown, but it doesn't matter. The escort comes on, same jacket, different hair, again. " I'm doing boys first!" she screams as if we didn't notice her walking towards the boy's bowl. She grabs a slip with a corner ripped off, one of mine had a corner ripped off! I close my eyes, hoping somebody else did, too. " Ramp Alleywood!" She jumps up like the popular girls do in the videos we watch at school. I walk up and I catch Rosey's eye. A look of terror. I watch our escort walk over and pull a piece of paper out of the girl's bowl. " Fasion Hydro!" she screams. A girl who was looking down, is shoved towards the aisle way. The girl walks up. Her short hair blows aside to reveal a scar at the bottom of her face. I'm going to have to ask her later, must have been a fight.

District 6's Reaping

Narrator: Tundra Soul

A gunshot is heard, followed by a scream. Yay, another murder. I push the blankets off and grab the dress off of the counter. It's tight, but it will do. My brother knocks on the door. " I know! I'm coming!" I yell from the otherside. I walk out to the kitchen. " Hey dork." my brother says. " Whatever." I sit and my father puts down eggs and ham. "Thanks." I eat away and smile. I wlk to the door and throw on my shoes. I wait for the rest of my family. Gosh do they take forever. They come and we walk out. I see the square, so I run off. I prick my finger, then remember. The reapings. Orange, pink, and black escort is reading through the cards, picking the right one. " Tanner Mustang and Tundra Soul. HURRY!" I run up. " Neatly!" she screams. I slow it and so does Tanner. He eyes me and I eye him. A man screams out, " Why did you pick those 2? You are supposed to pick one each!" A peacekeeper grabs his arm and the next thing, I hear a gun fire. Right out of veiw as we walk away.

District 7's Reaping

Narrator: Aurora Waters

I sit awake on the chair across my bed. I still feel bad about my mother's death. It was all my fault. I hurry into a dress and run out to the woods. If I pick berries now, I won't have to later. I get some wild boysonberries and blackberries. I bite into one, sour. I grab some berries for my breakfast and I head towards the gate. Funny thing about our gates. They're more like a battlefield barrier. I can hear screaming from people in District 6 and a gun shot. Sucks for them. I sneak into a wall behind the normal shopping stores and hand them the berries. " I got 3 bags of cheese and 2 guns later." I whisper. I hear a rustling so I stop. The man nods and shoos me away. The square is almost full already. Well. Our escort is wearing a unicorn? Huh? I prick my finger and walk to my section. I talk to my friend, who quickly begins talking to others about the gun shot that she heard. She didn't hear it as well as I did. " Girls, girls. SSSSSHHHH! Aurora Waters! Come up, do I have to say it a tenth time?" I didn't even hear her call my name. I walk up, smiling. She doesn't know that behind this is a frown. " Madur Gutter? OOOOHHH. A scary name!" she says smiling. Curly, red haired boy comes up. He puts his head in his hands and sobs. What's his problem. Then you hear it again, another gun shot from 6.

District 8's Reaping

Narrator: Bridie Crewe

I wake up to a sudden slam. An hour until the reaping. The reaping. Just a second ago I was dreaming about a happy family, in a mansion, then a person died in the family. I don't know who, but I cried. Wait! I turn to look at my pillow. My now silver pillow. I put my head into my hands. Persy comes rushing in, "Bridie! Are you alright?" he says checking my body. "Ya, why?" "I heard you cry and scream." "Must have been in my sleep. Now leave. I want to sleep." I dig my head into my pillow. He grabs something from the closet and throws it on my bed. "You should get dressed." he says as he leaves. I look up to see one of mother's dresses. I put it on and grab my shoes. I rush out to the kitchen. "FOOD!" I scream sitting down at the table. Father sets some bacon and some berries on my plate. Persy is about to bite into one as I smack it out of his hands. "Hey!" "Those are poisonous!" I scrape off our plates into the waste bin. "Well, if you get reaped then you won't die of poisonous berries." Persy says laughing. "Lol." I say sarcasticly. Persy kisses the top of my head and heads out to the reaping. "See you later?" he asks. "Ya."I answer. He closes the door and I get up. "Sorry about breakfast." Father says, pulling back my hair. I clean up the plates and begin to do my hair. After half an hour of brushing, we leave. We take off running, racing to get there. He slips in mud and I stop to help him up. He takes off running. "Hey!" I yell out, running towards him. He stops to watch me. I run past him and I can hear him yelling out, "Hey!" I reach the square and I stop. He catches up and says, "Daughter like father. You are so quick!" I laugh and I go to prick my finger. When I get to my section I look at the escort. I scream in fright. She's a bumblebee! I laugh so hard all the other people stare. Then they notice and they burst into laughter too. "Ugh. Lets get this over with." she picks a card from each and goes to the center, "Bridie Crewe and Aden Hanran!" I see a boy with bright red hair walk up with me. I hear somebody scream something, then a bunch of people, "MUTANTS!" They're commenting our appearences! How dare they! I walk away their words sticking in my head.

District 9's Reaping

Narrator: Jes Greenlees

I am up after hearing another gunshot from 8. Our district hasn't had peace forever! I throw on my clothes and go down stairs. My boyfriend is waiting down there, like he promised. I smile and I hug him. He kisses me and I get to work. Making breakfast that is. Cereal with fruit and milk. My parents come down, stumbling. "What's all this noise?" father asks. "Breakfast." I say. "Oh." he reaches for the milk to pour into his cereal. Mother takes the milk. "Thank you, Jes." she says as she begins to eat, "Are you going to the reaping early?" "Ya, I don't want to get got up with old people like last year." I answer, "Love you, lets go." I say and I walk out the door, my boyfriend following me. I see that some people staring as I link hands with his. A girl with blond hair comes up from a kiss as she sees us. She doesn't laugh, just looks. I keep walking, we take off running and sure enough, we were first. I prick my finger and rush to our section. "What will happen?" he asks. "What do you mean? I'm not volunteering." I answer. "Nevermind." "No, really." "What if you get reaped?" "Then I will try to get back." "Okay." He leans in for a kiss, when a kid shoves us. "Gays!" The blondie from earlier catches my eye again. She walks towards us and shoves the boy. "What's your problem?" "Oh, I'm scared of a 12 year old!" "You should!" she screams as she shoves him again. "They're gay! Don't you think you should be shoving them?" "No, I don't." "Fine!" the boy walks away and the girl smiles at us. "Thank you." She turns and walks away. "Atleast someone stands up for us." my boyfriend says. The escort walks up and speaks about nonsense. "Boys! Jes Greenlees!" I turn towards the stage. I walk towards it in shock. What are the chances? As I get up she grabs a slip from the girl's bowl. "Lightra Uiy!" she screams out. The blondie comes up, eyeing me. She smiles and turns towards the crowd. "District 9's tributes!" Our escort walks us off stage, smiling. Lightra holds her hand around her fist and slaps it to make a sound alot like a heart. "Protection." she says.

District 10's Reaping

Narrator: Killian Childress

Jarren begins to scream, Larrinnia is shoving me up. I rush to his aid, I cradle him in my arms and he begins to sleep. "We might as well stay up." I tell Larrinnia as she tries to sleep. I set him down and get dressed. I then leave so Larrinnia could change. I make eggs and she comes out. "He makes to much noise." she says as she rubs her eyes and sits down. "I know, but deal with it." I put the plates of eggs on the table and get formula ready for Jarren. Larrinnia begins to eat as I go to get the crying Jarren. I set him up on a cushioned chair and give him the bottle. "Atleast he can hold the bottle now." I say. She laughs and I begin to eat. She cleans him up and I get our coats. "Lets go." I say tossing two coats to her. She catches them and puts one on her and hands the other and Jarren to me. I slip on his coat and we walk to the square. "What if you get reaped?" "That won't be happening." "How do you know?" "Because I have superpowers. Remember?" When she was younger I used to trick her into thinking I had superpowers, now it is just a joke. She shoves me slightly. "Right." she says rolling her eyes. We laugh as we reach the square. I prick my finger and hand Larrinnia Jarren. She hands him to our mother. The only time where they get to have him. I walk to my section. Our purple escort has green hair, now! I laugh as she walks down the aisle. "Welcome District 10! Our Male tribute was picked before hand and so was our Female! She goes to a boy with black hair and says, "Arkas Voylen!" He flinches and she grabs his hand. Wait, isn't that guy gay? "Killian Childress!" she says spitting in my face. She grabs my hand and walks us up to the stage. My parents are clapping like drunks. Well, they are.

