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Past Victors

Tribute Template (Unlimited)

  • Name
  • District
  • Gender
  • Age (20-50)
  • Personality
  • Weapon
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses/Allergies
  • Turned To Anything
  • Family/Friends/Enemies
  • Games Won
  • How They Won
  • Appearence (Lunaii Prefered)


District Gender Name Age Weapon Strengths Weaknesses Allergies Family Friends Enemies User
1 F Shimmer Backstab 19 Bow Aim, Running, Killing Being Held Back None Turner, Brother Chris Sheilds She's a Career! Kayleigh Rockstar
1 M Chris Sheilds 28 Knives Aim, Speed, Killing Hiding None, Turned To Drugs Brittany, Sister Shimmer Backstab District 9 Tributes Smilingtribute
2 F Artemus Kane 25 Bow Aim, Smarts, Fast, Endurance Instructions, Hand-To-Hand Combat None None Known None Known Weaker Tributes Beetee19
2 M Clay Barines 28 Knives, Axes Weapon Master, Fast Runner, Swimming, Climbing Death, Life None Taylor Hawke, Mother, Pinie Ivory, Boy He Mentored, 1 Month Year Old Son Everybody, Mostly Dane Shay, Braggers, Haters, Kitten Killers Tehblakdeath
3 F Zandralen "Z" Wether 14 Knife, Bow, Traps Fast Runner, Sneaky, Climbing Vex, Morphling and Drinking None Dead, But Thinks Vex Counts Vex, Boyfriend Everyone Kayleigh Rockstar
3 M Calvex "Vex" Chopperwood 14 Electronical Current, Knife Combat, Puzzles Overly Protective, Z None Dead, But Z Apparently Z, Girlfriend Everyone TypeWriter'sAreCool
4 F Shells Cutwerth 20 Spear Aim, Swimming, Fast Plants, Camouflage None Junit, Mother Niss and Sedera Most People Kayleigh Rockstar
4 M Cove Lowson 19 Bow Swimming, Aim, Arms Climbing, Camouflage None Known None Known Many Friends Lost Of People Envy Him Kman528
5 F Pash Melody 24 Bow, Dagger, Knife Strong, Eyesight, Speed, Agility Blood, Color Blind None Brother, Neo, Mother, Lorence Krust Timbers Careers ChildishNoob
5 M Tristan Mulk 25 Hands, Knife, Blowgun Fast, Hiding, Climbing Animals None Sam, Father, Tina, Mother None Known Careers Smilingtribute
6 F Skye Andronicus 14 Sword, Stick Confidence, Quick, Mind, Strategic, Honest, Direct  Over-Analyze, Insensitive, Blind None Father, Mother, Copper, Sora, Titus Hanna She's RICH! TypeWriter'sAreCool
6 M Hell Catcher 32 Spear Stradegy, Overly Confident Hates People, Slow Drinking Daughter, Mulan Nobody, He Can't Get Attached Careers, Young People Kayleigh Reed
7 F Lucy Shine 19 Katana Plants, Healing Running Peanut Butter Mother, Fossel Tia None Known District7ersz
7 M Dart Tormoso 29 Sword, Knife, Hands Strength, Tracking, Lying, Likable Nightmares, Slow Runner None, But Became Addicted To Painkillers Aero, Faher, Midori, Mother Myrtle and Reggie None Known Bignate97
8 F Briar-Rose Mason 25 Spear Hand-Eye Coordination, Plants, Eyesight, Hearing Weak, Slow Runner None Known Ranch, Father, Delilah, Mother, Toulouse, Brother Maya Head Peacekeeper Jase Sunder Bignate97
8 M Justin Black 30 Knives, Axe Sneaky, Strong Slow None Sophia, Mother None, All Dead From Games The Careers Smilingtribute
9 F Granite "Nite" Eastern 24 Machete Fast Runner Not Very Sneaky Dust Husband, Rodan Malli, Not Much Of A Friend Killdred and Frenchess Kayleigh Rockstar
9 M Krust Timbers 21 Land Mines, Knife Smell, Eyesight, Camouflage, Speed, Agility Water (Predicting Swimming) None Taria, Wife, Tia, Daughter Pash Melody None Known ChildishNoob
10 F Alana BeauFuoir 17 Bow, Knife, Traps Aim, Speed, Power, Traps Crocidiles Mushrooms Anna, Sister, Liz, Mother None Known Careers ChildishNoob
10 M Jay Tanner 17 Sickle Fighting, Speed, Agility, Reflexes Relies On Instincts, Naive, Slow None Mother, Father Willa, Dwayne, Hunter None Known TypeWriter'sAreCool
11 F Sunetta Hills 43 Knife Camouflage, Quiet Anything Active None, Tuned To Morphling Husband, Andric, Lils, Grandaughter Kyla and Rese Anybody Left Kayleigh Rockstar
11 M Andric Hills 47 Blowgun and Darts Aim, Atleast It Used To Loud, Not Sneaky, Doing Anything Active Pollen, Turned To Morphling Wife, Sunetta Many Of The Other Victors Career Victors Kayleigh Rockstar
12 F Robin Smoke 15 Knife Fast Runner, Hiding, Plants Weak Small None, Turned To Morphling and Drinking None, Dead Z Wether Careers, Many Others Ladysi
12 M Trusel Galol 16 Darts, Spear, Knife Smell, Agility, Speed Fire Deer Meat Farold, Father, Sasha, Sister None Know Careers ChildishNoob



