The Arthurian Legend Games

Please submit tributes! I really want to do these games!!! If you want to read about the characters or anything else then read the information part at the bottom. A limit of 2 tributes!


The child of a character from the Arthurian Legend/Merlin TV show will have to go into the hunger games as characters from the Legend have been spotted in the different districts. A son and daughter of each character must compete until one remains. The tributes will come across certain things such as dragons, the Disir, sorcerers, questing beasts and many more dangerous things. May the odds be ever in your favour!

District 1- Morgana Pendragon

District 2- Mordred

District 3: Gaius

District 4: Arthur Pendragon

District 5: Merlin/Emrys

District 6: Sir Gwaine

District 7: Sir Leon

District 8: Sir Elyan

District 9: Sir Percival

District 10: Uther Pendragon

District 11: Guienevere Pendragon

District 12: Sir Lancelot


To submit a tribute I need:





Weapon choice:





Name Age District Parent Weapon choice Skills Weakness Appearence Personality
1M Morgana (Magic and beauty)
Jondrette Thena 17 1F Morgana

Throwing axes

(Magic and beauty) A skilled hunter, knows her way around the wild and skilled with throwing weapons, having a very good aim. Her brute strength. Pale skin, light eyes and dark hair. A very intelligent girl, she is loyal and trustworthy and ruthless, having no problem with killing people.
2M Mordred (Magic and fencing)
2F Mordred (Magic and fencing)
3M Gaius (Intelligence)
3F Gaius (Intelligence)
4M Arthur (Leadership and fencing)
4F Arthur (Leadership and fencing)
5M Merlin (Magic)
5F Merlin (Magic)
6M Gwaine (Fencing)
Nicole Macken 16 6F Gwaine Sword (Fencing) Very smart, she takes after her father in swordfighting and has very good reflexes. Very hot headed and unable to think straight at those times. Scared of water and is weak at running.  brown hair, brown eyes and tannish skin. Cheeky, forward thinking, brave and loyal.
7M Leon (Fencing)
7F Leon (Fencing)
8M Elyan (Fencing)
8F Elyan (Fencing)
9M Percival (Fencing and strength)
Aemelia Grenefeld 14 9F Percival Poison herbs.  (Fencing and strength) A natural healer and knows plants and what they do. Not much of her fathers strength. Weak and not very fast. Stand no chance in a fight. Light brown hair, bluey green eyes, freckles and pale skin.  Gentle, timid and caring.
10M Uther (Fencing and leadership)
10F Uther (Fencing and leadership)
11M Gwen (Courage and beauty)
11F Gwen (Courage and beauty)
12M Lancelot (Courage and fencing)
12F Lancelot (Courage and fencing)


District 1: Morgana Pendragon:

A High Priestess of the Old Religion whose powers are growing beyond control... this feisty beauty is set on dispatching the King and claiming the throne as her own.

District 2: Mordred:

No longer the mysterious boy who came to Camelot all those years ago, Mordred is now a young man who has proved himself worthy of joining King Arthur's Round Table. Although a good few years have passed Merlin is still suspicious of his motives...

District 3: Gaius:

As Camelot's humble court physician, Gaius is a trusted advisor to the King. But he is also Merlin’s guardian and one of the only people to know his secret. Gaius uses his unparalleled knowledge to help the young warlock keep the kingdom safe.

District 4: Arthur Pendragon

Blessed with good looks and outstanding fighting ability, Arthur is determined to be the best King he can as the future of Camelot rests on his shoulders.

District 5: Merlin/Emrys:

his young warlock will one day grow into the most powerful wizard the world will ever know. For now he's just a young man, living in Camelot and working as King Arthur's manservant. Merlin must secretly use his magic to keep Arthur and the kingdom safe.

District 6: Sir Gwaine:

Ladies’ man Gwaine is the cheekiest member of Arthur’s Round Table. But beneath all the jokes and fooling around lies a powerful Knight, who is a dab hand with a sword.

District 7: Sir Leon:

The rock of the round table, Sir Leon inspires confidence and trust in everyone who knows him.

District 8: Sir Elyan:

A skilled swordsman and a loyal brother to Guinevere. Trouble seems to follow this Knight wherever he goes but he’s always up for a challenge!

District 9: Sir Percival:

Sir Percival towers above all around him and he is renowned for his strength throughout Camelot. But his heart is as big as he is tall and this gentle giant would do anything to help those in need and protect his beloved Camelot.

District 10: Uther Pendragon:

The late King Uther was a tyrannical King. His hatred for magic ran deep which is why he banished it from Camelot. He was killed protecting his son, Arthur, from an assassin.

District 11: Guienevere Pendragon:

Gwen is Arthur’s Queen. Strong willed, beautiful and noble, she started her life in Camelot as a mere maidservant who captured Arthur’s heart. She now offers valuable counsel to him. Gwen is short for Guinevere.

District 12: Sir Lancelot

Lancelot is loved by all for his compassion, loyalty and sharp skills on the battlefield. It was his life-long dream to become a Knight of Camelot so he is determined to be the very best that he can. He is one of the only people to know Merlin’s secret and has vowed never to reveal the truth.

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