District 11's Reaping

Narrator: Seila Pup

I wake up to my brother and sisters jumping on my bed. "Shoo!" I yell, swatting at them. They run away, laughing. I grab my white dress and shove it on, throwing my pajamas on the ground. I will clean it up later. If, I come back. I grab a piece of stale bread. I bite into it, almost breaking my teeth. "Ouch!" I scream. I reach towards my mouth feeling blood on my gum. Eck. I walk out holding Hel and Sel's hands. They keep poking me. "Would you stop!" I scream. People look at us and I shrug. They continue to poke me, saying, "You're going to get picked! You're going to get picked!" I let go of their slimy hands and take off running. Their fat legs can't keep up. " Losers!" I yell back at them as I turn around. I see the square. It's still covered in ashes from the bombing, there is still blood on the ground. Mother. Grandpa. Gi, oh poor, Gi. My sister didn't deserve to die, neither did the rest. The escort is wearing black and silver. Mocking us, our sad looks. How dare she. " Welcome sad people of District 11!" she says as the rest enters. I hear people yell at her and adults trying to get to the stage. I just ignore it. When I hear a gun shot, then another, then another round. I turn to see most of the people dead. Hel! Mel! Sel! Rel! The quad is down. I know. I look at the body's when I see 8 tiny pink shoes poking out from the dead bodies. The only ones left in my family are Aries and me. "Seila Pup and Bruno Jupiter! Come up! Hurry!" she says drumming her nails against the glass of the bowl. I walk towards the stage. What is Aries going to do? Feed himself? I don't think so! He isn't even old enough to live by himself. I look at him. He puts his hand to his heart and thumps it 11 times. I do the same as I walk away.

District 12's Reaping

Narrator: Robin Smoke

I woke up early today, to make porridge for my family. I'm failing so far. The shack is starting to become filled with smoke. I'm stirring the porridge when I get some on my dress. " Dang it!" I walk into the second room and change into one of my mother's old dresses. My mother is up and is helping with the porridge. "Tell me again, Robin. How many times is your name in the bowl?" "44, to get food." She frowns, I know she thinks I don't stand a chance. "What will happen if you get reaped?" "Then you guys have food and I will try to win. If I don't win, then I love you." She grabs 4 bowls and puts a little bit of porridge in each one. My grandmother comes in and begins searching through everything. "Where is my glasses, and denchers?" she says, we can barily understand her, so we ignore her. She finds her denchers and glasses and begins to eat. Father comes in, kisses mother on the cheek, and sits down at the table. "Mom, slow down when you are eating!" he says reaching for grandma. "I haven't eaten this much in days!" she yells with her mouth full with porridge. I begin to eat as mother sits down. I eat a bite and help grandmother up after they are all done with their food. We walk out of the shack and towards the square. I see my friend, so I take off. "Hey, Robin, did you eat?" "Sure, I totally did." "Right." she says, crossing her arms. She knows how it is hard for me to eat and she always makes sure I do. We reach the square. I flinch as they prick my finger. Only if they could be nicer. Our pink escort, who we call Truffles, is speaking to the camera man, an avox. I reach my section. We look up as Truffles begins to talk and shows us the video. Skulls? Tired people? Shocker. She goes for the boy's bowl, dancing. "Shen Loren." A blonde boy walks up, looking glum. "And Robin Smoke." Huh? I go towards the aisle way. I walk up, confused. I don't know why, but I don't get it.

Requested Alliances:

Victoriana "V" Sylvester: Alone

Bline Carassa: Careers

Lillian Trials: Careers

Sam Davie: Careers

Zandralen "Z" Wether: Calvex "Vex" Chopperwood

Calvex "Vex" Chopperwood: Zandralen "Z" Wether

Aritimus "Ari" Vertino: Careers

Kajal Fischer: Careers

Fasion Hydro: Ramp Alleywood

Ramp Alleywood: Zandralen "Z" Wether, Fasion Hydro, or Calvex "Vex" Chopperwood

Tundra Soul: Fasion Hydro

Tanner Mustang: Careers or Aurora Waters, Killian Childress, and Jes Greenlees

Aurora Waters: Tanner Mustang, Killian Childress, and Jes Greenlees

Madur Gutter: Alone

Bridie Crewe: Arkas Voylen and Lightra Uiy

Aden Hanran: Alone

Lightra Uiy: Bridie Crewe

Jes Greenlees: Aurora Waters, Tanner Mustang, and Killian Childress

Killian Childress: Aurora Waters, Tanner Mustang, and Jes Greenlees

Arkas Voylen: Anyone

Seila Pup: Shen Loren

Bruno Jupiter: Anyone besides careers

Robin Smoke: Alone

Shen Loren: Seila Pup

Crushes and Relationships

Victoriana: Bline Carassa

Bline: Aurora Waters

Lillian: No one

Sam: Has a Girlfriend

Zandralen: Calvex "Vex" Chopperwood

Calvex: Innocent crush on Zandralen

Artimus: No one

Kajal: Has a Girlfriend

Fasion: Dating somebody, but likes Ramp Alleywood

Ramp: Fasion Hydro

Tundra: No one

Tanner: Thinks all the girls are hot

Aurora: Tanner Mustang

Madur: Bridie Crewe

Bridie: Tanner Mustang, then Madur Gutter

Aden: Married

Lightra: Dating somebody

Jes: Has a Boyfriend

Killian: No one

Arkas: Has a Boyfriend

Seila: Shen Loren

Bruno: No one

Robin: No  one

Shen: Seila Pup

Chariot Costumes!

District Outfit Hair
1F silver and gold angel wings and halo, while wearing designer clothing In a neat bun
1M bedazzled tuxedo and shoes spiked
2F diamond incrusted gold armor high pony tail
2M diamond incrusted gold armor normal
3F pink labcoat holding tazers high pigtails
3M labcoat holding tazers ponytail, low
4F fisherwoman down
4M giant fish down
5F covered in solar panels two buns
5M covered in solar panels down
6F front of train down
6M end of train down
7F silver tree with gold leaves down
7M gold tree with silver leaves down
8F covered with pink and purple patches frenchbraid
8M covered in blue and green patches down
9F dress made of wheat two braids with wheat weaved through it
9M shorts made of wheat fohawk
10F white with black spots two swirl buns
10M white with brown spots down
11F peasant outfit with basket filled with veggies pigtails, sloppy
11M peasant outfit with basket filled with veggies sloppy
12F black dress with coal powdered over arms, legs, and face curled
12M black suit with coal powdered over arms, legs, and face neat

Chariot Rides! Hosted By "The Host"

Host: Welcome people of Panem! Today is the day that the tributes are welcomed to the Capitol! Lets see!

Camera: Here comes District 1!

Host: Designer clothes? Angel wings made of gold and silver? This is amazing! I wish I was Victoriana right now! And Bline is wearing a bedazzled tuxedo? That's amazing! Dazzling! Be-dazzling!

Camera: Nice one! Now here is District 2!

Host: Sam and Lillian are wearing silver armor incrusted with diamonds? The high ponytail also adds a touch as well.

Camera: Fighting touch, yes I see it. Now for District 3!