District 1: Chris

"Ha!" I turn and see Shimmer in the door way. "Hey Shim." I say. She frowns and curls up on my bed. "I'm excited, what about you?" She asks. "Totally! Who isn't?" I answer and she laughs. "Almost everybody else." She gets up and walks for her room. I still can't believe that they couldn't build another Victor's Village house. I mean Shim is alright. I get dressed and meet her down stairs. She tosses me some crazy drug and I take it. She takes some too and gets up, her white dress flowing behind her. I follow her out, when I get outside, everyone is glaring. "What the H***?" I say. Shim shrugs and giggles as our neighbor scrambles on the ground, drugs. We reach the square,which is nearly empty. BANG! BANG! BANG! We hear screaming and I turn. Shim whispers out, "Don't do it Chris." I have to. They need to die for this! Those peacekeepers, killing people because they fell or something stupid. Shim grabs my arm and I try to yank my arm free. I don't suceed, so I just pull her along. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! I speed up and Shim pulls me. "LET GO SHIM!" I yell and she looks on the edge of tears. She balls her fist and says, "Okay. I'm doing it too." She begins to run for the mass. She bends down and picks up a couple guns somebody left. She tosses one to me and we run. Shim shoots and an old man falls, dressed as a peacekeeper. She shoots another, I shoot one, and another. We run when more arrive. Gea, our escort walks on the stage in a hurry. "Oh dears! It seems that peacekeepers are having a talk with some mentors!" She calls as we are dragged away. We are put in a black room and one of them says, "We need you to volunteer, or you die." I laugh and he slaps me. Shim's hand meets mine. I look at her. So beautiful. "Fine." We say as they release us. I run for the square. "They're back! Now for boys! No girls!" Calls Gea. I'm not doing it. "Girls!" She calls. "I VOLUN.... VOLUNTEE.... VOLUNTEER!" Calls Shim. She runs up the ally. I jump out into the ally way and start walking up. Peacekeepers yank me back. "I'LL BE THE BOY TRIBUTE! JUST RELEASE ME!" I scream. They release me and I walk up. "Shake hands." We do, but Shim ends up hugging me instead. "I'm winning Chris." She whispers. I giggle. "DISTRICT 1'S TRIBUTES FOR THE 126TH HUNGER GAMES! SHIMMER BACKSTAB AND CHRIS SHEILDS!"

District 2: Artemus

District 3: Vex Chopperwood

Ha! They think they can stop me, stupid Capitol! I punch the lamp next to me and pick up the pieces. I then throw them on the ground after crunching them in my hand. Next thing I know, Z is here. I look up at her, "Wine?" She tosses me a bottle of wine and I chug it down. She reaches in her purse for a beer and drinks it up in minutes. "Get dressed." She says and I leave, up to my room. I get into my fancy new suit and walk down stairs. Z is at the stove, cooking something. "What are you doing!!!!!!" I scream, but stop once she turns, holding up her spatula to my face, "Don't you dare." I lower my fists and she goes back to cooking. I wait in the living room, when she FINALLY comes out with some eggs. "What'd you put in them? They're..." I say. "Morph." She mumbles as Truffles walks in. I hate her. "Oh golly dear, are you two going to volunteer today?" She asks. "WHAT DO YOU THINK?" I scream and I smack her across the face. Z giggles and Truffles turns to her, "And you?" Z smiles a deep, dark smile. "Well, why not?" She asks and slaps Truffles. "I didn't mean that and you know it Z!" She screams. We burst out laughing and she leaves. Z shuts up as soon as the door closes. She curls into a ball and doesn't eat. I begin to eat and turn on the tv, "Catching Up With The Victors? No. District 4 Shore? Hell no! Capitol News? Eh." I watch the screen light up with our afro headed president saying, "Of last night, a victor died. Gabby Tass from District 6! She won the 101st Hunger Games at age 18 and passed at age 43! She was stabbed by an unknown teenager, we are investigating the case now!" I turn off the tv. Z gets up and I notice how good she looks. "Come on and stop staring. I didn't pick it out, Yolan did." She says and tries to cover as much pink dress as possible. We begin walking towards the square, but soon get tackled by angry people. Z clutches my shoulder in fear. This shouldn't be happening. I swing Z onto my back and take off at a run. We reach the square and we go to our sections. Truffles comes up and makes us watch the video, AGAIN! I dose off, then when it ends, I start paying attetion. "Boys, boys. Calvex, YAWN, Chopperwood!" She calls and I stop breathing. I can hear great sobbing from the girl section. I start walking up and notice Z, teary eyed. "Girls now! Oh dear! Zandralen Wether!" Calls Truffles. Z shuts up and goes to the ally way. She begins walking up, but turns around and runs. I jump off the stage and take off towards her. BANG! BANG! I feel dizzy. Then everything goes black.