Host: They're shocking the crowd, literally! Look they are shooting fireworks out of the tasers they are holding! Zandralen isn't wearing a normal labcoat like her fellow district partner, she's wearing a pink one! Calvex seems to be reaching for her hand... And they raise their hands in the air!

Camera: Neat, now for 4!

Host: Not funny, man. Anyways, we have Artimus as a fisherwoman and Kajal as a fish. How does it feel to be the fish this time? This is the fishiest costume ever.

Camera: Not cool, just stop with the puns. 5 everybody!

Host: Sun beware! These guys are stealing your heat! They're covered in solar panels! Fasion and Ramp here!

Camera: Awkward, District 6.....

Host: It seems that Tundra is a front of a train and Tanner is the back! CHOO! CHOO!

Camera: Immature. District 7 is coming! Shhh!

Host: Dude, you're the one talking! Aurora is a silver tree with gold leaves and Madur is the other way around, gold tree with silver leaves.

Camera: I'm bored. 8! Woo.

Host: Shut up! Bridie seems to be wearing rags which are patched with pink and purple patches! Where as Aden Hanran is wearing rags patched with blue and green patches! Cool.

Camera: Speak for yourself. 9.

Host: Lightra is wearing a dress of wheat and has it weaved through her braids! Jes is wearing shorts made of wheat as well!

Camera: Okay, how is this possible! Now this is just imaginary! Now 10 is coming!

Host: I have to say you better MOOVE out of the way, before I punch you! Now they are cows! Killian is a black cow and Arkas is a brown one!

Camera: I'm still bored. And 11 is here!

Host: They're peasants with baskets filled with veggies and bread! Go Seila and Bruno!

Camera: Last district! 12!

Host: Technically they are coal! Want to get a pizza?

Camera: Ya! Good night Panem!

Training Sessions: Day 1

Narrator: Sam Davie

I still can't believe that I actually volunteered. It's 10 a.m. and Districts 6 and 10 are late. Etel tells us about the stations, but I just look at the climbing station. It's so amazing. After Etel is done talking, I meet up with the careers. "We're going to the gauntlet, okay?" asks Ari. "Ya, sure." I say. We walk over to the gauntlet. I'm going to fail and they're going to laugh. Lillian does the course, making it the first time. Then Kajal goes through. He fails at the last step. He comes over his fists balled. Lillian laughs and says, "Wow, you were great!" and she laughs again. It's my turn and I begin to go. A trainer whacks me in the stomach and I hit my jaw on the next jump. I got through one jump! Everyone begins to laugh and I grab an axe. "Shut up!" I scream holding it to them. They shut up in seconds and Ari goes. Kajal elbows me, "Nice work, newbie." he says sarcastically. I ignore him and go to the axe station. I kill a couple dummies, but then I get bored.

Narrator: Tanner Mustang

Gosh are these girls hot! We go to lunch and as soon as I sit down girls swarm around me! Aurora and Bridie are even feeding me! I just get up and leave. Gosh is it annoying. I hear them running and screaming, "Tanner! Will you date me before I die?" "No!" "But I thought you said we were hot?" "Ya, I did, but that just means you're pretty! Now go away!" "Okay." Bridie says shrugging. Wow, that was easy. Aurora just stares, then walks off. I pick up a knife and start throwing some at dummies. Killian and Aurora come over chatting like girls do. "Tanner? Do you want to ally with us? We already made an alliance." asks Aurora. "Ya, she's right and we're thinking of asking Jes from 9 after." Killian adds. "Um, sure." I answer. This is going to be a long Hunger Games if Killian is anything like Aurora. Not that she is bad or anything, just is always excited. I don't know why.

Narrator: Shen Loren I pick up a knife, twirling it in my hands. "Be careful, those aren't toys. As much as I wish they were, they're not." I turn to see a girl slitting a dummies neck behind me. "What?" "You heard me, quiet and clear." she says turning to face me. "Your the District 11 girl? The one with all the dead family?" I ask. "Ya, and your the District 12 boy, the one that ran away right?" she asks. "Wow, harsh. I'm Shen." I say holding my hand out. "Seila. Seila Pup." she says as she shakes my hand. She grabs another knife and stabs a dummy over and over again. "You use the knife?" I ask. "No, I'm just a quick learner. I usually use the blowgun." she says, "You want to see?" "Sure." She brings me to the dart station and gets some supplies. "Watch and learn, Shen." She dips it in the water and shoots it at a chicken, peircing it in the neck. "Why did you dip it in the water?" "That's poison. You want a sip?" "No, thanks for the offering." "I'm telling you right now, check liquids before you drink them." she says smiling and she takes me to the knot station.

Narrator: Artimus "Ari" Vertino

I silently grab a staff and signal for them to release the deer. I beat one, then another. Only one left. I shove my staff into its path, tripping it, I then beat it. I hear clapping, but I ignore it. Dumbies. I turn to see some of the careers watching me. "Good job." says Lillian, "But, do it properly next time." She bursts out laughing. The boy from 2 steps up, I think his name is Sam. "Stop it Lillian. Leave her alone." he says. "What are you going to do? Smash your head into me too?" "You know I won't do that, I'll just make it my job to kill you in the arena!" he says. "Stop!" I scream. They all look at me. "Stop it, okay! We're an alliance, so act like one!" I say, throwing my staff and walking away. 30 minutes left. I see people making alliances that I totally don't want to join. I walk towards Tundra and Fasion. "Hi." I say. They look up and walk away in fear. What? I then walk towards Bruno and Robin. They don't even look up they just walk away. They run away screaming, "CAREER!", then they burst out laughing. I just decide to head to the hotel early. Maybe tomorrow.

Training Sessions: Day 2

Narrator: Bruno Jupiter

I grab a bow and carefully load it. Fasion soon joins me. She watches me as I load it agian. "Are you good at this weapon? I mean I saw you at plants all through yesterday." "Ya, this is my main weapon." I say shooting and hitting the neck, "What about you?" "I'm okay." she says as she hits the path to the brain, the eye socket. "You're okay!?" I ask her. "That is what I said right? Well anyways Ramp is waiting over at swimming station. I need to learn." she says, blushing. She runs away and I begin to load again. I'm thinking about asking her to ally, but she seems to be into Ramp. "Hey! Wait up!" I scream, dropping my bow to chase her. She turns around and faces me. "What?" she asks. "Alliance?" I ask. She turns to Ramp, who runs towards her. "What's going on?" he asks. "He asked for an alliance." she tells him. "Um." "Should we?" she asks Ramp.

Narrator: Victoriana "V" Sylvester

I'm at the rope climbing station, when Bline comes up behind me. "Hey." he says. He scared me and I loose my grip. "Dang you Bline!" I yell, trying to hold my feelings in. I grab a knife and begin killing dummies as he walks away, laughing. Gosh is he cute. I turn to see Z fall off the gauntlet, she spits out blood and gets up. I laugh at her. I see Bridie in line for wrestling, when it comes to her turn, she runs away screaming, "I can't do this!" I go back to the empty rope course and try again. I reach the top, when I notice Tundra right next to me. I glare at her. She looks terrified and says, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." She backs away and I grab her. She screams. "No, I'm not mad, just shocked. You don't have to go." I say. She eyes me and finally says, "Na, I'm thinking about doing the fire area." She climbs down.

Narrator: Fasion Hydro

I dunk into the cold water of the swimming tank and I feel like I'm going to freeze over. I've tried the warmer tank already, so the instructer told me to go to this one and gosh is it cold! I begin to float, then paddle. Then I stop and I begin to go to the bottom, like a seal doing tricks. I try to breath, but my lungs puff. I try to paddle up, but it isn't working. Ramp catches my eye and jumps in. He swims down and grabs my arms. He pulls me up and I breath in fast. He pulls me over the side and I look at him. He smiles and gets me a towel. "Face it, I'm never going to be able to swim." I say. "Probably not." he says, laughing. I punch him lightly on the shoulder and he does the same. He looks so cute. But, I have a boyfriend. I miss him so much. But, I need to train, so get to it Fasion. I grab a bow and load it. "What do you think about Bruno?" I ask. "He's nothing but, a show off." He answers. "That's not true!" I say. "Oh. So you like him?" "No, I have a boyfriend!" I tell him. He laughs, "I'm not allying with him, but when I die, if he is still alive, then you can." I smile.

Narrator: Calvex "Vex" Chopperwood

I'm at the plants station, when Z comes over smiling. "Guess what I just mastered?" she asks. "Um, rope climbing?" I ask. "No! Trap making!" she screams excitedly. "Good for you, now since you're all smart, can you help me with this?" I ask. "Sure. That's nightlock, poisonous. That's a blackberry, edible." she says. "Really? I thought it was the other way around." I say. She smiles and leads me to the knife station. "What are we doing?" I ask. "You need another weapon." she says, putting a knife in my hand. "Why can't I just use my main weapon?" I ask. "Do I have one weapon? No. You need more than one just incase you don't grab the other one." she says. "I get it, but why a knife?" I ask. "Because, it's my other weapon and if one of us dies, then we can take the other person's knife." she says. I throw the knife and it hits the leg. She throws hers and it stabs the heart. I throw another, hitting the part where an ear would be. 45 minutes later, we hear a bell ring. Training has ended.

Training Sessions: Day 3

Narrator: Arkas Voylen

I could have been safe! A couple weeks before my 19th birthday and what happens? I get reaped! I sit at the fire making station. Fiddling with the flint. I can't make a fire, it will just freak me out again. I set the flint down and go to the axe throwing station. I grip the axe, then I notice something different about these. They're weighted. I throw one and it lands in the crease between the shoulder and the neck. Would have killed somebody. I guess. A boy sneaks up behind me and says, "Hey, alliance?" I turn to see Bruno from 11. "Maybe, haven't you already found an alliance?" I ask. "No, but I thought that you haven't found one yet, so." "Okay, I'll think about it. If we see each other in the arena then?" I ask. "Totally." he answers and walks away. Maybe I won't worry about being alone after all.

Narrator: Lightra Uiy

I sit at the camouflage station. Painting myself to look like sand. Bridie is watching me. "Can't you just paint yourself yellow?" she asks, tired and bored. "No. You have to add detail." I answer. I sound like my father when he taught me how to camouflage myself. Poor father. Bridie grabs some whites and browns and begins to brush them on. I show her how to camouflage herself into snow. She does one of her arms and giggles. I giggle too. "I'm so messed up looking!" she laughs. She then splatters pink all over me. "Hey!" I scream and I throw blue all over her. She giggles and falls to the floor. I laugh so hard, I begin to cry. "Bridie? The Hunger Games." I say. She stops and sits up straight. I look at her and she looks at me. "GOTTA GET OUT OF THESE HUNGER GAMES!" we scream out. We burst out laughing.

Narrator: Madur Gutter

I sit, watching Bridie and Lightra. I walk towards them and Bridie stops laughing. Lightra turns and says, "Hey Gutter." "Hey Lightra." I push her out of the way and get closer to Bridie. "So, you won't say hi to me?" she asks. "Oh, ya. Hi." I say. She rolls her eyes and walks away. Lightra follows. It just wasn't meant to be. I walk to the rope climbing station and sit at the bottom. I see the careers, reaching me. I try to get up, but Bline shoves me down. "Sit red." he says, looking at me. "Who? Me?" I ask. "Yes you, you idiot!" Lillian yells. "Oh, really? Cause you're the idiots." I say. Next thing, Kajal's fist hits me in the face. Lillian kicks me and laughs. Ari reaches back for a punch when peacekeepers appear. Taking me, Kajal, Bline, and Lillian into a different room. Or rooms. They drug me and tie me up. It wasn't my fault!

Narrator: Aden Hanran

I need to win. If Colten lives without a dad, then what will he turn into? A gay? A wimp? I sit there, frustrated. I've trained, but I don't seem to be getting any better. I grab a sword and ask them to set up dummies. Funny thing. These dummies look like people, grannies, toddlers, old tributes, rebels, pregnant ladies. Then I see a girl alot like Colleen. It can't target my feelings. I decapitate her in one swipe of my sword. I walk over to the gauntet and as I jump for the first step, when Killian appears and jumps on. I move around her just in time as I hear the bell go off.

Private Training Session Scores

District Name Score
1 Victoriana "V" Sylvester 9
1 Bline Carassa 10
2 Lillian Trials 10
2 Sam Davie 8
3 Zandralen "Z" Wether 8
3 Calvex "Vex" Chopperwood 9
4 Artimus "Ari" Vertino 10
4 Kajal Fischer 9
5 Fasion Hydro 7
5 Ramp Alleywood 9
6 Tundra Soul 7
6 Tanner Mustang 9
7 Aurora Waters 7
7 Madur Gutter 7
District Name Score
8 Bridie Crewe 9
8 Aden Hanran 10
9 Lightra Uiy 8
9 Jes Greenlees 7
10 Killian Childress 9
10 Arkas Voylen 7
11 Seila Pup 8
11 Bruno Jupiter 9
12 Robin Smoke 7
12 Shen Loren 8

Mentors Say Goodbye


Pearl rushes in hlding her white heels in her hand, panting. "You know what to do! Get a backpack and run. Don't kill Bline and don't try to kill." She says between pants. "What happened to you?" I ask, but I tune out as she begins to tell the story. I don't even notice peacekeepers placing the tracker in my arm. Then they jerk me up by my arm and technically drag me to my tube. They shove me into it and I stand. I can see their glares like I have eyes on the back of my head.


Timber walks in, flexing as usual and grabs two chairs. One for me, one for him. "Okay, so what do I do?" I ask. "I'm telling you now. Stay with the careers, until the final 8. And I know you like Lillian, so keep her alive." He says and he gets up to leave. I pull his sleeve and tug him towards me. "I don't like Lillian! She's just a friend!" I yell into his ear and I release him. He leaves and I wait. Peacekeepers arrive and place the tracker in my arm. I shove them as they reach for my hand. I walk myself to my tube and enter it. I shiver, it's really cold in these things.


Tiyah enters, all dolled up. "Darling, I have some pieces of advice for you." She says, pinching my cheeks. She laughs and I just stare at her. "Get on with it." I say. "Stay with the careers. And, darling, kill the weaklings!" She says and she bursts out laughing. I roll my eyes and she's dragged out of the room. They place the tracker in my arm and I fake a smile. They shove me to the exit and I enter my tube. I'm finally going into the Hunger Games.


Link enters the room and grabs me a chair. I sit and he rubs his hands together, like my brother does when he's about to eat a hamburger. "Try your best, you can do this. I met your brother." He says. "I know he's an idiot, making me volunteer." I say. "Ya, he's bit of douce." He says. "I hear that." I answer. "Anyways, do it for your friends, hell do it for your girlfriend!" He yells. "Why them?" I ask. He just looks at me. "Just do the best you can and I hope you run fast. Alot of people like eachother, since you have a girlfriend, you may be targeted. So, grab what you can and I don't care about those District 1's and 4's! Just run!" He shouts. He walks out and locks the door. I walk to it and begin kicking it. Over and over. Peacekeepers enter and throw me into the chair. They put the tracker thing my brother talked about in my arm. They walk me to my tube and throw me in. It begins to rise. I hate my brother.


I sit down with Junes, my mentor, she puts her hand on my shoulder and says, "You'll do just fine, okay? Stick with Vex and try to stay out of trouble. If Vex wants you to do something dangerous, then run to a different alliance. Like Ramp Alleywood." She hugs me and I close my eyes. "You'll make it. Don't worry. At the bloodbath, grab a backpack and run. You hear me?" She says, glaring at me. I nod and peacekeepers come stomping in. They make me sit and put in the tracker. They then walk me to the tube. I pull at the pink shirt they put me into. Gosh, do I hate pink.