District 4: Cove Lowson

I can't wait for the games! Maybe I'll volunteer again! That will sure shock them! Maybe not, I don't know. I get dressed and walk down stairs to enjoy rich people cereal. Yum. "What are you going to do?" Asks Fere. I laugh, "Does it really matter? I'm volunteering to fight to the death!" He shakes his head and shrugs. We sit in silence when he gets up and leaves. I check my watch, half an hour. I go to the living room and watch tv while I wait for the guides to come. "WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY???" I scream when they don't come. I just get up and leave anyways. When I reach the square, I notice they've started the video. Everyone turns and looks at me. I hurry to my section and think of Gabby Tass, she was a favored victor. I talked to her last year about our tributes! "Now any volunteers?" Fish yells. I raise my hand and walk towards the stage. Big whoop! A girl, who won a couple years ago, walks up by me. She winks and I do too. When we reach the stage, I shake her hand and we exit.

District 5: Pash Melody

District 6: Skye

District 7: Lucy Shine

District 8: Briar-Rose

District 9: Nite Eastern

Talk about crazy! I'm watching my favorite show, Dancing With The Victors! I cheer as I see a young version of Katniss dance, the young girl must be Katniss's daughter. I laugh as a rather chubby old man twirls, then flops down. "Deary, come into the kitchen, will you?" Asks my mother. "Ya, be there in a second!" I call back. I get up and walk to the kitchen, where Ronan is lying on the table. "Ronan! What happened?" I scream. My mother's eyes water up, "He was got stealing, so they whipped him." I cry, this isn't possible. I'm the one who asked him to get potatoes! I feel a hand grasp my hair and drag me back. I look up, Uun. He grabs my shirt and pulls me closer, "Hello my sweet Granite." I laugh and say, "It doesn't matter what you do, I'll never like you. And for the record, I'm not called Granite, I'm Nite." I shove my free arm at him and he ets go of my other. He lunges for me, but I trip him. He smiles, the way he usually does, and shoves himself up. I laugh as I punch him. He gets up and walks out, leaving his taser behind. I pick it up and smile. Dumb peacekeeper, I grasp the taser in my arm and walk for my room. As I enter, I see a blue orb at my window. I open my window to see a crowd of people at my window. One person was holding a flashlight at my window and was climbing the wall. I scream and tase him. Uun catches my eye and runs back for the house. I grab the taser for one more tase and I notice. Peacekeeper + Reaping + Trouble = My "Accidental" Reaping! I rush to my closet, throw out some clothes that shouldn't be mine, throw in the taser, and cover it up. Just in time for Uun to rush in. "Oh poor Granite." He says and reaches for my hair, "If you kiss me, I'll act like it didn't happen." I run things through my head. I'm already married to Ronan, who is on Death's Door, knocking very loudly, but I've got to. I lean in and kiss him. His eyes brighten and I don't release. RELEASE NITE! I sit down on my bed as he runs out the door. I rush after him, to the reaping. I skip the video, or atleast I hope they did. "Oh deary...." Mumbles Dereed, our escort, "Krust Timbers and Granite Eastern!" I walk up and watch the man who cant be younger than 20, walk up with me. He winks at me, and we keep moving. I smile and then whisper as Dereed says it, "May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!"