I'm sitting in a chair when Wire comes in. He rushes in, looking at his watch. "It's almost time! I'm so sorry I'm late!" He screams. "Just tell me!" I yell. "Just, stay with Z. Listen to her." He says, looking at me carefully. "Why do I listen to her?" I ask. "Because. Junes and I talked about it. We think Z should make the calls. You can always make ideas, but you can't make the calls." He says. He rushes out as peacekeepers come in. They put the tracker in my arm and send me to my tube. I raise and wonder what he meant. He seemed to not want  to make the calls, but to make sure I don't put us in danger. Don't do something she doesn't want to do.


Francine comes in running, "Please don't die! You have something to live for! Forget the stories of mentors I told you about! Just win! Fight till your very last breath! And run like hell during the bloodbath!" I see her face. Not like she normally is, she's normally happy. "Don't worry I'll win." I say. She runs out as peacekeepers appear. They look at me and I shrug. I hear a teen peacekeeper laugh, then everybody eyes him. They do their job and put the tracker in. It sorta hurts. I walk myself to my tube, because they're to busy arguing. Bye, bye real world. Hello Hunger Games.


I walk into the room, apparently my stylist lost my shoes, so I was late. I see Celia, sitting on the table doing her nails. "Oh, hey." She says, noticing me. "All I can say is be a career. Pick them off, okay? But leave Sam, he's probably the one you can beat during the final 2." She says. With one puff of her nails, she's gone. Peacekeepers rush in and grab me. They place the tracker in my arm, while walking me to my tube. They throw me into the tube and shut the door. "What the?" I scream out. They laugh. They obviously can't hear me. Ugh.


"Fasion, I know you're upset about your boyfriend being shot, but you got to let him go." Says my glum faced mentor, Tea. "I don't miss him! I love Ramp!" I scream. "Really? Then stay with him. Confess your feelings on day one. Then, he'll protect you. Don't worry. Grab some supplies and run." She says and she pecks me on the cheek. She walks out and five minutes pass before peacekeepers enter. They strap me down and place in the tracker. I move my arm away, put they get it in anyways. They walk me to my tube and on the way I see another tribute. Kicking the peacekeepers. Huh?


Wolve looks into my eyes and begins to speak, "Listen. Stick with your training. Don't starve to death. That would be humilitating to our District." "You mean our starving District 5?" I ask. "Yes, you Smart Alec." He says and he rolls his eyes. He gets up, and walks out. Peacekeepers come in minutes later. They question strapping me down and I finally say, "Just do it already!" They then do it and pull me up. They drag me to my tube and release me when we reach my tube. "Goodbye kid." I hear a peacekeeper say as I get into the tube. He slams it shut and I look up as I rise.


I fiddle with my hair, twirling it around my finger. Then Kygro appears. "Honey. Grab from the outskirts. Just run like the wind. I say run like the wind." And Kygro exits. "Awkward." I say under my breath and I sit at the back corner of the room. Peacekeepers point guns around the room, then find me. "Get up Tundra." I hear a voice say. I stand and they place the tracker into my forearm. I flinch with pain, then they walk me to my tube. I could exit now. I kick one in the shin and I go running. Then I notice I was running for my tube. I run into the tube and they close the door. "Dumb girl." I hear one say.


Ford keeps saying, "Shut up and listen!" But I don't. "Ya, ya, ya." I keep saying. Then he slaps me. "You need to shut up and listen in the arena! Stop acting like you know averything!" He screams. I shut my eyes and I hear a door close, then open. I open my eyes to see Ford gone and peacekeepers replace him. "Your done kid." I hear a peacekeeper say. I look at them. "Your tracker, dumbie." Another says. I laugh. I walk to the door and walk to my tube. I'll be winning the Hunger Games soon. I enter my tube and think of the girls who like me. I can use them later on.


"Okay. As soon as you come from bloodbath, you have to meet your alliance. They'll protect you. Watch out for careers. Also, whenever you feel like you should quit off the alliance, then do it. Even slit their throats while they're sleeping. That's how I won." Loopin says. I nod after each sentence. Then she goes on about her Hunger Games. She gets so crazy that peacekeepers have to drag her out. They place the tracker in my arm and grab my arm, yanking me up. I walk with them to my tube. I catch eyes with Robin, from 12. Wait? I turn and no one is there. I enter my tube and it rises before they shut the door. I have a peek of the arena and see mountains. Can't wait to go there.


I'm pacing back and forth. Then Woodi appears. "I have two words for you kid." He says, "Don't die." I laugh, this is all he has been teling me. He slams me down and says, "Shut up. Take from the careers. Dumb careers." I look at him. Is he crazy? Well he has turned to morphling. "All 'cause you did, doesn't mean it will work for me." I say as he walks out. Peacekeepers place the tracker in my arm and I take off out. Towards my tube. I enter and they slam it. I could have gotten away.


I walk in to Ginnser sitting on the table. She gets up and hugs me. I wonder why. "I'll miss you. Use your looks to get ahead, stay with your alliance, don't make a big one. You can use Madur Gutter from 7. Just live." She says and she walks to the door. I hold in my tears, I can't go into the games. I can't. I'll die. Ginnser walks out and peacekeepers come stomping in. As they strap me down I let out my tears. They put in the tracker and a young peacekeeper shoves me up. They walk me out and I catch a glimpse at Jes, the boy from Lightra's district. I enter my tube and they shut the door. I bang my side against the outside. "Ouch!" I move to the center of the tube and I see grass from the bottom of my tube.


I'm standing against the wall as my mentor, Calico, comes in. I look at him. "Aden, I'm going to tell you again. Remember where you are from. Remember your pregnant wife. Remember your unborn child. Remember." He slaps me on the shoulder as peacekeepers come in. "Go get him." He says and he exits. They shove me into a chair and put in the tracker. They walk me to my tube and I then think of Colleen. He wasn't trying to make me hurt, he was trying to make sure that I knew I had to get back to them.


Jilly runs in. Her black hair flops over her shoulders. She smiles and embraces me in a hug. I close my eyes as she begins to speak, "Run. Do you hear me Lighra? Run. Get away from the cornacopia. Don't look back." She bursts out crying. Now I remember. The girl last year. She ran for the cornacopia, and was stabbed to death. Jilly mentored her. Jilly was her older sister. Jilly only won four years ago and can barily mentor, but I need to listen. Peacekeepers run in and take her out. I reach for her hand, but she just screams out, "Stay with Bridie!" They place the tracker in my arms and I scream. I wish somebody could break me out. I walk for my tube. I hug the door, trying to stay out of it. An old man pushes me in and I get a glimpse of Killian Childress, atleast I know who is next to me. I close my eyes as a tear drips down my face.


Kyler walks in screaming at a bunch of peacekeepers. "Jes! Can you tell them that I'm your mentor?" He screams. "He's okay." I nod to the peacekeepers. They let him go and walk out. He grabs my arm and makes me sit. "Go to the cornacopia, stay for a little bit, then run." He sits on the table and I nod. His red hair is spiked up and his dangerous almost red eyes glisten from the light above. I remember watching his games like twelve years ago. His eyes turned red after being attacked by tracker jackers. He didn't die, but his eyes swelled, when the swelling died down his eyes were red. They never changed back. Peacekeepers come in and take him away. They put the tracker in my arm and I walk to my tube. They smile and wave. I notice one. A boy, but from where?


Adrienne-Marisse comes stomping in. She's obviously mad. She pulls out a chair and yells out, "SIT!" I sit down and listen. She begins rambling on about what happened when peacekeepers arrive. They have to place the tracker in as she talks. "You've got to get out as soon as possible. Stay aware of your surroundings." And we walk out. We meaning me and the peacekeepers. They throw me in my tube and I rise. The weak girl from 9, I think her name is Lily, is next to me. Now I know I can take somebody down.


"Hey you! Puppy!" Aelan screams out. "I know you're there. Now stop." I tell him. He glares at me and starts tlking in a phony accent, "Be safe. Do what the rest aren't." "That isn't a word." I tell him. Peacekeepers come in as he tries to hit me with a broken glass bottle. They place the tracker in and they walk me to my tube. I frown and they shut the door. I take the ring from my boyfriend off my finger and twirl it around in my hands. I put it back on as I hear the countdown begin.


Fatter is playing with my hair. Then she looks at me. "Sweet, please don't. You know Aries needs you." I look up at her. "I'm doing it. I'm going to kill myself in the arena. You can't stop me." I say and I throw my arms across my chest. "Oh, really? Cause Shen likes you. It would be a shame to let young love die." She says, pouting. "That's the phoniest pout ever!" I say. "Grab a bag from the outskirts. Okay, Sweet?" She asks. "Fine." I say. She gets up and walks away. Peacekeepers walk in. I shove one and they aim their guns at me. "You wouldn't dare." I say. They set the guns on the tables and place in the tracker. They shove me for my tube once we reach it. "Hey!" I yell. But, then they close the door and I rise. I kick the sides of the tube. Ouch.


Kala just sits, looking at me. After like five minutes, he says something, "You've got to stay with your alliance until the final eight." I nod and get up. He grabs my arm and throws me back down. Peacekeepers come in and he watches as they put the tracker in my arm. They escort me to my tube and we leave behind a freaky Kala. When I enter my tube, I notice


Bell's bright bell shaped hair is swaying back and forth like the tower of pisa as she speaks, "Grab the closest thing and run. If you have to climb or swim to get there then just forget it and run." She says. "How did you win your games?" I ask. She smiles, then turns it into a frown as if she notices that a cookie smell came from asparagas. "Stabbed the District 11 girl to death." She whispers, trying to make it where I don't hear it. "Oh." I say. "I was hidden most of the time, but I had to come out during the feast to get medicine. Everybody was killed during the feast besides us." She says as peacekeepers walk in. She exits and they place in the tracker. I walk to my tube and notice that there isn't a way to rip this fabric. "Really?" I ask.


"Run away from the cornocopia and camouflage yourself! Get the remaining supplies..." I hear my mentor scream as we rush for my tube. Peacekeepers arrived late and had to place the tracker in once we reached the tube. They sam the door and I rise. When I get up, I notice I'm the last one.


Bridie Crewe

I notice trees infront of me and sand dunes behind me. Where the hell should I go? 59... 58... 57... I see a blowgun and a pack of darts near... Bline Carassa. I'll never make it. I notice a backpack that has two knives in he side pocket. I can grab that, but I need to be careful. 43... 42...

V Sylvester

I notice a backpack right next to a bow and a sheath of arrows. Score! 39... 38... 37... I notice an empty tribute plate out in the open. Who's missing? Then I see a person rise and I notice Shen. Dumb mentor I bet. I'm planning on going into the mountains, I wonder what Pearl will think. I can't think about that right now. 27... 26...

Sam Davie

I'm actually in these games. I mean I kept dreaming that it was a dream, and it was so realistic that I had to believe it. 24... 25... The games, a form of torture, a form of dumbness. They put an axe infront of me! I mean I can just grab it and kill! 21... 20... 19...

Madur Gutter

No, it can't be happening. I'm not in the games. Then I hear Kajal scream, "HEY 12! AND YOU 11!" I turn to see Seila and Shen, both of which are smiling at each other. I laugh and Shen turns to me. I stop as I notice the countdown. 12... 11... 10... Then I hear Rych Under speak, "There will be 4 victors!" I smile, that could be me.

Killian Childress

I smile at Lily and whisper, "Your Lily?" She shakes her head, "Lightra." I smile and nod. We both turn to the countdown. 7... 6... 5... I've got to get out! 4... 3... 1... GONG! I take off running and I watch Madur Gutter stabbed to death as he reaches the cornocopia. I grab a dagger and run for giant building.

Robin Smoke

I should have listened for the gong! I grab a knife and take off, when I hear, "12! Help!" I turn and see Lightra pinned by Aden. As he reaches for her neck, I throw the knife, landing in his head. Lightra looks up at me, in shock and takes off with a backpack. I grab the knife and run.

Seila Pup

I'm high up in the mountains and have a great view of the cornacopia. I hear a rustling and Shen comes out. "What the hell happened to you?" I ask. He sits down next to me and I can tell he was hurt badly, I can see his cheekbone through the giant gash. "Kajal, if I don't make it promise you will kill him?" He asks. "Ya, but I don't think that will happen. What did you get?" I ask and he reaches for the bag. He grabs out water and dried meat. I show him pain killers and rope. "Can I have those?" He asks and I toss him a pill. He sighs in relief. Then he notices my leg. "Lilllian."

Kajal Fischer

Dumb girl. She ran right at the same thing I did! I watch her twitch, her stomach bleeding from my spear. I think she is... Tundra from 6 or 7. I begin rushing towards the rest of the careers and we begin talking about who's injured or dead. "Tundra is still alive, probably a couple more minutes left of her life, injured Shen." I say. Lillian speaks next, "Injured Shen's girlfriend, Seila." Then Bline, "Vex took it to the back, not dead yet." I laugh, we all know he will be.

Lillian Trials

"Oh! I sliced Jes into 10 peices!" Shouts Ari. We smile and look at his body, then turn away. Ew. "Got Tanner's arm." Says Sam. Everyone laughs, gosh that's a funny joke. "I'm serious." He says and everyone shuts up.

Vex Chopperwood

We finally reach a safe house and hide inside. Z has been technically dragging me. Lucky for me, there's a cot in here that she sets me on. She looks down at her hands, covered in blood. She gets up and marks the wall. She writes '100th Hunger Games Dead:' I watch her and she looks up and asks, "Can't wait until tonight." She grabs out some wire and begins making a trap.

Lightra Uiy

I still can't believe it! I should have died! Bridie looks up at me in confusion, "What'd you just say?" "I didn't say anything." I answer back. The games may, and probably will, be the end of me. We're in the forest, bending next to a stream, getting water. Bridie holds the bottle to her mouth, but I smack it away, where it dumps on a plant. The plant catches on fire and he start running. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! 4 dead, 19 to go.

Ceasar's PIZZA! PIZZA! (JKLOL): " Okay, now for the fallen! 24th, Madur Gutter, 7! 23rd, Aden Hanran, 8! 22nd, Tundra Soul, 6! 21st, Jes Greenlees, 9! Thank you!"

Day 2

Shen Loren

I wake to see two silver parachutes falling out of the sky. I let Seila sleep and grab mine. I open it to find two knives. "Yes!" I say, a little too loudly, because Seila wakes up, startled. "Sponser gifts?" She asks. I nod and she opens her's up, revealing bandages. "I got some knives." I say, "I wish they gave me medicine." She smiles as she wraps her leg with the bandages, "Wish they gave me some, too. We could have shared it." Then I hear a rustling from the leaves and Killian Childress falls out. I toss a knife to Seila and we stand in position, ready for attack. "Don't worry, I'm looking for allies. So?" She asks. Then she leans in to stab Seila. BOOM! A knife lies in her shoulder. She's dead. 18 more.

Bline Carassa

Ari, Sam, and I are walking around the sand dunes for tributes, then we hear a scream. We turn to see a sand colored monster jump on a boy. BOOM! His body is ripped to shreds in seconds, then more mutts appear. Sam pulls on my shoulder and I shrug it off. Then one comes and bounces on Sam. I slice its head and Sam gets up. His front side, torn apart, but he can still stand. We run back.