District 10: Jay Tanner

District 11: Sunetta

I'm running my games through my head. Decapitate, decapitate, decapitate. I sound like a robot now. Maybe, I won't have too! Ya, that's it! Andric, won't notice that I'm gone or insane, he never notices me wailing in pain at night, so. I get out of bed and look at myself in the mirror. A scar down my left side, rib to ankle. I go through my closet, searching for my white dress with pink flowers. I find it and shove it on. I miss my old body, young body. But, I can't go back and I'm fine. I can hear my grandchild crying like crazy below. Poor Bell, has a child, then goes into the games. I grab Lils and throw her on the couch, "BE QUIET WILL YOU! YOU'RE OLD ENOUGH TO STOP CRYING ALL THE TIME!" She stops and looks at me, eyes wide. She's 5 and still won't stop crying until I yell at her. I poor myself a drink and pour it into my oatmeal. Andric comes down and does the same. He smiles, gapes where his teeth should be. He's in his usual casual clothing, baggy jeans and a loose shirt. Lils comes running at him and he hugs her tight. "Lils, go get dresses." I say and she hurries away. I finish eating and yank Andric up. "We're leaving, and don't you dare tell her about our plan!" I scream. Lils comes down and walks with us. "What are you wearing?" I scream. She was wearing a frilly dress, high socks, my heels, plastic tiara, Andric's old hat, and a moth eaten coat. "Wha? I see pretty." She says. I roll my eyes and grab her dress. She screams and screams until I smack her mouth. When we reach the square, I give her to an old lady who probably only said yes because we were famous. We get in our sections, when an old, rusty President Bushead walked on stage. "You know the rules, blah, blah." He says, atleast that's what I hear, "Now for Females. Sunetta Hills!" I fist pump the air and scream out, "YA!", then walk on stage. "Andric Hills!" He screams and Andric screams, "WHAT? ME? SUCH AN HONOR!", and runs up. We shake hands and rush off stage to the train.

District 12: Robin

Maybe, hey wil think I've gone crazy. I grab the knife that they I "lost" and throw it at the door. I grab it out and sit back on my bed, this goes on for about half a of an hour. "Oh dear Robin!" Screams a way to familiar voice. I shove the knife into my pillow case and run for my closet. I hide inside. "Now you can't hide!" Calls out Colie. I tumble out of the closet and she smiles. She carries me onto my bed and pucks out a soft yellow dress and a blue jacket. My stylist rushes in and puts it on me. Wow, this gets boring. After she is done pampering me, I go down stairs. The man who cooks for me, slips me a class of wine with my waffles. I force them down my mouth when nobody is looking, then throw the rest on the floor. They rush to pick it up and escort me out the door. I can just picture their faces when it happens. Oh, the sudden fall, the sudden birst of my name. I'll show them I'm not crazy, as soon as I reunite with an old friend. Or two. We reach the square and they set up my chair and prop me up against it. I watch the video, OH NO STARVING PEOPLE OMG! I'm totally shocked when I see a boy, not much older than me, run up and punch Colie. Well, I burst out laughing and the boy turns to me and laughs. I stop. Trusel. Well, who cares right? "Now after we were so rudely interupted... Boys!" Calls out a weak Colie. She picks a name out of the bowl and screams out, "Trusel Galol!" I turn around, I saw his sister once, was it at the old trading store? Yes! She was selling some old peacekeeper's gun! "Redee Tianas!" I turn up and call, "I VOLUNTEER AS THE FRICKIN' TRIBUTE!" I fall off the chair and as they try to get me up, I stand. I walk up, the boy eyeing me. Redee, who looks to be about 15, smiles and waves. I turn away, nobody likes me, I know that. Don't let it stick to you. It makes you look weak.



Shimmer Backstab (1), Chris Sheilds (1), Shells Cutwerth (4), Cove Lowson (4), Jay Tanner (10), Artemus Kane (2)

District 11's Oldies:

Andric Hills (11), Sunetta Hills (11)

Newly Victors Group:

Vex Chopperwood (3), Z Wether (3), Robin Smoke (12), Clay Barines (2), and Skye Andronicus (6)

YOLO Victors:

Nite Eastern (9), Briar-Rose Mason (8), Dart Tormoso (7), Tristan Mulk (5)

Old Friends:

Pash Melody (5), Krust Timbers (9), and Trusel Galol (12)


The arena is flat and large,

Some places warm,

Others cold,

Places you may hide,

Places you may die

For all you could know this may just be a lie

Arena Outfits

Each tribute is wearing leather pants and hiking boots, they will each have a black tank top or muscle shirt, then over that they will have a leather jacket with their district number and last name.

Chariot Rides

Training Sessions

Interviews With Crystal Tinker!

Hunger Games-Let The Games Begin!