Ari Vertino

Gosh, that was scary! When we return we notice 5 dead bodies piled up. "What the hell!" I scream and Lillian answers, "Found the bodies. They're covered in blood, unidenified." Bline sits on one and spits on its face, smears the blood away and I scream. "It's Robin! And those guys are Arkas and Ramp!" I yell. Then I notice, the last two are Kajal and me. Then they turn into giant lions wearing jewelery. We all run for the forest, where we meet more. BOOM! Sam's dead.

Z Wether

I mark another mark on the wall and sit down next to Vex. I eat some of my soup and give him some of his pain killers. He whines in pain, but gives a sigh of relief. "Promise, you will make it? If I don't?" He asks. "I'm not making promises Vex. And you'll make it." I answer. "How do you know?!" He says. "Because, I'm basically living on hope and faith." I say. He looks away. I turn to a two way window. Robin, I believe, is wandering down the streets. She looks up at me, but keeps walking. "What are you looking at?" Vex asks. "Robin, 12. Don't worry what I do." I say, then try to take it back. "Why? How do I not know that you are doing something to kill me?" He asks. "Because Vex. Just because." I answer. "That's not an answer Z!" He screams. "Yes, it is. Better than you give me!" I yell back. "Wow." He says. "Fine! Guess what! I love you okay, that's why I won't kill you!" I yell. He turns dumb struck, just stares at me.

Tanner Mustang

I'm wondering the woods, when I see Aurora. She's bent over eating some meat. She turns and notices me. I grab her leg as she runs, tripping her. I grasp her neck when she screams, "Allies? Please!" I let go and she rushes for breath. "Fine. Get up." I say. She brushes off her pants and shakes off her jacket. Then a parachute falls. I open it to find medicine. BOOM!

Fasion Hydro

"Ramp!" I yell and run for his body. Then a claw rushes down to grab him and I run away. He bled to death, I bet. It's not your fault Fasion. But I know it is. I walk for the gray buildings, when I notice Arkas Voylen. He rushes to grab a knife on the ground. "Don't." I say and he drops it. "Why?" He asks. "Because, I can help you. With whatever." I answer. He nods and he walks towards me. "Dumb ***!" I scream and I kick him in the face, when I hear a crack, I shove my spear in his back. I then run.

Arkas Voylen

It hurts so bad! ****! I curl up in a ball, mainly because I can't see. I hear footsteps. Two girls are at my body. "What happened?" They ask. "5. Girl." I whisper. BOOM! Blackness with a light the end.

Aurora Waters

I'm with Tanner and we are about to be asleep when we hear a somewhat familiar voice. "Don't move." V from 1 points up the tree. Trackers. She jumps up the tree and says, "Go down real quick.", and begins cutting the branch as we jump off. We all run when it drops.

Ceasar's PIZZA! PIZZA! (JKLOL): "Okay now, once again, for the fallen on Day 2. 20th, Killian Childress, 10! 19th, Bruno Jupiter, 11! 18th, Sam Davie, 2! 17th, Ramp Alleywood, 5! 16th, Arkas Voylen, 10! Good night tributes!"

Day 3

V Sylvester

I'm sitting inside a giant bush, waiting for tributes, when a parachute falls down. I open it to fine bandages and a message that says 'RUE THE LEAVES!' I grab a leaf and chew it. I remember watching the Top Hunger Games Skills, which showed Rue doing this. I soon feel relief and put the bandages around the stings. I get up and start walking around.

Kajal Fischer

Gosh this scratch is bothering me! Next thing I know a parachute falls. "Painkillers and..." I notice a message saying, 'BE MORE OF A LEADER!' I do just that. Bline is yelling at everybody what to do, "You! 2! You and 4 girly, go hunt for tributes! You and I are going to stay here!" I look at him and say, "No, you're going to get us killed! You can stay with Ari. I'll go with Lillian. Keep it more balanced out." I start walking with Lillian. She laughs at Bline and we begin chasing 5.

Tanner Mustang

I'm sitting with Aurora when two parachutes fall. I open mine, which is medicine, and read the message from Ford, 'TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF!' I look at Aurora, who's rubbing her skin with medicine that she got. I rub mine on some of my stings as well. "What did your's say?" I ask. She throws the paper at me, which reads, 'ROMANCE!'. I smile and say, "I like you you know." She smiles and blushes. "Me, too." She leans in for a kiss and next thing I know her hands are in my hair.

Vex Chopperwood

I wake to see Z sleeping across the room. Two parachutes fall. I grab the one marked 3M. I open it to see medicine and a note, 'ROMANTIC VEX!' I look at Z and watch her sleep as I spread the medicine across my back. It instantly heals and I get up and shake Z awake. She looks at me in confusion, then, rather quickly, I lean in for a kiss. I can just imagine her eyes open wide. She backs off after a minute or so. She smiles, "About time." Next thing I know, we're kissing again. She gets up and wraps her fingers with thin bandages and we begin to kiss again.

Fasion Hydro

I'm probably dead. I don't even know anymore. I can barely see and I can't hear. I killed somebody. I won't ever forgive myself. I grab an arrow and start throwing some at the tree across from me. Then, one bounces off the tree and heads for my face. "GOODBYE!" I scream.

Robin Smoke

BOOM! I get some of the medicine on my face because of the sudden cannon. I think it was Fasion, probably was. She has been screaming alot lately. My knee heals and I smile. I think about going to the forest, but I would have to cross careers. So I'll have to go around. I start walking through the gray building area, when I notice a tribute running for me. Two. "12!" Screams the girl and the careers back at camp start running at me. I need to get away. I start running and pick up a couple knives off the ground.

Shen Loren I apply some of the medicine to Seila's leg as she applies some to my face. They heal instantly. "Wow." She says in amazement. "Do you mind?" She asks. "What?" I ask. "Go hunt." She answers. "Not without me." I say and we head towards a giant pink leapord. She throws a knife at it, landing its head, I follow her move, just incase, and we drag itr back. Seila cuts a bit and throws it at a squirell. She smiles at the fact that the squirell lived. I make a fire and she starts putting the purple meat on a stick.

Bridie Crewe

I'm soooo lucky that Lightra's mentor sent her some medicine for our backs! It's so much better. We found good water sources in the desert, so atleast we now have a water source. BOOM! BOOM! We watch as the claw scoops two bodies up. One girl, one boy. One with number 1 on his back, other with 2. "Careers?" Lightra asks. I shrug. Wonder if that one girl from 12 killed them. "Night's coming." I say.

Seila Pup

It's night and I'm cuddled up on Shen's shoulder. He kisses my head as I dose off. What feels like a couple minutes later, he shoves me up. "Anthem." He says. I kiss him, then he kisses me for even longer. "Oh." I say, "You like me?" He nods and I kiss him, "Good."

Ceasar's PIZZA! PIZZA! (JKLOL): "Once again. It's the end of day 3 and 3 people died! 15th, Fasion Hydro, 5! 14th, Bline Carassa, 1! 13th, Lillian Trials, 2! Good night!"

Day 4

Aurora Waters

I wake up to see Tanner with a knife, positioned for attack. "Parachute came for you." He says. I open it and find water and soup. I give him a little bit and ask, "You want to leave the woods? Kill some tributes?" He looks shocked, but answers with, "I don't care, whatever you want." I get up and throw the things we have in a bag, next thing I know, Tanner has his shirt off, "Lets go."

Lightra Uiy

I won't be shocked if a career doesn't win. I really won't. There's only 3 of them left and 8 of us. Bridie wakes up and we head for the buildings. We notice two people, hand in hand, walking around. "Selfish Tanner and Air-Head Aurora!" Says Bridie. I manage a laugh and grip my axe, Bridie holds her knife at hand. They notice us and we run for them. "Air Head!" Screams Bridie to Aurora, who soon looks hurt and makes herself an easy target. I throw the axe into her ribs and she screams. Tanner looks down, just enough time for the knife to land in his back. They both fall to the ground, spitting blood. I turn and notice careers coming, "We need to go." I tell Bridie. We then take off. BOOM! BOOM!

Z Wether

I smile at Vex, "Top 10." He smiles back and watches me mark two more lines on the wall. "Who's left?" He asks. "We discussed that last night and by the sounds of it, Aurora died. I don't know who else." I say. "Can't you look? I think I see Tanner, dumb idiot took his coat off." He says. I laugh and cuddle against his shoulder.

Ari Vertino

It's lovely to be a career. I mean, I can walk into the forest and those lion mutts will be sooo scared of me they won't even attack. You know what, I'll prove it. I begin walking into the woods, and sure enough, a lion pops out. Jumps on me and attacks. I scream for help, but I just hear Kajal laugh. BOOM!

Shen Loren

I'm reading the letter from my dad and notice, he actually means it. Seila is in tears over her letter. "What is it?" I ask. She thrusts the letter at me and I take it, I remember watching her reaping. "Oh, I'm sorry." I say. "No, don't be. It's all my fault. I ran ahead, leaving all the kids behind, and they died." She says, still crying. I kiss her on the head and she stops crying. "We'll both win."

Robin Smoke

Wow, I have a sweet mother. And a crazy grandmother! I look up to see two tributes, one chasing the other. BOOM! I see blood spatter the ground. The blond looks up and runs for me. I get up, "Not again." I probably am running for hours, when she finally gets distracted by another tribute. I lean against a tree for support. Wow, that was a workout.

V Sylvester

Four days are done. Good, I can't wait to get out. I can't wait to see my sister. Just can't. If I die, what will happen? Will they kill themselves over their loss. If I win, I know they will die. What am I going to do?

Ceasar's PIZZA! PIZZA!: "Day 4 is done! 12, Tanner Mustang, 6! 11, Aurora Waters, 7! 10, Aritmus Vertino, 4! 9, Bridie Crewe, 8! Tomorrow will be a feast! Oh, and 5 people may win!"

Day 5

Lightra Uiy

5, people? Huh. I don't care. I'll kill them all. I'll decapitate them after they start celebrating. Yes, that will do! Huh? Another tribute? S***, it's Kajal. BOOM!

Seila Pup

I wake up to a cannon. Shen looks down at me, "Remember what Ceasar said?" I nod and smile. I kiss him and notice something that bothered me last night, "Feast." He turns pale, "I don't know." I look up at the sky. "I don't think we should go. Let the others fight." I say. He nods, but I don't seem to trust him, "You're going to go, aren't you?" He looks taken aback, "Why would I? Leave you?" I turn away, I just don't want to look at his face.

Kajal Fischer

I'm going, it's final. I can't imagine what it will be. I mean I don't need anything. I need to finish off Shen, maybe his "Girl" too. Ha. I'm going to kill them. ALL! Is that Robin? I think I'm having hullucinations.

Vex Chopperwood

"I can't go Z." I say. She looks disappointed, "Alright." I look at the wall. "I'll go get it for both of us." I say, I can see her insides brighten. "Who do you think will go?" She asks. "Kajal and V. And me of course." I say, "I don't think Seila will or Shen." I say. "You missed Robin, but she won't go. I talked to her, she was really nervous and seemed more like the "stay hidden" types." Says Z and I nod.

Robin Smoke

I could rest for days! I close my eyes and take in the sun. I can win this, I can win this, I can win this. I notice, I'm not alone. Shen is by my side. "Don't." He says as I turn to get up. I turn back to him and he holds his knife to my neck. "I won't do anything. Now, let me go." I say. He laughs and says, "Right, District 12, the backstabbers. Is that what you want them to call us?" I shake my head and he smiles. "I wouldn't go to the feast." He says. "I wasn't planning on it." I mumble. "But go." He says, "I talked to Vex and Z. We're all going to sneak up on the careers and begin a fight. Then we can all get out." I shake my head in disbelief, "And die? No." He drops the knife and says, "Fine with me, but remember." Then he walks away.

Z Wether

I'm aware of the plan that Shen made and can't wait for it to be put into action. Luckly, I got weapons for Vex and me. "Love you." I say and peck Vex on the cheek as he heads out for the feast. "Love you, too." He says and he leaves. I sit on the cement thinking of the possiblitities of death. Just think about them. Then I hear the gong blaze, GONG! The feast has begun. I look out the window. V is grabbing her bag. My turn. I run out the door, ready to shoot. I turn back and see Robin, she shushs me and I go on. Kajal arrives and starts fighting V. Yes.

Shen Loren

My turn. I run out, rustling the leaves. I see V start for me and I go silent. I turn to the buildings to see Z and Robin fake fighting and screaming and both careers turn there. I run out and start banging against the side of the cornocopia. Kajal turns and runs for me. Then I see Seila jump out and tackle him. She bangs a giant stick to his head until he isn't moving. "Have I ever told you, that you look hot when killing somebody?" I ask. She shakes her head and throws a knife to me. I slice Kajal's face open, turning his frown upside down! BOOM!

V Sylvester

Dumbies. I bang Z across the head and take off for Shen and Seila, who are kissing. When I get there, both of them are holding knives to my face. "V, V, V" They say with ticking to their voices. I laugh as Vex slaps the back of my head and screams, "YOU NEVER HURT Z!" Next thing I know all of them, except Z, is kicking at my sides. I stab Robin's foot and she backs away. Next thing I know Z is next to me saying, "You know how your sister wrote you a letter? Well, guess what?" Then she turns to the camera and says, "Watch this Raven!"

Vex Chopperwood

Z bends down and stabs V in the head. BOOM! I hug Z and she smiles at me. "Only 3 victors now!" Screams a voice. I throw my arm at Shen, my arm with the knife, and slice him across the neck. BOOM! Seila begins weeping and eventually stabs herself over and over. BOOM!

Ceasar's PIZZA! PIZZA! (JKLOL): "Congradulations to the victors of the 125th Annual Hunger Games! We have District 3's Zandralen Wether and Calvex Chopperwood and District 12's Robin Smoke!"


  1. VICTOR District 3's Zandralen Wether
  2. VICTOR District '3's Calvex Chopperwood'
  3. VICTOR District 12's Robin Smoke
  4. District 11's Seila Pup
  5. District 12's Shen Loren
  6. District 1's Victoriana Sylvester
  7. District 4's Kajal Fischer
  8. District 9's Lightra Uiy
  9. District 8's Bridie Crewe
  10. District 4's Artimus Vertino
  11. District 7's Aurora Waters
  12. District 6's Tanner Mustang
  13. District 2's Lillian Trials
  14. District 1's Bline Carassa
  15. District 5's Fasion Hydro
  16. District 10's Arkas Voylen
  17. District 5's Ramp Alleywood
  18. District 2's Sam Davie
  19. District 11's Bruno Jupiter
  20. District 10's Killian Childress
  21. District 9's Jes Greenlees
  22. District 6's Tundra Soul
  23. District 8's Aden Hanran
  24. District 7's Madur Gutter


Robin, Vex, and Z all sat around the fire of an older Victor's Village home. Z is cuddled against Vex and Robin is cuddling with her new kitten. They might have appeared happy, but they weren't. Their families were murdered, friends were too. They didn't have anything left, but each other. People harassed them day in and day out. They never came to actual happiness. They were constantly on television and could never have a moment of peace. Lucky for them, when they came "home", they got drinks and morphling. They used it all up soon and were driven mad.


Robin was lost in space, probably never to recover. Nobody knows if she really has gone mad, mainly because she goes to bed happy and wakes up tramautized. Z was doing alright. She wasn't as bad, but wasn't the best. Most days she spent curled up in her room, not eating or saying a word. Vex was somewhat in the middle. He forgot about his family and friends and usually relied on Z for comfort. Although, Z never really spoke, all they did was sit in his room, crying. He started to attack people, which was the reason Robin went back to 12. He never attacked Z, though. She meant the world to him and he meant the world to her. They began officially dating three months after the games ended.

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